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Yan Cheng Xu Vs Zhou Dong(Jay) in Kung Fu Dunk 2

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May 24, 2008
TW Apple Daily

Yan Cheng Xu Vs Zhou Dong(Jay) in Kung Fu Dunk 2
Become the Male Main Lead

According to the news article, Jerry will join the cast of Kung Fu Dunk 2 and become 1 of the 2 male main leads in the movie. The movie will be filmed in March to June next year in Shanghai and it will be released at the time of Chinese New Year in 2010.

Another Translation:

It appears that it is not 100% confirmed. The reporter did quote the producer's words that the discussion has reached the contract signing stage. The producer also indicates that both will be male main leads and they will be buddies to fight against crimes. Regarding Jerry's show business being managed by Jay's agent, Mr. Yang replied, "The discussion earlier was quite happy, so it can't rule out the possiblity that we will work together." I guess it is not 100% confirmed until the contract is signed or the press conference is held. Honestly, Kung Fu Dunk's director and story are not my favorite. Now the producer indicates that Jerry will work with Jay, another director, and a famous script writer, and I think this combination is something to look forward to. (posted by

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