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Hot Shot challenges rating with Fated to Love You

Hot Shot challenges rating with Fated to Love You
CTV and GTV racked their brains to attract viewers; on June 17th announced that if the rating of the first episode of Hot Shot wins against Fated to Love You, the 3 main male leads Jerry Yan, Alan Luo and Wu Zun will reveal their upper ...

Jerry Yan's Stardust Press Conference in Shanghai, CCTV Broadcast in Primetime

Stardust has already sold copyright sales of over 60 million (6 million) even when filming is in progress, already covering production costs & making profits. Shanghai filming is supposed to complete by June. CCTV will broadcast Stardust on CCTV during year end at prime time of 8pm. CCTV spokesperson said its not easy to produce a drama that satisfies the taste of China viewers & overseas viewers. Confirmed by CCTV spokesperson during the interview that Japan investor wants Jerry to attract the Japanese audience. That Jerry's appeal has not lessened over the years judging from fans turnout. There were fans that flew in from Japan & Korea. That hundreds of media turned up for the presscon, all attention focused on Yan Cheng Xu.

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Jerry Yan Attends Shanghai TV Film Festival for Stardust

June 10, 10:45, at the Shanghai International TV, Sohu had a video interview with Stardust team at their Studio entertainment. At the scene, the appearance of director Lin Lung, Yan Cheng Xu and Guan Ying had attracted a large number of spectators and nearby stand onlookers. In particular, Yan Cheng Xu is subject to the ultra-FANS most sought after. They waiting for him in the Studio of Sohu, photographing him like mad.

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Guan Ying kisses with Yan Cheng Xu, definitely makes many fans to envy

Guan Ying kisses with Yan Cheng Xu, definitely makes many fans to envy

Yesterday Yan Cheng Xu and Guan Ying had a media meeting for Stardust press conference in Shanghai. Yan Cheng Xu played the role of reporter to cover Guan Ying's feeling of circumstances that finally made them traded “the angry glare look at each other”, Director Lin Helong smiled and gave a happy laughter looking at the two people that acting like an “enemy”.

Yan Cheng Xu commented that Guan Ying is a very lively and lovable girl. Both of them had a lot of kissing scene in stardust but Guan Ying said it’s nothing to it regard to the unease feeling with her boyfriend Huang




All fans of this upcoming CTV drama set to premiere this August, who are Global Destiny Cable subscribers at the same time, must sign the petition to ensure CTV and CTS will still be made available to Global Destiny Cable subscribers even after June16 (Monday).

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Stardust/Starlit Preview

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June 3, 2008
United Daily News

According to United Daily, Jerry's presence in Shanghai attracted all the Shanghai gouzai to the filming scenes. the production crew were saying that already filmed in Shanghai many days, no gouzai. but when Jerry appeared, so did the gouzai.

E-news in Taiwan, HK & China are always in demand & in China, even though media is strictly control but still in recent years, there appeared gouzai who make a living from selling pixs to various parties. Yan Cheng Xu is Taiwan No. 1 idol, rarely goes to China for filming, thereby the China gouzai is out in force.

As Yan Cheng Yu had suffered due to gum inflammation problems, he’s still taking medication & there was no relapse. but as he still worries about it, he's been taking care to sleep early after finishing work.

The crew are very happy that Dir Lin whose known for his bad temper, has been in a very good mood these past few days. at the filming scene, he was seen chatting & laughing with Jerry. Starlit is scheduled to complete filming in Shanghai by end June & will be going back to Taiwan for filming. Jerry & Dir Lin have great understanding between them, some days can complete filming 40 scenes per day, super fast.

Jerry wearing Smurfs Tee =)

Saw this online and .....hahahaha. There is a female version of the Shirt. Where to get it? I don't know. Sigh. Help!!! hahahaha!
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Starlit Shooting

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According to fans who were at the filming site, seems that some reporters have appeared. As they have powerful cameras, they can take pixs from a distance. Jerry has 2 bodygyards in attendance. Fans said Jerry is extremely handsome. Christine, Jerry's long time hairstylist, is present.

(fatty2: as long as the reporters are just taking pixs & dont disturb Jerry with questions. lets see what those reporters will write about).
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