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Sep 26, 2008 - TW Apple Daily

Sep 26, 2008 - TW Apple Daily

It was reported that Japan's magazine, Woman Weekly, used Jerry's photo as the cover, although Jerry and the other 3 members posted together for the media in the press conference. Furthermore, Japan's media use the phrase "Yan Cheng Xu's group" to introduce F4. It is obviously that the media in Japan love Yan Cheng Xu more than the other three members. Regarding this, JVR replied with a low profile, "He is busy at rehearsing, so we don't know whether he has seen it."

F4 will have 7 concerts in Japan. They have arrived at Japan and secretly practised for 10 days. Ken will dance, Vanness will perform with a band, and ZZ will perform with 3D technology. For Jerry, other than dancing, he will perform something that can fully show his charm.

For the last 10 days, Jerry has eaten buckwheat noodles every day. Others thought that he is on diet. Actually it is because he loves buckwheat noodles. Other than buckwheat noodles, at first he also wanted to go to a spa/Japanese-style bath?, but as there are housewife fans waiting for him wherever he goes, he stays in his hotel room for watching DVDs instead.

Thanks selina15's for the newspaper scan. It seems like the picture is one of wonderful photos in his newest 2009 calendar.

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2008 September 26, Friday
By: Aster Amoyo
If I Know


ASIANOVELAS will still be a big hit until 2009. “Hot Shot” will be coming soon to ABS-CBN. The Asianovela is still airing on Taiwan and it is scheduled to air on ABS-CBN next year.

People's Journal

Thanks to KCZhu

Jerry Updated His Blog

At long last. I was so excited when I read his blog.
He is so excited on the upcoming F4 Japan Concert.

You may read his entry on our forum.
Please take note that we are not allowed to repost it but since everybody is excited on what's happening. Am taking the risk and shared it with you.

Here's the link

Full Translation

source: UDN
translated by:

F4’s upcoming concert tours in Japan are taking place soon. Yesterday the 4 took some time out to hold a press conference in Tokyo. They announced that they will add 2 extra shows on Oct 3 and Oct 19, totalling 7 concerts, with over 80,000 fans attending.

Yesterday, during the press conference, in front of over 100 reporters, besides announcing the good news of 2 added shows, F4 also revealed details about each of their own solo performances. ZaiZai (Vic Zhou) said that to be different from their 2006 Hong Kong concert, this time he will use 3D images in his performance. Ken Zhu shyly said that he had taken up ZaiZai’s suggestion and will challenge tap-dancing. He said, “I am not good at dancing, so I am very nervous, but I will try hard to perform to the best of my ability.”

Talented Vanness Wu says that this time, besides planning even more outrageous dancing, he will also bring on an exclusive orchestra to accompany his performance. As for Jerry Yan, he says that this time, he does not plan to sing and dance at the same time, but rather he will focus on the music and feelings to touch the fans.

From the 3rd of October, F4 will hold 3 concerts at the Hokohama Arena, Tokyo Budokan Hall and Osaka Hall. The 4 will also live in Tokyo for some time, and when asked about what they want to do while they are there, Jerry praised Japan’s fruit. He said, “If I get the chance, I want to eat as many speciality fruit as possible.” ZaiZai smiled and said, “Because I don’t like leaving the house, now, whenever I leave the country, I like examining menus in different hotels, and then recommend to others, maybe I can release a book in the future.”

Ken said, “If I have some spare time from work, I will want to go to restaurant to eat, visit some bookstores and also go to a spa.” Vanness however, is the opposite and he says, “To maintain a good figure, if I have time, I will exercise. Lately, everyday in the morning, I will go to restaurant and eat 10 boiled eggs.”

UDN, september 19

rough translation by daomisyel @

UDN, september 19

Ken said Zaizai accepted the biggest challenge to do a "tap show"
He said "am not good at dancing, am so nervous but i will do my best"

F4 will stay longer in Japan and asked what they are going to do when they have free time:

Jerry said - he wanted to taste Japan's specialty fruit
Zaizai said - i don't like to go out, i'll order in hotel room service instead
ken said - when there is free time, then i'll go out and eat at the restaurants, go to some bookstores and look for some hot springs
vanness said - in order to maintain my physique, i'll exercise and order a soft-boiled eggs @ the hotel

F4 in Tokyo Presscon for Japan Concert

click the links to view the news, poster and photos. thank you.

[JAPAN ONLY] Pre-order : Jerry Yan 2009 Calendar

Delivery in Japan areas only.... :-[

2009 Calendar
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2009 Desk Calendar

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My Angel - HS Self Made MV

My Angel - HS Self Made MV
edited by daomisyel

F4 in Japan Updates

Gabe will be going to Japan on 17 Sept for F4 rehearsal & concert tour


thanks to Michi @ Only F4
I think Jerry is in Japan now, as a blog owner from Japan wrote that Jerry had dinner with some staff in a Korean restaurant in Japan.

thanks to kkla @

Hot Shot Episode 8 - Summary

Sep 14, 2008 - China Times


Sep 14, 2008 - China Times

It was reported that GTV's upcoming drama, Skipbeat, has a lot of rumors and uncertainties. The "A caster, Yan Cheng Xu, who dominates the Idol Drama markets is a typhoon eye". Firstly, it was rumored that Joe Zhang rejected the role as his parts were decreased. On the 13th, it was again rumored that the director was changed. It was rumored that Yan Cheng Xu hasn't accepted the role but Dir Ju told the press that he's part of the cast, then Yan Cheng Xu had a problem with it. According to news, it is very likely that Dir Niu Cheng Ze, who is familiar with Yan Cheng Xu, may take over the project.

Skipbeat was adapted from a Japanese comic series. The planned cast included Yan Cheng Xu, Lin Yi Chen, and Joe Zhang. After Joe Zhang rejected the role, some other actors, such as He Jun Xiang, Ming Dao, etc..., were considered. As one of the main leads is unconfirmed, the director was changed, and it was rumored to all concern about Yan Cheng Xu. JVR indicates yesterday, "Never heard of it. Don't know about this matter." Dir Ju, who is consultant of the project now, clarified that there is no problem between Yan Cheng Xu and him.

Dir Ju stated that due to a scheduling problem (as he needs to work on Started With a Kiss 3), he needed to give up the project. However, he has longed to work with Yan Cheng Xu. He also mentioned, "My words were too preliminary. I said those words as he displayed desire to accept the project." But he didn't have hard feelings about it. "As the big environment is so bad already, there is no point to become enemies in the show business." According to source, Yan Cheng Xu has had happy discussion with Skipbeat's production team. GTV indicates that 12 episodes of scripts are ready and it will start filming in Nov.

Yan Cheng Xu has hidden from the camera for a while due to the Oct concerts in Japan. He has already finished recording 9 new songs and he completed taking photos for his 2009 calendar which will be released on 17th in Japan. This year, he changed his image to show his "macho" side. He plans to show his dancing skills in the upcoming concerts. ZZ has dyed his hair to bright purple for the concerts.

================================================== ===
kkla: BTW, They Kissed Again's fans said that Dir Ju's project should be Kissed SP, but not series #3.
Blaming Jerry again? I don't know that Jerry is so powerful that he can change the director. If there was a problem, why would Dir Ju stay being the consultant? Regarding Zhang, he and Lin are working on another project now shortly after They Kissed Again. It is more likely to be GTV and/or investers' decision to have new combination of cast, so audience won't get tired of it.

Hot Shot Ep 7 Summary

Hot Shot Ep 7 Summary

Hot Shot Ep 5 - Crunchyroll

Hot Shot Ep 5 - Crunchyroll

[Download Mobile Theme] Jerry Yan 2009

Super thanks to Chrissiewoods for making this theme.
I was surprised she sent me this file. Jia You!

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2009 Jerry Yan Calendar from Milkyway


thanks to, jerry-ilya and jerry-milkyway

HS Ep 7 - Extracted - WaterScene

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Hot Shot related News - United Daily, Sept. 5

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United Daily, Sept. 5

this article abt Jerry & the actor (Mr Zhao) who played his father in HS, how both tried to make the other laugh & NG when filming. & that after watching the BTS, netizens have a lively discussion & many expressed surprise as Jerry's role in HS is that of one whose unwilling to inherit the family's business, as such both father & son have a "icy" r'ship, yet the two men are so funny in their private interactions.

(fatty2: hahaha, i think Jerry & Mr Zhao acted so well in their roles in HS that the audience confused reel & real. its just like Jerry's DMS in MG, he acted so well that for quite long after that, ppl mistaken that he & DMS is same in character).

credits to fatty2@asianfanatics

Hot Shot Episode 07 Teaser

original source:

credit to x-WISHFULthinking@AF HS thread

After successfully beating “Sunningdale Panthers Team”, and winning the regional finals, Pi Li Team can finally get some rest time. Da Ying wishes to invite Jie Er to spend new years with him, and he borrows some money from a friend and books a small restaurant. However, the same night, Dong Fang Xiang again confronts his feelings to Jie Er, and asks her if she would consider to have a relationship with him, but Jie Er runs home. On the way, they bump into Da Ying, and at the same time, Jie Er rejects both guys…

Dong Fang Xiang and Yuan Da Ying are now best friends but at the same time, enemies. When Jie Er runs away from them on New Year’s Eve, the 2 meet up and challenge each other to a basketball game. Li Ying (W) turns up and persuades them to stop but they both don’t listen. However, Li Ying has an asthma attack and it is then, that the 2 stop and rush her to the hospital. Li Ying remains unconscious for 24 hours. When she wakes up, she discovers that she had forgot something… Li Ying, wishing to improve Pi Li Team in the winter holidays, had specially invited an American coach – Tang Long.

Pi Li Team, under Tang Long’s coaching, begin their harsh training. And as for this hugely rumoured and talked about coach, he creates a “Training Menu”, and actually goes surfing in the mountains. Wait a minute, how can you surf in the hills and mountains? And what does surfing have to do with their basketball training?

Coincidence? hahaha

Mommy gave this to me. And am wondering, where is the mp3 player?
Why only headphone? ahahahha
(sticker courtesy of wengvann)

I grabbed this shirt and wore @ the office...then I remembered.....tadaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! hehehe's really COINCIDENCE..har har har....

Hot Shot Episode 06 - THE CHEER/CHANT

edited by daomisyel

Sorry friends, I don't think i can make an episode 6 MV. Am so busy (stress - pagod). But if i find time, i'll make one. Meanwhile, here's your assignment...MEMORIZE this Cheer. HAHAHAHA!!!

My Hot Shot Photobook last!

At last, my friend who went to Taiwan last August for a tour bought me this Hot Shot photobook. Am so happy when she told me that she bought an extra one for me.....HAPPINESS....

Here are some of its pages. Am so tired for the past weekends because of so many events that i attended .... Will try to scan some of them soon......

Enjoy. Specially YOU, who kept on lurking my page...... I cannot simply understand why these people kept on telling that THEY HATED ME and then, you will found out LURKING AROUND ON MY BLOG...TELL ME?