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Sep 26, 2008 - TW Apple Daily

Sep 26, 2008 - TW Apple Daily

It was reported that Japan's magazine, Woman Weekly, used Jerry's photo as the cover, although Jerry and the other 3 members posted together for the media in the press conference. Furthermore, Japan's media use the phrase "Yan Cheng Xu's group" to introduce F4. It is obviously that the media in Japan love Yan Cheng Xu more than the other three members. Regarding this, JVR replied with a low profile, "He is busy at rehearsing, so we don't know whether he has seen it."

F4 will have 7 concerts in Japan. They have arrived at Japan and secretly practised for 10 days. Ken will dance, Vanness will perform with a band, and ZZ will perform with 3D technology. For Jerry, other than dancing, he will perform something that can fully show his charm.

For the last 10 days, Jerry has eaten buckwheat noodles every day. Others thought that he is on diet. Actually it is because he loves buckwheat noodles. Other than buckwheat noodles, at first he also wanted to go to a spa/Japanese-style bath?, but as there are housewife fans waiting for him wherever he goes, he stays in his hotel room for watching DVDs instead.

Thanks selina15's for the newspaper scan. It seems like the picture is one of wonderful photos in his newest 2009 calendar.

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  1. Haha can't blame Japan for loving Jerry more =D I really hope some videos of the concerts get posted on YouTube/crunchyroll