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Jay Chou admires Jerry Yan's artistic personality

Jay Chou admires Jerry Yan's artistic personality

Concerning how Jerry Yan is referred to as "Tortoise Hair" and "Hard To Please", Jay Chou has a different interpretation of it: "He has a lot of his own views, he has a lot of demands on some details, I can understand this being a Capricorn, he has the personality of an artist." yet he expressed that Jerry Yan shouldn't reject people calling him "Violent Dragon", Jay Chou said: "His performance in "Meteor Garden" was very colourful, for people to call him Violent Dragon, it means he was very successful in his acting in the drama."

In the new album "Capricorn", Jay Chou challenged the duet he did with Fei Yu Qing with a "man to man duet" with Gary Yang called "Wandering Poet", plus mixing the duet with Mandarin and Taiwanese produced a fresh effect. Jay Chou expressed that next he hopes to work with Jerry Yan in dramas, he said: "Jerry Yan's performance in dramas is a bit more popular, he can even break into the foreign markets."

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