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Yan Cheng Xu Vs Fanny is like mother and son

Dec 29, 2008 - Lian He Bao


The superstar on screen is everyone's idol, but as the superstar's agent who is close to him/her, he/she is always the one who knows the superstar's personalities the best. After a long time of interaction, there are a lot of interesting stories.
Yan Cheng Xu Vs Fanny is like mother and son

Fanny is Yan Cheng Xu's agent and she has worked by his side for 7 years. Yan Cheng Xu, who looks cool on the outside, can't feel secured without Fanny's company. Fanny said jokingly that the interaction style between them in the past was like big sister and little brother, but now it has turned to like mother and son. She studied abroad in New York for one year, and Jerry sponsored her tuition, and he also requests all the agents to finish all the food when eating out.

There was a time, Jerry wanted to invest very badly, and Fanny could only play the bad guy for stopping him. She even said something like "If he dares to invest, I will hit him dead", and he finally dropped the idea.

In Fanny's eyes, Jerry is like a child. Sometimes, he is very naughty, but other times, he is very sweet. She said, "In a lot of matters, he doesn't like to show everything, but he likes to give people surprises. Like last year, I once mentioned to him that I wanted to study abroad for a while. I didn't expect him to bare it in mind. Yan Cheng Xu sponsored her tuition for studying in New York for a year which was close to NT1 million. She said, "There's an assistant's father who underwent a surgery. He just visited him in the hospital after work without mentioning to us at all. He really takes good care of the people around him."

Yan Cheng Xu is very thrifty in private, as he came from a single-parent home that his family's situation was not good when he was young. Therefore, he treasures all the food. When he has meals with his staff, he always requests them to finish all the food. Fanny is a beauty, but due to his request, although she needs to face the risk of getting fat, she has no other ways but following his request. Therefore, whenever Jerry initiates eating out, Fanny's scalp starts to get numb. She joked, "So we are also under a lot of pressure."

kkla: Read that a lot of stars have lost half of his/her money during the finance tsunami. From the above, it seems likes Jerry didn't invest much, so he might not lose much like others. Lucky for him.

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