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Information from Sony: Jerry will release "My Secret Lover"

Information from Sony: Jerry will release "My Secret Lover", a "new songs + collection", 2-cd set, in early January. There will be 3 new songs plus 25 old songs in the set. Gift for fan club group purchase: 2010 calendar produced by Sony (different from the one from J&Y)

DWL - Wedding Scene

Dec 2, 2009

Read that yesterday early morning, 9 main actors from DWL, including Jerry, Ella, Xiao Xiao Bin, Ji Xin Ling, etc..., gathered to take wedding pictures in front of a church, as DWL will be broadcasted in January next year.

Xiao Xiao Bin is filming another drama with Vanness. As soon as Jerry met Xiao Xiao Bin yesterday, he pinched Xiao Xiao Bin's cheeks, and teased him, "Don't you think of me anymore? Forget about me already? You are Wu Jian Hou's people now?!" Xiao Xiao Bin frowned and whispered, "No".

Then, Ella joined in and said, "Right! You are Wu Jian Hou's people now, huh?!" After being teasing by the two, Xiao Xiao Bin yelled, "I am not", and started crying right after. It scared the two to soothe him immediately, and Xiao Xiao Bin smiled again through tears. When hearing the counting, 5-4-3-2-1, he joined the group taking pictures.

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Jerry Filming New MV

Dec 5, 2009
TW Apple Daily's video

Jerry was spotted by TW Apple Daily's reporter filming a new mv on Dec 4. The reporter also congratulated Jerry's Freedom getting the No. 1 seat on the 2009 Asian Albums Sales Chart of HMV-Japan's online store.

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Ella's Game of Trust Fall Opened Jerry Yan's Heart

Translated by : syyang @
Original source :

Ella's Game of Trust Fall Opened Jerry Yan's Heart

In the past, Jerry was known to be very reserved. But since he started filming GTV's idol drama serial [Down With Love] with Ella, who has a very warm personality, he has become more cheerful. In between their breaks while filming, the two of them will enjoy playing the "Game of Trust" whereby one party will relax and fall towards the other, who would then steadily catch the falling party. But of course, there were times whereby Jerry would pretend to move away to scare Ella and both of them would end up playing and bickering like little children.

Ella shared that through their interactions, she learnt that Jerry is actually just like a big boy. And he is one who has high expectations on himself. "He would tend to blame himself if there were too many NG." Meanwhile Jerry shared about Ella, "She is very bubbly. Having interacted with her for some time, I discovered she is very concern about others and has a sentimental and sensitive side to her." Once while Ella was filming, Jerry spoke in "wa-wa-yin*" on purpose just so as to make Ella burst out in laughter. On another ocassion, he suddenly carried Ella and she exclaimed in return, "Put me down quickly. People are going to catch a glimpse of my panty already."

Ella explained that initially Jerry was surrounded by many personal assistants who were protecting him, hence, she was worried that she might not be welcomed even when she wish to make friends and get to know him better. However she told herself that she must definitely and eventually get along with Jerry as she would need to fall for the character he is playing based on the script. "There must be good mutual feelings in order for the story to be convincing." She also encouraged Jerry to just be himself and not mind how others would look at him. Gradually Jerry also opened his heart and both of them became good friends who can confide in each other.

translator's note : * Wa-Wa-Yin - refers to speaking in a cutesy tone like that of a child i.e. wa-wa means small kid, yin means voice/tone.

Jerry at the blue carpet

The following translation is based on the Chinese translation provided by 樱子★旭 of

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Jerry at the blue carpet

When Jerry and Anne were taking pictures, 2 of the hosts were standing at the other side.

Male host was Mr. 天野 博之
Female host was ____
Both were very excited. Their conversation was as follows:

MH: Wow! What's this? The feeling is different, like having a halo. The flashlight increases all of a sudden.

FH: Yes! It has been different since just now. For both having such charm, there is a reason.
Anne Watanabe - she is not just a famous model, she is also an actress who plays in numerous mainstreamed tv dramas. Also I heard that, this guest came to Japan in short notice especially for this "sky perfect tv award 2009" If we mention DMS in the Taiwan version of Meteor Garden, everyone should know him in Japan. He is Jerry Yan.

MH: Wow! Jerry Yan in F4. What's that? That is ...the No. 1 good physique in the world. That kind of figure! Really want to borrow it for a week. Oh,...that....the crowd has increased...right?...must be for seeing Jerry Yan.

FH: True... is increasing...very handsome!

MH: As handsome as a doll. Can't believe that both of us belong to the same human species.

FH: I don't really want to stand next to them

MH: Never mind.

FH: Here they come... can hear the cheer (for Jerry) from outside

MH: Anne, you are so tall. You even wear high heels, hehe...

FH: Both VIPs, please allow us to borrow you for a minute.

MH: You just walked the blue carpet, can we hear your thoughts?

Anne: I have never thought that I would have the opportunity to receive the invitation. I am very honored.

MH: I did see your newest movie

Anne: Thank you

FH: Excuse me, Jerry Yan, how do you feel of walking the blue carpet?

Jerry: mm, a little bit nervous (in Japanese)

MH: is Japanese

J: (in Japanese) know a little bit (Jerry was looking at the male host when he answered the question)

MH: Jerry, please don't look at me any more. Awesome! Jerry's smile is so awesome.

FH: Really very handsome! When seeing him upclose, can feel the heartbeat raising

A: Very honored to walk the blue carpet with him

MH: A good match! Jerry, how many times have you come to Japan?

J: Many many times

MH: (jokingly speaks in Korean) I am ...

J: (smiled shyly) hmm

FH: What did you say just now?

MH: I tried to introduce myself in Korean

FH: (or Anne:) But he is from TW~

MH:: Oh, sorry, sorry, ...from TW...How are you? (in Chinese). I am ...

J: (in Japanese) hai ~I am Jerry

FH: Have you met for the first time?

A:: Yes, first time

J: Yes

FH:: What's the impression on each other?

Anne: Hm, being able to walk together is already ... just like the feeling of (being amazed)

J: Thank you! Feel that she is very pretty in person, and then very tall.

MH: (kkla: The male host said something related to his being short that I don't understand)

The male host made Jerry laugh very hard

MH:: Please enjoy tonight

J: Sure

MH: Then, please say something to fans

Anne: Good evening! I will be an audience. As a participant of this award show tonight, it is a pleasure to share the happiness with you.

J: Good evening! I am Jerry Yan (in Japanese) I am very happy (in Chinese). The end/That's it (in Japanese)

FH: Very happy that you can speak a little bit Japanese for us.

MH: I know a TW artiste, Vivian Hsu. I worked with her before.

J: Oh, I remember, very famous

MH: Haha...thank you

~ finished ~

Part 2: Jerry On Stage

Description of the 2 hosts:
Male host of the show: A famous tv host on Fuji TV
Female host of the show: She is an actress and also host of tv programs, very famous.

The award presenter:
Natsuki Kato, who played DMS' fiancee in Hana Yori Dango

The award presenter presented on stage, looked very excited.

MH: (joking) Natsuki, luckily you appeared by yourself. You don't want to appear on stage with 天野 (the male host at the blue carpet), right?!
天野: How come it's different from usual?

N: Hey, watch where you are before you talk(joking)

NH: That's right. This show is lively broadcasted.

天野: Sorry, sorry, hey hey……(skipped)

MH: Then, Natsuki, please present the International Drama Award

N: Yes! Start to present. The winner of the International Drama Award is Jerry Yan
(fans were cheering)

MH: Congratulations! We especially invited Jerry Yan to accept this award in person

(Jerry showed up...cheering...applauding)

MH: No wonder he is ...(meant Asian star). He looked very handsome when he came out

FH: Yes, really very handsome

MH: International Drama Award. Congratulations!

N: Congratulations! (shaking hands) Oh~~I shook hands with him (she held her hands excitingly)

MH: Ms. Natsuki, oh my! A lof of fans are here.

N: I also like him very much!

Jerry: (bow) Thank you!

N: (pursed up her lips and smirked continuously )

MH: What's is this? What kind of situation is this? (the whole audience laughed)

N: I ... have wanted to see him very very much. In Japan's Meteor Garden, Jerry Yan is very famous (then...she just kept smiling and looking at Jerry without saying a word)

MH: Have you seen 2 people looking at each other intensely in an award show? (Jerry only looked at the presenter politely)
I understand, really something~ The cheer for Jerry from the audience is awesome. I want to change my name to Jerry XX (MH's last name, meaning a street)

MH: There were so many international dramas participated and the scope is so large. How do you feel when you win in this kind of situation?

J: Hm...(Japanese) Thank you! (Chinese) Very happy! Very happy! Then, this allows me to treasure this opportunity more. Hope to film more ad more dramas and movies. And then, I will work harder in the future. Thank you!

MH: This time, you came to Japan especially for this award show. Is there any problem in scheduling?

J: Actually, for being able to come, I feel very happy already. It doesn't matter how busy I am, I will come.

MH: Thanks a lot. Heard that you insist in participating in charity work. Why do you want to do that?

J: Actually, being able to help more people make me very happy now, as I was ...had a lot of hardship when young, so will treasure what I have more. Actually doing charity work with so many people is very happy.

MH: Natsuki, ask a question for fans? What do you want to ask?

N: (pursed up her lips again with excitement) Wa! What should I do? (face the audience) What should I ask?

(at this time, Jerry handed her the mic nicely)

N: Wah! What kind of girl do you like?

J: Have something to talk with each other (repeated 3 times), and feel very happy when seeing her

MH: No wonder, no wonder he is...If you have any words for your fans, please say.

J: (Japanese) Really Really happy! Really thanks a lot! I will work harder! Thank you! (bow)

MH: Thank you!


Yan Cheng Xu Has Taken 2 Big Awards In One Month

Nov 13, 2009
TW Apple Daily

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Yan Cheng Xu Has Taken 2 Big Awards In One Month Crowned In Japan With Big Drama Award

Yan Cheng Xu waved enthusiastically, even showed the top of his underwear.

There is no doubt that Yan Cheng Xu(Jerry)is the pride of Taiwan. He has visited Japan 2 times in one month to receive awards. On the 20th of last month, he just received The Best International Jeanist Award. Yesterday, he beat American dramas, such as CSI and HEROES, winning the「SKY PERFECT TV AWARD 2009」in the category of Overseas Tv Dramas with his drama projects, such as Hot Shot and Starlit.

He left for Japan the day before, and thousand of fans squeezed into the airport. The security had no other way but guiding him to leave with the secret pathway. This time, when receiving the award in Japan, he also walked the Blue Carpet with Watanabe Ken's daughter, Anne Watanabe. Furthermore, he will be interviewed by Yomiuri Shimbun, which publication has over 10 millions copies in Japan. The inteview will be printed in the New Year Special Issue.

Yesterday, there's rumor that Jerry left JVR, but he had used its labor and resources without signing any formal contracts. Yesterday, Jerry's agent, Fenny, replied, "It's a pleasure for both Jerry and JVR to work with each other. Although no contract was signed, commission was agreed in advance. Really thank Yong Ge's (Yang) teaching and guidance." According to source, the talent fee for their projects was always first received by JVR, and staff's pay checks were also issued by JVR. After deducting the commission, the fee was given to Jerry lastly.

Besides, there's also rumor that he and his rumored girlfriend, Guan Ying, had a trip to Thailand together. In early November, a fan posted on his fan site,( indicated that she was on the same Bangkok to Taipei flight with Jerry. She also showed his autograph as proof. She further stated that he sat in the last row and she suspected that it's a private trip, as she commented that with his status, he shouldn't have seated in the economy class. Yesterday, Fenny said, "We have answered questions about this matter for many many times, so no more comments."

Breaking records of Yan Shuai's invading Japan
Best selling album: On the first day of the release of his Chinese album, Freedom, it reached the 2nd place of Oricon's Daily Chart, and the 8th of the Weekly Chart, breaking the records of all the Chinese artistes.
Best broadcasting channel: The Hospital, played by him, was the first TW series being broadcasted on NHK in Japan.
Highest overseas copyright fee: The Hospital's overseas copyright fee in Japan alone was about NT40 millions, breaking the record of overseas copyright sales history
Most number of concerts: In 2008, F4 created the record of the most number of concerts held consecutively in Japan among Chinese artistes (7 concerts consecutively with 80,000 of audiences)
Most lovable by the media: In August, YCX was interviewed by Sankei Shimbun and it was printed on the cover page
Highest popularity: Attended the Best Jeanist Awards in October and received the Best Jeanist Award in the international artiste category. He is the first Chinese who has received this award.

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu’s High Popularity Won Him The Most Lovable Male Star In Asia

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu’s High Popularity Won Him The Most Lovable Male Star In Asia

After being the International King of Jeans last month, Yan Cheng Xu will visit Japan again tomorrow, and he will attend The SKY PerfecTV Awards Show the day after. His popularity is really high!

Actually, the 20-yr anniversary volume of an influential magazine, CREA, held a voting of “09’s Most Lovable Asian Male Star”, and Yan Cheng Xu successfully won the 4th place.

And for the voting of “The Most Lovable Male Artiste In Japan”, Fukuyama Masaharu won the first place for the 4th consecutive year, and Takeshi Kaneshiro, Kimura Takuya, and Tamaki Hiroshi won the 2nd to 4th place respectively. Miura Haruma beat Okada Masaki and Takeru Satoh to become The Most Lovable Male Stars in the Next Generation.

Nov 10, 2009

Oriental Daily

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu Was Voted As Good Man In Asia

Japanese magazine, CREA, has been in print for 20 years. In the newest volume published, it announced the winners of The Good Men In 21st Centary voted by its readers. It resulted that Fukuyama Masaharu, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Kimura Takuya dominated the first 3 places, and Tamaki Hiroshi, who’s on the cover page, got the 4th place.

In the category of Asian Male Stars, Yan Cheng Xu won the voting with a group of Korean stars. He will attend the award ceremony in Japan this week.

Jerry Yan & Terri Kwan on reconcile trip to Thailand

Rumoured couple Jerry Yan and Terri Kwan was spotted by the Taiwanese media when they went on a romantic getaway in Samui Island, Thailand. Upon returning to Taiwan yesterday, Jerry was all smiles, but he refused to answer any questions regarding his secret holiday.

According to reports, in a haste to avoid further rumours about his secret holiday, Jerry went to Fuzhou to work first upon ending his holiday, before flying back to Taiwan en route Hong Kong.

While it was initially rumoured that their holiday destination was Bangkok, reports stated that they were actually in Samui Island for a week.

When asked whether he went Thailand with Terri Kwan, Jerry did not reply and just said that he went to lots of places. Terri's manager confirmed that she did go to Thailand to visit its temples, but was unsure whether she met up with Jerry.

Jerry and Terri met while filming the Taiwanese drama "Starlit" and rumour has it that they became an item. However, it was reported that Jerry scolded Terri in his car in June this year and they broke up after that. It is said that this holiday to Thailand was a reconcile trip and they had invited eight other friends to tag along in order to keep rumours at bay.

Backstage Interview

credits to

After receiving The Most Popular Singer In Asia Award and performing, Jerry was interviewed in the backstage.

Host: Let's welcome Yan Cheng Xu. Welcome, Yan Cheng Xu. This way please. Share with us what awards did you get today?
Jerry: Today I got The Most Popular Singer In Asia and The Most Charming On The Red Carpet Award (PS. Host missed the Ten Best Golden Song Award)

H: What other feelings do you have for being here today?
J: Actually I don't come to Mainland a lot, but whenever I see everyone's enthusiasm, I feel that I should have come more often.

H: Actually we know that recently you have very high popularity in the Asian markets. Have you thought of invading Hollywood?
J: Just want to do my job as best as I can

H: Then what is the focus of your future career development?
J: As I really hope that I have the opportunities to come here more often

H: Now it's time for our reporter friends to ask questions

Reporter: Heard that you have already arrived last night and a lot of your Japanese fans have also come. How do you feel?
J: Actually I feel that I am not good enough. Hope to have more improvement in my acting and singing skills.

R: Also, the focus of your company is mainly in Japan and Korea. After attending this award show for the first time, does it mean that the focus may move towards Mainland China in the future?
J: If this side welcomes me, I am very willing to come here.

R: Have you tried any Fuzhou snacks?
J: Have tried the noodles here today. After eating the noodles, just want to settle down here.

R: What other plans do you have for next?
J: Next may have movie to film, but also want to put more time into album production.

R: Want to ask, did you get a chance to see the movies played by other F4 members?
J: As I was in Japan a lot lately, not in TW, so didn't have much time to see.

R: Then are you happy?
J: Certainly, very happy.

R: Then ZZ didn't get the award this time, how did you soothe him?
J: I called him but he didn't take the call.

R: What do you think of Jolin's performance?
J: I think both have good performance.

R: I want to ask, being a singer or an actor, which one do you like more?
J: I like both. I want to put more effort in both aspects.

R: Then before you came to this award show, did you prepare to get any particular award(s)?
J: I have already felt very happy.

R: I know that your newest album, Say I Love You In KTV, had very good sales in TW, but some critics comented that it's a side product of idol drama, and may be its real music value is not particularly high, although the music was all very good listening. What do you think about the comment? What kind of expectations or ambition do you have in your music?
J: I think he commented pretty good. In the show business, it is impossible to have everyone like me, and I can only adjust myself, so to persuade others.

R: I want to ask whether Meteor Garden will be replayed? Is there any plan for the original cast to play a sequel?
J: As everyone is very busy at this time

R: We want to ask, it has been years since the first broadcast of Meteor Garden, and now Wunan Satellite reproduced Meteor Rain, don't know whether you have seen it?
J: Not yet, or you may send the dvd to me, and then I can answer your question.

R: Now a lot of web users call this Meteor Rain as "Lei Zhen Yu"(kkla: meaning lousy/unpleasant shower), meaning lousy/unpleasant.

H: In other words, it is praise that you guys did a very good job before....Now, Yan Cheng Xu, please provide an autograph and take some pictures.

SE Music Chart Awards 20091106 - Awarding

receiving The Most Popular Singer In Asia Award and performing

credits to jerryilya

Video Jerry Yan - Red Carpet - SE Starlight Avenue 20091106

credits to jerryilya

Jerry Yan @ Fuzhou

thanks to jerryspmv

SE Music Chart Awards 20091106

Big Brother Hou, Am I so really so silly? ~ Jerry Yan


Big Brother Hou, Am I really so silly? ~ Jerry Yan

"Big Brother Hou," Jerry Yan asked, "am I really so silly?"

I've been talking about some blunders that happened during the wake these few days. Talking about blunders, I recall one story. It's inevitable that we make blunders but with the reputation of an artiste at stake, it can be especially embarrassing.

言承旭近出席了日本一個典禮,並且領了個超級偶像級的大賞。領完獎後,主辦單位善意地安排了他去名店瞎拼 、買衣服。主辦單位本來打算清場讓超級巨星瞎拼,可是大明星堅持他一貫的親民作風,不讓主辦單位這樣做。
Jerry Yan attended a Japanese ceremony recently and received a Super Idol category Award. After the ceremony, the Organizers kindly arranged for him to go shopping at a branded shop. Initially, they wanted to clear the store for him but he insisted not to. As he has always maintained that he was like any average Joe.

As this was no made public, the Organizers were cautious. On the day itself, besides the few reporters, there weren't many fans around. Or else the small store would be jam-packed.

Though everything seemed fine, our Mr. Handsome still met with problems.

"I looking around the store for a long time but I didn't see anything I'd like. But they were so friendly and it didn't seem nice that I didn't buy anything," Jerry Yan said. "But the problem is if I just buy anything, it didn't seem to be true to myself. Anyway, the fans would read the report and they might buy the same thing so I have a responsibility."

Jerry Yan's perfectionist manner shows up again. Anyway as long as something touches on perfection or responsibility, to our Mr. Handsome - shopping is no longer such a simple matter.

He took a long time, kept choosing this and that. He was on the brink of hopelessness when the Heavens showed him grace. He finally spotted a leather bag that he like a lot.

"I'm finally saved." He took to it the mirror and it looked great.

Jerry asked the Interpreter to ask the Japanese salesperson for the price.

After the salesperson heard what the interpreter said, she appeared very respectful and pointed to a man who was dressed trendily. And she further 'explained' to the interpreter. After that she ran to that man and bowed to him and pointed over to Jerry's side.

Jerry saw that man turn around, nodding politely and smiling. Our Mr. Handsome was also very gracious and he smiled and nodded as well.

"I was thinking that he should be a boss or something from the way he is dressed."

After a while, the saleslady came with the Interpreter and bowed deeply to Jerry.

"So how is it? How much is it?"

The Interpreter seemed ill at ease, after some hesitation he finally said.

"That customer over there said that he left his leather bag outside when he was trying his clothes but you took it away."

Jerry's face turned a crimson red and wished that there was a hole for him to hide.

He immediately returned the bag to the Interpreter and he gave it back to the saleslady who returned it to that man. After that man got back his bag, Jerry gave him a very deep bow. The Japanese customer was also very polite, he smile and bowed back. After all that, he left quietly without any fanfare.

The reporters that were a distance away and didn't seem to notice.

"Oh no! That was so embarressing. I even took the bag to the mirror to have a look, Big Brother Hou!" Jerry was laughing at himself. "Do you think I was really so silly?"

我點了點頭。I nodded my head.

But it's not that our Mr. Handsome was so very silly but I felt that the Japanese customer was so gracious, low-key and very considerate in his manner. That is truly very gentlemanly and something worthy of emulation.


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Ella Reveals About Jerry Yan's Incident of Unfortunate Fall from Chair

Note: Please credit syyang and all the other sources for the translation and links provided. Do not edit any part of this article and please copy it in its entirety if transferred elsewhere. Thank you for your full co-operation.

Ella Reveals About Jerry Yan's Incident of Unfortunate Fall from Chair
Translation by: Syyang @

After many months of hectic filming, filming for the super-idol drama serial - [Down With Love] has finally wrapped up in Taiwan some time back. During the post-filming celebrations, Ella appeared in a little black dress and she shared on her exciting experiences filming together with Jerry Yan; and even revealed that Jerry had a "spate of bad luck" just before filming wraps up.

The super-idol drama, being a collaboration between Jing Xi Ying Shi, An Wei Wei Shi and Taiwan's GTV, has a strong cast. Not only has the production team invited Asia's Super Idol Jerry Yan and Asia's Number 1 Female Heavenly Group - S.H.E's Ella as lead actor and actress respectively; the cast also included artistes like Chen Zi Han, Yuan Wen Kang, Jade Liu Li Yang, Michael Zhang etc - all of whom are artistes with both fame and would interest the media and viewers.

When sharing on her role, the vivacious and carefree Ella said her challenge this time is to act as a "down-and-old, riches-to-rag girl". In order to raise funds to repay the debts her father owed, she has to take on many odd-jobs. And through this opportunity, she got to develop a sweet romance with her employer in the serial - Jerry Yan's role. The Cinderella storyline is interesting to Ella. Even the previously reported by media to be "bad temper and difficult" Jerry Yan has appeared very obliging and mild-tempered thoughout, and once said, "Ella is one of the women who impacted me most."

[DWL] has filmed for 3 months and the cast endured filming under the scorching heat of 40 degree celsius and sacrificed many hours of sleep. Nonetheless, Ella is still very excited. For at one moment, she could be wearning a little yellow cap and a round-neck white blouse with a blue pinafore with a Chibi Maruko-chan look; and at the other moment, she is required to piggyback a 20kg prop refrigerator to run up and down. Every exaggerating image and styling she has to put on, and each romantic and funny scene has allowed her to satisfy her every acting craving she has had since 3 years ago. The excited Ella could not help but always mention her character Yang Guo as a person who is "very mature and sensible in character and lovable".

Despite filming has wrapped up, Ella still reminisces about the memorable filming experiences with the cast and Jerry Yan. She revealed that Jerry seemed to be hit by a series of misfortune just before filming wraps up. "There was a scene where his character - Lawyer Xiang Yu Ping was kidnapped, and one of the extras accidentally caused Jerry to fell off a chair. Shortly after this incident, Jerry has to film a scene whereby he was forcefully shoved into the car by the kidnappers. While filming thi, his eyes and head got knocked against the side of the door. It was really a "spate of bad luck" for him then."

Although Jerry was injured by one after another incident on the set just before the end of filming and even had to visit the hospital, he appeared very optimistic. He not only reassured the production team that his injury was superficial, but also joked that it was good luck to "see red*" just before filming ends, as it would symbolise that [DWL]'s viewership will definitely scale to great heights.

* sy: Different from in English; in Chinese, "jian hong" which literally translates into "see red" means really good news, as red is auspicious for the Chinese. Jerry is using the phrase to say that his injury is a sign of good things to come for the serial's viewership.

2009 Best Jeanist Award of the International Category in Japan

Recently, Yan Cheng Xu has won the 2009 Best Jeanist Award of the International Category in Japan. In the past, Kimura Takuya and Ayumi Hamasaki have won this award for years. The International Category was newly added last year.

The hosting organization indicates, Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) has outstanding performance in acting and singing, and his impact has reached all over the world. This totally corresponds with jeans' global spirit, so he was given the Award. Jerry is also the first Chinese artiste who has won this award. He indicated that he is very happy to receive this award. He also disclosed that he has over one hundred jeans at home and he is a loyal fan of jeans.

credits to

Jerry Yan ill but still attended Down With Love 2nd round wine party

Jerry Yan ill but still attended Down With Love 2nd round wine party
Friday October 2, 2009 Taiwan
Source : UDN
Translated by : Stephy Wephy @

thanks Prella for uploading the pictures

CTV, TiVo idol drama [Down With Love] held a wine party yesterday night. The cast who attended this event were; lead female actress Ella, Xiao Xian, Michael Zhang Xun-Jie, Xiao Xiao Bin (2 kids who will be acting in this drama) and Ji Xin Ling.

Ella would play a tomboy and always dressed handsomely in this idol drama; wore a tiny little black cute dress for this event and was highly praised by Michael. Xiao Xiao Bin covered their eyes and shouted sister Ella is very beautiful and dare not look at her again after that.

Leading male actor, Jerry Yan was down with a bad cold yesterday. Despite being absent for one of the wine party; he suddenly showed up at the second one. The minute he arrived, he was asked to drink. He was "forced" to drink up to one bottle of Whiskey.


we, Filipinos just encountered a storm worse than hurricane Katrina. in fact, this has been the worst storm. it was even worse than the one that occured in 1967, 42 years ago. this time, it is not the people from the provinces that were hit by the storm but the people in the country's capital, Manila. anyone who has friends here, or have been to Manila themselves would know how urban this place is, so having a disaster as bad as this, it really is BAD. i plead to your hearts to give out all the help and support you could give my fellow countrymen.

these are notices, reminders, announcements, hotline numbers, etc., that i compiled from facebook:

• URGENTLY NEEDED! JETSKIS OR MOTORIZED BOATS needed for ongoing rescue operations led by Red Cross Rizal Chapter. They need to go to Cainta and Manggahan, Pasig, ASAP. People are already being reported to be dying in certain areas. The water has not gone down at all. Please contact Cielo @ 0918-8824356, ASAP.

• CONFIRMED: Brgy Dahlia Fairview QC Basketball Court. SICK KIDS need milk & meds (Paracetamol etc). Dunno how many, but reports for fairview has reached 5000 refugees.

• PLEASE DON'T USE STYRO TO PACK FOOD. if not disposed of properly, it will cause more harm than good. remember, non-biodegradable materials will only worsen floods.

• Donations are accepted 24 hours at the newly established Eastwood City Donation Center, Ground Floor of 1880 Building, behind Eastwood Mall, in front of Dwell at the ground floor of The Eastwood Palazzo Condominium.

• Reach ABS-CBN via these channels:

* ◦ Multiply:

* ◦ Twitter:

* ◦ Facebook: Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo official page

* ◦ |Email:

* ◦ SMS/MMS reports: IREPORT to 2366

* ◦ Bayan Voice BMPM Voice SMS: 411-BMPM (411-2676)

• ABS-CBN needs volunteers for Sept. 28, 29 & 30. Shifts are 8AM-12NN; 1:00-5:00PM and 5:00-9:00PM. If you are interested, you may call the trunkline 924-4101 loc. 2603, 2579, 4759.

• panawagan sa mga tinatamad mag-aral: mag volunteer na lang tayo magre-pack ng relief goods para naman maging productive tayo. TUESDAY -UST TAN YAN KEE, 9AM. WORLD VISION, QUEZON AVE - 9am onwards. sama na!

• For those buying relief goods: if you need to order MEGA sardines for the typhoon victims, pls contact Jean Tiu 09177161005. They can deliver in bulk and can offer it at lower prices versus supermarkets/groceries. Also MEGA sardines are available in doy packs, no need for can opener!

• For Alabang-based relief efforts: Hey guys, De La Salle Zobel continues its relief efforts tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who came to volunteer today! We will still be needing people and goods tomorrow from 8AM. Rice, canned goods, medicine, clothes, flashlights, insect repellent, candles, etc. plus people to pack and lift. Please come and lend a hand if you can!"

• RUBBER SLIPPERS (at the very least) are also needed by the victims of the typhoon. Walking barefoot makes them prone to disease with all the debris and dirt. Let's do more than rescue people. Let's help keep them alive.

• To all Pinoys in Singapore, if you would like to help our kababayans impacted by the floods, the drop off point for relief goods iis Afreight Cargo, #03-09 Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road. Contact Person: Maureen Schepers 6235-1011/9111-7855. Please pass this info to fellow Filipinos and Non-Filipinos who would like to help.

• several crocodiles from Pasig Nature Park are missing. Residents of surrounding villages (Parkwood etc) advised to be careful while wading in the water. Please warn friends and family in that area.

• We need 50 volunteers RIGHT NOW for relief goods packing @ the RED CROSS QC Chapter Office in Gate 7 Quezon City Hall at QC Circle. Call 433-2151 /52 or 920-3672, 434-3751, or 426-9627. Look for Tony Anne Garcia. GUYS NOW NA! URGENT!

• Policemen needed in Provident Village, Marikina. As of now, there are robbers all over the place, trying to break inside the houses. There is no electricity, the place is like a ghost town, and is covered with thick mud.

• Cavite area have NOT received any relief goods.

• For those of you interested in helping out, cash donations can be sent to the Land Bank of the Philippines at Account No. 3122-101-184 (Department of Social Welfare and Development).

• NDCC Missing Person Hotline:

* Marikina: 0920-9389914;

* QC: 0921-6555262;

* Pasig: 0918-9356318

* Cainta: 0917-5606241.

• Globe Stores accept relief donations (except cash) during mall hours in ATC, Festival Mall, Robinsons Malate, SM Southmall, MOA, SM Bicutan, SM Fairview, Trinoma, SM North, Greenbelt 4, Park Square, SM Makati, Plaridel (Walter Mart, Maharlika Highway), Tarlac (Metrotown Mall on McArthur Highway), Cabanatuan (NE Pacific Mall, Maharlika Highway), SM Clark and Marquee Mall (Angeles, Pampanga).

• Globe Stores accept relief donations (except cash) during mall hours in ATC, Festival Mall, Robinsons Malate, SM Southmall, MOA, SM Bicutan, SM Fairview, Trinoma, SM North, Greenbelt 4, Park Square, SM Makati, Plaridel (Walter Mart, Maharlika Highway), Tarlac (Metrotown Mall on McArthur Highway), Cabanatuan (NE Pacific Mall, Maharlika Highway), SM Clark and Marquee Mall (Angeles, Pampanga).

• PETRON stations accept donations. ARANAZ, TEAM MANILA, LUCA, PAPEMELROTI and 7-11, branches are accepting too. No cash, only food, water and clothes. People lost their houses, cars and even lives. Lil effort can save more lives.spread the word


* Food: Rice, noodles, canned goods, sugar, iodized salt, cooking oil, monggo beans, potable water

* Medicines: Paracetamol, antibiotics, analgesic,rehydration salts, multivitamins, medications to treat diarrheal diseases.

* Non-food: Bath soaps, face towels, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, plastic mats, blankets, water containers, water purification tablets, Laundry soap.






• Red Cross Rubberboats. RED CROSS: 0917-899-7898 and 0938-442697
National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) Emergency Numbers: 911-1406, 912-2665, 911-5061, 912-5296, 911-1873, 912-2112
Help hotlines: 734-2118, 734-2120.
NCRPO Hotline for rubber boats and trucks 8383203, 8383354.
dump trucks for rescue. Please text 0917-422-6800 or 0927-675-1981.

• Globe has waived the transaction fee for Red Cross donations! To donate, text REDAMOUNT to 2899.

• New Manila and San Juan 2000 refugees in Mt Carmel Church. Kids sick. No govt units. In dire need of food etc


BTS-2010 Calendar Japan


Jerry Yan's The Hosptial (White Tower)

[Philippines] Jerry Yan's The Hosptial (White Tower) will be shown on studio 23 starting Oct. 5 12 nn Mon-Sat.

9/23 - TW Next Magazine

9/23 - TW Next Magazine

credits to

According to TW Next Magazine, Jerry and his assistant was spotted in the hospital, as his face and head hit the car door when the extra tried to push him into a car when filming a scene of his being kidnapped during the last day of filming.  That's why after the filming finished, Jerry saw the doctor later.  When seen at the hospital, according to the reporter, Jerry looked pretty tan and skinny. 

Although the filming of DWL is seriously delayed, Jerry didn't ask for overtime fee.  However, when Yang Jun Rong came back from LA after accompanying Jay and he tried to fight for Jerry's benefits, the production team replied with a thank for Jerry's maximum cooperation, so the direction can film the drama with the best quality.  Because of the serious delay, Jerry even turned down the invitations from famous brands, such as Gucci, Piaget, etc..., and the guest had become ZZ instead. 

DWL's executive producer confirmed that Jerry was injuried during filming.  She also said that Jerry has keratitis and she really thanked Jerry for his effort and contribution. 

Jerry's agent, Fenny, indicated that it's true that Jerry was injuried but Jerry didn't mind, as the most important is to finish the filming, and Jerry really wants to thank Ella and the director.

Sep 15, 2009 - Liberty Times

Sep 15, 2009 - Liberty Times
credits to

Although Jerry's 2010 calendars won't be published until next month, they have been No. 1 on HMV's preorder chart for 4 consecutive weeks, which has a big lead to the Korean version of Meteor Garden at the 5th place.

As he was super busy with his album promotion and filming of DWL earlier, the photos for his 2010 calendars were taken in TW with the help of masters, such as Su Yi Liang, Chen Sun Hua, etc... 

While Jerry is invading the Japanese market, he didn't forget about TW.  Other than his personal donation of NT 1 million, fans' donation of over NT400,000, Japanese fans' donation of NT900,000 at the meet session venues, a Jerry doll is also for sale on his offical website.  Days ago, when the sale started, 1500 dolls were sold immediately in 2 hours.  Up to yesterday, over 2000 dolls were sold, and the profit is about NT4.5 millions.  In other words, because of YCX, over NT6.2 millions will be donated to the TW typhoon victims in total. 

Furthermore, a while ago, Japan was also affected by a typhoon.  Therefore, on Jerry's official website in Japan, merchandise, such as ticket holder, are for sale to raise charity money as well.

Sep 13, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

Sep 13, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

credits to

It was reported DWL's filming has delayed for over a month that technically the production team is supposed to pay Jerry the extra talent fee of NT 5 millions. Yesterday, the executive producer indicated that Jerry's very loyal to the team that he wouldn't ask for any extra talent fee.

Because of the delay, Jerry has turned down over 10 endorsement/commercial shows, and a big, joint project with Japanese. Through his agent, Fenny, Jerry indicated that completing a good drama is more important.

[Down With Love] Wraps Up Filming in September, Jerry Yan’s Temperament Has Become Gentler

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[Down With Love] Wraps Up Filming in September, Jerry Yan’s Temperament Has Become Gentler

Source :
Translated by : Syyang @

In mid-September, idol serial – [Down With Love] will wrap up filming. Other than filming in Hangzhou, one of the other biggest "achievement" of this serial would have been the change in “Baolong” – Jerry Yan. In the past, he would be plagued by negative news over the media, but now, he is not only very cordial with his production team, but often treated them to drinks generously. Even his “animosity” to the reporters has now transformed into “friendliness”. Yesterday, in the telephone conversation with our reporters, Jerry shared his change in outlook, “Now, I have learnt how to better show my concern for others, and to bow even lower.”

[DWL] is a debut collaboration between Jerry Yan and SHE’s member – Ella. On-and-off-screen, Jerry shared, “Ella is one of the women who has impacted on me greatly. Her influence on me is very huge. In the past, all I know about Ella is that she is a very bubbly and adorable person. Never did I realise that she is actually very sensitive, sentimental and thoughtful. This is one side of her which many people do not get to see. She treats each day seriously, acting every one of her drama professionally, and treating everyone around her sincerely.”

While he filmed for drama serials previously, Jerry would be attended to by an entourage of 5-6 crew members, like many stars complementing the moon, protecting and shielding him. After filming his scenes, he would often return to his air-conditioned vehicle, and seldom wish to interact with others further. However since he joined the [DWL] production team, Jerry was seen often alone and no longer escorted by so many attendants. He would pick up his meal box and sort out the garbage accordingly after meals by himself. Jerry would also help the crew members to carry the trail tracks for the camera.

When Jerry spotted the reporters who visited the team, filming on a hot day, he took initiative to pass them tissues and even helped the television crew reporter to carry the microphone for over an hour. These gestures would probably have been unimaginable in the past. Jerry added, “To me, I have not done these intentionally. In fact, these are not difficult tasks either, but why was I unaware of them in the past? Actually if we can pay more attention to others’ contributions, all our work will also become better.”

Jerry admitted that his bad temper has caused both others and himself to be unhappy in the past. “In the past, I am really very unhappy. Now I have gradually become happier. I feel that I am slowly transforming into a ‘big boy’. Now, I would enjoy playing with everyone in the filming crew, teasing them, joking with them. I feel that now I am more and more like the Jerry Yan of my schooling years. During then, I was a carefree big boy – and nothing like the Jerry Yan who has to live out others’ expectations. When I used to give interviews previously, I tend to think that it would be the best if others could not understand me totally. Perhaps, this is just my self-defence at work. Now, regardless they may be reporters or any of the crew members, I can chat with them sincerely.”

In response to probes on romance, Jerry said, there are no rules to love, and everything is just dependent on fate. He shared, “I do not know if you ever had this feeling. Maybe that someone could be just by your side, constantly giving, and treating you well, and you would be touched. Love is something that cannot be defined by rules or conditions such as the other person has to be 1.78m, 68kg etc…”

Sep 9, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

Sep 9, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

credits to

It was reported that there is rumor recently that Skip Beat is going to resume filming in Oct, but the male main lead will become Wu Zun, meaning that YCX has wasted all his effort, including promoting SB in Japan last Nov.

Gossips have followed SB all along. For stance, the rumors of Zheng Yuan Chang's quitting due to decreased parts and the director's changing from Qu You Ning to Niu Cheng Ze all related to YCX. However, there is a say recently that YCX is just the scapegoat for both incidents. The Zheng Yuan Chang incident was because the production company, Comic, wanted to use its own artiste, Yan Ya Lun, and the change of director was because the production team thought that Dir Niu is better in filming show business stories. This made YCX being "hit" twice without being able to voice out his side of the story.

Last Nov, when Jerry promoted SB in Japan, it attracted 2000 fans picking him up at the airport. Then 2 months late, the filming was put on hold by the Japanese invester. Now the filming will resume but the male main lead will change to WZ instead. It was rumored that all along the production team has wanted WZ to be the main lead, but only because the Japanese invester insisted on having Jerry, so they asked Jerry first. Now as Jerry will have a full schedule until the end of this year and he won't have time to pick up the project, the production team tries to change the male main lead along with the situation. Comic tried to use this role as the bargain to negotiate WZ's management contract with him.

Yesterday, Comic's General Manager denied any resumed filming of SB saying that the project is leaded by GTV, and no one has mentioned to him regarding giving the role to WZ. He said that WZ is filming movie at this time and he doesn't have time for this project. He said this rumor was spred by someone on purpose.

GTV's Assistant General Manager and Jerry's agent, Fenny, also denied any resumed filming of SB.

kkla: This news reminded me of the post on PTT by an insider regarding an article released in Next Magazine by Comic saying that Yan Ya Lun's record company didn't want him to "lift the sedan" for YCX, but actually the day before Yan Ya Lun had set his images/outfits for the drama. Think of Hot Shot, I am surprised that GTV and Comic have done a lot of work behind Jerry. Also, I remember when Japanese fans asked the Japanese invester about the abortion of the project, the Japanese invester indicated that GTV had released (false) information without their consent.

Jay Chou's 'Pandamen' super guest line-up exposed; exclusive cast photos revealed

more photos here

Source: Sina
Translation: Sarah @

Jay Chou’s self-directed drama ‘Pandamen’ has already finished filming, and is currently in post-production. This drama not only stars Jay Chou, Jessie Chiang, Nan Quan Ma Ma, Tang Yan, Wang Jing, Will Liu, Guo Yao Zhong, even the guest stars are big names.

Earlier, Eric Tsang, Wilber Pan, Jerry Yan, Shawn Yue, Vincent Fang, Jiu Kong, Li Guo Xiu, Tian Jing Quan & An Ze Hao’s guest-star photos in ‘Pandaman’ were revealed. Not only did they display the drama’s big guest line-up, the cast photos looked amazing and exciting, bringing a strong impact to the audiences’ eyes.

Yesterday, Jay Chou accepted an interview, and expressed his thanks towards all the guest stars in ‘Pandamen’. He said: “Pandamen’s guest stars are actually all my good friends, they are very loyal and are willing to help me.” According to Jay’ introductions, these guest stars are not only ‘loyal’ to come and star in the drama, but during filming, every single one of them displayed their professionalism, and made him very touched.

Wilber Pan injured but still continues to film

When Will received an invitation to star in ‘Pandamen’, it actually clashed with his album promotion schedule. And earlier, because he was intensely practising dancing for his album, he accidentally injured his right hand. When he came to film ‘Pandamen’, his hand was even bandaged, but when filming officially started, the professional Will removed his bandages, and everyone could not help but give him a thumbs-up in praise. Jay was very worried about his injury, and during break times, he would often touch his hand in concern, asking him: “Is it okay?” But Will joked back: “I realized you really love touching my hand!” Everyone looked suspiciously at Jay, and Nan Quan Mama’s Devon (Dan Tou) joked: “Actually, Will is Jay Chou’s other ‘J-Girl’!” making everyone burst into laughter.

Shawn Yue plays baddie

From the photos of Shawn Yue, his golden hair makes him look extremely ‘bad boy’; his cool image looks very different from the previous sunny, handsome Shawn. Shawn plays a capable follower – Luo Han, of the great villain Tiger Brother. Towards being able to play such a character, Shawn exclaimed: “Very exciting!”

Eric Tsang supports ‘junior brother’ Jay Chou

Previously in ‘Kung Fu Dunk’, Eric Tsang & Jay Chou had extremely exciting fight scenes, and from then on, the 2 established a very good friendship. Whenever Jay mentions Eric in any public event, he always affectionately calls him ‘Eric Big Brother’. Jay said: “Eric coming to guest in ‘Pandamen’, I know it’s because he wants to support me, so I want to specially thank his loyalty.” Apparantly, Eric has quite a few scenes in the drama.

Jerry Yan & Jay Chou become ‘colleagues

In ‘Pandamen’, Jay Chou plays Detective Leo, and Jerry Yan plays his colleague Detective Chen. In order to crack the villain gang ‘Violent Group’, the 2 detectives share weal and woe, and they both even get injured, and suffer quite a lot. Not only are they good ‘brothers’ outside of the drama, but even in the drama, they are quite close.

Refined lyricist Vincent Fang transforms into an arms dealer

Even Vincent Fang is beginning to film television series, and we can only imagine ‘Pandamen’ and Jay’s charm. Over the years, Vincent has always collaborated with Jay, writing lyrics for him, and the 2 have together created a unique musical world. And Vincent, whose own personality is similar to his refined lyrics, actually transforms into an arms dealer who is surrounded by beautiful women in the drama. His character is very ‘explosive’ and is definitely a strong breakthrough for Vincent.

Li Guo Xiu – dean of Taiwanese theatre joins ‘Pandamen’

Liu Guo Xiu is dubbed the dean of Taiwanese theatre. From 1976, he has produced almost 40 stage dramas, and is currently an associate professor at Taipei’s University of Arts. But the reason for him coming to star in ‘Pandamen’ is quite amusing. Apparantly, Li Guo Xiu’s family are all fans of Jay, and in order to fulfil his family’s ‘star’ wish, he went to find Jay, and hence he is also a guest star in ‘Pandamen’.

Jiu Kong appears as villain

Taiwan’s famous comedian Jiu Kong also guests in this drama. Whenever he appears at any event, there will be constant laughter following. Earlier, in Ning Hao’s ‘Crazy Racer’, Jiu Kong made everyone laugh non-stop. In ‘Pandamen’, he plays a big villain ‘Mole’ and will try live up to his comedian status.

Mainland actor An Ze Hao will play ‘strict father’

An Ze Hao, whose appearance is rather unique is a mainland actor, who always plays ‘baddies’. He was the lead for many television series such as ‘True Confession’, ‘Tomorrow I Am Not A Lamb’, and ‘Around The Home’. However, this time in ‘Pandamen’, he won’t play a baddie but has actually got quite a good role. He will be playing Jessie Chiang’s character Xiao Yu’s dad, who is also the principal of the music school. An Ze Hao expressed: “Pandamen consists of a young team, and I have actually learnt quite a lot filming with these young people.”

An Ze Hao has quite a few scenes with Jessie in the drama. From the cast photos, his outfits follow the luxurious European clothing style, but he still looks very humorous. According to sources, after ‘Pandamen’ finished filming, An Ze Hao earlier returned to China, and is currently preparing for his new drama.

‘Pandamen’ investor transforms into ‘Chief Villain’

Amongst ‘Pandamen’s guest stars, the most important character is Tiger Brother. And this character is definitely even more lengendary.

Tiger Brother is the chief villain in ‘Pandamen’. His followers include Wolf (played by Will Liu), Mole (played by Jiu Kong), Luo Han (played by Shawn Yue) etc, and ‘Tiger Brother’ is the central figure in criminal gang ‘Violent Group. And he is the character which Panda Superman (played by Yuhao), Panda Heroic (played by Devon), Detective Leo (played by Jay) and Detective Chen (played by Jerry) are all hunting for. And just when everyone was wondering who is most suitable to play such an important character, ‘Pandamen’ investor Tian Jing Quan entered Jay’s ‘visual field’.

According to Jay’s introduction, Tian Jing Quan ‘President Tian’ is one of ‘Pandamen’s investors. He is the general manager of Beijing Jiu Zhou Culture Communication Co., Ltd, and is also Jay’s old friend. During casting of ‘Pandamen’, Jay coincidentally bumped into President Tian while he was on a business trip, and that day, he was dressed in a black suit, with big black sunglasses, and his rather rebellious temperament caught Jay’s eyes. Hence, Jay immediately decided that President Tian would be the perfect choice for Tiger Brother! Because whether it’s posture or his imposing manner, President Tian is very suitable for this role.

During the filming process, besides Tiger Brother, he had another name called ‘Tian One Take’ and when Jay was asked about this, he laughed and explained: “Because during filming, President Tian always just requires one take and its perfect, his acting is very good! And sometimes, it’s already good, but he himself is not satisfied and would say that if he filmed another take, it would be better!” So why is the investor’s acting even better than professional actors? After careful studying, it was found that President Tian actually graduated from China University of Opera. The drama crew expressed that actually, Tiger Brother can be considered as a main lead in ‘Pandamen’ but because of President Tian is also one of the investors, he felt that it’s not convenient to be too exposed, so he attributed himself to the ‘guest’ list. In the drama, mainland actress Liao Jian Ling also specially guests, and plays Tiger Brother’s girlfriend.

Jay Chou’s ‘little brother’ also guests in ‘Pandamen’

Compared with the other famous guest stars, Huai Chen is probably the most unfamiliar face in ‘Pandamen’. According to Jay’s personal introduction, Huai Chen is actually his ‘little brother’: “He was my classmate in primary school. When we were little, I thought that he looked like a cartoon character, and unexpectedly now that we’re older, we actually have the chance to collaborate in ‘Pandamen’. Jay said that Huai Chen plays another baddie, and earlier, he also guested in the MV of his song ‘Hair Like Snow’.

Other than this, the most interesting thing is that ‘Pandamen’s scriptwriter Fa Tiao - Taiwan’s famous online writer will also guest in the drama as a piano teacher.

Jerry Yan Distributes Sanitary Napkins While Filming; “Sun-Dried” under Scorching Sun

9/1, 2:44pm
During the filming break, Jerry (right) would playfully pat Ella’s tummy.

Jerry (right) was carrying a box of sanitary napkins while filming with Ella at Xin Yi area.

credits to Syyang - Asianfanatics
source: TW NextMedia

Jerry Yan Distributes Sanitary Napkins While Filming; “Sun-Dried” under Scorching Sun

Jerry Yan was spotted filming with Ella, in a distributing sanitary napkins scene, at one of the bustling area in Xin Yi. Under the scorching sun and high temperature of 35 Degrees Celsius, both artistes filmed throughout the hot afternoon and nearly became “sun-dried human beings”. In response to the reporter’s comment that he is tanned and lanky, the artiste who is very conscious of his appearance replied with a bitter smile, “I know that myself too!”

Pats Ella’s Tummy for Fun

Jerry Yan has been rushing to film for GTV’s idol drama - [Down With Love] through the day and night. Yesterday our reporter spotted Jerry, Ella and Xiao Xian filming near Xin Yi New York New York Shopping Mall. In this scene, Jerry was supposed to help Ella earn money by distributing sanitary napkins on the street. To make the scene more convincing, the production team also hired a big group of ladies to be cast as passer-bys. When the camera stopped rolling, Jerry would be shielded by a big umbrella. He also seized the opportunity to playfully pat on Ella’s tummy to tease her. But after one afternoon of filming, he was exhausted by the filming.

Recently Jerry has become darker and lankier, and grown more tired. According to sources, he has been working for long hours recently with the highest record of working 18 hours straight. After taking out the time for his make-up and style setting, he merely slept for 2 hours each day, and based on how he appeared yesterday at filming, indeed, he was overworked.

Jerry Yan Becomes More Adorable, Happily Puts in Extra Hours at Work

credits to Syyang - Asianfanatics
source: China Times

Jerry Yan Becomes More Adorable, Happily Puts in Extra Hours at Work

Jerry Yan (Bao Long) used to be well-known for being “hard” to get along with, but since filming [Down With Love] with Ella, he seemed to have undergone a big change on-and-off-screen. Others, as well as himself, have noted that - “Jerry Yan has become more adorable”. Even when they have filmed to the maximum hour of 12-hours per day, if Ella was to request him to put in extra hours, he would happily oblige. Members of the crew were surprised to discover, “Bao Long actually listens so much to Ella.”

Jerry Yan once shared openly that Ella is one of the female artistes who influenced him greatly. Having worked together for over 2 months now, both artistes have grown closer. Despite this being their first collaboration, yet Ella already has a “full grasp” of Jerry, and she would occasionally and aptly coax him as she would to a little child, and he would always listen.

Yesterday when both artistes were filming on the streets, Jerry acted a scene whereby he accompanied Ella to sell sanitary napkins on the streets. Holding the sanitary napkins, Jerry joked that he does not feel awkward. Both artistes were running to and fro on the street under the scorching sun for more than ten takes, and they were soon “drenched” in perspiration. Once the camera stopped roiling, Jerry would be immediately attended to by his assistant with an umbrella. Due to his flu symptoms, there have been speculations if he had caught the new flu bug, however his artiste manager Fenny clarified, “He is not having fever, and only with a cough. He just lacks rest and hence, his immune system is low, but he has already seen a doctor.”

When Jerry Yan filmed, his assistant would always be on the standby to shield with an umbrella.

Ella has a carefree and gracious personality. When filming with Jerry, he was very quickly “melted” by her.

Jerry Yan & Ella Playing Together, Poking Eyes & Nose

credits to Syyang @ Asianfanatics

source: Liberty Times

Jerry Yan & Ella Playing Together, Poking Eyes & Nose

Jerry and Ella may be working on the same serial but the treatment they received had differed. Yesterday while both artistes were filming in Taipei Xin Yi street for GTV’s idol drama - [Down With Love], under the scorching heat, Jerry’s assistants had followed him closely with an umbrella wherever he goes. While filming, the crew members would also hold the reflective board for him and shielded him from the media’s snooping; on the other hand, Ella was without any protection while she continued filming under the hot sun. It is some difference indeed between the treatments received by the male and female lead!

Jerry was busy with filming and the promotion of his latest album. In August, he visited Osaka (Japan) and organised 4 meet-the-fans sessions. He had presented with flu symptoms upon returning from Taiwan. Yesterday while filming in Xin Yi area, the reporter sighted that he was resting over his knees probably due to fatigue. Given the long hours for filming, Jerry and Ella would often joke and play around with each other, and even poke at eyes and nose, just like young children!

"Hot Shot” will Air in Japan; Popular Voice Over Artists Used

"Hot Shot” will Air in Japan; Popular Voice Over Artists Used
Source: SOHU
Translated by Endlessjoy @

GTV’s “Hot Shot” is an idol drama directed by Lin He Long, known as the “Fast Director,” and casted with Show Luo, Jerry Yan, and Wu Zun. It talks about two very important basketball players’ stories on the basketball court. The Thunders and the Ones are long term competitors. The important players in the Thunders, Dong Fang Xiang (Jerry Yan) and Yuan Da Ying (Show Luo) have their own skills and abilities. As for Wu Ji Zun (Wu Zun) in the Ones, he is the killer.

The airing last year in Taiwan brought up a trend; now this trend is going over to Japan.

This idol drama will definitely have a Japanese version as it will be aired in Japan. Though because the drama is so popular, who does the voice-overs is an important point everyone focuses on. The popular Katsuyuki Konishi, Granrodeo, and Daisuke Namikawa will play the voice-overs for the three main characters of the drama. “Hot Shot” will again become big in Japan.

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu's Handshake Is Better Than Thousand Words

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu's Handshake Is Better Than Thousand Words
Paralytic Fan Passed Through Tragedy

translated by

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu went to Japan to promote his new album in Mid Aug. At the handshake session in Tokyo, a paralytic fan whose lower body was paralysed because of car accident attracted his attention, so he went down the stage to hold her hands tightly. His gesture surprised her so much that she was very touched and she cried with tears all over her face.

Fan Who Had Car Accident
Decided To Live Enthusiastically Because Of Jerry's Songs

This fan has liked Jerry since 2002's Meteor Garden and she has never missed one public event for all these years. Last year, she had a serious car accident and she is still under rehabilitation at this time. Although it is very inconvenient in transportation, she insisted going to the handshake session to see her idol even with wheelchair.

When she looked at Jerry's walking down the stage for holding her hands, she was so happy that she started crying. She told Jerry excitedly, "Because of Jerry, I have to the courage to live." She said that she listened to Jerry's album and watched Jerry's dramas repeatedly everyday when she was in the hospital, and she reminded herself that she needs to continue living, so she can see Jerry again.

Call His Fans Family
Share Happiness and Tragedies In Life

Holding fan's hands, Jerry's eyes turned red. He always intimately calls his fans his family. On the other hand, through the forum of his official website, a lot of fans are used to share their experiences with him, and this brings him a lot of feelings and thoughts. Furthermore, after watching all the tragic stories because of the typhoon in Taiwan, recently, Jerry often told his staff that he really treasures the time his spends with his family, and he cares his mom the most at this time, so he wants to bring his mom to see different scenary and to travel around the world.

Jerry in Japan Updates - Fanmeet in Osaka 8/22

Thanks Peipei @ for posting the link of news (i-cable?)of 22.08.09 event clip online

thanks to yupinjim @

Chen Zi Han Discloses Exchange of Contact Number with Jerry Yan

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Chen Zi Han Discloses Exchange of Contact Number with Jerry Yan
Translations by: Syyang @

“Jerry Yan is very charismatic. I am often ‘electrified’ by him when filming our interaction scenes.” Yesterday afternoon, pretty female actress Chen Zi Han seized the opportunity, to be a phone line operator, in a web-based activity to interact with netizens in Hangzhou. In response to media queries on which male actor has the most “electrifying eyes” among those she has worked with, Chen replied on her devotion to Jerry Yan, “His thoughtfulness is unparalleled.”

Having acted in various roles from female agent to soldier, and a superstar in the latest [Down With Love] which will wrap up filming soon, Chen’s roles varied vastly. While faced with intense competition from younger actors and actresses, she shared that she wishes to try out different roles to test the versatility of her onscreen images.

In sharing on [DWL]’s screen lover, Jerry Yan, Chen put on blissful expression and said, “Jerry Yan is very charismatic. From each of his hug and gaze, I could feel his gentleness and sensitivity.” Chen further revealed that many of her “NG” (no good) shots were as a result of being “overwhelmed and electrified” by Yan and thus, she was unable to continue filming. “In the production crew, we are like family. Even after filming, Ella would often keep in touch with me via text messages. I also left my contact information with Xu-Xu (affectionate address for Jerry), and I hope that we can stay in touch more often in future.”

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For your information, Chen's agency Hua Yi (華誼), which is a very powerful agency in Mainland China and known to fry news for promotion. Read that years ago, Hua Yi attempted to get Jerry and ZZ's management contracts in the Mainland China area, but without success. So far, although Jerry's name was mentioned in the news released by Hua Yi, it's tolerable.

According to Ella's fans, Hua Yan (華研)will release DWL's soundtrack, but Jerry won't sing any songs in it.

Star Studio - September 2009 Issue features Bench

Sept 2009 issue of a Philippine magazine 'STAR STUDIO' They have a 20-pg feature on Bench
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S.H.E's Ella lugs a 20kg fridge for new drama

S.H.E's Ella lugs a 20kg fridge for new drama - Saturday, August 22

Ella Chen (from Taiwanese girl group S.H.E) and actor Jerry Yan recently collaborated in upcoming Taiwanese drama series, Down With Love. It was originally scheduled to air in July, however due to the two main leads' conflicting work schedules, the debut date was pushed back to September instead, resulting in a large amount of monetary loss to the production team.

Jerry recently flew down to Japan for a week-long meet-and greet-session with his overseas fans. He went on a ten-day leave period, which left the production crew with no choice but to halt filming. Filming resumed yesterday as a member of the crew wryly said, "If they had easy work schedules, they won't be called big shots for nothing. We were already mentally prepared for this before filming started."

Despite the delay, the crew member was full of praise for Jerry's professionalism and shared that the actor was very accomodating. Although both artistes' contract with the production team had expired in July, they were very obliging to the crew's filming requests as they wanted to produce only the best results.

In an interview, Jerry's manager, Fenny, acknowledged that his contract with the crew expired late July. They had informed the crew beforehand of Jerry's album promotions and fan-meeting in Japan. The concerned actor even sent out encouraging text messages to the production team and informed them that his Japanese fans were eagerly awaiting the drama's release.

The production crew recently filmed a taxing scene which showed Ella's character carrying a refrigerator. The bubbly actress shared her initial shock when she read the script and claimed that it was "too exaggerated". She did not expect to be given the sole responsibility of bearing that heavy burden and initially could not stand up with the 20kg refrigerator on her back.

Ella relied on sheer determination and endurance to finish filming that particular scene. Fellow male crew members yelped in pain when they tried to carry the fridge. Like a true superwoman, Ella persisted and doggedly walked on for a few minutes with the fridge on her back, up and down a flight of stars with no help. The crew members were impressed and continuously sang praises of her willpower and good work ethic.

[Down With Love] Hectic Filming – Michael Zhang “Accidentally” Kisses Jerry Yan

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[Down With Love] Hectic Filming – Michael Zhang “Accidentally” Kisses Jerry Yan

Translations by: Syyang @

Idol drama [Down With Love] is in the midst of hectic filming in Hangzhou, and the cast members include Jerry Yan, Ella and Michael Zhang etc. When sharing on his most impressionable scene while filming, Zhang shared, “I have kissing scenes with almost every actress in the serial, with the exception of Su Fei (starring Jade Liu Li Yang).” He even revealed there was actually a “kissing scene” between Jerry Yan and himself. “In that scene, I was supposed to go kiss Ella, but Jerry suddenly popped his head over and the scene ended as a kiss between Jerry and myself.”

Vic's + Ken's Flower Basket to Jerry

Vic's + Ken's Flower Basket to Jerry

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Jerry in Japan Updates - Fanmeet in Osaka

Jerry in Japan Updates

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according to some blog articles translated by cancankasumi and information from a Jerry fan, Jerry mentioned that he would film movie, but the script's not ready, so... In each session, he sang 3 songs from his new album, and he decorated a cake/made takoyaki for lucky fans to taste.

In the fans meet sessions in Osaka, Jerry was asked some questions:

1. If you will have kids, do you like girl or boy more?
Girl, as I can spoil her.
What happen if your girl will bring home a boyfriend like Jerry?
Punch him.

2. What do you like to eat at the end of world?
Fruits, as it's sweet.

3. What is something you do everyday?

4. What do you do on your day off?
Sleeping, as I am very busy recently that I sleep only 2-3 hours a day, and I used to sleep at least 5-6 hours a day.

5. Will you marry a foreigner?
Yes. (When fans said, "me", Jerry just said, "Ah....")

6. If you can bring 3 things to a remote island, what will you bring?
(At first Jerry answered, "mama", but he thought about not having any food, then he said to reconsider. When asked fans what/who they would bring, they all answered, "Jerry")

7. What perfume/cologne do you wear?
No, don't have the habit of wearing any perfume/cologne (but the host commented that Jerry smelled good, like the smell of the forest. Actually, he smelled differently at the afternoon and evening sessions. Then the host joked that it's his body odor)

8. What other animals do you like other than dolphin?
Elephant, want to raise one

9. Other than fans' support, where do you get your power?
It's totally from fans' support.

Fan Clip - Jerry in Japan

Aug 15, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

Aug 15, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

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Sing and Call For Contribution in Japan
Yan Cheng Xu Donated NT3.42 Millions

Yesterday Jerry Yan Cheng Xu had meet sessions in Osaka and sang the Japanese version of I Will Love You Very Much.

For the cartoon figure doll on Yan Cheng Xu's palm, 1000 pieces will be available for sale for raising contribution.

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu had 2 meet sessions in Osaka (Japan) yesterday, but he thinks about the victims in Taiwan the whole time, so he didn't just donate NT 1 million during the live phone link-up with the charity show, Want To Have A Home, he also called for more contribution at the meet sessions as well. During his meet sessions with fans, he even led 3000 fans shouting, "Go, Taiwan! Go!" Furthermore, his fans from all over the world have donated NT415,000 so far. Including the NT2 millions from the sales of the 1000 limited edition cute figure dolls, because of Jerry, totally NT3.415 millions would be donated to the victims this time.

Live Phone Link-up From Overseas

Yan Cheng Xu is very low profiled in private and he usually maintains anonymous when making contributions to the charity . However, after watching the vicitims' suffering on tv this time, he felt very sad, and decided to come out and to call for people to give out money if they have money, and to provide assistance if they have resources, "Although I am not in Taiwan at this time, I want to give my share" During his meet session in Osaka at around 6pm, he also scheduled a time to have live phone link-up with the charity show, Want To Have A Home, coordinated by Sanli TV and this newspaper in Taiwan, and donated NT 1 million in the show. At the venue of his Japanese meet sessions, contribution box was set up for donation, and this brought special meaning to his yearly meet sessions. He said, "Hope to bring in more contribution with this."

1000 Limited Edition Dolls For Sale

Jerry's fans have a slogon, Love Yan Cheng Xu The Most, Spread The Love Outward. It doesn't matter where is the disaster, they will make contribution with Jerry's name. Like this time, up to now, his fans have donated a total of NT 415,000 by (NT 100,000), (NT 100,000), and (NT 215,000). In addition, Jerry's official website will respond to the call for contribution as well, and it will provide 1000 limited edition, cartoon figure Jerry dolls for fans to purchase with the price of 10,000 yen (about NT 3461) for each. Each doll will come with a thank you card with Jerry's autograph. After excluding the cost, it is estimated that a total of NT 2 millions can be donated. Purchase details will be posted on Jerry's official website.

A Sick Child Worries About Flooding At Idol's Home

Yesterday afternoon, the meet session was held in Osaka. Long before it was started, a lot of fans had queued up in the sun holding an umbrella. Among all, the most touching one is a 12-year-old female fan, Xi Shi, who has motor neurone disease which is close to what Guan Ying's character had in Starlit. She started learning Chinese because of Jerry. Although she can't breathe by herself or talk, she operates the computer with her physically restricted left hand. She worries about the situation in Taiwan and concerns that there is flooding at Jerry's home. She hopes that Jerry can "come to Japan all the time".

Yesterday, Jerry sang the Japanese version of I Will Love You Very Much to start the meet session, and it brought out a lot of screams by fans. One female fan even expressed her love on spot and asked him, "Will you marry a foreigner?" He answered, "It's possible. I can even learn language from another country." The female fan volunteered immediately and he replied with a sweet, big smile saying, "Nice to meet you!" Of course, this made fans' hearts pounding.