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Jerry Yan guests on 'Kang Xi Lai Le' ; Xiao S bombards him with relationship questions

Jerry Yan guests on 'Kang Xi Lai Le' ; Xiao S bombards him with relationship questions, Thursday January 16 2009, Taiwan

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source: NOWnews
translated by: Sarah @

Jerry Yan is quite stubborn when it comes to going on shows; he refuses to talk about his relationships. Unfortunately, he meets fiery Xiao S and even he can’t do anything about it! In the end, he is forced to admit that he previously lived together with his ex-girlfriend and he also likes to watch romantic A-films, letting this interview sink into a semi-surrender state!

Jerry doesn’t like to talk about relationship; Xiao S insists on looking at his underwear

To promote for upcoming PTS idol drama ‘Starlit’, Jerry went on ‘Kang Xi Lai Le’ for the first time, and he invited his co-stars Terri Kwan and Liu Rui Qi to accompany him, as he was afraid of Xiao S asking him about his relationships. But unexpectedly, on the show, Xiao S releases full firepower, and even his co-stars couldn’t do anything to help him.

Because before the show, Jerry had already expressed that he does not wish to discuss any relationship matter, as soon as filming started, Xiao S asked directly: “Do you want to talk about your relationships, or do you want me to look at your underwear?” Since Jerry did not reply, Xiao S immediately ran to the back of him, and pulled up his clothing, and she even chased Jerry around the studio. In the end, she said: “I saw it! Very normal style, it’s grey boxers, with white elastic belt.”

Jerry reveals he initially lived with his girlfriend; Xiao S knows it was for 2 years

Although she has already seen his underwear, Xiao S is still in a hot pursuit in asking about his relationships. She bombards him with questions: “When was your last relationship? Was she over 170cm in height?” Jerry replied that his last relationship was within a year, but as for her height, he was unwilling to disclose, seems that he is afraid Xiao S will pigeon-hole her as Lin Zhi Ling.

Cai Kang You skillfully asks the guests to guess: “Has Jerry lived together with his girlfriend in the past? How long?” Xiao S guessed “once, for 2 years” and Terri guessed “three times, 2, 4, 1 year” and Jerry answered: “Xiao S is more close.” Xiao S then replied: “I didn’t guess randomly, I know these things.”

Xiao S bombards; Jerry confesses

Xiao S asked Jerry the reason for his last break-up and he revealed that he was “very bad and immature,” so the 2 broke-up naturally. Cai Kang Yong couldn’t help but ask: “So do you still love her now?” Towards this, Jerry refused to answer directly and said: “In the past, we loved each other, definitely will have feelings.”

As the relationships topic drew to a close, Xiao S then asked: “Do you watch A-films, what type do you like to watch?” Jerry did not reply to both, but said that he likes to watch romantic ones; Xiao S then asked: “Will you dare to shower naked infront of a mirror?” Jerry said: “No, because I don’t have any confidence in my body.”

Xiao S: Jerry electrifies someone else’s wife

Cai Kang Yong asked Xiao S: “Have you fantasised about Jerry?” Xiao S expressed that there was once when Jerry went on ‘100% Entertainment’ and he very passionately pinched her face, but then the second time they met, he was like a person who she had just met; felt very unfamiliar. Although Da S and Jerry are quite close, Xiao S feels that Jerry is a person who is sometimes cold, sometimes hot.

However, out of all the male artists that she has interviewed, Xiao S feels that Jerry is the one electrifies her the most, she said impolitely: “When he talks to me, his eyes will keep on electrifying at me, I’m already married, what does he want!”

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