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Spring Issue of Easy Magazine Cover Story ~ Jerry’s Beautiful Meet

封面故事 ~ 言承旭
Spring Issue of Easy Magazine Cover Story ~ Jerry’s Beautiful Meet

Pg 30
“言承旭與桂綸美的浪漫懈逅”當你看到這句標題時﹐是不是在想這兩位是不是要合作什麼新戲﹖不過這樣一個美麗的愛情故事﹐並不是發聲在某部電視劇或電影里 ﹐而是在索尼的WALKMAN最新宣傳短片“FEEL MY HEART﹐放在心裡的故事”當中。兩位超級明星﹐兩人剛剛成為索尼WALKMAN全線產品的代言人。當然關於言承旭的美麗懈逅﹐還不只這個﹐還很多很 多。。。。。。
When you saw this line, ‘Jerry Yan and Gui Lun Mei’s romantic rendezvous’, were you thinking whether the two are collaborating in a new drama? But this love story isn’t form a TV serial nor movie, in fact it is the latest promotional commercial for SONY’s WALKMAN ~ FEEL MY HEART. The two Superstars are the new SONY WALKMAN series spokepersons. As for Jerry’s beautiful rendezvous, there are not only one but many many more. . . . . .

Pg 31
Jerry Meets Drama

Q : Would you like to comment about Show Luo and Wu Zhun who collaborated with you in {Hotshot}?

A: Show is like a big kid who enjoys playing pranks. He is so adorable and gets along with everyone very well. Wu Zhun is a gentleman who is very sauve and very considerate. Like when someone was injured during a basketball scene, he show his concern and even introduce a doctor to that person. His physique is also very good. When he plays basketball, he really exudes muscular manliness!

Q : The new serial {Skip Beat} is about to start filming?

A: It is in the process and we’ll be shooting in Japan and Taiwan. This will be my first TV serial collaboration with Ariel Lin. In the serial, I play Tsuruga Ren , he is a Star and a very serious-minded person. So I have many areas similar to the character and I will be able to act naturally in the role.

Pg 32
Jerry Meets F4

Q : What changes have you and the other members of F4 been through till now?

A:跟他們第一次見面,已經是很多年前的事了。我有了不同的經驗和成長,初次見面時大家都是新人,這對於大家來說是非常特別的一種感情,雖然現在大家都在 忙各自的事情基本上聯絡很少,但隔了很久再見面,還是會很自然地一起玩,一起聊天。立刻回到當年的氣氛,我們的關係並沒有變化。
A: It has been so many years ago since we had first met. I have grown in my experiences and maturity. When we first met, we were all newbies so this was a very special kind of feel for us. Now though we are busy with our own matters and basically we have little contact. Yet after parting for a some time, we would naturally fool around and chat when we meet up again. We are able to immediately revert back to those days of years ago like we've never changed at all.

Q : Any words to your F4 members?

A:4 個人雖然一起共事的機會不多,但會永遠祝福、鼓勵著他們,永遠都這樣下去。我和朱孝天都是摩羯座的,我的 性格就像小孩子一樣,而他卻像哥哥般存在,他永遠都能看到別人的煩惱。仔仔他真的有很大的變化和成長,我很開心,我也要努力朝著自己的路走。吳建豪永遠像 太陽般的存在,永遠都會讓大家開心。
A : Though the 4 of us aren’t able to get together much but I will always have the best wishes and encouraging words for them. I hope that we will forever stay the same. Ken Chu and I are Capricorns but my character is rather child-like whilst he is like the Big Brother. He can always spot other’s worries. I’m very happy that Zai Zai has changed and matured a lot. I will work hard in my own direction as well. Vanness Wu is like the sun at all times, always making us happy.

Pg 33
Jerry Meets Jerry
Q : 現在遇到過的最大的危機是什麼?

Q : What is the greatest crisis that you have encountered thus far?
A:說老實話,我從沒獻過我的電視劇會得到這麼大的反響。從《流星花園》到現在,我走的每一步都很慎重。由於背負著FANS對我的期待,自己也不想失敗, 最大的危機就是自己的壓力吧。由於大家的期待,對自己的要求就成壓力。但反過來說,危機不就是機會嗎?全部的壓力會變成成長的動力,是一般很強大的力量。
A : Frankly speaking, I’ve never expected that my TV serials would have such a huge response. Since {Meteor Garden} till now, I have been very careful in my every step. I don’t want to fail as I bear the expectations of my fans. So my greatest crisis is my own pressure. The pressure from others and my own demands on myself would become pressure. But conversely, isn’t a crisis also an opportunity. So all these pressures are like a motivation for my growth and it is a powerful force.

Q : If you met the you who just entered the Entertainment Circle, what would you say to yourself?

A: I’m forthright by nature and isn’t really suitable for the Entertainment Circle. If I’m not in this line then I won’t be who I am now. Without everyone’s support, there won’t be all those touching moments too. So I believe I would persevere and continue to work hard. Like the sun that will always shine on you, what’s most important is to carry on with a pure and true heart.

Pg 34
Jerry Meets FANS

Q : What is the existence of Fans to you?

A: 出道以來,大家給了我很多很多不同的支持,給了我很大的能量,我一直都很感激。FANS對我來說,就像太陽與人的關係一樣,沒有太陽的光,就沒有精神及能量。太陽是一直存在於任何角落,但如果失去了,就會被黑暗包圍。FANS對我而言是太陽之光,非常重要的存在。
A : I have always been very grateful that since I first entered this line, everyone has given me so much support and strength. Fans to me is like the relationship between the Sun to Man. Without the light from the Sun, there won’t be any vitality and energy. The Sun can exist in any corner but once it is gone, we would be shrouded in darkness. To me, Fans are like the light from the Sun and its existence is very important.

Q : What is your relationship with Fans?

A : Actually, please don’t put your lives at risk for me, ok? Everyone just has to be like ‘light of the Sun’, giving me light and warmth. That to me is the greatest support and encouragement.

Pg 35
Jerry Meets SONY

Q:最近和桂綸鎂一起為SONY WALKMAN拍攝了很唯美的廣告?
Q : You and Gui Lun Mei shot such an exquisite commercial for SONY WALKMAN?

A: 對,廣告中講述了一個相當浪漫的愛情故事,男女主人公從初次偶遇到多次擦肩而過再到無意中邂逅的美好過程。 索尼的WALKMAN產品成為我和桂綸鎂初次相遇到在此邂逅的重要牽引,見證了兩人的情感軌跡。其實我心裡一直渴求像廣告中這樣浪漫的愛情,在念書的時我 曾暗戀過一個女生,每天到學校就會不由自主想找尋對方身影,覺得這種快樂很單純。而且在這隻SONY廣告中,我也搶先發了專輯的新歌《我會很愛你》。
A : Yes, the commercial is quite a romantic Love Story. From the initial chance meeting, the male and female leads had many missed chances and most importantly, such unintentional misses are part of a beautiful process. SONY WALKMAN becomes a link from the first time Gui Lun Mei and I met. It is an eye-witness in the path of our love. Actually I’ve always wanted to fall in love so romantically like in the commercial. During my school days, I had a crush on a girl. I would search for her whereabouts in school everyday. This form of happiness is very innocent. In the commercial, I sang a new song from my album ~ I Will Love You Very Much. {wo hui hen ai ni}

Q : Gui Lun Mei said that though you are very serious at work, you are actually a funny guy. How do you find her as a person?

A : I knew Gui Lun Mei even before this. But this is our first collaboration. She is very natural, unpretentious and is also very serious at work.



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