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Jerry Yan- Mystique, Not Real Forever, "Step back" Always, Calm & Sober Just Like Him

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This article is from vol. 428 of a magazine called "Contemporary Music" (not sure it is the right English name?) published 2 times per month by Hei Long Jiang publisher in Mainland China. The magazine was awarded "the most popular magazine for young people" in the past.


I think that the so-called mystique has little relevance with exposure, you can even guess Ah Xu's reaction when he is facing the public and media, no matter what the situation is, he is with the same kind of attitude. Does rare appearance in public cause so erratic? Even if he is in front of you, you still can not catch a real him. Destroying the walls built by his staff for him, destroying the walls built by his fans for him, honor, good reputation, slander, abusive. The glory and chains given by others all are not belong to him. The real mystery of Ah Xu is --himself.

Not real forever

Got used to look for his agent when he is not available to be reached, and especially after he joined the Jay's "Jie wei er". Agents are particularly important in terms of artists. and as Ah Xu's agent, an add-on "function" is polishing.

Embellishment to an agent who has super communication skills is not a big problem. But the information got from his agent inevitably lost its original meanings sometimes. More curiosity towards him rising mostly are caused by the indirect communication problems with him by all these kinds of factors. Starlit's press conference will be held soon, the media treats double-J on the same stage as a big gimmick, his agent said: "we did not arrange other work for that day, but it is not for sure (to attend) yet." Paradoxical response. Is Ah Xu too busy to attend or is it actually not his business? This problem is just like he indeed is too arrogant or the arrogant one is only his staff. What words and actions on earth are actually from him? How many sides do Yan Cheng Xu actually have? Myth, can not understand why! If they can be interpreted as Ah Xu's high popularity and high rank of an alternative embodiment, maybe we do not need to think too hard about what his real is or those unreal things surrounding him.

"Step back" always

No one can be like him, with less drama production, he still gain many major awards and earn fortune at the end of each year. It is no wonder that advertisers, television producers, and media all love to run after him. Finally it is hard to say whether the "superstar" is because of his own success or the public's interests. Of course, this is not the point, the point is that Ah Xu is flattered by all these. Actually this is how he think usually. Not radical, would rather be forgotten by the whole world. Even praised by some people, he will still see his own drawbacks. He has often stepped back, because only in such situation, he can see how much room left for improvement and how much efforts to put to achieve his goals if he move forward, this is a smart way to do things.

Today it looks that acting "Dong fang xiang" really is a help provided for his friend, as Ah Xu mentioned before. Do not understand why he finally choose this role to play since he had so many choices. But it is him to play that role, to live "Dong fang xiang"s life in the drama, so all his feelings during the filming process only belong to himself. What he learnt or if he felt any regrets, all such things, we can only tell from his different acting style and his own changes after filming this drama. He pay more attention on his acting now. "Starlit" is about to be released, he said that his role as Cheng Yue is pretty much like his own, so actually his true color shows in this drama. "Skip Beat" has encountered many problems, now the new troubles came out with investors, everyone was shocked by the bad news and felt very upset about that. Its director has begun to prepare for another drama. "Skip Beat" has been postponed indefinitely, but Ah Xu said that he would rather wait for it, he is very careful about choosing script, and he has waited this one for long time already, so he will continue to wait. He can afford it, quality is the only ultimate pursuit for him. Ah Xu is not afraid of time flying, not afraid of wrinkles, and not afraid of disappearing from the stage. Ah Xu is not deliberately provoke a mystery, but due to his nature.

They are calm and sober just like him

On his 32-year-old birthday, he was working for his new album during the daytime and had dinner with his mother together at night, he never celebrates his birthday. Since we are very curious about him, we also love to observe those people who are closed to him. We realize that those persons who are always around him have many similarity with him. They all like to keep low profiles. Relatively speaking, only intimate fans are "high profiles". Almost every year, they will prepare the big celebration for him on his birthday, the New Year's day . Advertising full page on newspapers and magazines to say happy birthday to him has become a tradition each year. And then raising funds to donate to charitable organizations for charity (More than 70,000 yuan has been raised and donated to World Vision this year). Ah Xu is very satisfied and happy with fans' activities.

Hundreds of Korean fans gathered at airport to welcome him when he went to Korea. They prepared a cake to celebrate his birthday at the airport. Although he only said "How are you?" "Thank you" in Korean, his face emotions totally "betrayed" him, with big smile all the time, even if still a bit shy, his satisfication at this moment from his bottom of heart still can be easily seen through. Ah Xu has ambition, is passionated to his career and life, postive and active towards his goals. What he is slowing down is just his own desires. When the blind affects the judgement, the arrogance threats the self-control, he then keeps quiet, calm and make a self-examination. Can't be high is an illusion, just like Ah Xu's fans, they always do things capable to do, knowing your place is not only monochrome of "ordinary".

Jerry Yan's "Starlit" 2nd MV and New Previews

Jerry Yan's "Starlit" 2nd MV and New Previews

Starlit 2nd MV
Guan Ying plus more Starlit scenes

In the clip, Guan Ying said, "For the first time I have worked with Yan Cheng Xu, I feel very happy, as I feel that he is an actor whose acting is very reserved, which is very different from my extroverted style of acting. That's why I feel that one wonderful part of our working together is that we complement each other. At the beginning, I thought that he's the kind who could play and joke around, but then I thought that he intentionally tricked me. At the end, I realized that actually he did it really for the effect of the drama, and because of this, it made me more relaxed. However, one bad luck YCX had in the process of filming was that he had got too many opportunities to lift my weight. He didn't only carry me on his back and in his arms, and also on the bike behind him. That's why I feel sorry for him. He always told me, 'Don't eat any more. You little fatty.'"

credits:kkla @ nbbbs

Previews for Episode 9 & 10:

Shi Chuan: This slap, is what you owe me. From now on, we are finished.

Xiao Lu: Dad, I promise you. I won't easily be defeated!

Cheng Yue: Can't you hear? The real person with natural music talent is him. The one who needs a chance is him. It's not me anymore.

Cheng Yue starts playing the piano again, Cheng Yue- Rui Shan argument

Chen Qiao En's next man will be Jerry Yan?

Chen Qiao En's next man will be Jerry Yan?
Wednesday February 18 2009, Taiwan

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Following on after Ming Dao and Ethan Ruan, who is Chen Qiao En’s next man? SETTV upcoming idol drama has approached Jerry Yan for the second time, inviting him to play the role of the arrogant and overbearing rich son; modified version of ‘Dao Ming Si’ is expected to resurface.

Qiao En has the title of ‘prosperous lady’ and Jerry is also the box-office guarantee. Till now, Jerry is the only person that is able to let Taiwan enter the Japanese idol drama market. One can imagine that if he collaborates with Qiao En, the resulting effect is bound to increase. In the drama, Qiao En will play the daughter of a Chinese herbal medicine father, and her role will still be the one she’s good at – ordinary everyday girl. As for Jerry, on the outside, his character is filial and courteous, but in private, he is all kinds of evil things; can be regarded as a villain character.

Everyone knows that Jerry has ‘turtle feathers’, he once considered a drama for 11 months, and during filming, he has considerable demands towards the scriptwriter, director, other characters and the environment. SETTV revealed that they have been in contact with Jerry since before the Chinese New Year, and he has requested to see the script. If he agrees, then he will be the most expensive male lead in the history of SETTV.

Last year, when Jerry was recording , he revealed that he would be filming a Taiwanese television drama this year. Yesterday, his manager Fenny expressed that they have received many drama invitiations, but nothing has been confirmed yet. At the same time, there are also rumours that GTV’s is intending to make a comeback; will Jerry agree to go back? Everything is subject to change.

credits to

Feb 18, 2009
Lian He Bao

Who will be Joe Chen Qiao En's next man? It was reported that Sanli has already contacted Jerry twice regarding a role in the upcoming drama, Fu Qi You An Kang, who is arrogant and domineer. There's hope that the revised version of DMS may have a chance to show up.

Chen Qiao En is always said to bring good luck to her "male lead" and Yan Cheng Xu is a box-office guarantee. Up to now, for the TW male idol who can successfully invade the Japanese market, he's the only one, with nobody else. We can forsee that if he works with Chen Qiao En, the impact will surely increase in times. In the drama, Chen is the daughter of the owner of a Chinese herbal store, and the role is an ordinary girl whom she is good at. Yan Cheng Xu's role is an ill-minded child of a company owner. On the surface, he is very filial and courteous, but in behind, he does all kinds of evil things, so his personality has some villainous quality.

Everyone in the world knows that Yan Cheng Xu cares about every detail. He has once considered picking up a role for 11 months. When filming, he has high requirements in different aspects, including the script, director, cast, and the environment. Sanli expressed that they had started contacting Yan Cheng Xu since before Chinese New Year, and YCX has asked to review the script. If this goes through, he will be the male lead with the highest talent fee from Sanli.

Last year, after YCX finished recording for Kang Xi, he reviewed that he would film a TW drama after Chinese New Year. Yesterday, his agent, Fenny, responded, "A lot of scripts have been offered, but nothing is confirmed yet." At this time, it is also rumored that GTV's Skip Beat may be resumed. Regarding whether there will be any changes in the original male lead, it's still unknown.


kkla: a revised version of DMS? As we know how Jerry doesn't want to repeat his work, this may be the turn off factor. However, I am more than happy to see Jerry work with companies other than GTV, especially Sanli's dramas always have the so called "habitual good ratings".

Jerry Yan loves his 'mother'; becomes Liu Rui Qi's driver

Jerry Yan loves his 'mother'; becomes Liu Rui Qi's driver, Friday February 13 2009, Taiwan

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

Jerry Yan loves his ‘mother’; accompanies Liu Rui Qi to eat hot pot, play basketball, during filming of PTS drama ‘Starlit’, when he realized that Liu Rui Qi was riding her bike, Jerry displayed his ‘filialness’ and became her driver to take her down the mountain.

Becomes best friends after 10 days together

During filming of ‘Starlit’, Jerry was rumoured to engage in a cold war with Terri Kwan, and the storm never seemed to stop. However, his relationship with Liu Rui Qi was extremely good. The first time Jerry saw Liu Rui Qi, he praised his ‘mother’: “So beautiful.” His sweet mouth immediately mesmerised her. Last year, ‘Starlit’ crew filmed for one month in Shanghai, and although Liu Rui Qi only stayed for 10 days, the ‘mother-and-son’ quickly became best friends.

Fiery scene; Liu Rui Qi shows care

The 2 both love to eat hot pot, and in the drama, there is a mother-and-son reunion scene. And the 2 even requested for a hot pot to be placed on the table. Then they would pick up their bowl, full of hot-pot ingredients and collide against each others, playing a funny wine toast game. Afterwards, Jerry ate too quickly, and accidentally burnt his mouth!

Jerry invests a lot into his acting, and during one mother-and-son dispute scene, he angrily smashes all the trophies on top of the piano. Before fiming officially began, Liu Rui Qi reminded him not to invest too much, or else he might injure himself.

Liu Rui Qi rides bike; King happy to help

Jerry stressed: “My ‘mother’ is a pro at basketball, before she was on the school team!” In private, the ‘mother-and-son’ had a good relationship, and were also good basketball teammates. During filming in Jiu Fen, whenever they had a break, Jerry and Liu Rui Qi would play basketball together. When filming finished and they returned to Taipei, Liu Rui Qi would ride her bike up the mountain as exercise, and Jerry offered to help her carry her bike down the mountain, saying: “Afterall, Liu Rui Qi is predecessor.”

3rd Attempt (2/11) - Wo Shi Superman (Success!)

Ok this is the third, and hopefully my final attempt for this Teaser.
Hope there'll be more teasers coming up. Just let me know.

Happy Viewing....

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Jerry Yan Guests at "Kang Xi Lai Le" Transcript, Friday January 30, 2009 Taiwan

Jerry Yan Guests at "Kang Xi Lai Le" Transcript, Friday January 30, 2009 Taiwan

Kang Xi Lai Liao aired last Jan 22, 2009

credits to: for english transcripts translations
jerrine & for subbed videos

Related News:
Yesterday, Jerry stressed that he did not say on the show that he had lived with his girlfriend for 2 years, don¡¯t know why there are such rumours.

Jan 19 UDN news

(see for yourself)

J - Jerry
K - Kang Yong
X - Xiao S
G - Guan Ying
L - Liu Rui Qi
Z - Zhao Shun

Kang Xi - Part 1
please watch in high quality

An A caster has come to Kang Xi. Yan Cheng Xu, who has become popular after playing DMS in Meteor Garden, will step on Kang Xi's stage to versus the 2 hosts. When he faces the explosive questioning by the 2 hosts, can he handle it?

K: There is a big star on Kang Xi Lai Liao today. Let us welcome Mr. Yan Cheng Xu please.
(clapping hands)
K: Mr. Yan Cheng Xu specially invited the director and crew of his newest drama, Starlit, to come here with him, in order to support and to back him up, but he doesn't know that the first thing we will do is to put him in the seat between us. Come on, Yan Cheng Xu, have a seat here.
X: This way please. (to the crew) Let me say in advance. You may want to take a long nap today.
X: Aiya, how come you act like this? At least my sister worked with you before.
J: Don't know why, when I get on this program
K: Have an unlucky feeling?
J: Actually is, suddenly I realize, actually I rarely get on entertainment program
X: Seems like you haven't got on entertainment program for many years
J: Dui ah
J: It's quite nerve feels like
K: having bad luck?
J: Dui ah
K: Then what can we do? Shall we stop recording now?
J: Can..Can we?
X: Sure, I can go home taking care of my kids
K: Don't be unreasonable like this
X: How come you haven't got on entertainment program for so long? What are you afraid of?
J: Just don't feel like suitable, as I am not someone I almost fell
K: Afraid to spoil the atmosphere of the program, right?
X: Yes, you almost fell
K: If you really fell back, it would make a great scene
X: That's extremely wonderful
J: Really?
X: Can show it as preview
K: Pull Xi Di (XS) with him
X: Is this because you are afriad to be interviewed on something you don't want to talk about?
J: Not really, just that I don't feel I am the kind who can make the audience very happy in the program
K: We don't need to be happy today
X: Don't need to be happy, just chat about your inner world in depth
J: In depth, oh?
K: Don't make a trap for yourself (to X) If he talks about his drama in depth, then you are finished.
X: Ok, as you are so afraid, then why did you choose Kang Xi?
K: As I know some of his matters
X: Hey, I also know something
K: Need to try my best not to ask
X: (to J)So you think, with your relationship with KY Ge, we won't ask any over-the-board questions?
J: Not just that, also with your sister.
X: Don't think you can bring out my sister to scare me
K: Well, honestly, it is true that if the host is familiar with the guest, he may not feel comfortable to ask questions about that area, as that's considered to be personal
X: Then, why don't you tell us ahead of time which area you don't want to chat about, and we will try our best
J: It's alright. Actually we were very happy when filming the drama
X: So, there is no need to chat about filming the drama?...What else, other than no need to talk about filming the drama?
J: Haha...actually we can reject the recording
X: Ok, so, for rejecting the recording, there is also no need to chat about...anything else?
K: No, Yan Cheng Xu should be afraid to chat about his love relationships
J: Well, I have a question. When I watch the show on tv, I don't realize that there are so many people on site.
X: No, it's because you are here, so there are so many people on site
J: Really?
K: Or they are just ghosts, never mind..ok, are you afraid to talk about your love relationships?
J: Hmmm, it's alright
K: Really?
J: When I see you, I won't (be afraid)
X: Then if I (K pretended to be frustrated)
K: I am leaving and you go ahead and ask (to X)(J pulled K back)
He really uses me as his security guard
X: Hey, if I keep on asking about your love relationships, will you throw a tantrum at me?
J: How come there is a buzz constantly next to my ear?
K: That's Xu Xi Di
X: Hello...Will you throw a tantrum at me? At least you have worked with my sister...don't want to spoil the atmosphere
J: Honestly, you just mentioned a main point. Why do I come to Kang Xi? The first reason of course is because of Kang Yong Ge
X: He keeps on using you as a shield (to K)
J: And also is
X: Have told you not to make friends with anybody easily
J: The other one is that your sister has given me great confidence
X: Really?
J: Certainly!
X: My sister has talked a lot of bad things about you at home
J: Haha, weird, when she talked to me in person, it's totally different
X: So are you saying because of my sister's face, I won't ask something too over-the-board?
J: Not really, just feel like pretty secured
K: Let's follow our routine superstar treatment
J: Not at all
K: We shall ask your 24-hour routine first
X: Ok, good
K: So usually what time do you get up?
J: But we haven't talked about the drama, will this Kang Xi be broadcasted as 2 episodes?
K: This drama, Xin Xing Di Lei Guang
X: It's Gong Shi (PTS)
K: What kind of character did Yan Cheng Xu play in the drama?
J: I played a handicapped sitting in a wheelchair
K: Professional? A professional painter or what?
J: No la. I played piano.
K: A pianist
X: A handicapped pianist
K: Then about your character's relationship with Guan Ying...hey Guan Ying is lost in her own world already...totally focus on flipping her own calendar already
X: Did you fall in love with Guan Ying in the drama? (X mispronounced Guan Ying's "Ying")
J: Is Guan YING
X: Did you fall in love with Guan Ying in the drama?
K: Did he correct your pronounciation?
X: Yes, you watch out later. With each correction, one piece of gossip will be asked...haha...with Guan Ying
J: Yes, we were quite good in the drama
K: Then the one Mr. Zhao Shun played was?
K: Guan Ying's father...heard that you needed to carry her on your back to see the doctor in the drama...ok, then, we have finished talking about the drama
X: You missed Liu Rui Qi and that...The last two please introduce a little bit about the drama
K: Last time, when L came to Kang Xi, she talked about how she hated buttons. Look at Guan Ying's outfit, how many buttons are there?!
X: There are quite a number on Zhao Shun's as well
J: No, I
K: I think YCX is the kindest that he doesn't have buttons on his clothes
J: Let me introduce the other actor I worked with in the drama. I think he is a newcomer in TW with pretty good potential. He is a very good actor.
K: He has come to Kang Xi before
X: Yes, we have interviewed him before
Chen: I came once
K: He came with Da S last time
Chen: When promoting another drama
K: All the people you can swift the attention to have been through. There are only 5 here in total, right?
X: Liu Rui Qi played mama...played Guan Ying's mama
L: No, I played YCX's mama
X: Then Chen Zhi Kai is a newcomer that you think high of him. Ok, everyone, applaud, welcome. So, how long haven't you had a love relationship?
J: (touch X's earring)It's really big
X: It's a new design, very fashionable.
J: Can I pull it once?
K: Xu Xi Di, do you think Yan Cheng Xu is willing to talk about one of his love relationships or to let you see his underwear?
X: Ok, let's all do multiple choice questions today...will you let me see your underwear or talk about your lovelife?
J: Can I choose both?
X: Sure
K: Oh, then excuse us, and you can go ahead and proceed to the underwear part
J: So awkward?!
Wait a minute! Is it for real?
K: Yes, every big star who came here has been through this
X: Let me tell you. I haven't seen (underwear) for a long time. I have discontinued this bad habit.
K: She does it again for you
J: Wait a minute. Are you serious? (X pulled at J's shirt and pants) Wait a minute. How come my underwear needs to be checked out? Wait a minute!
K: Done? Saw it?
X: Done. It's a regular grey boxer with a white waistband. Tight...very reasonable
K: Ok
X: Now, please take off your jeans
K: No la, this level has been passed. As he chose both, so after the underwear being checked out, he will talk about his lovelife
X: For your love relationships, I will only ask one within the reasonable scoop. For your last love relationship, how long ago was it?
K: (to J)You better give a vague answer. If your answer is too far away from the truth, I can't sit here doing nothing."
J: Hey, how come the corners of your mouth are trembling?
X: As I am too I really want to know
J: Actually, when I see you recently, I feel that you have become more beautiful.
K: Kiss Kiss
X: Let's first disregard our personal relationship, so how long ago was it?
J: For quite a while
X: Should have been one year?
J: I didn't calculate the time
X: Within one year?
J: Really didn't calculate the time
X: For the target of your last love relationship, is her height over 173cm?
K: That's too obvious la, Xi Di
J: Her height? err
K: It's the standard height of what your ideal girl should have, right?
J: Dui ah
X: (To K) What happened to you? Why the heck did you help him?
K: No, your "173" question was too obvious
X: So did I ask incorrectly?
K: For the target of your last relationship, does she fit with the ideal girl in your mind in every aspect or is there any aspect which is not satisfactory?
J: err
K: You need to answer more of my questions, so you can get away from the questions asked from your right side
J: No, to me, is whether I can live up to the other half's standards. Actually...
K: Don't answer my question vaguely
J: I didn't answer vaguely. I mean it, as I feel that
K: Which part of her face do you like the most?
J: Ha?
K: Which part of her face do you like the most? Eyes?
J (sighing)
K: Do you like her voice?
J continued to keep quiet
X: Hair texture? teeth?
K: scent?
J: her kindness
K: Ok, good, her personality?
J: Dui ah, is
K: In your eyes, is Xu Xi Di a kind person?

Kang Xi - Part 2
please watch in high quality

J: Her changes really surprised me quite a a long time ago...I knew her because of her sister..and now when I looked at her, I feel that...she is amazing.
K: Amazing about what?
X: Did you refer to giving birth to kids?
J: She,'s just my feeling...I remember when we first met...she was prettyquiet then...She was
X: Yes, I need to admit that...I didn't know how to deal with F4 too much at that I was not a person who knew how to deal with male idols then...I would feel a little bit uneasy
K: Ok, among F4...whom did you think is the most easy going at that time?
J: Shoud be ZZ
X: I felt that...ZZ competed with Wu Jian Hao
K: So were you afraid of Yan Cheng Xu the most?
X nodded her head with a funny face
J: Why's that?
K: You were afraid of him? For what?
X: As more or less, ZZ and Wu Jian Hao...Oh don't do that (J was touching X's ear)...please continue rubbing is my sensitive spot...As ZZ and Wu Jian Hoa... at least attempted to engage in some social how are you
K: Yes
X: However, I feel that he (J) is the kind...if he is not in the mood... to socialize...he is the one who will sit at the corner...don't know what he tries to act out
K: (to S)You are quite familiar with Guan Ying, aren't you?
X: Yes, I am familiar with her
K: Guan Ying, when you first met Yan Cheng did he look like?
G: I met him at the executive producer's home... and he wore a mask
K: For this drama
G: Yes, we got together first
X: Did he wear the mask as he was sick?
G: No, I don't know...may be he thought that he was Michael Jackson
K: (to J)So did you wear the mask because of toothache?
J: No, it is usual, sometimes
K: Wear a mask whenever you go out
J: mm
X: So were you afraid that you would be recognized by Guan Ying?
K: Guan Ying went there for a meeting with him...why would he be afraid of being recognized by Guan Ying?
X: Haha...Are you YCX?...Oh, how can you recognize me?
G: No la, actually, he is ... a pretty low profiled person
X: Did you feel that he's difficult to get close with?... when you first met
G: A little bit
K: So how did you break the line of defense?...Or it hasn't been broken even until now?
G: As we had filmed the drama for a while, it eventually
K: Did you try to play jokes with him?
G: Yes, always
X: Are you familiar with him now?
G: It's pretty good
J: Quite familiar
K: So can you punch him?
G: Sure
J: She kicks me
K: Do you have something for us?
G: Oh yes
K: Xin Xing Di Lei Guang's ...
X: Thank you
G: calendar, desktop calendar
K: So we have received the gifts...Xin Xing Di Lei Guang's
G: So let me go back
K: Now, you to punch YCX
X: Just some actions to show are close with YCX
K: So can you punch him ...even if you just tell him "Long time no see"?
G: Sure
K: Where to punch?
G: (to J)Where can I punch you?
K: She needs to ask first?...J: Like usual
J: Usually you are not like this, why do you act differently now?
G: I am not pretending, I also
X: Don't tell me it's your nose...punch the nose...even with nose bleeding (haha) there is no need to make it to this level...just showing some sense of brotherhood is good enough
K: Do you pat him?
(G hit J on his chest)
K: Wow, so hard...are you crazy?
J: She usually hits even harder at the filming site
_: They act like this in the dressing room
L: Just now in the dressing room...when they met, they did this immediately
X: Wait a minute, for the punch just now...did you really put in feelings when you hit him?
K: That punch was very heavy, miss
J: She took it easy already
K: And even like this, you don't return a punch on her face?
J: Actually when she treats me like this...I feel more relaxed I am pretty...originally I am pretty
X: So, are you saying that...we did it wrong when we started the program?
Should say "Welcome to Kang Xi" and then...start hitting him hard...hit him to the point where his whole body is very relaxed
K: So, Xu Xi Di, do you have the guts to punch him like this?
X: But our relationship... seems like not to the point yet...Will you get mad if I punch you
J: I won't, really won't...I mean it
X: Hi, long time no see, YCX (then she pinched his chest)
K: Why didn't you punch him nicely?... but pinched him instead
X: Any coincidently I pinched the exact spot (kkla: means nipple)
X: (to G) YCX should be someone you like?
G: Certainly
J: Really?...How come I don't feel it?
K: Why don't you try out?
G: Try out what?
K: Seeing each other
X: If YCX is going to seriously
K: Isn't this a romantic drama?...Isn't it reasonable to have some sparkles?
X: Dui ah, for male lead and female's natural for them to be together
G: Our relationship is pretty fire-eating as well as full of sparkles
X: If he seriously courts will fall for it, won't you?
G: Hmm, depends on my mood
X: Oh that means it's possible
K: Oh
X: So if Zhao Shun wants to court you (Zhao Shun signaled "go ahead and make joke of it")
X: Gossip...Gossip
K: Your mission has completed. You are excused...Thank you, please take a seat
(Guan Ying went back to her seat)
K: You know...the first time when I interviewed that time...needed to take picture after finished recording the program...he has the kind of nice manner...that tall people have developed...that's when the reporters raised the camera to take pictures...YCX spred his legs after this...So his height...can be closer to mine, right?
X: Isn't that an insult to you?
J: Not at all
K: More interesting is the fact that...what the reporters took were whole-body pictures.. (everyone's laughing)...can see YCX's being considerate...he spred his legs like this
X: Last time when LZL took a picture with me...her legs were totally spred to the extreme
K: If the picture is half-body...then tall people are nice to us...the height difference won't seem too big
X: But the one point I don't understand about is that...actually he is...a person who is sometimes cool and sometimes I remembered...when he got on our program
K: This is a pretty interesting description
X: As when he got on our program...he would suddenly see you...he would say...hey...then he would do this (X squeezed J's cheeks)...squeezed my cheeks like this
K: He squeezed your cheeks?
X: May be me or Da S
K: He is checking out your cards
X: Ai-ya, (X got back the cards and put them inside her top) dare to get dare to get them...then at that moment you want to say...we should have certain extent of friendship
K: yes
X: But may be...when we met again 2 weeks would say "Hey Baolong"...then he would act like this...then you want to ask the gesture of squeezing my cheeks earlier...what was that about?
J: Actually if I like her/him...I would like to play with that person
K: So when meeting with that person the 2nd may think...oh haven't seen for long time...may be she is not familiar with me
J: May be because there are a lot of people on site...I may feel like...If I play with her like this...will others think that I am
K: Too frivolous
J: something like I have been...just like when I filmed this drama...when she and I...played happily...but let's say...there's a scene that I needed to play with Zhen Kai Xuan...Then...everyone may think..I was...may be like...
K: Too flirtatious... J: something like that
X: So you are afraid...that people mistake you being together
J: Not really afraid...but of course I don't want others to think...whether...I am rude to the other person or not...sometimes I am also too...naive to think...I like to play with others...doesn't matter it's a male of female...I long as I feel like that person a lot...actually I would like to play with her/him...that's really childlike
K: So now...after 5 or 6 years...are you more socialized?
J: Not really
K: If we haven't met for a long time...will you say "Long time no see" very politely...or will you
J: There is still no way for me to
K: ok
J: In private, I will
K: I know
J: just like that ...X: So
X: If you were alone with another a will be painful to dealth, won't you?
J: There's an old image in a lift...then a couple came in...then the girl was very excited...K: yes
J: Then that guy said something coldly...something like
X: What's big deal about YCX?
J: something like that...then you would feel very embarrased...actually you were just were just in the same lift with didn't do anything...but that boyfriend said something like feels like...was there anything wrong?...Regardless, still try my best to
X: So now do you feel embarrassed...just to meet some passers-by?
J: I think I like a scene in the you ordinary comic there is human figure...when I want to hide...I feel myself shrinking more and more
X: If you are in the street...a group of fans recognize you...YCX YCX...then you will shrink immediately, right?
K: Like that small


K: Heard that when he filmed the drama...there were fans in the hotel...reserved the rooms for 3 order to stay with him at the same place...was it that serious? ...Your fans will stay in the same hotel with you
J: Yes but actually it's ok la...actually I feel that...they treat me pretty good
X: Is it not only that?...Did your fans also reserve...plane seats? reserve all the seats around you
J: Oh, ah, I have tried something more time on the plane...then the first class, my songs were played...I felt so embarrassed...
K: Really? Did they show respect to you?
J: I don't know, but actually...they might think that I would be very happy...but actually I felt very
K: It's embarrasing
J: I wanted to there might be some passengers
X: There were other passengers
J: Yes, some passengers might ask... "Whose song's this?"
K: As when Xiao S took a flight last time...she forced the flight company to play their they think that all stars
X: Then sing and dance like this
K: Playing your song...I think it really played a trick on you
J: Actually I want to ask Xiao S a question...
X: for me who is also a superstar, right?
K: You are very far away from his status, Xu Xi Di
J: When I saw her in the past...she was the shy kind...just similar to me...
K: She has never been shy...X: haven't I?
X: As in front of handsome guy...I don't want to behave too...but actually in private...

Kang Xi Parts 3- 5
please watch in high quality

X: I am a gentle person...I am not afraid of getting close to the crowd
K: But have you fantasized about YCX?
J: It's very I am pretty
X: If both are a little bit drunk...if he forces me to...I may think...alright, never mind
K: When you discuss him with your your brain...will his handsome face keep showing up? in the idol drama...a scene like some wind blowing the hair
X: If I think about YCX, usually I will think about him being alone at the corner...with a down face
K: Really?...Not his handsome look, but down face?
X: Not at I feel...most of your are being down, right?
K: Are you still like this?
J: It's much better now.
X: And have you noticed that ...he has the eye gaze of eletrifiying others at all time?
K: Not meant to
X: You probably are...among all the stars I have interviewed...the one who loves to release electricity the soon as he turns his head to me he will...what do you want...I am married already, what do you want.
K: As he looks like can't blame him
X: No, his eyelids are slightly quivering like this...he does quiver his eyelids
K: Then did Fei Xiang do this to you?
X: Oh, Fei Xiang, Fei Xiang is not as serious as him...Fei Xiang's eyes are dilated like this...his own electrifying power is strong...but he (J) is like this (X pretended to be J) make your eyelids quiver
J: Should be some discomfort of my eyes
X: Alright (X pretended to kiss J)
K: When he releases his electricity in close you know how many girls are jealous of you?
J: I didn't la...I really didn't, really didn't
X: When you look at yourself in the you have a sense of...hey feeling pretty handsome?
K: Guan Yin, do you think...when YCX is at home...will he look at self in the mirror naked?
G: I don't think's pretty perverting
K: Really, a lot
X: Zhao Shun likes that a lot
K: Zhao Shun? (haha) Shun Ge likes to look at self in the mirror naked?!
Z: I don't...If I don't look at myself naked in the mirror, I can't view myself
K: Why's that?
Z: As my tummy is big
K: Do you really need to this toward a sadly state?...Good, Guan Yin thinks that he won't
G: Shouldn't
K: But don't the ones who do weight training like to do this?
G: Weight training? Does he do weight training?
X: He does
J: I don't K: He doesn't
X: Then in your mind...who is the male idol who can threaten your handsomeness? TW
J: a lot of them are wonderful
X: the first 3
J: There is no position Wu Zun
X: Who?
J: Wu I feel that Wu Zun...he is pretty...
K: very handsome?
J: I feel that he is a pretty nice person
X: Are you talking about his personality?...Are you going to direct it he helped the old lady cross the road?
K: He can also include Zheng Yan Master on his list
J: No, it's a we talk about him...may be I feel that his corresponded with his feeling to others ...
K: Good, the routine has come to taking shower...but doesn't look into the mirror
X: Dui
K: Then afterward...if going out...your most common appearance is...must have mask and hat?
J: different sometimes...but tends to be hippy style
X: Like any tee shirt with jeans
J: yes, almost like that...but may be even more dispirited...
K: When you are the many days can you not take shower?
J: may be 3 days
K: 3 days only?
X: Then if the lady doesn't take a shower...can she get in your bed?
J: ahhh, yes, yes
X: So both of you can be dispirited...not taking shower at all...and lying in bed together continuously
J: But still try not to be too long
K: happened to be more than 3 days before?
J: memory
X: How about if both of you haven't take shower for a day...then you say, alright...let's take a shower together this morning
J: No
X: Must be alone
J: Yes, as I feel that...better not let others see my shortcomings...better covering up some
K: so the one you are seeing, can she have BM in front of you?
J: Yes
K: So she doesn't need to close the door...then turn on the cover the sound of having BM?
J: It should be alright.
X: Can she wipe her butt in front of you?
J: Yes
K: Can be very smelly?
J: It should be quite normal
K: normal?, have something like these happened before?
J: Something like these happened before?...seems like it's ok...not really
K: Really?...No one has ever had BM in front of you?
J: Should never most of the time everyone
K: So the ones seeing each other don't have BM?
J: not right in front
X: They vomit instead...hold too long...
J: So you are like this?
X: No, I am...I don't care, I will go and go
J: so in front of your boyfriend
X: in front of my husband...can she pull out her armpit hair in front of you?
J:'s alright
X: has this happened before
J: No
K: Has it happened when you kissed found some food left in her teeth?
J: didn't really pay attention
K: Have you kissed anyone with a smelly mouth?
J: when filming drama? at all
K: Huh, Guan Yin
Zhao: He is looking
G: What?
X: He said he has kissed someone with a smelly mouth when filming drama
J: No, I didn't say that
X: You did...should we rewind the tape
J: I said
K: He did say No afterward
J: didn't have
G: he did...he told me it was Da S last time
X: Ok, Da S has said that you are difficult


X: Ok, have you tried to kiss a girl...but when you got close and found that there's some discharge in her eyes..then you wiped it like this?
J: Have seen it, but I don't I should tell her
K: Then what did you do?
J: I didn't say anything
X: So you forced yourself to kiss her, right?
J: Didn't kiss...just happened that we were talking...and saw that on her
X: Before kissing...what do you see can kill your feelings the most...and make you stop?
J: I haven't really tried to kiss her and felt that...suddenly backing
X: Last time when you kissed...was it a long time ago?
J: I did kiss when filming drama
X: How about real person?
J: aaa, it has been pretty...a while
K: Andy Lau once answered a question...what happened was...if we asked Andy Lau...whether he would go on porn sites...wonder what he would answer...then Xu Xi Di said...Andy Lau would have answered..."why do I have to go on porn sites?"
X: yes
K: If I ask you ...whether YCX have gone on porn sites...what would you answer (to X)?
X: I would say... "Sometimes, as I want to know the inner feelings of the viewers"
K: haha, you know his way of expression so well
X: Do you go on (porn sites)?
J: How can you be so funny?
X: Let's not talk about me first, alright?
J: How do you define porn sites?
K: all "3 spots" will be exposed X: Yes
J: Never
X: do you collect blue movies at home?
J: aaa, some friends have...sent me as a joke
X: Has there been a day...when you were down and alone at home...then you thought..."well I am free anyway"...then started playing the blue movie...and then...
K: you needed to add "very down" in front
X: Haven't you?...Will you?
K: Do you think you live like Batman?
X: Do you have this in your schedule...something lively in your schedule?
J: should have had this idea before
X: but you didn't act
J: I will do this sunnily
X: Press the play button sunnily...then sunnily with yourself
K: European or American?...or Japanese?
X: He likes Japanese
K: How do you know?
X: It is common for guys in TW to like Japanese
K: Same as Shun Ge?
X: I don't want to know...I don't care
J: Shun Ge, which country's do you like to watch?
Z: I like...a while ago, the one on the news
K: Oh, that one...which country's do you watch (to Chen)?
C: whatever...
K: watch whatever is available...
C: yes, whatever
K: this is a pretty typical answer
X: How about Guan Ying?
G: TW's, no la
K: Where can you find TW's?
G: the ones speak Taiwanese
K: is there any?
Z: Yes, yes
X: Yes? Shun Ge, do you have?
Z: Yes, I have seen it when I was a student
K: (to X)You have fallen into their trap...why do you talk about this with Shun Ge?...everyone has now it's his turn...they said European...whatever is about you?
J: Yes
K: which country?
J: which country, come you keep laughing over there?, all have actually...sometimes friends will send
X: Which country do you prefer the most?'s a very normal topic
J: My favorite?
X: Like Tony Leung likes Japanese...Takeshi Kaneshiro likes European
J: Really?
X: Yes
J: How do you know?
X: They sent me sms...said Xiao S, I love European blue movies
J: You said Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro?
X: Yes
J: I ah
X: Japanese
J: it's ok
X: So do you like the taste not too strong?...not...too wild?
J: Yes, more romantic ones
K: After that, your schedule is
X: are you saying after watching blue movies
K: i don't want to talk about...stop here, no more...he said when he goes out, he will...something like dressess in hippy style, very you do window shopping sometimes?
J: I loved it a lot before, but not any more
K: Is it because you are interrupted too much?
J: Not really
K: Just don't like it anymore
J: Just not any more
X: Have you tried...

Kang Xi - Part 4
please watch in high quality

K: Is it because you are interrupted too much?
J: Not really
K: Just don't like it anymore
J: Just not any more
X: Have your tried ...being recognzied by passers-by...and then ran home immediately?
J: No really, but I have...had troubles before (J patted X)

X: Look at him, show some gestures again...let us feel that we are close
K: So are you going to have an affair now?
X: yes
J: No la, as I have had troubles actually I don't like it very much
X: When you talked about having referred to verbal aggression, right?
J: Verbal aggression, that' some gang members...then he was, for instance his girlfriend...likes me...then he kept on requesting you with his girlfriend...doing this doing that...that gave me the feeling like
X: Were you forced to take pictures or?
J: They requested a lot of things that they liked to do
X: So you don't the feeling of being forced?
J: Not really, but in that kind of environment...they had a whole gang of people...let me feel like, very easy to
X: Couldn't win the fight?
J: It's not about winning or not...just giving me the feeling of
K: To avoid troubles...ok, so do you...cook for yourself?
J: Yes
X: Will you cook for the other half?
J: I shall
X: So have you played the game at home of in the kitchen together...then held each other, and kissed each other's neck?...then you know
K: Worn the apron naked, right?
X: stories like feeding each other food?
J: Yes...that feeling...felt pretty, like that
K: Good, Xu Xi Di, let's make a guess...among all his love relationships in the past...has he lived with anyone?
X: I think so
K: For how many years?
X: 2 years
K: Why do you think that?
X: I made a guess based on what I know
K: Guan his love history...has he lived with anyone?
G: Guess so
K: 2 years as well?
G: How many years?...should be one for 2 years, one for 4 years, and one for 1 year
X: So, lived together with all 3
G: and one more
K: Are you talking about your own love history?
G: No asked to guess...I think should be like this
K: Do you think guys always...have opportunities to live with others?
G: hmm
K: Ok, I don't want to make it difficult for you...between the 2 of them...which one is closer to the truth? 2 years 4 years and 1 year as she said...or only 1 relationship with 2 years...just closer to the truth is good enough
X: me?!
K: So he hasn't lived with so many
X: So did she stay at your home all along...did you stay at each other's home alternatively
J: Strange, how come I feel here...the air conditioning is getting lower
K: Let me tell you, Kang Xi(here) is extremely cold
J: What's that mean? How come I didn't
K: She asked that the live-in relationship...did you guys live at each other's home alternatively...back and forth...or there was a place...where you guys lived there continuously?...If you answer this question...I will force her to leave the "live-in" topic
X: But you need to answer honestly...I don't want any vague answer
J: That's, that's
X: Yeah, we are listening...lived at each other's home or lived at your home?...lived at each other's home, lived at each other's home, lived at each other's home?...or did she live at your home...which one is it actually...lived at each other's home
J: That's, I feel
K: Based on the mood at the along with the feelings?
J: Dui Ah
X: Ok, lived at each other's home K: Ok, hold it
X: So when you lived at her home
K: Leave the "live-in" topic...then next is...good, they have...if they have lived together... may be when they cooked some dishes's very romantic
X: If you cook for your girlfriend...what dish do you like to cook?...steak?...Tang Yuan (glutinous rice ball soup)?
J: In the past I X: steam dumpling?
X: glutinous oil rice?
K: who would cook glutinous oil rice?
X: pig's feet?
K: alright, let him say
J: In the past
X: Ge Bao©t
K©snot anymore, are you hungry? are so annoying
X: all the things that I want to eat...just say it out loud...ok, which soon as you cook the dish, the girl will melt
J: I have made a cake before
X: Is making a cake not man enough?
K: Making a cake is pretty attractive
X: Guys should do stir frys
K: Come on, he is not a chef from Shan Dong...why stir fry?
X: No, but making a cake...he should be the one who stir fries and pan fries a steak
K: No, making a cake is pretty romantic
X: of course not
K: They wore the aprons...then made a chocolate cake...
X: No, listen to my plan...should be he pan fries the steak and makes salad...When he's done, then the girl makes a cake by his side...making a cake should be on a girl's task
J: Really?
K: don't agree
X: don't agree?
K: making a cake is a task on the guy's list...the things like steak mentioned should be done by the girl
X: Really?
K: Yes?
J: No, I feel that...mixing the eggs is
K: very manly
J: Not about manly or not, just feel like...trying very hard for the other complete something...that's the feeling
X: so as you mix the eggs...will you show off these muscles on your arms?
J: No
K: then spatter all on the chest
X: ok, then, have you played the game of...putting food in the mouth...and asked to come eat it?
J: No
X: How about putting on the shoulder?
K: they are not birds...then have you...fed each other wine with mouth?
X: wow, this is exciting
K: Let's be fair, let Guan Ying answer first...Guan Ying...have you used wine...used mouth to feed each other wine?
J: No, should ask her whether... it's Gao Liang wine or red wine?
K: Gao Liang wine or red wine?
G: feed you (to X)
X: I have...I have
G: long term
J: you guys need to interrogate come you don't interrogate her... did you feed her?
X: Really?...really? have you fed me wine before? (to G)
K: are you serious?
X: I think I was totally drunk...into a paralysis state...I have totally no recollection of this
G: I was bluffing
K: ok...then can we ask YCX now?
G: Yes
K: She didn't save you, sorry
X: Have you fed the wine with mouth?...YCX please answer...have or have not?...have or have not?...have you or have you not fed wine with mouth?
K: Are you going the intelligence enhancing programs?
X: I think he may be pissed off and leaves before answering...I think when he holds and holds his answer...that should mean if he hasn't...he should have said no directly
K: yes, he just said that...feeding food's a he did feed the wine
G: it's the answer of yes or no
K: We just straightly give the verdict "yes"
J: Really not particularly as you said
K: Ok, next question is drunk are you when you are really drunk?...have you vomited
J: Yes
K: Have you lost consciousness in the street?
J: Have been taken home
K: Like you have lost consciousness in the's necessary to carry you home...and then place you in bed?
J: Like after waking up...wonder who did vomit, on the side
K: it was you?
J: It was me...asked my friend, it was me
X: are you the kind who will cry when drunk?
J: When I drink, I will ABC
X: like to speak English?
J: No, is very friendly...can be very close with anyone
X: Like hugging and talking about personal business
J: Everytime after I drink...I feel more confident
X: Get us some wine...Get us some wine
K: So a while ago when you chatted with reporters....was it after a lot of drinking?
J: Not really, as that time...a lot of reporters...continued telling me that...they couldn't see me often...and they felt that...they couldn't chat with me...then they felt that...the YCX they knew...was from a lot of others'
K: words from others
X: So can't you handle...others' saying of you being difficult?
J: It's ok...just be myself
K: So it ended up...did you tell all the reporters...your phone number that time?
J: No, it's Fenny's, my staff
K: Oh not your own phone number
J: No
K: ok
X: So are you still afraid of the reporters?
J: Actually I think that a lot of reporters...treat me quite kind now
K: is there any news...when you read the newspapers at home...and you feel like banging the wall or crying
J: Now I don't read newspapers any more...that's why chatting with the reporters on that day
X: are you angrier when the reporters write about your being supercilious...or your rumored affairs?
J: Both are the same...still get upset
X: Ok, feel upset on both
J: mm
K: Ok, tell you a good news...we are going to watch the can take a break...but there's also a bad news...the clip lasts for 40 seconds only


K: Ok, tell you a good news...we are going to watch the can take a break...but there's also a bad news...the clip lasts for 40 seconds only...good, the newest drama played by YCX, Starlit...let's show everyone the clip

(Starlit's preview was shown)

Kang Xi - Part 5
please watch in high quality

K: Good, this time, Startlit which's played by Yan Cheng Xu and Guan Ying...and in the drama...Ms. Liu Rui Qi who played the mom...last time on Kang Xi mentioned about...the matter of how she hates buttons X: Yes
K: Then...have you overcome the problem? the buttons on Guan Ying's outfit are very big
L: Actually...last time...before getting on the program last time...I have started to overcome...have continued trying
K: Yes
L: Dui, like hers look pretty's ok...not too much
X: So can you unbutton Zhun Ge's shirt now?
L: I don't want
K: Even audiences don't want...why do you want to unbutton Zhun Ge's shirt? now...if other casts in the same drama wear something with buttons...should have no more problem?
L: I have to overcome...although I don't like it a lot K: ok
L: Sometimes I intentionally...pretend not to see it
K: So this time you played YCX's mom in the do you think after Liu Rui Qi went home...did she chat with her friends and relatives about YCX?
X: I think it should be your friends and relatives...asked you a lot about YCX
L: Dui... even asked me to get his pictures
K: Have you asked for it?
L: Not yet
K: So when you filmed with him, did you feel that he...regarding acting...did you tell him something like how to act?
L: No, I felt that he has put in his heart K: ok
X: So did you chat with him?
L: We played along pretty well
K: Played? X: played what?
J: basketball
L: Played basketball, chatted about riding bike
X: You play basketball? L: Yes
K: Did you ask Liu Rui Qi to play basketball with you?
J: No, it's she who started playing...then we
Z: She was an athlete
K: Really Z: Dui
X: So now can you still do slumdunk?
L: No more slumdunk....the gravity is too much
K: Do you know everytime when YCX goes to Japan...when he meets with will send him tons of gifts
X: Yes, I have seen how many gifts F4 can receive
K: You have so many gifts...that you need to find a place specially for them, right? in the house
J: Dui ah
K: There is no way to open all the gifts one by one?...some are still wrapped
J: Actually there are a lot...especially I am the kind unwilling to give when some others receive will decide to keep or give away...but the majority of it...I want to keep...but you will find after day...the spare space at home has become very small...there are really
X: I can a lot of gifts for F4 members...had been placed at my home before...
K: Not gifts for you
X: No
K: Why did you steal others' gifts?
X: It's him who insisted to put them at our home
K: Why?
X: Nothing, just the number of gifts was many ...that no more could be stored in his house any he put them at our on top of the wine cabinet...a whole bunch of toys, etc
K: Then what happened?
X: They were burnt by my 2nd sister
K: bluffing
X: No la...of course returned all back to him
K: Do you still insist...drinking some wine everyday?...or you don't like to drink at all?
J: I don't like to drink...I actually don't like to drink a lot
K: so if you don't drink for the whole doesn't matter?
J: I always don't drink
X: only drink once in a while?
J: Only when I am very nervous come up to program like this...when I am very scared
X: So did you drink before getting on Kang Xi?
J: Not today...last time when I got on...a long time ago, several years ago
X: 100% Entertainment
J: I did drink at that time, I did drink
X: Did you drink up to the level of 2-3 glasses of red wine?
J: yes, just to make me ...try my best to relax
X: So last time when he squeezed my cheeks was because he was drunk...what a cruel hearted person...I even thought how close to me all of a sudden...after today, will you think...I will never get on talk show again any more?
J: It's exactly my plan
X: Among all the questions there anyone that you can't handle it?
J: No's's ok...I think you are all nice people
K: There is no need to trap us in any we are going to end the don't worry
X: no more
J: so fast?
K: We really didn't trick you today
X: do you think it ends too soon? you want to chat more?
J: yes, actually I want to chat a lot of about
K: He dares to challenge us
X: What else do you want to talk about?...what else do you want to chat?
J: just
X: ok last question...the reason for the last break up
J: just
X: it's you who said to chat more
K: We will let you go after you answer this J: Really?
K: It's you who said to chat more...we wanted to let you go
J: I feel that Starlit is a pretty good drama
X: No way, this doesn't count...we won't let you go
K: I think for your's too easy for him to avoid it...something like not getting should be more who initiated the break-up, ok?
X: ok, for your last love relationship, did you initiate the break-up...or the female initiated it?
J: just naturally, dui ah
X: did both of you call for break up at the same time?
J: just feel like, just, just
K: when it's time
J: very, I don't know how to say
K: Was the feeling gone naturally?...Is this the feeling?
J: Not gone, just
K: Can't go on any more, right?
X: Was it because there's no more love...or because the pressure was too much?
K: This is a good question. ok
X: You don't love her any more, or
K: It shouldn't be no more love, right?
J: Feel that I am bad
K: ok
X: so the problem was on you?
J: To some extent...just I am not a very mature person...and I am pretty childish
X: do you still love her now?
J: What?
K: as long as the hesitation is longer than 3 seconds, it should be interpretted as "yes" X: yes
K: right?
X: so do you still love her...your last girlfriend?
J: No, I feel long as we were together...either one of us had put in the real heart...also I feel very lucky all along as...the people I have met are...very kind, and very wonderful...that's why sometimes it is easy to show my immature side... and then my childish side
X: for your last she more popular than me?
J: should be not
K: No one's popularity can compete with yours
X: Really? It seems likes there is one
K: @$%...ok, let him go
X: Don't you want to chat any more?...Do you want to go home?
K: Still want to chat, YCX?...Shouldn't you want to chat anymore?...Can I let you go?
J: Yes
X: His gaze looks scared to death already
K: You are difficult to handle, Xu Xi Di....lastly, you should ask Zhao Shun one more question.
X: Is your health better now?
Z: As I sit here, it's ok
K: Sorry, was it a surprise?...This drama, Starlit, when will it start?
Z: Jan 24
K: One episode per day or
Z: On Saturdays
K: ok, on Saturdays, once a week...wish this drama a big success...thanks Mr. YCX for coming to Kang Xi Lai Liao....thank you everyone

Wo Shi Superman MV @ Hot Shot Coming Soon - ABS-CBN

super thanks to sis marai
i was about to sleep (after watching starlit hehe) then i she told me about this
i quickly turn on my tv remote and grab my fone

unfortunately, wasn't able to maximize the volume .. it's 1am and so bear with the noises ....hehehe.

can't really wait.


if your reposting, please don't forget to credits daomisyel of

hopefully, i can able to record it properly -- without panicking....hehehe

go here to watch the clip

The Ball is on Fire! Hot Shot coming really soon!

So, have you seen the latest teaser from ABS-CBN.
I told myself I have to see it.Finally, I saw it a couple of times but it's really hard for me to capture the clip. It was only less than 30 seconds CF. Well, let's just wait for more teasers showing three gorgeous talented boys from Taiwan.

The timeslot is still unconfirmed. Either it'll be shown during afternoon or evening, still I can't able to watch it. Sigh. Anyways, Let's spread the great news and it's really good to see TW series on local tv.

I haven't seen Starlit. Yet, I am reminscin' Hot Shot (wahahaha!)

Have a nice weekend to all. Tagalized or not, still they're HOT!

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