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Jerry Yan loves his 'mother'; becomes Liu Rui Qi's driver

Jerry Yan loves his 'mother'; becomes Liu Rui Qi's driver, Friday February 13 2009, Taiwan

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

Jerry Yan loves his ‘mother’; accompanies Liu Rui Qi to eat hot pot, play basketball, during filming of PTS drama ‘Starlit’, when he realized that Liu Rui Qi was riding her bike, Jerry displayed his ‘filialness’ and became her driver to take her down the mountain.

Becomes best friends after 10 days together

During filming of ‘Starlit’, Jerry was rumoured to engage in a cold war with Terri Kwan, and the storm never seemed to stop. However, his relationship with Liu Rui Qi was extremely good. The first time Jerry saw Liu Rui Qi, he praised his ‘mother’: “So beautiful.” His sweet mouth immediately mesmerised her. Last year, ‘Starlit’ crew filmed for one month in Shanghai, and although Liu Rui Qi only stayed for 10 days, the ‘mother-and-son’ quickly became best friends.

Fiery scene; Liu Rui Qi shows care

The 2 both love to eat hot pot, and in the drama, there is a mother-and-son reunion scene. And the 2 even requested for a hot pot to be placed on the table. Then they would pick up their bowl, full of hot-pot ingredients and collide against each others, playing a funny wine toast game. Afterwards, Jerry ate too quickly, and accidentally burnt his mouth!

Jerry invests a lot into his acting, and during one mother-and-son dispute scene, he angrily smashes all the trophies on top of the piano. Before fiming officially began, Liu Rui Qi reminded him not to invest too much, or else he might injure himself.

Liu Rui Qi rides bike; King happy to help

Jerry stressed: “My ‘mother’ is a pro at basketball, before she was on the school team!” In private, the ‘mother-and-son’ had a good relationship, and were also good basketball teammates. During filming in Jiu Fen, whenever they had a break, Jerry and Liu Rui Qi would play basketball together. When filming finished and they returned to Taipei, Liu Rui Qi would ride her bike up the mountain as exercise, and Jerry offered to help her carry her bike down the mountain, saying: “Afterall, Liu Rui Qi is predecessor.”

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