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Jerry Yan's "Starlit" 2nd MV and New Previews

Jerry Yan's "Starlit" 2nd MV and New Previews

Starlit 2nd MV
Guan Ying plus more Starlit scenes

In the clip, Guan Ying said, "For the first time I have worked with Yan Cheng Xu, I feel very happy, as I feel that he is an actor whose acting is very reserved, which is very different from my extroverted style of acting. That's why I feel that one wonderful part of our working together is that we complement each other. At the beginning, I thought that he's the kind who could play and joke around, but then I thought that he intentionally tricked me. At the end, I realized that actually he did it really for the effect of the drama, and because of this, it made me more relaxed. However, one bad luck YCX had in the process of filming was that he had got too many opportunities to lift my weight. He didn't only carry me on his back and in his arms, and also on the bike behind him. That's why I feel sorry for him. He always told me, 'Don't eat any more. You little fatty.'"

credits:kkla @ nbbbs

Previews for Episode 9 & 10:

Shi Chuan: This slap, is what you owe me. From now on, we are finished.

Xiao Lu: Dad, I promise you. I won't easily be defeated!

Cheng Yue: Can't you hear? The real person with natural music talent is him. The one who needs a chance is him. It's not me anymore.

Cheng Yue starts playing the piano again, Cheng Yue- Rui Shan argument

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