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Compare Dao Ming Si/Jun Pyo - Lee Min Ho Evil; Jerry Yan Righteous?

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @
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Ken Zhu Xiao Tian stood up for F4 brother Jerry Yan, yesterday seeing the GTV Korean version of "Boys Over Flowers" poster, Ken pointed at Lee Min Ho saying: "I think Jerry is more handsomer than him, he seems to carry a bit of evilness, Jerry seems to be more righteous."

Lee Min Ho will be arriving in Taiwan to promote the Korean version “Boys Over Flowers”, because of “BOF’s” popularity has lately watched the Korean version, had a lot of feelings. He said: “The Korean government really supports the film and television industry, their first episode’s scene is entry on a helicopter, compared to us; borrowing 2 sports cars, telling us to be extra careful, the 4 of us poor guys has never driven good cars, during filming with fear, to cause damage.”

As for the Korean/Japanese version dramas all used extra props, clothing, accessories to keep up the appearance, at the time of Taiwan’s F4 they were wearing original WuFenPu Fashion Area clothes. Ken said, Taiwan’s most successful part was they were able to film such a popular product with limited budget. Up until now, all of those prop clothing are still kept safe, allowing them to remind him anytime.

This time the modern F4, Fahrenheit is on the same stage, Ken said, this is like the F4 in earlier days 少不更事 young and inexperienced, now a days the idol groups are even better qualified, the modern F4 are stylish, Fahrenheit has a variety effect.

But he says straightforwardly, Fahrenheit’s period now is like F4 then when they’ve been overly worked, looking at Jiro Wang Calvin Chen tired, obvious dark circles.

Updated schedules on Jerry Album Launching(from Jerry Milky Way-JP)

Updated schedules on Jerry Album Launching(from Jerry Milky Way-JP)

posted by myvi@

June 18 ~ FREEDOM Album Launching
June 20 ~ J&Y Fans Meet Session
June 21 ~ Stamping Session

For those who pre-ordered their cds c/o nbbbs, please logon to for the remittance instructions.

To those who pre-ordered their cds c/o Jerry Yan Philippines, please make sure you already deposited your payments to myroyalhonee. Keep the deposit slip for verification and claiming your cds.

More announcements coming up!

05-24-09 News from JerryYan.INFO

From J&Y's photos, Jerry really likes Xiao Xiao Bin a lot. When filming a scene of XYP's picking his niece and nephew up at school, Jerry was supposed to get off the car and walked towards them, but Jerry forgot to get off the car as he was watching Xiao Xiao Bin running towards him. Jerry explained that it was because Xiao Xiao Bin's too cute that he totally forgot what he should do. Furthermore, he also taught Xiao Xiao Bin how to win the video game. After Jerry came back from Japan, he brought some snacks to the team. Xiao Xiao Bin's very polite and said thank you to him immediately. It was mentioned that Jerry and Xiao Xiao Bin are getting close that they play rubbing their noses against each other. In the article, it also mentioned that Ella appeared to be the kids' leader that she helped them with positioning during filming, even sometimes she's not included in the scene.

It appears that Xiao Xiao Bin likes to stick with Jerry at the filming sites, just like Xi Mao when filming Starlit. Thanks Xiao Xiao Bin for making Jerry happy.

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news source 2009.05.24

The launch of Jerry's upcoming album Extra Freedom on Jun 18 is officially announced.
Check out the TW news tomorrow. It's funny how Xiao Xiao Bin melts Jerry's heart that he even forgot to get off the car to do the scene when he was watching Xiao


Yan Cheng Xu puts on inexpensive blue slipper, laughs out loud when sensitive parts was touched

Yan Cheng Xu puts on inexpensive blue slipper, laughs out loud when sensitive parts was touched
source: & cqnews
credit translation to Michi@OnlyF4

Media have numerous times criticized Jerry for being "difficult", but in private he's actually a "big kid". Yesterday (May 22), Jerry did photo shoot for his new album cover, album title FREEDOM.

Filming was in a luxury villa at Taiwan Beitou mountain area, the temperature was over 30 degrees. Under the hot sun, Jerry perspired & followed the photographer's instructions, walking up and down. During the photo shot, he will professionally show his signature smile and dimple. When the filming crew were busy, Jerry picked up the prop flower pot and placed it on his head, which made the crew laughed non stop.

Jerry changed 4 outfits the whole day, 1 of the outfit is a blue checkered shirt and blue pants, dressed formally but wore cheap blue slippers. The stylist seemed to have touched his sensitive area when was helping him with his buttons near his chest, he suddenly laughed out loud. After that, when everyone walked to the balcony for photo shoot, a crew noticed there is reporter a distance away secretly taking photos and shouted stop. But Jerry did not let it disturb him and concentrated on the photo shoot. After the photo shoot, he even smiled and greeted the reporter.

There was rumour that Jerry intended to invite Guan Ying to star in his mtv, but his company was afraid the focus will be placed on gossips and did not agree. His manager Fenny denied: "Totally no such plans, only rumours!" As for Jerry jokingly put the flower pot on his head to make others laugh, Fenny said Jerry is a funny person and he likes outdoors and sunshine. During the photo shoot, he will be relaxed. About the blue slippers, Fenny thinks that it is only an accessory, the photographer will only take 1/2 body pic, need not worry about the effect of the pics.

Jerry Yan secretly flies to Tokyo, fans worry about swine flu

Jerry Yan secretly flies to Tokyo, fans worry about swine flu

Japan version of "Wo Hui Hen Ai Ni" will not be included in new chinese album

Jerry left a secretive message at his official site on 18th, wrote that he left Taiwan to do something secretive. However, he did not know that the secret was already disclosed by fans. He was in Japan recording Japanese version of "Wo Hui Hen Ai Ni" whuch will be included in Japan release album. But situation in Japan for H1N1 virus is getting worse, and fans are worried.

Jerry wrote in his official site that he has left Taiwan for 3 days, and doing something secretive, it's his 1st try, spent a lot of time for preparations, hope these preparations will bring a good result, and hope to let everyone know soon. If in the end, u like it just like i did, enjoy this new attempt, ha, then i will love you very much! Everyone be patient and wait for me to bring home the end product.

Actually, Jerry gave a hint in his words ¡¸ÎÒ•þºÜÛÄ㡹, fans soon found out his whereabouts and news about his recording of new song became an open secret. Chinese version of the song is the song he sang for Sony MP3 endorsement. Yesterday, SonyBMG representative expressed that Jerry is indeed in Tokyo recording Japanese song. And his new solo album ¡¶¶à³öíµÄ×ÔÓÉ¡· is confirmed to be release in mid June. But the Japanese song will not be included in the chinese album.

Fans are most worried about Jerry's health because H1N1 virus in Japan is spreading fast. Jerry's management company assure fans not to worry.

21 May 2009 Apple Daily

credits to michi @ onlyf4

05/20/09 Updates on Jerry's 2nd Album - FREEDOM

05/20/09 Updates on Jerry's 2nd Album - FREEDOM

From the information on, it appears that the official name of Jerry's 2nd solo album will be:

FREEDOM ~ dou chu lai di zi you (meaning extra/spare freedom)

There will be 2 covers:
『Star之光』(= Star Zhi Guang = Star's Light)
『秘密自遊』(= Mi Mi Zi You = Secret Self-Help Travel)

Each preorder will come with a set of 4 postcards as special souvenir.

According to mamy of, other than the record stores, fans may buy Jerry's album at 7-11s in TW as well.

In order to allow us to fully comprehend his meaning behind his album titles, let me quote his words on J&Y.

"Music gives me freedom
Fans give me comfort
Sing a song
My most treasurable moment

Yan Cheng Xu's
music project after 5 years
the latest album in 2009
Dou Chu Lai Di Zi You

an album you have been waiting for
10 customized songs specially recorded for you

June 18
will be shown sincerely


Jerry Yan | 言承旭: Update on Jerry's 2nd Solo Album

Jerry Recording a Japanese Song Clip

youtube clip by akojerry

Jerry is recording a Japanese Song

credit to Joyce of

I do a brief english translation as follows:

Taiwan Super Idol Jerry Yan records his new Japanese Song at Tokyo on 18 Jun 2009. He sings in Japanese fluently, but his pronunciation of 'TA' to be adjusted 100 times. The most difficult is the pronunciatiion of 'TSUTAEZU' (means 'undeliverable').
Jerry wishes he can practice Japanese and learn the recording technique from this chance of song recording.
Jerry feels happy although there are difficulties in recording.
The lyrics are talking about a non romantic man who doesn't know how to love.
Jerry says that he is not a romantic man too.
This song is recorded in the album 'FREEDOM' which is scheduled to release on 22 July 2009.

Changing Role Ella Jokes and Pretends to be MAN

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Changing Role Ella Jokes and Pretends to be MAN
While Jerry Hides from the Sun

The first time Ella came in contact with Jerry Yan on the set, she immediately employed all the tricks in her arsenal, making jokes and playing cute and cajoled Jerry into laughing happily! According to witnesses, the two of them kept teasing and hitting each other on the set. However, in between takes, they would exchange roles in that Jerry Yan would hide from the sun under an umbrella to touch-up his make-up just like a female artiste. Ella would be busy chatting with the crew, so manly!

Although Jerry Yan’s personality was very reserved, but as soon as he came in contact with the bubbly Ella, it was difficult for him to maintain his reservation. That helped to ease the worries of the filming crew of this drama with regards to how they would get along. It was heard that Ella was even so bold as to issue a challenge to Jerry: [I will even be more bubbly, so you had better be careful!] That certainly was a new experience for Jerry who was acting with Ella for the first time.

Cool Bao-long Laughing and Chasing after Ella

Just past one o’clock in the afternoon of May 8th, this magazine was there at the Rainbow Riverside Park in Taipei where Jerry and Ella were sitting on the grass and rehearsing their scenes. They were surrounded by a large group of crews and workers. The process was on a frighteningly grand scale. A little later, they changed scenery and chatted under a tree. From Jerry’s attire of white shirt and trousers versus Ella’s white T-shirt and torn jeans, the contrast in their ranks in the drama was quite obvious.

After a while, Jerry got up and ran chasing after Ella. He even grabbed Ella’s collar just like a hawk catching a chick and hooked his arm around Ella’s neck. The two of them played around while filming and seemed very happy.

In between takes, Jerry who had a bigger entourage than Ella had crew members helping him holding up an umbrella for shade and touching up his make-up. The sight was quite similar to that of Beauty Queen] Barbie Xu when she was filming a drama. In contrast, Ella who was standing off to one side, seemed more like a suave guy, chatting and joking with the crew members without anyone to hold her umbrella nor was she concerned about touching up her make-up. As soon as the director called, she would immediately be in place to continue the scene. Off camera, the two seemed to switch roles.

After Jerry and Ella quickly finished a few test scenes, Ella changed out of her costume and left at around two in the afternoon. Around four in the afternoon, the cast and crew of [Just Want to Depend on You] changed scenery to a basketball court. Jerry had already changed into sports attire and was practicing with Michael Zhang. Although the way he played looked very good, few of his shots actually made it into the basketball.

Good Friends Exchanging Favors to Take Care of Girlfriend

As mentioned in other sources, both Jerry and Ella had lost sleep the night before their first scene. However, because of some mutual friends between them, it was likely that they had privately agreed to look after each other. This led one to think of Jay Chou and Baron Chan who were in the deserts of Ningxia filming the movie [Ci Ling], taking care of Jerry’s [good friend] Chiling Lin. And Jerry would take the opportunity of being in the drama [Just Want to Depend on You] to look after Ella, Baron Chan’s rumored girlfriend in reciprocation. Crew members even pointed out that Ella, who was once also Wu Chun’s rumored girlfriend, felt that Jerry was not hard to handle. Furthermore, his appearance was as handsome as Wu Chun. However when she collaborated with Wu Chun in [Hana-Kimi], it was only Wu Chun’s second drama. Therefore she gave a lot of advices to Wu Chun. On the other hand, Jerry was already an old hand at acting. Her nonsensical and humorous way of speaking and behavior had the often cool and reticent Jerry who was almost unable to defend against her asked in curiosity: [Were you this bubbly since childhood?]

Portraying a Lawyer but Kept Falling out of Character

Actually, in this drama, Jerry was portraying an arrogant lawyer whose speech and behavior were both somewhat hard to take or handle in the beginning. It was not until he encountered Ella that he would soften up. For portraying this role, he also took lessons in order to increase the sense of being imposing when talking. So during filming, he would feel the pressure and became extremely focused, but because Ella was too comical and would clown around on the set, she caused him to constantly fell out of character.

As for the theory of [Exchanging favors] to look after good friends, Jerry’s manager Fenny laughed: [That is simply too imaginative. It is impossible to find out.] However she did admit that the personalities of Jerry and Ella complemented each other, therefore, Jerry was looking forward to his performance with Ella would generate sparks. Ella’s manager Zhang Su-yun expressed: [Take care on his behalf? You will have to ask Baron Chan! How would I know? But Ella had always been very bubbly, enthusiastic, kind and approachable to everyone, it is the same regardless whether it was Wu Chun or Jerry Yan!]

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Appledaily
original source :

Jerry's Album Pre-Order Update

credits to

Updated on Jerry's 2nd Album

Per Ciciny, other than having 2 different covers, even the inside photos will be different for the 2 different versions.

Read this post for more details about Jerry Yan's 2nd Album
To Pre-Order the Album (PHILIPPINES ONLY), go to this thread - Jerry Yan's 2nd Album
For Overseas, Please register and logon to

Programme: 100% Entertainment – BTS of “Just Want to Depend on You”

many thanks to eye4jerry from

translation from Ella fan

credit to Syyang@

Date: 13/5/2009
Programme: 100% Entertainment – BTS of “Just Want to Depend on You”

Credit: wwwnbbbscom

E = Ella

J = Jerry

VO = Voice Over

< > = Words on Screen

Xiao Gui: The next entertainment news is from “Just Want to Depend on You”.


< “Just” started filming and Ella ‘melts” the cool Bao Long* >

* Bao Long = Jerry’s nick

VO: Ella and Jerry’s partnership in new idol drama – “Just Want to Depend on You” has started filming. As to both artistes' first interacting scene, everyone was curious how is Ella going to “melt” the cool dude – Bao Long.


E: Initially, to be honest, I am a little nervous. Because I feel the urge to laugh when I look at him… As this is the first time we are acting along with each other, then what got me most anxious is that I had not acted for 2 years! So I…

J: For 2 years?

E: Yes… That is why… I feel a little foreign to this (acting again)… (playfully to J) And to face such a strong opponent, more or less, one would feel nervous… (teases J) BUT after acting together… (stifles laugh)… I discover the opponent is not very strong either! Haha!

VO: Ella has also successfully “won over Jerry’s heart”, and he was full of praise saying she is very nice and adorable.


J: (refers to E) She is someone who is very simple… And she does not make you feel pressurize… Yes, yes…

Ella with playful expression to hide her shyness.

E: (taps J, jokingly) Eh… Say some more good things! Come, come, come… (J laughs, E playfully gestures to crew member) Quick, bring me $200!

All laugh.

J: (stifles laugh) $200? Isn’t it just too little?

Ella pretends to put the “bribe of $200” into Jerry’s pocket.

E: Done! It’s in the pocket!

J: Yes…

VO: It is known that “Just” will also be spending a big budget to do filming overseas.

< “Just” will spend a hefty sum for overseas filming to many locations >

E: We heard there will be filming in Hangzhou next…

J: Japan… Korea… Hainan island…

E: (agrees with J) Oh yes, yes… And… also southern part of France… with a winery, is it?

J: I heard they… (finding the right word)…

E: Will be investing a large sum… Lots of sincerity…

J: Yes, investing a large sum in order to produce a something different.

E: Exactly.

VO: With respect to Ella’s words about “melting Xiao Xu Xu”, everyone on set discovered Jerry has indeed started to joke along with Ella.


E: (jokingly) Subsequently, as he is going to Japan, while I am going to Beijing… After all, we are very… you know… popular artistes… (stifles laugh) and we have a lot of assignments… Hahaha! (to J, who was trying hard not to laugh) So, we have to part for a little while. Hopefully you won’t become foreign to me the next time we meet, alright?

J: Alright!

E: (teases J) You have to think of me every moment!

J: (trying hard not to laugh) Alright!

E: (to camera) Ok, bye bye! (suddenly has an idea, to J) Hey, let’s say together… (whispers to J)

J: OK…

E: 1, 2, 3…

JE: Bye bye! Bye bye! (in Taiwan language, Min Nan Yu) Flu, Headache, keep away!*

* That is a famous advertisement slogan in Taiwan

~~~ End of Translation ~~~

[Eng sub] 090501 Press -TVB

thanks to mmymerry

Hilarious Ella Ready to “Melt” Jerry

jerry yan
Hilarious Ella Ready to “Melt” Jerry

source: UDN

thanks to Asianfanatics

GTV’s “Just Want to Depend on You” started filming last week. The fearless Ella started to tease Jerry Yan due to his phobia of the dark and hence, need to sleep with the lights on. Then she suddenly sprouted a shocking comment which had everyone’s jaw dropping, “This might lead to cancer.” Nonetheless, it has proven that the cool dude is gradually won over by the hyperactive girl. The usually reserved and strict Jerry, based on past filming experiences, was seen to be tickled and laughing at Ella’s jokes and even started to speak more.

Based on the past experiences, Jerry is renowned to be strict during filming and when on-site. Female leads who collaborated with him in the past, such as Janine Chang Chun-Ning and Terri Kwan Ying, both expressed that they did not dare to tease or provoke him. Meanwhile Ella, who had joked about “melting” Jerry prior to filming starts, seemed to have endless tricks up her sleeve and their interaction appeared not bad.

For instance, their first scene together was to film a basketball scene. According to the director’s requirement, Jerry had to kick the basketball up from the ground first, and then suavely toss it into the basket. As the series of action is of high difficulty, it is inevitable for Jerry to miss the basket and had to repeat the actions all over again. As tension mounted on the filming scene, the undaunted Ella actually added, “Boss, don’t forget you are part of ‘Hot Shot’?” While members of the production crew were worried that this might offend Jerry, little did they expect him to say Ella actually made him feel more relaxed.
posted by Syyang@

Ella, Jerry Yan – Insomnia on the Eve of Filming Together

Jerry Yan and Ella finally come together to film for the first time in idol serial – Just Want to Depend on You. Coincidentally, both artistes had lost sleep the night before. Ella has her ways to counteract insomnia and shared tips with Jerry in between filming. “Sometimes I would be afraid of the dark; hence, I like to keep the lights on when I sleep.” Ella said, “This might lead to cancer.” Then she shared on her personal experience, and suggested for Jerry to try wearing eyeshades instead. “This is not only healthier, but can also gives one a better quality sleep.”

In response to her first time filming with Jerry, Ella smiled and shared she was a little nervous initially, “Because I feel like laughing when I see him (Jerry). Most importantly, I was nervous because I have not acted for 2 years already, hence everything suddenly seem a little foreign.”

With Ella’s cheerfulness, the usually strict Jerry revealed, he felt a lot more relaxed. Upon hearing Jerry’s praises, Ella happily urged him on, “Do say some more, say some more.” Then she even playfully asked the crew to help prepare a red packet of NT$200 as a “gesture” to bribe Jerry. In response, Jerry countered, “NT$200, isn’t that just too little?”

Both Jerry and Ella had Insomnia before First Scene Together

scan credits to selina15 of
jerry yan, ella, Just Want to Depend on You,

more news
credit to karyee of
credit to sun718901 of

jerry yan, ella, Just Want to Depend on You,

Extracted from Jerry Yan Thread in AF, posted by fatty

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Both Jerry and Ella had Insomnia before First Scene Together

Earlier Jerry Yan and Ella had their first scene together for the new GTV drama [Just Want to Depend on You]. Coincidentally, the night before their first scene together, both of them had insomnia. Ella, herself familiar with cures for insomnia, used the spare time between scenes to teach Jerry Yan how to get a good sleep.

This was the first time the two collaborated together. For the first scene together, Ella shared with a laughed: [I was a bit nervous at first because I wanted to laugh whenever I see him (Jerry). Also, what's most nerve-whacking was that I had not acted in any drama for two years and so I am feeling a bit unfamiliar with the whole process.] Ella expressed that when facing a strong opponent such as Jerry, she would also feel more or less nervous. As for the cautious Jerry, he described his feeling towards acting with Ella as: [She is a very simple person that won’t give any pressure to anyone, and so I am feeling very relaxed.] Upon hearing Jerry’s praises, Ella exclaimed happily: [Say some more, say some more.]

This was a scene in which they would go head-to-head on a basketball court. As soon as she saw the ball, Ella happily started to play with it, [Actually I am very nervous doing this scene, because I am a basketball expert but I must portray someone inept at basketball and pretend that I don’t know how to catch the ball. Actually it is all acting, even pretending that I am weak, that actually is also just acting.] In comparison, it was much harder work for Jerry. Not only he must follow the director’s request of kicking up a basketball but he also had to perform a suave slam-dunk. In order to achieve what the director requested perfectly, Jerry had to keep repeating the same moves over and over. Sometimes when he missed the basketball, Ella would tease him mercilessly: [Aiyo, boss, didn’t you appear in {Hot Shot}?] Refusing to give in to the teasing, Jerry would of course try even harder to give a perfect performance.

Regarding Jerry’s basketball skills, Ella shared: [He is not bad at all. I think that he can shoot {Hot Shot} one more time. Because he is handsome, even if the ball did not go in, he still looks very handsome. Of course, sometimes I would make fun of him. That is to encourage him to aim even better.] Jerry’s explanation for his performance was: [I don’t really know how do trick to look good, but I would find various excuses such as the ball was too soft or that it is not round enough.] Just as he said that, Ella immediately teased again: [It is so obvious that you did do trick to look good too.] Because both of them had other work commitments, they wouldn’t be doing scenes together for the time being. However Ella especially instructed Jerry: [You must think of me often, OK?] The drama will also go on location in Hangzhou later.

Ella Jokes about Melting Jerry Yan’s Heart

taken from jerry yan thread in AF, thanks to myvi

credit the translation to Syyang. thank you.
posted at JUST thread@ AF

Date: 8/5/2009

Source & URL:

“Ability to Prosper One’s Husband” - Happy to be “Heavenly King-Making Machine”; Ella Jokes about Melting Jerry Yan’s Heart

When the bubbly Ella meets super-reserved Jerry Yan, just what kind of chemistry and sparks would they create in the fantasy-like idol serial? This fresh on-screen couple won not only the curiosity of many viewers, but also wooed the interest of GTV’s production crew – Just Want to Depend on You, to decipher their chemistry.

For the past 2 years, Ella did not film any serials and this is her debut collaboration with Jerry Yan. In the past, Ella was partnered onscreen with many handsome male leads and she also openly admitted to her preference towards good-looking guys.

Collaborating Male Leads Conferred “Heavenly King” Titles

Ella said jokingly, “This time I am really paired up with a ‘Heavenly King’. My previous partners became ‘Heavenly Kings’ only after the collaboration!” She explained, “In the earlier serials, the male leads became ‘Heavenly Kings’ after our onscreen collaboration!”

In reality, Ella does have what many termed as the “ability to prosper one’s husband luck”. The who have benefitted includes Joe Cheng and Jerry Huang from The Rose, and Wu Chun from Hana Kimi. Of course, the efforts from script, production crew and TV station are definitely contributing factors to successes, but the male leads’ popularity and rose to fame are also undeniably really upon collaborating with Ella to bring up their exposure.

Also already a renowned idol and household name in the Chinese entertainment scene – Jerry Yan, and Ella shared equivalent popularity and are considered complementary to each other. Hence, there will not be the issue of who is helping to bring up whose fame. However given Jerry’s cool and composed style, when he should meet the lively Ella; will union of the 2 extreme personalities be a big plus to both artistes’ performance, this aroused the curiosity of many.

To this, Ella was not the least worried. During the Asian press conference for “Just”, Ella took the very initiative, coupled with her humorous talents to warm up the atmosphere during the event. She even joked, “We just lack a lighter now to melt Jerry Yan.”

Addressing “Xu Xu” to Bridge Distances

Since the camera started to roll for “Just”, to date Ella, who was working overseas, had yet to film her first scene with Jerry. But from the moment the artistes started to have their costumes set-up, Ella had started to address Jerry as “Xu Xu” to bridge the distances between them.

During the press conference, it was a rare chance to see Ella dolled up in a dress and high heels. Every now and then, she would playfully put on her demure-best before Jerry, with the occasional mischievous sway of her waist and hips, coupled with alluring gestures to demonstrate her seldom showcased femininity. Her openness was in attempt to ease the awkwardness and warm up the cast, such that both Jerry and her would not appear overly unfamiliar with each other. Subsequently, Ella also shared that Jerry and her will have a “bold” and “abnormal” kissing scene in the serial. Meanwhile, Jerry revealed his shyness and dared not let his gaze wander.

However when Jerry praised Ella as being adorable, and expressed should the media speculate both artistes to be romantically linked in future; being rumoured with an adorable girl like Ella would be “not bad”; it was Ella’s turn to feel shy and appeared bashful.

Helping "Onscreen Boyfriend" Out

During the interview segment after the press conference, Ella took the initiative to chat with the media on different topics. One of the interesting parts was when Jerry was asked about his romance rumours with Terri Kwan after collaborating in the idol serial – Starlit, and their off-screen relationship; Ella observed that Jerry appeared slightly tongue-tied at the probing by the media and immediately jumped to the defense of her “future onscreen-boyfriend”.

In a joking tone, Ella grumbled, “Do you all treat me as non-existent? This is definitely not giving me due respect, after all I am still here!” Then she joked to Jerry to quickly resolve his outstanding matter (meaning the rumours with Kwan), before romancing her onscreen in the new serial. With the timely and witty reply, Ella not only teased the media present, but also eased the tension building up and led the interview back on track. Meanwhile Jerry, whose expression was initially turning grim, also heaved a sigh of relief and smiled once again.

In fact, “Just”, with a storyline acclaimed to be romantic, hilarious, devoted love and touching, it is inevitable for the conflicts of a 3-sided love affair to exist, and also the presence of misunderstandings and heartbreaks brought about by confusions in subplots. But basically, the main storyline will see Jerry’s stern-and-no-nonsense lawyer role being melted gradually by Ella’s youthful, bubbly nanny role. Ella highlighted that she is resolved to value-add to Yang Guo’s role to make her more adorable and attractive, such that the guys will fall head over heels with her in the serial.

According to sources on the storyline which was confirmed for “Just” to date, Jerry will portray the role of a legal eagle – Xiang Yu Ping, who is a composed, intelligent, lethal-tongued, cold and unfeeling character. Due to his elder brother’s demise, he ended up having to look after his nephew and niece, who appeared like angels on the outside, but devils on the inside. Given his hectic work schedule, and not being able to deal with kids, he had to engage the service of a professional nanny. However as he had driven away the past nannies, in order for peace to prevail once again, he ordered his secretary – Yang Duo (played by Xiao Xian, and elder sister of Yang Guo in the serial), to hire the 17th nanny.

Jerry's Message on Mother's Day

Video source:
Youtube link from: vivitao08

Translated by: Yanaliao (thank you)

When I was a kid, I used to wish I can grow up soon and take care of my family
As for my mum, I have a very deep impression on her, not her face but her back
That was my mum's sleepless back while ironing a pile of clothes.
Just to provide something for her two children.

Being used to holding back my emotions, my gratitude for her is always in my lips.

Mum, thank you!

Thank you for your silent support since I was a kid.
Happy Mother's Day!

I also wish all mothers a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Everybody should show gratitude to your mums
Not only on Mother's day

Make your mummy happy everyday oh~

Update on Jerry's 2nd Solo Album

Update on Jerry's 2nd Solo Album
posted by kkla at

Have waited for five years!!!

Finally, Ah Xu's 2nd solo album is going to be released soon!!!
In order to accumulate the power of supporting Jerry
Nbbbs now will help you order Jerry's solo album in advance

We hope to boost the sales of the first 2 weeks as much as possible
the greater the preorder number, the better looking of the score for the first week
(According to source, the sales of the first week require about 6000 to 18000 copies, depending on whoever releases the album at the same time...)
Being united will sure maximize the power
Let's jia you together, go go go!


This time, Jerry's album will have 2 different covers
if we want to have both versions
then we need to order two copies
also, only the ones who are preordered will come with a special gift
buying on site at the June 21 event won't include the special gift!
So please jia you in preordering the album!

P.S.: As Jerry's album will be released on June 19 and there will be promotional event on June 21. For fans who will attend the autograph/handshake/stamp session on June 21, the albums preordered must be delivered on site in person, so fans have the albums for the session.


Hot Shot BTS Ep 7

Jerry Yan's new website, 2 million visitors causing it to hang

Jerry is very thoughtful to fans. Lately, he spent NT1.5 million from his own pocket to set up a brand new and free official website. The new site was set up on 29 April, and instantly drew 300,000 visitors causing a hang. Yesterday was the 8th day of the site opening and it has 300,000 members, 2 million visitors.

Jerry will hold a fans meeting every year, but feels that interaction with fans is not enough. As the previous official site required paid membership to view some contents, he decided to set up a free official site. And the previous StarJerry site has stopped updating.

Jerry will leave messages that the site, greet the fans and he described members in the site as family. Mentioned that he heard that in the family, there was a member who had met with accident, another is fighting against cancer, hope everyone can pray for them, wishing family members healthy and happiness. According to sources, Jerry secretly went to ICU to visit when he heard tat a fan had met with accident. The fan was shocked and very touched. Now, this fan is undergoing therapy.


credits to michi@onlyf4 for the translation

Jerry Yan's US$20,000 an hour price and his appeal with the ladies

Taiwanese idol Jerry Yan will get US$20,000 to appear in a 60-minute episode of a new Taiwanese TV drama Just Want to Depend On You. As compared to his very first drama Spicy Teacher, Yan's market value has escalated more than 80 times over nine years.

Just Want to Depend On You is a drama collaboration among GTV Taiwan, Domani Family and a China media company. Besides having an interest in the script, Yan chose to take up the drama as a favour for producer Ke Yiqin.

"The producer of my first drama back in 2000 was Ke Yiqin. She is my benefactor," he said.

According to reports, nine years ago, Yan was paid merely NT$8,000 (about S$400) for each of the 90-minutes episode of Spicy Teacher. Now, he will be paid US$20,000 for each 60-minute episode. Despite the huge jump in price, the producer still exclaimed that the price paid for the idol to appear in the drama is definitely worth it.

In the drama, Yan will be partnering Ella of popular girl group S.H.E for the first time.

At the press conference of the drama early this month, Ella swore to break the ice with the passive actor within three days, and struck an alluring pose to flirt with him. The shy actor was tickled but dared not look at her.

Ella revealed that there will be an "unusual" and "wild" kissing scene for the two of them and she is full of anticipation. Ella also warned Yan not to fall in love with her.

The latter replied politely, "It's not too bad to be caught up in rumours with a cute girl like you!"

When reporters asked Yan about his rumoured relationship with actress-model Terri Kwan, he replied, "We are just friends who also go out together. We've never been to each other's houses, but I'll not think too much into future developments."

Ella also jumped to his rescue. "You can come to my place; my house is newly-renovated! But you have to settle your personal stuff before pursuing me!"

Assorted Jerry Yan News

posted by mjie

news from fruit daily

It says here that when Jerry open his official website for fans on the evening of April 29,
300,000 people instantly registered which caused the plug of the machine to burst or crushing
of the site set-up/major computer crushed and it has recorded views of 200 million already.
Although you can enter the site, but really very, very hard to register. Fenny said that probably
too many people maybe online at the same time, so be patient and they are conducting a few more test.

thanks to

Librabobo of found some information about Xiang Yu Ping:

Played by Yan Cheng Xu - Xiang Yu Ping (the owner of the Law Offices of Xiang and Associates) who is good at divorce and inheritance lawsuits. Because of his work, he has seen all the ugly and greedy faces of humans. Therefore, it led to his difficulty in believing that there is unchanged love between lovers and within family in this world.

Not only that he has seen too much at work, his ex-girlfriend, Ding Wei Fan, whom he had dated and given true love since school years left him after being a star. Ding was not satisfied with what she had or being ordinary. Since then, Xiang Yu Ping has sealed off his world of love that he doesn't just lack feelings for any women, he also stops loving his family. After his brother's dealth, a son and daughter are left. XYP intended to only take care of them with money, so he hired a nanny. However, money is not everything. The nannies he hired either quitted because the kids are too naughty or the nannies were crazy about him. Therefore, after 16 different nannies, finally, the NO. 17 nanny, Yang Guo, appeared and stays with them.

Zhang Xun Jie played XYP's good friend since youth and he is a interior designer. He also loves Yang Guo at the end and fights against XYP for her.

credit: mamy of

A blog owner wrote that he/she saw Jerry play basketball with Lin You Wei on May 3.

Please don't worry. Information was posted on Milkyway first as the deadline for Japanese fans to join the tours is May 8. As Ciciny posted on Chinese Board, the tours are not arranged by Milkyway or SJ/J&Y. Instead, it's SJ/J&Y asked the help from a local travel agency to arrange the tours. It works out as Jerry's fanbase in Japan is relatively bigger. Compared to Japan, this format doesn't work out in other countries due to the number and the locations of fans that it's hard to ask a local travel agency to arrange the same kind of tours to TW.

As far as I know, activities for promoting albums are usually organized by the record company, and the management agency is only in the collaborating postion.

Try to think it this way. The purpose of these activities is mainly to boost the sales of Jerry solo album, so it's better to include as many fans as possible. However, sometimes, it depends on the size of the venue and how much heart an agency has. For this, there is no doubt that I have more confidence in SJ/J&Y than Sony. From the previous experiences, we know that SJ/J&Y always tries its best to serve Jerry fans, although there is room for improvement and sometimes there is no way to meet everyone's expectation. For the activity arranged by Sony, we better lower our expectations, due to its previous performance and the fact that this may be Jerry's 3rd album with Sony.

For the fans event, some don't want any lucky draw. In other words, most fans want that all fans signing up can attend. However, if we think about it, it has both advantages and disadvantages. As Jerry has a strong fan base, if all the fans are allowed to attend a fans event and if the number of participants is over 1000 or 2000, then most likely it is hard for fans to have the chance to shake hands with Jerry upclose one by one. On the contrary, like the last fans event in HK and the number of participants was controlled under 1000, then each fan had a chance to shake hand with Jerry upclose. In order to control the number of participants, lucky draw is needed sometimes. The bottom line is that it is hard to fulfill each person's expectations, but I know that SJ/J&Y is always trying its best and it cares for our feelings, regardless where we come from. If any one of us has any comments and suggestions, don't forget to email SJ/J&Y.

Jerry & Ella’s Debut Collaboration - Many Romances, Sparks Await

Jerry & Ella’s Debut Collaboration - Many Romances, Sparks Await

uploaded by puvagu
credit to syyang at Asianfanatics

J = Jerry

E = Ella

X = Xiao Xian

R = Reporter(s)

E: There are many relationships in the serial.

X: Yes, it is very complicated, like 6-angle-love-relationship.

E: Exactly. (jokingly) It has totally overthrown the one-to-one relationship which idol serials used to emphasize…

X: Right, if you missed an episode, you might end up confused.

R: So it means Ella would be able to romance 2 handsome guys?

E: Oh no. (playfully) It’s those 2 who love me very much! Excuse me! (J nods, and all laugh) It is just how the drama is scripted… So I can only accept and enjoy it thoroughly. (J stifles laugh) Thank you. Oh yeah!

R: Ella, being the first time you worked with Jerry, please share on your sentiments. Are you feeling very nervous?

E: Nervous? (JE exchange look) Probably not, because I feel this is our job. (J agrees) I believe we are all professionals… (teases J playfully) If not, Jerry will not be Jerry! He is a~ Heavenly King~! And I… (feels a little awkward as she jokes on)… err… I am also a Heavenly Queen…

All laugh.

R: Ella, this is considered the 1st time you are working with a Heavenly King?

E: (playfully to tease R) Exactly, those whom I partnered with before in serials, have become heavenly kings after our collaborations. (all laugh including the cast) Thus, I am blessed to bring good luck and prosperity to others… (teases J about their collaboration, as J smiles) So, give it some thought, ok.

All laugh.

R: So that is for working with a Heavenly King… What about Jerry? (teases E) How do you feel working with the self-proclaimed Heavenly Queen?

All laugh.

E: (pretends to question R) What do you mean “self-proclaimed”?

R: (coaxes & teases E) Alright, you are the Heavenly Queen!

J: Yes… (looks at E) She is a very adorable little girl. Very attractive personality.

E: (shy) Thank you. (jokes away her embarrassment, suddenly to J) We are members of groups!

All laugh.

J: (momentarily surprised, stifled laugh) Oh, you are right!

R: (to J) So do you feel your heart “melt” a little?

J: Because… Because I feel more reserved around strangers, thus initially I will be like this … (refers to E) But she’s very gracious, therefore I will not feel so nervous.

~~~~~ End of Translation ~~~~~

1/5/09 - Jerry Yan, Ella @ Press Conference of "Just Want to Depend on You" (Sohu)

1/5/09 - Jerry Yan, Ella @ Press Conference of "Just Want to Depend on You" (Sohu)

credit to Sohu
posted by syyang at Asianfanatics
uploaded by shyun88

Jerry Yan Praise Ella as Adorable, Not Worry of Romance Gossips in Debut Collaboration.

Credit: Sohu

J = Jerry

E = Ella

F = Female Host

R = Reporter

VO = Voice-over

Jerry Yan Praise Ella as Adorable, Not Worry of Romance Gossips in Debut Collaboration

F: Yeah! Lets ring the bell to symbolise successful filming for Just! Ever high viewer ratings!

VO: The new idol serial starring Jerry Yan and Ella Just Want to Depend on You is going to start filming soon. They specially

arranged for a press conference on the 1st day of May. With regard to their first collaboration, both Jerry and Ella expressed

their elation and anticipation.

E: (playfully to tease R) Exactly, those whom I partnered with before in serials, are now heavenly kings. (all laugh including

the cast) Thus, I do bring good luck to others in my life, to bring prosperity to others (teases J about their collaboration, as

J smiles) So, what do you think, ok.

J: (refers to E) She is a very adorable little girl, and attractive personality.

E: (shy) Thank you.

VO: Usually, the male and female leads relationship would be used as a gimmick in promoting serials. However Jerry and Ella had

no qualms about their relationship being speculated as romance gossips.

E: (in retort to reporters, teases J) Oh, then you have to be careful. Dont fall for me. Let me advise you against it, ok. (J has

an adorable expression as though trying not to laugh, while E continues to joke) Usually, the male leads partnering me ended up

falling for me Excuse me (all laugh)

R probably ask Jerry if he would be worried to have romantic rumours with Ella.

J: (tactfully) No. To be rumoured in romance with such an adorable girl should be quite nice.

E: (quickly exclaims, to prevent reporters from asking further awkward question) AH! (jokingly to change the mood) I felt Ive

been wooed! (all burst out laughing, including J) I just felt being wooed for a split second. It felt nice.

VO: Although Jerry had clarified that he was merely good friends with female lead - Terri Kwan of his previous drama, his charms

are really irresistible. Even Ella was captivated by his charisma. It seemed that their sparks would once again captured the

media and everyones attention.