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Ella Jokes about Melting Jerry Yan’s Heart

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Date: 8/5/2009

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“Ability to Prosper One’s Husband” - Happy to be “Heavenly King-Making Machine”; Ella Jokes about Melting Jerry Yan’s Heart

When the bubbly Ella meets super-reserved Jerry Yan, just what kind of chemistry and sparks would they create in the fantasy-like idol serial? This fresh on-screen couple won not only the curiosity of many viewers, but also wooed the interest of GTV’s production crew – Just Want to Depend on You, to decipher their chemistry.

For the past 2 years, Ella did not film any serials and this is her debut collaboration with Jerry Yan. In the past, Ella was partnered onscreen with many handsome male leads and she also openly admitted to her preference towards good-looking guys.

Collaborating Male Leads Conferred “Heavenly King” Titles

Ella said jokingly, “This time I am really paired up with a ‘Heavenly King’. My previous partners became ‘Heavenly Kings’ only after the collaboration!” She explained, “In the earlier serials, the male leads became ‘Heavenly Kings’ after our onscreen collaboration!”

In reality, Ella does have what many termed as the “ability to prosper one’s husband luck”. The who have benefitted includes Joe Cheng and Jerry Huang from The Rose, and Wu Chun from Hana Kimi. Of course, the efforts from script, production crew and TV station are definitely contributing factors to successes, but the male leads’ popularity and rose to fame are also undeniably really upon collaborating with Ella to bring up their exposure.

Also already a renowned idol and household name in the Chinese entertainment scene – Jerry Yan, and Ella shared equivalent popularity and are considered complementary to each other. Hence, there will not be the issue of who is helping to bring up whose fame. However given Jerry’s cool and composed style, when he should meet the lively Ella; will union of the 2 extreme personalities be a big plus to both artistes’ performance, this aroused the curiosity of many.

To this, Ella was not the least worried. During the Asian press conference for “Just”, Ella took the very initiative, coupled with her humorous talents to warm up the atmosphere during the event. She even joked, “We just lack a lighter now to melt Jerry Yan.”

Addressing “Xu Xu” to Bridge Distances

Since the camera started to roll for “Just”, to date Ella, who was working overseas, had yet to film her first scene with Jerry. But from the moment the artistes started to have their costumes set-up, Ella had started to address Jerry as “Xu Xu” to bridge the distances between them.

During the press conference, it was a rare chance to see Ella dolled up in a dress and high heels. Every now and then, she would playfully put on her demure-best before Jerry, with the occasional mischievous sway of her waist and hips, coupled with alluring gestures to demonstrate her seldom showcased femininity. Her openness was in attempt to ease the awkwardness and warm up the cast, such that both Jerry and her would not appear overly unfamiliar with each other. Subsequently, Ella also shared that Jerry and her will have a “bold” and “abnormal” kissing scene in the serial. Meanwhile, Jerry revealed his shyness and dared not let his gaze wander.

However when Jerry praised Ella as being adorable, and expressed should the media speculate both artistes to be romantically linked in future; being rumoured with an adorable girl like Ella would be “not bad”; it was Ella’s turn to feel shy and appeared bashful.

Helping "Onscreen Boyfriend" Out

During the interview segment after the press conference, Ella took the initiative to chat with the media on different topics. One of the interesting parts was when Jerry was asked about his romance rumours with Terri Kwan after collaborating in the idol serial – Starlit, and their off-screen relationship; Ella observed that Jerry appeared slightly tongue-tied at the probing by the media and immediately jumped to the defense of her “future onscreen-boyfriend”.

In a joking tone, Ella grumbled, “Do you all treat me as non-existent? This is definitely not giving me due respect, after all I am still here!” Then she joked to Jerry to quickly resolve his outstanding matter (meaning the rumours with Kwan), before romancing her onscreen in the new serial. With the timely and witty reply, Ella not only teased the media present, but also eased the tension building up and led the interview back on track. Meanwhile Jerry, whose expression was initially turning grim, also heaved a sigh of relief and smiled once again.

In fact, “Just”, with a storyline acclaimed to be romantic, hilarious, devoted love and touching, it is inevitable for the conflicts of a 3-sided love affair to exist, and also the presence of misunderstandings and heartbreaks brought about by confusions in subplots. But basically, the main storyline will see Jerry’s stern-and-no-nonsense lawyer role being melted gradually by Ella’s youthful, bubbly nanny role. Ella highlighted that she is resolved to value-add to Yang Guo’s role to make her more adorable and attractive, such that the guys will fall head over heels with her in the serial.

According to sources on the storyline which was confirmed for “Just” to date, Jerry will portray the role of a legal eagle – Xiang Yu Ping, who is a composed, intelligent, lethal-tongued, cold and unfeeling character. Due to his elder brother’s demise, he ended up having to look after his nephew and niece, who appeared like angels on the outside, but devils on the inside. Given his hectic work schedule, and not being able to deal with kids, he had to engage the service of a professional nanny. However as he had driven away the past nannies, in order for peace to prevail once again, he ordered his secretary – Yang Duo (played by Xiao Xian, and elder sister of Yang Guo in the serial), to hire the 17th nanny.

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