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Jerry Yan secretly flies to Tokyo, fans worry about swine flu

Jerry Yan secretly flies to Tokyo, fans worry about swine flu

Japan version of "Wo Hui Hen Ai Ni" will not be included in new chinese album

Jerry left a secretive message at his official site on 18th, wrote that he left Taiwan to do something secretive. However, he did not know that the secret was already disclosed by fans. He was in Japan recording Japanese version of "Wo Hui Hen Ai Ni" whuch will be included in Japan release album. But situation in Japan for H1N1 virus is getting worse, and fans are worried.

Jerry wrote in his official site that he has left Taiwan for 3 days, and doing something secretive, it's his 1st try, spent a lot of time for preparations, hope these preparations will bring a good result, and hope to let everyone know soon. If in the end, u like it just like i did, enjoy this new attempt, ha, then i will love you very much! Everyone be patient and wait for me to bring home the end product.

Actually, Jerry gave a hint in his words ¡¸ÎÒ•þºÜÛÄ㡹, fans soon found out his whereabouts and news about his recording of new song became an open secret. Chinese version of the song is the song he sang for Sony MP3 endorsement. Yesterday, SonyBMG representative expressed that Jerry is indeed in Tokyo recording Japanese song. And his new solo album ¡¶¶à³öíµÄ×ÔÓÉ¡· is confirmed to be release in mid June. But the Japanese song will not be included in the chinese album.

Fans are most worried about Jerry's health because H1N1 virus in Japan is spreading fast. Jerry's management company assure fans not to worry.

21 May 2009 Apple Daily

credits to michi @ onlyf4

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