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Jerry Yan Burning Candles at Both Ends with Singing and Acting

Caption of picture 2: In between takes, Ella sat alone in a corner of the park with unfocused eyes.

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Jerry Yan Burning Candles at Both Ends with Singing and Acting White Hair from Overwork with less than 3 hours of Sleep a Day

[Because of poor sleep, it was hard to do make-up. I feel very apologetic to the cast.]

Jerry recently was burning the candles at both ends with his new album and drama. Getting less than three hours of sleep every day caused him to slim down. Not only did he who was approximately 72 Kg lose about 3 Kg in a month, hints of white hair could even be seen, proving that he was worked very hard. Yesterday, this reporter witnessed him filming with Ella on Rui-guang Road in Nei-hu. He even bear-hugged a stocky female staff member from the back and had her laughing happily. It was obvious that he got along well with the cast and crew. This behavior also disproved his reputation of being hard to get along.

This was the first time Jerry and Ella collaborated together in the GTV drama [Down with Love] and they had already developed a friendship. Yesterday, they were filming by a bus stop on Rui-guang Road. In the scene, the two had a big quarrel. Jerry was reasoning with her but she started to cry while hitting Jerry, even jumping out of the car, slamming the car door, wiping her tears as she ran away, ignoring him calling out behind her and refusing to turn around. This scene attracted many people standing around watching. There were also quite a number of female workers skipping work just to go and watch their idol filming. They would shout in excitement as they watched and did not want to leave even when the bus came. Jerry had no choice but to stay inside the car as much as possible in order to avoid causing a riot.
Caption of picture 1: Ella and Jerry doing a scene in the car. Ella looked a bit pissed off.

After Jerry had experienced Ella’s teary attack, he then shot a stand-off scene with Amanda Chou. This time it was he watching the other party leaving in anger with a lost look. The heartfelt love scenes for which he was well-known for was totally absent today. After shooting was finished, he even copied Ella, covered his face and with his assistant ran quickly into a nearby back alley and disappeared.

Jerry’s new album [Extra Freedom] will be released on June 18th. He was also busy with shooting [Down with Love]. It was burning the candle at both ends. His manager Fenny shared: [In these two months, he did not even have one day’s rest, but although busy, he was very happy.] The constant grind of work made him looked even thinner. It was estimated that he had lost around 3 Kg. However, Jerry expressed: [Really? But it is true that I am not getting much sleep. I only sleep for two or three hours a day. And because it is not a good sleep, my face does not take make-up well and so I am very apologetic to the cast and crew.] Also, being overworked seemed to produce white hair on his head? Fenny denied: [He does not have any white hair! Perhaps it was due to a reflection of the light on his hair that had highlights done.]


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