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No.5 Jerry Yen "say I love you at KTV"

An impressive video that illustrates the soul of a song with a beautiful story can make a song or a singer famous overnight, and can significantly impact the artist's future development. So, on today's edition of "Countdown", we'll tell you which of the latest music videos are topping the chart.

No.5 Jerry Yen "say I love you at KTV"

To most of the youngsters born in the 1990s, the Taiwan boy-band F4 is a bygone idol. While Jerry Yen, a former member of F4, has remained active in singing and acting. This is the first album by the artist since the F4 era, and Yen regards it as a new start for his singing career. Unfortunately, critics haven't given a thumbs up to his new music.



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  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Well it's impressive to be in Top 5 & it is evident that he has put in a lot of effort. Personally I love his album, so many meaningful & beautiful songs...Kudos to Jerry!