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Top 10 Mandarin Albums (June 12 - June 18)Jerry Yan's FREEDOM ranked # 1

Source: G-Music
Translation: Sarah @

1. Jerry Yan (言承旭) and ‘Freedom’ (多出來的自由:秘密自遊) with 33.21% sales (NEW!)
2. Evonne Hsu (許慧欣) and ‘Love * Over = Lover’ (愛*極限) with 6.13% sales
3. Xiao Yu and ‘Just Standing Here’ (就站在這裡) with 4.76% sales
4. LaLa (徐佳瑩) and ‘Self-titled Debut Album (LaLa)’ with4.3% sales
5. Zhang Yun Jing (張芸京) and ‘Unprecedented’ (破天荒) with 3.97% sales
6. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) and ‘Butterfly’ (花蝴蝶) with 3.81% sales
7. Nicholas Teo (張棟樑) and ‘The Moment Of Silence’ (沉默的瞬間) with 3.1% sales
8. Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏) and ‘007’ with 2.54% sales
9. Amber Guo (郭采潔) and ‘I Amber’ (愛異想) with 2% sales
10. Meeia Fu (符瓊音) and ‘Pink Jukebox’ (粉紅點唱機) with 1.95% sales

Album chart compiled from G-Music based on retail sales

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