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Who's that woman in Jerry's life?

Who's that woman in Jerry's life?

June 30, 2009

RUMOURS of a steamy relationship between F4 hottie Jerry Yan and Taiwanese top model Lin Chi-Ling have been spreading like wildfire.

But is there another woman in the picture?

Jerry has been reportedly touched by the kind gestures of actress Guey Lun-Mei.

However, as the suave, chiselled 32-year-old singer-actor told reporters at the Taipei press conference for his new solo album Freedom, it's not a boy-girl relationship they share, but a close friendship with an underlying mutual understanding.

Lun-Mei, 25, had recorded a congratulatory video message for him, which was aired at the press conference.

'I am really moved,' he said, looking grateful.

'Actually, I haven't had plenty of opportunities to work with Lun-Mei. We collaborated once on an advertisement for a convenience store and that's about it.

'We told each other that we had to keep on improving ourselves and taking our game to the next level,' he said.

He was surprised by Lun-Mei's initiative this time round though.

'I didn't expect her to give me such lovely words of encouragement, it's a great feeling that will linger in my heart for a long, long time,' he added.

'A caring friend like her is worth treasuring.'

Though previous reports in the media have painted him to be a 'difficult celebrity', he opened up and refuted such depictions of himself.

'I don't think I'm a difficult person to work with at all, it's just that I am very focused when it comes to work,' said Jerry.

'To put my heart and soul into every project I take on, that's my aim.

'It will be pointless to rush things out, I'm not a fast-moving consumer product.'

Quality above quantity

'I like to concentrate on things, one at a time, to ensure the quality in my work,' he stressed.

'There's still a long way to go in my entertainment career, I'm determined to make it last.'

Freedom, his second solo album, took five long years to produce, following his debut in 2004. The slow process was due to his hectic acting schedule.

Since 2005, he has been filming the television series The Hospital and other Taiwanese idol dramas such as Hot Shot and Star Lit. He has also been preparing for an F4 concert in Japan.

'The song Freedom accurately reflects my personal thoughts and feelings,' said Jerry.

'In a way, it brings out what I've been through these past five years, the hustle and bustle of my life so far.'

He remarked that it is only through music that he can 'display the true Jerry'.

'When you're acting, you're always playing different characters, taking on different roles.

'However, when it comes to my own album, that's where I can show my true self to my fans.'

New album aside, this filial son hopes to spend more time with his mother in the near future.

He is filming a new televison series Just To Be With You, which has occupied much of his time.

'If I have extra hours on my hands, I will rush home to be with my mum,' he said.

'When I'm filming, I hardly get to see her.',4136,206487,00.html

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