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【说感情】About Relationships

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【说感情】About Relationships

“I don’t limit myself, I can fall in love with even someone who works with me”

{Jerry Yan has revealed his past love with Lin Zhi Ling and said that it was due to his insecurity, lack of confidence, not being gentle, not saying sweet nothings. . . . . .}

Sina News : You are single now, any plans for relationships?

Jerry Yan : I don’t plan anything, it depends on Fate. Like you might be attracted to a girl that you’ve never given much thought to, she shows you concern and you could be touched by her. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt that. It’s hard to describe feelings, so I won’t say that she has to be 1.78m, weigh 68kg.

Sina News : Any expectations in terms of personality?

Jerry Yan : Someone who can show concern for others. Like we are very pressurized in this Line and if our other half doesn’t understand or can feel for you then there would be many problems.

Sina News : Would you like someone boyish like Ella?

Jerry Yan : I won’t limit myself. Just let things happen naturally and I might even like some I work with. Like if she is serious about her worn, I would find such a girl very attractive! I won’t limit that she has to be of a certain status or someone famous.

Sina News : It’s been 5 years since your last album. Your 2nd album {Freedom} has topped the charts in Taiwan for 2 weeks. Did you participate in the album production?

Jerry Yan : Yes. After listening to many of the songs, you can discover how I feel. In the album, there is a song {Thank You}. It’s actually what I wanted to say to the fans.

Sina News : You’ve always said that you are not good enough, it sound like a humble reply?

Jerry Yan : But it’s really so. I feel that I really don’t know how to handle things but now I do. Like if you only think about how to make everyone do things better and ignore how others feel and their hardships, what turns out might not be good. So when we think more for others, the work might be better than expected.

Sina News : Any plans for your music?

Jerry Yan : I want to do more like another concert and to do promotions in China. I’ve really worked very hard for this album an hope that everyone can get to know Jerry Yan in another light.

發表於 2009-7-28 08:11 PM 資料 短消息
个人档案 Personal Profile
英文名:Jerry Yan English Name : Jerry Yan
原名:廖洋震 Family Name : Liao Yang Zhen
生日:1977年1月1日 Birthdate : 1st of Jan 1977
星座:魔羯 Zodiac : Capricorn
生肖:龙 Chinese Zodiac : Dragon
身高:180厘米 Height : 1.8 m
体重:72公斤 Weight : 72 kg
血型:B型 Blood Group : B
喜爱运动:球类运动,游泳 Favourite Sports : Ball games, swimming
藏品:各式各样的眼镜 Collection : All kinds of spectacles
喜爱颜色:黑色 Favourite colour : Black

入行记录 Filmography
电影:《魔幻厨房》Movie : Magic Kitchen

电视剧:TV Series
《林佳仪音乐爱情故事》: Lin Jia Yi’s Music Love Story
《麻辣鲜师》: Spicy Teacher
《女生向前走》: Walk On, Girls!
《流星花园》: Meteor Garden
《流星雨》: Meteor Garden series
《来我家吧》: Come to My Place
《白色巨塔》: The Hospital
《篮球火》: Hot Shot
《心星的泪光》: Starlit
《华丽的挑战》: Extravagant Challenge {Postphoned}
唱片:《流星雨》、《多出来的自由》Albums : ‘Meteor Garden’, ‘Freedom’
* Article omitted ‘Just For You’.

艺人语录 Artistes’ Words
“I may not have a 100% talent but I definitely put in 100% hard work.”

走红条件 Requisites for Popularity
[外形] 一口雪白的牙齿,很害羞的表情,会让女生很心动。
{Appearance} ~ Snowy-white teeth, a very shy disposition that touches ladies’ hearts.
~ Chen Zi Han, one of the leading ladies of ‘Just Wanting to Love You’.

[实力] 他是一个很好的演员,合作也很愉快,也没外传的这么难搞。我跟他说,看到他的笑脸,大家的工作心情都变得很轻松。然后他就说,如果他的一点改变能让大家开心,他就愿意去做。我期待下次能再和他合作。
{Strengths} He is a very good actor and I was very happy with our collaboration. He isn’t as difficult as the media makes him out to be. I told him that when I see his smile, everyone’s work becomes more relaxed. Then he replied that his slight change can make everyone happy, he is willing to do it. I look forward to working with him again.
~ Ke Han Chen, Director of ‘Just Wanting to Love You’

[星运] 言承旭的运气很好,虽然以前因为臭脾气而惹来很多批评,但他的粉丝团却强大而忠心。随着年龄的增长,他逐渐成熟,心态的改变会让他获得更大的发展空间。
{Luck} Jerry Yan’s career has been very smooth sailing. Even though he was criticized by many for his bad-temper but his fans are still loyal and growing. As he ages, he’ll mature and his change attitude will further expand his horizons.
~ Si Hong, media personnel

【记者印象】Reporter’s Impressions

言承旭变了。Jerry Yan Has Changed

Throughout the 1 hour interview, he helped me by holding up my recorder. When it was about to end, he smiled and said, ‘I read the previous article that Sina News wrote.’ That shocked me.

“那篇报道”发生在3年前,标题是《千支牙刷难换与偶像合影———言承旭见面会歌迷气难平》,当时他应邀到上海出席一场牙刷代言活动,本报上海记者站同事 对该活动的敛财和混乱的组织工作进行了揭露和批评。稿子见报后,这位记者受到了一些自称是“言承旭粉丝”的骚扰和威胁,从此隐姓埋名成了一位“地下工作者 ”。当我将同事的遭遇告诉言承旭时,他显得有些吃惊:“那篇文章很好啊,其实写得有道理,我那个时候不知道怎样跟媒体沟通,所以产生了一些误会。”那身帅 气没有变,而学会宽容和理解的言承旭,更加令人欣喜。
‘That article’ was 3 years ago. The title was ‘Jerry Yan fans disgruntled ~ 1000 toothbrushes can’t exhange for Idol Shoot’. He was invited to Shanghai for a toothbrush promotion. Our reporter revealed and criticized the Sponsor’s greed and the event’s inapt organization. Due to this, the reporter was harressed and threatened by fans and has to remain incognito ever since. I told what happened to my colleague to him and he seemed astonished. ‘That was a good and well-written article. I didn’t know how to communicate with the media then so there were misunderstandings.’ He is still dashing yet now Jerry Yan has learnt to be forgiving and understanding. That has really endeared him to others.


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