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Jerry Yan: I was “aloof” in the past as I do not know how to express myself

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Jerry Yan: I was “aloof” in the past as I do not know how to express myself

Source: SINA
Translation by: syyang @

Ella (left) has changed Jerry Yan on-and-off-screen.

Despite his handsome appearance which invites cheers from fans everywhere he goes, Jerry Yan seemed to always have a “bad-temper” label stuck to him. Since [Meteor Garden], rumours of Jerry Yan’s bad temper and news speculations have been incessant. Hence the nickname of “Bao Long” (lit transl: Violent Dragon or T-Rex). Such news were further “proven” with the change of 8 manager agent s within 3 years.

Those who loved him called him – “Xiao Bai Tu” (lit transl: Little White Rabbit). Not only does Jerry has very white teeth, but his two front teeth also resembled that of a little rabbit. Most importantly, fans had attempted to use this adorable pet name to oust the unfavourable nickname of “Bao Long” away. But how does Jerry feel personally? Is he really happy? Recently, during the filming of [Down With Love] (DWL) in Hangzhou, china, Jerry accepted an interview from [Yang Cheng Evening News]. He shared thoughts on his growth and feelings within the industry. He admitted, now he has changed a lot, “ELLA has influenced me greatly.”

[Sharing on ELLA]

“She is always ready to share love and concern for others. To me, such interaction makes one feel very heart-warming.”

Idol drama – DWL, is the collaboration across the shores with filming in Taipei and Hangzhou, and a debut partnership between Jerry and SHE’s member – Ella. Jerry will act as a lawyer and Ella as a down and out former little rich girl. Together, they will weave a love story. To Jerry, the collaboration seemed to be the greatest opportunity to change himself for the better.

Reporter ®: How do you feel collaborating with Ella?

Jerry (J): Actually I am full of anticipation! Because I’ve heard many people spoke of her in the past, and hence I do not feel foreign working with her. I am indeed speaking the truth when I said during the press conference earlier, I feel shy seeing her dressed up so sexily. Because she is not one who would flaunt her merits usually and thus, misleading everyone to think she is very boyish. But in fact, she can be one --- someone who is very elegant and demure, and very sexy and beautiful too. I feel that she should really showcase more of this side of her, and I believe there will be even more people who like her (laugh).

R: Since your collaboration in the past 2 months, were there any memorable incidents?

J: Too many memorable incidents. Such as, just a few days back, we were filming a dancing scene. She looked at me sincerely and said, “If you ever need, I will give you a lot of encouragement.” I feel that everyone is under a lot of pressure, yet she is always ready to share her love and concern for others. To me, this interaction makes one feel very heart-warming. This also extends to us playing around off-screen. For instance during one of those very hot days, she actually came over to tease me. In the end I carried her up and turned a few rounds until she could not even stand up properly after I put her down.

R: Have you not met a partner who could understand you as well as Ella, in the past?

J: Just like how Ella explained, in the past, I tend to hide behind a defensive wall to the environment. A lot of girls whom I partnered with, tend to find that I am very cold and distant; but only Ella dares to pop over to kick and tease me… But I am not angered by this. Instead I feel that this little girl is very adorable and she is actually only playing with you! Just like in this serial, everyone will be able to see the interesting chemistry between myself and Ella.

R: According to sources, Ella, is the first actress whom you had partnered with, and wish to celebrate her birthday for her?

J: Actually speaking of that day, I was quite upset. I have been planning to spring a surprise for her but just in those 2 days, something else happened to affect my mood a little.

R: Hangzhou is a romantic and beautiful place; do you all have plans to do something special?

J: Yes, I told her, if there is a chance, we should take a boat ride to view the scenery. That would be spectacular! The important point is as long as she is willing, I wish for her to share some of her unhappiness with me. I feel that I am like family to her and it is not forever that she should be the one showing concern for others. I trust that she would also need someone like family members, to give her strength.

[Sharing on Change]

“Actually real joy is when everyone is happy. I have learnt to view problems with from this perspective.”

In the last episode of [Meteor Garden], an interaction scene was added for Shancai and Daomingsi. This caused Barbie Hsu (Big S) to feel very vexed then as it seemed there were speculations that Jerry’s temperament caused her fear. In fact, many people are also fearful of her. Yet during the filming of DWL, Jerry seemed to have become more “easy to get along with”. Not only will he pick up his own meal box during meal times, but he would also do the sorting of rubbish after meals by himself, and even offered to help the crew members carry the rail-tracks for filming. He shared, “Now, I have learnt to show concern for others and to bow even lower.” This statement has thus become a classic.

R: Your tempers seemed to have changed a fair bit recently?

J: One of the major contributing factors has to be Ella’s influence on me. She is actually very sensible and sentimental. She would treat each day seriously and do nothing but her best for her work and also treat everyone around her sincerely. Observing her gestures has changed my attitude to others. Not everyone is born like Andy Lau – who knows how to get along with everyone else. But when you learn from Ella to show concern for others, you would feel happy too. That is a wonderful feeling.

R: Earlier on, Ella analysed your character and shared that you are “actually a ‘kai xin guo’ (lit transl: source of happiness, bundle of joy), and the extent of your seriousness in work would make one feels heartache for you. You had only erected the wall because of special condition in the past.” Do you agree with her analysis?

J: To be honest, it is quite scary. Not many whom had worked with me can give such an appropriate analysis. Just a few nights ago when I filmed till 2-3 am, she was just sitting somewhere near me and she offered me encouragement. At that time, I really was nearly moved to tears. Some people, for their own gains, would attempt to hurt others. But not Ella. She would always strive to do her best at work, and make everyone around her happy. Such gestures would make you feel that the world is so beautiful! She would make you feel – I must also be happy and brush away the gloominess of the past…

R: Are you someone who deeply wishes for care and concern from others?

J: It never occurred to me before. But what I wish to say is that, when we feel that the going is tough, we can always give each other a hug. These few days, her mood has been affected by something. I just wish to walk into her room to give her an encouraging hug, but yet lack the courage. Maybe as I am not someone who is proactive hence, sometimes even when I feel warm and passionate about doing something, but I would feel strange taking initiative.

R: You have always been served by an entourage of crew members?

J: In the past, I have 5-6 crew members following me. But not anymore. Actually like a child born in riches and has been well-protected, he probably could not understand what it means to be sensible or not. But one day, when he lost all these protection, the little child would start to empathise and be sensitive to others’ sufferings. When a serial gained popularity, the artistes would be glorified and gain fame. But everyone would neglect the director, cameramen and other crew members, even the crew carrying the rail-tracks worked very hard. In the past, I was too well-protected by other crew members and did not have the chance to see others’ sufferings as I am always enjoying the air-conditioning in my dedicated artiste vehicle. But now, when there are no more crew members attending to me, I remind myself that I can no long be that spoilt child and should gain a perspective of the bigger world, and remember everyone’s help to you.

R: One of the crew members shared that you would even take initiative to help crew members carry the rail-track now?

J: It is not a matter of taking initiative. Actually real joy is when everyone is happy. I have learnt to view problems with from this perspective. In the past, we have always been requesting for others to heed our feelings, but when we are able to see others, our work would really become better. The other time when I was in Taiwan and the stage collapsed during the autograph session, many reporters were perspiring badly under the hot sun just so to do the interview. I merely passed a tissue to one reporter and he was very happy. I had not done this intentionally, and it is not really a difficult task, but why had it not occurred to me in the past?

R: How would you view the reporters who write about your gossips and rumours?

J: Perhaps I have not done everything right in the past, thus resulting in their misunderstanding. Like how I said earlier, why do I only see myself in the past? I hope to be able to see more of others in the future.

[Sharing on Feelings]

“I would not state restrictions. I might even fall for a member of the crew.”

Earlier, Jerry Yan admitted to his past romance with Lin Chiling and shared on the reason for the failed relationship. He attributed it to his inferior complex, lack of self-confidence, not gentle enough and not being able to speak honeyed words…

R: Would you fall for Ella – whom we tend to think of as a “fake little boy”?

J: I would not state restrictions, because matters of the heart come naturally. I might even fall for a member of the crew. Perhaps when you see a member of the crew working seriously, you would feel that she is really attractive! Thus, I would not set restrictions as to who that special girl might be for me.

Disclaimer: Due to time constraints, the translator only translated the parts where Ella Chen was mentioned.

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  1. That's very good...Good to know Jerry since the DWL time has changed a lot. It's very good to know that people change for the better not for worst. I'm very happy for my crush and idol Jerry Yan. That's why I love him so very much. Please visit us again here in the Philippines Jerry!..