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July 7, 2009 -Lian He Bao

July 7, 2009 -Lian He Bao

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It was reported that the JUST team will start filming in Hangzhou (Mainland China) tomorrow and it is planned to have a press conference over there on July 19. At the beginning, the executive producer, Ke Yi Qin, assumed that Jerry and Ella would request to bring along a lot of personal staff, but she didn't expect that in order to help the team save production fee, Jerry initiated not to bring any personal make artist or hair stylist with him to Hangzhou, and this helps the team save about NT300,000. That's why Ke feels like laughing even in her dream.

Jerry is busy at filming drama at this time and some of his recent behaviors really surprised some people who have known him for years. For instance, when the stage almost collapsed during his album's autograph session, he didn't have a temper outburst, instead, he joked, "Economy is not good, so the record company has limited budget." Besides, for the first time, he opened his heart on tv and admitted Ms. Lin as his ex-girlfriend. (huh?? ) His friends also mentioned that he has sent SMS messages to his friends quite often recently and the content is quite childish.

According to Ke Yi Qin, who hasn't worked with him since Happy Campus and has heard a lot of rumors about Jerry all these years, at the JUST filming sites, she found that Jerry's kindness and being easy is so beyond her expectation that it really surprised her. She said, "He treats the crew especially good and he even moved the track with the lighting crew." She had no other way but approached him, "You really don't need to help move the props. It is embarrassing to need your help."

Ke Yi Qin further stated, for super A casters like Jerry Yan, it's very common to bring along their personal image designer, hair stylist, and make-up artist on trip, but he is willing to use the hair stylist and make-up artist provided by the team, and she really appreciates. According to information, the JUST team will stay in Hangzhou for about 2 weeks and the production fee for filming in Hangzhou will be about NT 5 millions.

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