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Yan Cheng Xu Released Album In Japan With Wonderful Daily Sales Score

July 24, 2009
Taiwan Apple Daily
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Yan Cheng Xu Released Album In Japan With Wonderful Daily Sales Score
Got The 2nd Place On Oricon

Yan Cheng Xu will go to Japan for promotion next month and he hopes that he can freely ride a bike over there.

When Yan Cheng Xu went to Japan for promotion before, he attracted more than one thousands fans to pick him up at the airport.

His fans meet sessions have increased to 4 sessions in Japan, but only one was held in Taiwan.

Yan Cheng Xu's (Jerry)album, Extra Freedom (Japanese version), was available for sale ahead of time on the 21st, and its daily sales have reached the 2nd place on Japan's Oricon. It only lost to the anime album of a popular online video game in Japan. It also won over Michael Jackson's Best Collection, and he can be called Taiwan's Pride. In order to repay sakura ladies' enthusiasm, he has left his schedule open from August 13 to 23 for going to Japan for promotion. Initially, only one fans meet session for each was planned for Tokyo and Osaka, but as the number of applicants have greatly exceeded the available seats, so one more session was urgently added in each location. Totally, there will be 4 fans meet sessions in Japan, and more than 30,000 fans will benefit. However, as only one fans meet session was held in Taiwan, it gives people the feeling of giving unfair treatment.

Jerry's popularity is very high overseas and Sakura ladies chase this star enthusiastically. Last month when he had the one and only one autograph session at Taipei's Breeze Center, it attracted about 2500 fans, and he signed autograph continuously for 8 hours. Among them, there were 1000 fans who especially joined the tour flying from Japan to support him.

He invaded the Japanese market with his newest album, which contains one Japanese song and 10 Chinese songs. Its daily sales on the 21st has reached 7057 copies, and it got the 2nd place on Japan Oricon's Album Daily Chart. Its daily total sales is higher than Michael Jackson's Best Collection of 5811 copies which was released last September and became popular again recently. On July 22, his album stays at the 4th place which is very not easy in the very competitive Japanese market.

When Jerry heard the good news yesterday, he was very happy. On August 13 to 23, he will go to Japan for attending the fans meet sessions in Tokyo and Osaka. The venue in Tokyo can seat about 10,000 people and Osaka's with 5000 people When his offiical website in Japan opened for registration on July 9, the applications have exceeded the available seats in 5 days. 30,000 fans' needs are not fulfilled until his agency decided to add one more meet session in each location.

In this upcoming trip, he will stay in Japan for 11 days, but only 7 days contain public activities. On other days, he will have other meetings and private activities. However, when compared to the 6 days that he provided for Taiwan's promotion, Japan's contains one more day, so no wonder Sakura ladies love him more.

Jerry is popular in Japan

2006/09: 15000 fans attended his fans meet sessions; made 50 millions sales, and with 1000 people picking him up at the airport
2007/03: Went to Japan as Tourist Ambassadors with F3, attracted 200 media to the press conference, was invited on SMAP x SMAP, and played sitcom with SMAP
2007/10: The Hospital, which was played by him, was broadcasted on NHK-BS Channel
2008/10: Had concert tour with F3 in Yokohama, Tokyo, and Osaka; performed at Tokyo's Budokan for the first time; had 7 concerts in Japan in total and broke the record among Chinese artistes
2009/06: The preorder of his solo album, Extra Freedom (Japanese version), reached the champion on Japan HMV's chart, beating Japanese and Korean singers such as Fukuyama Masaharu, Arashi, TVXQ, and so on.

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