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8/3 News DWL Filming

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It's reported some BTS stories about DWL's filming. Other than Jerry's providing massage, one time when Jerry's supposed to say, "Miss Yang was my niece and nephew's nanny", but he made a mistake and said, "Ms. Yang was my niece" instead. It made Ella almost have a breakdown and said, "When did I become your niece? Oh! Are you nuts?" Then the whole crowd laughed, so did Jerry.

Yan Cheng Xu likes to tell cold jokes, even when he is saying the lines. In one scene, when Qi Ke Zhong's (played by Michael Zhang) mother told XYP about Yang Guo's shortcomings, XYP wanted to leave immediately, so he could find Yang Guo. When doing trial, he changed his lines "I have some very very important matters. I need to find that Ms. Yang immediately." to "I really have to the restroom. Qi Mama, please let me go, ok?” All the people didn't realize that he was telling a cold joke until several seconds later. Even his assistant thought that he really needed to use the restroom and planned to walk him to the restroom. For the cold responses, Yan Cheng Xu asked, "Isn't it funny? It is very funny.”

Even when he bought everyone beverages, he liked to tell cold jokes. He once told a crew member, "Sorry. I didn't buy any for you." That member played along with him, pretended to be sad, and said, "Oh really? Then I will cry to death. I want to go back to TW!" The ones on the side couldn't stand it any more and said, "Give me a break. With a joke this cold, how could you play along?!”

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