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Is Ella Jerry Yan’s Love Interest? Artiste Manager’s Response, “Not Possible!”

Source: UDN
Translation: Syyang @

During [Down With Love]’s press conference in Hangzhou, Jerry revealed that he wishes to tour the scenic Xi Hu with his loved one. Most surprisingly, during the post-press conference interview with one of the magazines, he actually mentioned Ella to be the one, he wishes to tour Xi Hu with, and wondered if Ella would be willing to?

In the past, Jerry has not done a lot of drama promotions in China. Therefore many Chinese reporters were less familiar with him. Thus, upon hearing his words and seeing how Ella and him have interacted seamlessly during the press conference, and even hug each other during photo-taking, the reporters were unable to tell the truth and wondered if Jerry was making a confession. Or was this a publicity gimmick for the drama? Or simply just a harmless joke?

Yesterday, Jerry’s artiste manager Fenny clarified she was running about during the press conference and had no impression of it when Jerry mentioned it. “Even if he did say so, he must be joking as it is not possible (for romance) between both of them.”

Fenny added further, Jerry is a passive person and could easily be influenced by the atmosphere around him to do things he might not usually do so. When he was filming [DWL], it was obviously he was influenced by the bubbly Ella. As to their hugs, Fenny said, “This definitely shows there is nothing (romance) between them. If there is really any (romance), how could they share such intimate gestures openly?” In addition, the drama’s producer Ke Yi Qun also shared, Jerry and Ella’s interaction at the filming sites is very good. But based on her observation, they are really just friends, with no romance brewing.

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