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Jerry specially showed his support to Dai Li Ren

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Today, a new movie, Bu Neng Mei You Ni, was directed by Dai Li Ren had a charity preview, and Jerry specially showed his support at the theatre.

Although Jerry rushed to resume filming, he showed up at the theatre to support Dai Li Ren. Because of the storm and traffic, Dai was 40 minutes late. When he arrived, he immediately apologized to Jerry and the press. Although Jerry waited for 40 minutes outside, he didn't leave but waited until Dai arrived. When asked whether he would see the movie today, he answered that he had seen it already (Jerry was invited to see it in the screening studio before). When asked which parts he likes the most about the movie, he said a lot of parts, especially the ending. It's very touching. Although he is super busy recently, he is glad to see a good movie which is good 'food' for his spirit. After the interview on stage by the host, Jerry left without having any interviews by the press. Dai Li Ren explained for Jerry saying that Jerry is the kind who is always very loyal and who does a lot for his friends without mentioning to anyone. When asked whether he would invite Jerry to act in his movies in the future, Dai said of course. He said that he wanted to work with Jerry again, even just having guest appearances in Jerry's upcoming drama projects. Why? As Jerry is really something as a friend.

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