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Jerry Yan Distributes Sanitary Napkins While Filming; “Sun-Dried” under Scorching Sun

9/1, 2:44pm
During the filming break, Jerry (right) would playfully pat Ella’s tummy.

Jerry (right) was carrying a box of sanitary napkins while filming with Ella at Xin Yi area.

credits to Syyang - Asianfanatics
source: TW NextMedia

Jerry Yan Distributes Sanitary Napkins While Filming; “Sun-Dried” under Scorching Sun

Jerry Yan was spotted filming with Ella, in a distributing sanitary napkins scene, at one of the bustling area in Xin Yi. Under the scorching sun and high temperature of 35 Degrees Celsius, both artistes filmed throughout the hot afternoon and nearly became “sun-dried human beings”. In response to the reporter’s comment that he is tanned and lanky, the artiste who is very conscious of his appearance replied with a bitter smile, “I know that myself too!”

Pats Ella’s Tummy for Fun

Jerry Yan has been rushing to film for GTV’s idol drama - [Down With Love] through the day and night. Yesterday our reporter spotted Jerry, Ella and Xiao Xian filming near Xin Yi New York New York Shopping Mall. In this scene, Jerry was supposed to help Ella earn money by distributing sanitary napkins on the street. To make the scene more convincing, the production team also hired a big group of ladies to be cast as passer-bys. When the camera stopped rolling, Jerry would be shielded by a big umbrella. He also seized the opportunity to playfully pat on Ella’s tummy to tease her. But after one afternoon of filming, he was exhausted by the filming.

Recently Jerry has become darker and lankier, and grown more tired. According to sources, he has been working for long hours recently with the highest record of working 18 hours straight. After taking out the time for his make-up and style setting, he merely slept for 2 hours each day, and based on how he appeared yesterday at filming, indeed, he was overworked.

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