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Jerry Yan & Ella Playing Together, Poking Eyes & Nose

credits to Syyang @ Asianfanatics

source: Liberty Times

Jerry Yan & Ella Playing Together, Poking Eyes & Nose

Jerry and Ella may be working on the same serial but the treatment they received had differed. Yesterday while both artistes were filming in Taipei Xin Yi street for GTV’s idol drama - [Down With Love], under the scorching heat, Jerry’s assistants had followed him closely with an umbrella wherever he goes. While filming, the crew members would also hold the reflective board for him and shielded him from the media’s snooping; on the other hand, Ella was without any protection while she continued filming under the hot sun. It is some difference indeed between the treatments received by the male and female lead!

Jerry was busy with filming and the promotion of his latest album. In August, he visited Osaka (Japan) and organised 4 meet-the-fans sessions. He had presented with flu symptoms upon returning from Taiwan. Yesterday while filming in Xin Yi area, the reporter sighted that he was resting over his knees probably due to fatigue. Given the long hours for filming, Jerry and Ella would often joke and play around with each other, and even poke at eyes and nose, just like young children!

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