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Sep 9, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

Sep 9, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

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It was reported that there is rumor recently that Skip Beat is going to resume filming in Oct, but the male main lead will become Wu Zun, meaning that YCX has wasted all his effort, including promoting SB in Japan last Nov.

Gossips have followed SB all along. For stance, the rumors of Zheng Yuan Chang's quitting due to decreased parts and the director's changing from Qu You Ning to Niu Cheng Ze all related to YCX. However, there is a say recently that YCX is just the scapegoat for both incidents. The Zheng Yuan Chang incident was because the production company, Comic, wanted to use its own artiste, Yan Ya Lun, and the change of director was because the production team thought that Dir Niu is better in filming show business stories. This made YCX being "hit" twice without being able to voice out his side of the story.

Last Nov, when Jerry promoted SB in Japan, it attracted 2000 fans picking him up at the airport. Then 2 months late, the filming was put on hold by the Japanese invester. Now the filming will resume but the male main lead will change to WZ instead. It was rumored that all along the production team has wanted WZ to be the main lead, but only because the Japanese invester insisted on having Jerry, so they asked Jerry first. Now as Jerry will have a full schedule until the end of this year and he won't have time to pick up the project, the production team tries to change the male main lead along with the situation. Comic tried to use this role as the bargain to negotiate WZ's management contract with him.

Yesterday, Comic's General Manager denied any resumed filming of SB saying that the project is leaded by GTV, and no one has mentioned to him regarding giving the role to WZ. He said that WZ is filming movie at this time and he doesn't have time for this project. He said this rumor was spred by someone on purpose.

GTV's Assistant General Manager and Jerry's agent, Fenny, also denied any resumed filming of SB.

kkla: This news reminded me of the post on PTT by an insider regarding an article released in Next Magazine by Comic saying that Yan Ya Lun's record company didn't want him to "lift the sedan" for YCX, but actually the day before Yan Ya Lun had set his images/outfits for the drama. Think of Hot Shot, I am surprised that GTV and Comic have done a lot of work behind Jerry. Also, I remember when Japanese fans asked the Japanese invester about the abortion of the project, the Japanese invester indicated that GTV had released (false) information without their consent.

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