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Jerry at the blue carpet

The following translation is based on the Chinese translation provided by 樱子★旭 of

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Jerry at the blue carpet

When Jerry and Anne were taking pictures, 2 of the hosts were standing at the other side.

Male host was Mr. 天野 博之
Female host was ____
Both were very excited. Their conversation was as follows:

MH: Wow! What's this? The feeling is different, like having a halo. The flashlight increases all of a sudden.

FH: Yes! It has been different since just now. For both having such charm, there is a reason.
Anne Watanabe - she is not just a famous model, she is also an actress who plays in numerous mainstreamed tv dramas. Also I heard that, this guest came to Japan in short notice especially for this "sky perfect tv award 2009" If we mention DMS in the Taiwan version of Meteor Garden, everyone should know him in Japan. He is Jerry Yan.

MH: Wow! Jerry Yan in F4. What's that? That is ...the No. 1 good physique in the world. That kind of figure! Really want to borrow it for a week. Oh,...that....the crowd has increased...right?...must be for seeing Jerry Yan.

FH: True... is increasing...very handsome!

MH: As handsome as a doll. Can't believe that both of us belong to the same human species.

FH: I don't really want to stand next to them

MH: Never mind.

FH: Here they come... can hear the cheer (for Jerry) from outside

MH: Anne, you are so tall. You even wear high heels, hehe...

FH: Both VIPs, please allow us to borrow you for a minute.

MH: You just walked the blue carpet, can we hear your thoughts?

Anne: I have never thought that I would have the opportunity to receive the invitation. I am very honored.

MH: I did see your newest movie

Anne: Thank you

FH: Excuse me, Jerry Yan, how do you feel of walking the blue carpet?

Jerry: mm, a little bit nervous (in Japanese)

MH: is Japanese

J: (in Japanese) know a little bit (Jerry was looking at the male host when he answered the question)

MH: Jerry, please don't look at me any more. Awesome! Jerry's smile is so awesome.

FH: Really very handsome! When seeing him upclose, can feel the heartbeat raising

A: Very honored to walk the blue carpet with him

MH: A good match! Jerry, how many times have you come to Japan?

J: Many many times

MH: (jokingly speaks in Korean) I am ...

J: (smiled shyly) hmm

FH: What did you say just now?

MH: I tried to introduce myself in Korean

FH: (or Anne:) But he is from TW~

MH:: Oh, sorry, sorry, ...from TW...How are you? (in Chinese). I am ...

J: (in Japanese) hai ~I am Jerry

FH: Have you met for the first time?

A:: Yes, first time

J: Yes

FH:: What's the impression on each other?

Anne: Hm, being able to walk together is already ... just like the feeling of (being amazed)

J: Thank you! Feel that she is very pretty in person, and then very tall.

MH: (kkla: The male host said something related to his being short that I don't understand)

The male host made Jerry laugh very hard

MH:: Please enjoy tonight

J: Sure

MH: Then, please say something to fans

Anne: Good evening! I will be an audience. As a participant of this award show tonight, it is a pleasure to share the happiness with you.

J: Good evening! I am Jerry Yan (in Japanese) I am very happy (in Chinese). The end/That's it (in Japanese)

FH: Very happy that you can speak a little bit Japanese for us.

MH: I know a TW artiste, Vivian Hsu. I worked with her before.

J: Oh, I remember, very famous

MH: Haha...thank you

~ finished ~

Part 2: Jerry On Stage

Description of the 2 hosts:
Male host of the show: A famous tv host on Fuji TV
Female host of the show: She is an actress and also host of tv programs, very famous.

The award presenter:
Natsuki Kato, who played DMS' fiancee in Hana Yori Dango

The award presenter presented on stage, looked very excited.

MH: (joking) Natsuki, luckily you appeared by yourself. You don't want to appear on stage with 天野 (the male host at the blue carpet), right?!
天野: How come it's different from usual?

N: Hey, watch where you are before you talk(joking)

NH: That's right. This show is lively broadcasted.

天野: Sorry, sorry, hey hey……(skipped)

MH: Then, Natsuki, please present the International Drama Award

N: Yes! Start to present. The winner of the International Drama Award is Jerry Yan
(fans were cheering)

MH: Congratulations! We especially invited Jerry Yan to accept this award in person

(Jerry showed up...cheering...applauding)

MH: No wonder he is ...(meant Asian star). He looked very handsome when he came out

FH: Yes, really very handsome

MH: International Drama Award. Congratulations!

N: Congratulations! (shaking hands) Oh~~I shook hands with him (she held her hands excitingly)

MH: Ms. Natsuki, oh my! A lof of fans are here.

N: I also like him very much!

Jerry: (bow) Thank you!

N: (pursed up her lips and smirked continuously )

MH: What's is this? What kind of situation is this? (the whole audience laughed)

N: I ... have wanted to see him very very much. In Japan's Meteor Garden, Jerry Yan is very famous (then...she just kept smiling and looking at Jerry without saying a word)

MH: Have you seen 2 people looking at each other intensely in an award show? (Jerry only looked at the presenter politely)
I understand, really something~ The cheer for Jerry from the audience is awesome. I want to change my name to Jerry XX (MH's last name, meaning a street)

MH: There were so many international dramas participated and the scope is so large. How do you feel when you win in this kind of situation?

J: Hm...(Japanese) Thank you! (Chinese) Very happy! Very happy! Then, this allows me to treasure this opportunity more. Hope to film more ad more dramas and movies. And then, I will work harder in the future. Thank you!

MH: This time, you came to Japan especially for this award show. Is there any problem in scheduling?

J: Actually, for being able to come, I feel very happy already. It doesn't matter how busy I am, I will come.

MH: Thanks a lot. Heard that you insist in participating in charity work. Why do you want to do that?

J: Actually, being able to help more people make me very happy now, as I was ...had a lot of hardship when young, so will treasure what I have more. Actually doing charity work with so many people is very happy.

MH: Natsuki, ask a question for fans? What do you want to ask?

N: (pursed up her lips again with excitement) Wa! What should I do? (face the audience) What should I ask?

(at this time, Jerry handed her the mic nicely)

N: Wah! What kind of girl do you like?

J: Have something to talk with each other (repeated 3 times), and feel very happy when seeing her

MH: No wonder, no wonder he is...If you have any words for your fans, please say.

J: (Japanese) Really Really happy! Really thanks a lot! I will work harder! Thank you! (bow)

MH: Thank you!


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