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Information from Sony: Jerry will release "My Secret Lover"

Information from Sony: Jerry will release "My Secret Lover", a "new songs + collection", 2-cd set, in early January. There will be 3 new songs plus 25 old songs in the set. Gift for fan club group purchase: 2010 calendar produced by Sony (different from the one from J&Y)

DWL - Wedding Scene

Dec 2, 2009

Read that yesterday early morning, 9 main actors from DWL, including Jerry, Ella, Xiao Xiao Bin, Ji Xin Ling, etc..., gathered to take wedding pictures in front of a church, as DWL will be broadcasted in January next year.

Xiao Xiao Bin is filming another drama with Vanness. As soon as Jerry met Xiao Xiao Bin yesterday, he pinched Xiao Xiao Bin's cheeks, and teased him, "Don't you think of me anymore? Forget about me already? You are Wu Jian Hou's people now?!" Xiao Xiao Bin frowned and whispered, "No".

Then, Ella joined in and said, "Right! You are Wu Jian Hou's people now, huh?!" After being teasing by the two, Xiao Xiao Bin yelled, "I am not", and started crying right after. It scared the two to soothe him immediately, and Xiao Xiao Bin smiled again through tears. When hearing the counting, 5-4-3-2-1, he joined the group taking pictures.

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Jerry Filming New MV

Dec 5, 2009
TW Apple Daily's video

Jerry was spotted by TW Apple Daily's reporter filming a new mv on Dec 4. The reporter also congratulated Jerry's Freedom getting the No. 1 seat on the 2009 Asian Albums Sales Chart of HMV-Japan's online store.

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Ella's Game of Trust Fall Opened Jerry Yan's Heart

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Ella's Game of Trust Fall Opened Jerry Yan's Heart

In the past, Jerry was known to be very reserved. But since he started filming GTV's idol drama serial [Down With Love] with Ella, who has a very warm personality, he has become more cheerful. In between their breaks while filming, the two of them will enjoy playing the "Game of Trust" whereby one party will relax and fall towards the other, who would then steadily catch the falling party. But of course, there were times whereby Jerry would pretend to move away to scare Ella and both of them would end up playing and bickering like little children.

Ella shared that through their interactions, she learnt that Jerry is actually just like a big boy. And he is one who has high expectations on himself. "He would tend to blame himself if there were too many NG." Meanwhile Jerry shared about Ella, "She is very bubbly. Having interacted with her for some time, I discovered she is very concern about others and has a sentimental and sensitive side to her." Once while Ella was filming, Jerry spoke in "wa-wa-yin*" on purpose just so as to make Ella burst out in laughter. On another ocassion, he suddenly carried Ella and she exclaimed in return, "Put me down quickly. People are going to catch a glimpse of my panty already."

Ella explained that initially Jerry was surrounded by many personal assistants who were protecting him, hence, she was worried that she might not be welcomed even when she wish to make friends and get to know him better. However she told herself that she must definitely and eventually get along with Jerry as she would need to fall for the character he is playing based on the script. "There must be good mutual feelings in order for the story to be convincing." She also encouraged Jerry to just be himself and not mind how others would look at him. Gradually Jerry also opened his heart and both of them became good friends who can confide in each other.

translator's note : * Wa-Wa-Yin - refers to speaking in a cutesy tone like that of a child i.e. wa-wa means small kid, yin means voice/tone.