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CTV will Air Ella’s Scene of Spitting at Jerry in [Down With Love] in Full

Ella (front) and Jerry share a good relationship and look very compatible.
Jerry pretended to want to bite her in the photo.
Both artistes could hardly believe that the rings on their fingers cost NT$62,000,000

Source: China Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s idol drama serial – [Down With Love] will be on air on 31 Jan 2010. On 20 Jan during the [DWL] Premiere and press conference, Ella showcased her No.1 Female Idol capability in the serial via the crying scene of reunion with her father, and the funny scenes of [DWL]. One of the scene included her “spitting” in anger at Jerry’s character, followed by Jerry “spitting” back at her. When viewers first see the snapshot via the serial publicity clips, they felt that the action was uncouth. However CTV felt that the acting was natural and decided to still air the scene without a cut.

He Learnt to Relax, while She was Excited the Night Before

The premiere held yesterday was in the form of a million dollar wedding party, Ella, Jerry and the rest of the cast were all donned in spectacular fashion. The “newly weds” rings cost nearly NT$62,000,000. When sharing on her “hubby”, Ella said, “If I needed to film with him the following day, I would be very excited the night before. During filming, I would be really into the role and like him. But now that filming has wrapped up, we feel like good friends.” With Ella’s “confession”, Jerry also thanked Ella for making him feel very relaxed during filming. In [DWL], his character does not believe in true love. In real life, he shared that he likes girls who are kind-hearted and feels that the quality of interaction between a couple is very important.

Rumoured Girlfriend, Terri Kwan, is Not Miss Right

Over 100 Jerry fans showed up at the ballroom yesterday and they treated Jerry like their own child, by preparing 12 betrothal gifts, including a NT$36,000 red packet donated to the Haiti victims through World Vision. When asked if he would really contemplate marriage after playing the groom, Jerry responded, “Not before. But during the time when I was doing national service in the army, I really felt like getting married because of my girlfriend then. If I should feel the impulse now, I think I will get married too. But for the moment, I am still waiting.” This seemed to suggest that his rumoured girlfriend, Terri Kwan, is not his Miss Right. Next week, [Down With Love] will be directly competing with [Autumn Concerto] for viewership ratings. To this, Jerry said, “We are just working hard for our own serials.”

After the premiere yesterday, the “newly weds” went to CtiTV to record an episode for [Here Comes KangXi] as scheduled. However as there was a delay in the earlier studio filming, and in addition to Ella being unwell, the recording was cancelled. Hence the “newly wed” managed to tentatively escape from Xiao S (Dee Hsu)’s “trap party”.

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