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Disclaimer by sy: I translated based on the lyrics listed by the website and to the best of my knowledge as at 11 Jan 2010. The actual lyrics might differ, hence, affecting the meaning.

[就想賴著妳] Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni (Down With Love)

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Credit of MV: gtv28

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Credit of Chinese Lyrics: “音乐听吧”整理,

Singer: Jerry Yan

VO (by Ella):

I believe one day…
I will definitely meet someone who knows how to “treasure” and who “truly cares for” me…
Regardless if I am pretty or not, he will always love me forever…

有点拽 you dian zhuai
A little arrogant

有点坏 you dian huai
A little naughty

你的 style 很难猜 ni de STYLE hen nan cai
Your style is really hard to decipher

不太符合观众的期待 bu tai fu he guan zhong de qi dai
It is not aligned with the audience’s expectation

oh你生气 OH ni sheng qi
Oh when you are angry

你耍赖 ni shua lai
When you act spoilt

真性情无人替代 zhen xing qing wu ren ti dai
Your natural real personality is irreplaceable

多么被 你万种姿态 duo me bei ni wan zhong zi tai
I am blown away by your ever-changing looks

你看那北极的白雪皑皑 ni kan na bei ji de bai xue ai ai
Look, the gleaming white snow of the North Pole

都竟已被你化开 dou jing yi bei ni hua kai
Has already melted because of you

奔流的没有阻碍 ben liu de mei you zu ai
Emotions overflowing without reservations

心情低当时为我赶走阴霾 xin qing di dang shi wei wo gan zou yin mai
You drove the gloominess away when I’m feeling down

疗愈了我的心痛 liao yu le wo de xin tong
You healed my heartaches

遗忘过去伤害 yi wang guo qu shang hai
And made me forget the past hurt

oh 女孩 OH nu hai
Oh girl

喜欢你的花裙摆 xi huan ni de hua qun bai
I love your flowy flowery skirt

甜蜜告白别见外 tian mi gao bai bie jian wai
Please do not mind my sweet love confession for you

你的笑像春风滋养盆栽 ni de xiao xiang chun feng zi yang pen zai
Your smile is like the warm breeze in Spring nourishing the tender shoots of love

只想黏着你一直爱 zhi xiang nian zhe ni yi zhi ai
I just wish to stick with you and love you forever

oh 女孩 OH nu hai
Oh girl

喜欢你白雪皑皑 xi huan ni bai xue ai ai
I love your pureness and innocence

想和你一起看海 xiang he ni yi qi kan hai
I wish to enjoy the seaside scenery with you

赖着你就像难搞的小孩 lai zhe ni jiu xiang nan gao de xiao hai
Stick by your side like a “difficult” little child

只想对你傻傻依赖 zhi xiang dui ni sha sha yi lai
Just wish to rely on you forever, in my own silly ways

不偏不移 bu pian bu yi
Right on spot, right on timing

不疾不徐 bu ji bu xu
Neither too fast nor too slow

爱神的箭串起我你 ai shen de jian chuan qi wo ni
Cupid’s arrow has linked you and me together

寻寻觅觅 xun xun mi mi
Searching around everywhere

扑朔迷离 pu shuo mi li
Yet mysteriously and surprisingly

真爱原来就在这里 zhen ai yuan lai jiu zai zhe li
Real love is actually here all along

相偎相依 xiang wei xiang yi
Depending and relying on each other

相知相惜 xiang zhi xiang xi
Mutual understanding and valuing each other

傻傻的就想赖着你 sha sha de jiu xiang lai zhe ni
Just wish to always stick by your side forever, in my own silly ways

不要怀疑 bu yao huai yi
Please do not doubt

真爱无敌 zhen ai wu di
Real love is invincible


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