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[Down With Love] Fights Against Piracy with Behind-the-Scenes NG Footage

Source: China Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

Due to leakage of the serial, some viewers have already watched the pirated online edition of CTV and GTV's idol drama serial - [Down With Love], which stars Jerry Yan and Ella. In an attempt to revive the viewership ratings, the TV stations are going to further "value-add" to the serial. For the coming telecast of this weekend's episode, behind-the-scenes NG footage of the cast will be screened just before the commercial break. Some of the footage includes Jerry Yan making "farting" sounds, adding impromptu lines to his script, and other hilarious moments of NG. The TV stations hope to re-attract viewers and remind them of the "good show coming up".

In the NG footage, Jerry Yan forsake his idol "burden" to join Ella in making "farting" sounds using their mouths and both artistes' expressions looked extremely hilarious. There was also once when he noted a plane flying overhead while filming and he added a line, "What is the matter?! How can a plane fly past at this moment?" There were also moments whereby Jerry would purposely "freeze" in the middle of his act, meanwhile Ella let slip on a "rated" joke. All these unrevealed NG footages will be shared with viewers in hope that they can understand the merits of staying tuned to watch non-pirated edition of [DWL]. On the other hand, Chen Xiao Xuan, who acted as Xiao Xiao Bin's mother in [DWL], shared that she has to hand it to Xiao Xiao Bin who is very obedient to his father during the filming period. "If it was my own son doing this, he would never accomplish filming."

Jerry Yan on English Wiki

Credits to jjnca of

I began to edit the wiki Chinese version for Jerry, then I translated my Chinese version and posted in the Wiki-English version.

Here is the link:

link for Chinese wiki:

The part I did:
Jerry Yan is the icon of the huge wave of male beauty style (美型男) and TV genre “idol drama” (偶像劇) in greater China regions started 10 years ago. His fan base also spreads among many Asian countries/regions like Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia etc, as well as European countries like England, Holland, and France, and US and Canada. Every time Jerry premiered his new drama, new album, hosted an event or performed in a concert, his fans (旭迷) would attend the event from all over the world like a big United Nation gathering.

Besides chasing the star, Jerry’s fans have also done a lot of charity works due to Yan’s encouragement. There is a main theme for each year as his birthday gift and there will be some charity action for major disasters. For example, there is a Yan Cheng Xu Hope Forest near Yellow River of China (言承旭希望林),Yan Cheng Xu Spring Bud Elementary School (言承旭春蕾小學)in China, many Jerry’s fans also adopted needed children in Inner Mongolia. These are very good examples that a fandom can become a platform for charity works under the influence of an idol celebrity.

There is another paragraph, I will translate later.
If you find any inaccuracy, please let me know.
You are totally welcome to translate it in the wiki in your own language.
Also lots of updates are needed, since wiki is an open platform, please contribute.


Jerry Yan & Ella to Hold Reunion on White (Valentine's) Day

Jerry Yan & Ella to Hold Reunion on White (Valentine's) Day
Source: China Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

Ella (from left), Xiao Xiao Bin, Ji Xin Ling and Jerry Yan filming a scene for [Down With Love] in the amusement park. Due to the artistes' popularity, members of the public sitting at the back of the roller coasters were all eager to act as extras.

To combat against the illegal download and piracy issues affecting CTV and GTV's idol drama serial - [Down With Love], the lead artistes, Jerry Yan and Ella will hold a "reunion" on White (Valentine's) Day on 14 March 2010. Joining the couple will also include Xiao Xiao Bin, the other cast members, as well as fans too, to celebrate the romantic White Day. The organisers are still in the midst of carefully arranging for the date, time and venue of this event. During last week's telecast of [DWL], the sweet and heartwarming scene of Jerry, Ella, Xiao Xiao Bin and Ji Xin Ling enjoying themselves at the amusement park left many viewers craving for more. When contacted, Ella shared that it has been a long while since she last enjoyed rides at the amusement park. "I visited an amusement park during my institution graduation vacation. The most recent visit was when filming [Magical Love] with Blue Lan." Ella shared that she is not afraid to try any rides in the amusement park regardless of the height of some of the facilities. However she shared, "I only dislike the rides that 'turn or spin' as one would feel nauseous just going round and round."

On the other hand, Jerry shared that it has been 10 years since he last visited an amusement park. He likes to visit the amusement park and especially to play the "free-fall" rides. The split-secconds during the descent of the rides would make one forget their woes. As for Xiao Xiao Bin, he was scared and turned pale after taking the roller coaster ride. But luckily Ella was there to hold him tight.

Top 10 Mandarin Albums (February 12 - February 18)

Source: G-Music
Translation: Sarah @

1. Show Luo (羅志祥) and 'Rashomon' (羅生門) with 24.46% sales
2. Jeremy Liu (劉子千) and 'Mr. Why' with 7.92% sales
3. Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) and 'Rainie & Love' (雨愛) with 5.13% sales
4. Meeia Fu (符瓊音) and 'Chic' with 3.03% sales
5. Alien Huang [Xiao Gui] (黃鴻升) with 'Love_Hero' (愛&英雄) with 2.94% sales
6. Magic Power and 'Magic Power' (魔幻力量) with 2.82% sales
7. JJ Lin (林俊傑) and '100 Days' (第几个一百天) with 2.61% sales
8. Ding Dang (丁噹) and 'Night Cat' (夜貓) with 2.52% sales
9. Jerry Yan (言承旭) and 'My Secret Lover' (我的秘密情人:言承旭) with 2.12% sales
10. Tiger Huang (黃小琥) with 'Simple/Not Simple' (簡單/不簡單) with 1.75% sales

Album chart compiled from G-Music based on retail sales

Hot Taiwan Drama Hits 8TV

One of the most talked about Taiwanese drama, Down With Love, is on 8TV. The network, in a press release today said it's a show not to be missed.

Starring Jerry Yan, Ella Chen, Xiao Xian, Gu Bao Ming and Michael Zhang, Down With Love tells of a lawyer who has to tend to two kids when his brother dies in an accident. Juggling work and parenthood isn't easy for the title character, Yu Ping especially when he can't seem to find a suitable nanny for his “new” kids, that is until he meets the exquisite Ella Chen, a young girl desperate for a job.

Down With Love screens on 8TV every Saturday from 6.30pm.

[Down With Love] Strives for Ratings, Jerry on His Knees After Ella’s Kneeling

Translation by: shyun_y @

Posted Image
[DWL] strives for ratings with big scenes such as smashing up an office, explosion and abduction scenes in episode 3.

Ella has two kneeling scenes in the first two episodes of [Down With Love] which sent the viewership ratings to peak. In the upcoming episode 3, there will not only be bigger scenes such as Xiang Yu Ping’s law firm being smashed, explosion, abduction; but also the male lead, Jerry Yan will go down on his knees before Ella.

[DWL]’s production team has spent a hefty 6-figured sum to do up the male lead, Jerry Yan’s law firm. But for the sake of one particular scene, all the furnishings and glass within the “law firm” will be smashed to pieces. The extent of this particular scene has got Jerry and Xiao Xian shocked. When the glass shattered, Jerry even used his body to shield Xiao Xian and she said immediately to Jerry, “Please don’t do this. One’s look is an important asset in this industry.” She was worried that his handsome face would be injured by the shattered glass pieces. Meanwhile Ella has been waiting on the set since the early morning. Eventually her filming part only commenced in the afternoon, and the scene was only to shoot her back view. She joked and said she must have been “the biggest shot for an extra”. Nonetheless, Ella shared merrily, “But filming has always been like this!”

While filming the scene of smashing the office, everyone was worried that the big glass panel might not break “aesthetically”, hence just trying to plot the camera angles for everything to be taken in view took the team nearly an hour. When actual filming commenced, it took only one shot to film everything. Xiao Xian sighed and said, “I’ve never thought everything would be so perfect.” She even praised Jerry as being very “manly”. “My boss is very composed and does not look frightened at all.” Jerry also added, “The actual effect was better than expected. Initially we were worried the glass panel would only chip and not break into pieces.” Although Ella was not involved in filming this scene, she was waiting by the side to film another scene and witnessed the whole process of the office being smashed. She exclaimed, “The production team is very rich!” Meanwhile when the extras (background actors) were rehearsing their steps for the upcoming scene, Ella was excited and wanted to join in the fun. She put on the mask to disguise as one of the bad guys to enjoy “playing bad”. But the minute she was near the smashed glass, she immediately retreated and returned the mask and bat to the crew members.

[Down With Love] Meets with Piracy Issues, With Intentions to Re-film Ending

Source: UDN
Translation: shyun_y @

GTV and CTV’s latest idol drama – [Down With Love] met with severe piracy issues during the Chinese New Year (CNY). With only 2 episodes officially aired, the pirated version of the serial has been fully released. As a result, China’s website, Tudou web, which has earlier purchased the copyright to upload this serial, has to feature the full series for [DWL] from episode 1 to 28. Concerned on the impact of the viewership ratings due to the piracy issues, the top management of the TV stations held a meeting till midnight on the eve of CNY. They have sought legal advice and issued official letters to the Taiwanese parties. GTV even contemplated to overcome all odds by having Jerry and Ella to re-film the ending for the serial, to combat the rampage caused by the act of piracy.

The weekend idol dramas’ fight for viewership ratings appeared to be intense. Lego Lee and Baron Chen in CTS [Because of You] are gaining awareness amongst viewers. Although still in the top spot, SET [Autumn Concerto], starring Vanness Wu, is about to finish telecast soon, and [P.S Man] with Blue Lan, Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai will take over the time slot. Meanwhile currently in second top position, CTV and GTV [Down With Love], featuring attractions of Jerry Yan and Ella, has shown potential to take the top place in viewership ratings. However the widespread piracy problem that occurred just before CNY has resulted in anyone who visit Tudou web in being able to view the full serial of [DWL] and can even make online purchase for the serial’s DVD.

In fact in the history of Tudou web, [DWL] is the first idol drama serial, for the website to have made purchase for its legal and official copyright to upload. Similarly, Anhui TV, with the legal copyright, has also intended to air [DWL] only during the school vacation and Tudou web was supposed to follow the initial contractual agreement to upload [DWL]. However given the incident of the leakage of [DWL] during the process of delivery of the original film to the relevant parties, it took less than 72 hours for the pirated version to infiltrate the whole of the China market, Tudou web felt victimized and started to upload all 28 episodes onto its website yesterday. They also have intention to pursue compensation from the film dealers

Liberty Times - Feb 21 to

credits to

It's reported that the 3rd episode of DWL is going to broadcast soon. In this episode, in order to boost up the ratings, the content includes kidnapping, breaking down of XYP's office, bombing, etc... Talking about the breaking down of XYP's office, Xiao Xian remembered that Jerry blocked in front of her to make sure that she wouldn't be hurt by the glass.

Lian He Bao's article reported that after the leakage of DWL's unbroadcasted episodes on the web, the administratives of broadcast companies had meeting until late night worrying that DWL's TW ratings will be affected. GTV even thought of calling Jerry and Ella back in order to refilm the ending.

kkla: I agree that GTV should do something to make sure that the TW version is different from the Mainland version, and it should make it the focus of promotion. Of course, I also hope that Jerry and Ella have time to go on more tv programs for promotion.ow5.htm

My Secret Love - Album

Finally I got my copy of My Secret Love Album. Here it is: ENJOY.

PS: can't wait for his new photobook...wishin'

[Eng sub] Jerry Yan MV - No Longer Being Loved

thanks to

感謝 : kym , shan 歌詞翻譯,
言承旭 - 失寵 ( shi - chong ) MV,
Form : 2010「 My Secret Love 」Album,


That call on that particular night
I lost control and was in such pain over the sudden break-up
I cried my eyes out , How to bear the suffering
The broken lanterns light is dim

The last that we embraced
You said that we couldnt communicate
Cant go on this way anymore
Time stopped that very minute
The rainbow of our past no longer exists,
love is lost in the skies

Youve always been in control of me
I froze my heart for you before
How Ive been good to you, got hurt for your sake
You said that it was nothing at all

Im not stupid but I dont understand
Why arent you touched at all?
Or are you at a loss for words?
The cowardly face is unable to bear the suffering
Im no longer being loved

The last that we embraced
You said that we couldnt communicate
Cant go on this way anymore
Time stopped that very minute
The rainbow of our past no longer exists,
love is lost in the skies

Youve always been in control of me
I froze my heart for you before
How Ive been good to you, got hurt for your sake
You said that it was nothing at all

Im not stupid but I dont understand
Why arent you touched at all?
Or are you at a loss for words?
The cowardly face is unable to bear the suffering
Im no longer being loved

Breaking up is indeed very painful
Lets throw the memories in the trash can
The nostalgia, fond remembrances and attachment are gone
the feeling is already different

Youve always been in control of me
I froze my heart for you before
How Ive been good to you, got hurt for your sake
You said that it was nothing at all

Im not stupid but I dont understand
Why you arent you touched at all?
Or are you at a lost for words?
The cowardly face is unable to bear the suffering
Im no longer being loved

The cowardly face is unable to bear the suffering
Im no longer being loved

Jerry in Niigata Japan

No Longer Being Loved MV

Updates on Japan Tour

credits to
The above clip is about today's news that after the concert, Jerry rushed back to Tokyo, and visited some kids in daycare center. He also brought 40 Good Luck Charms from Longshan Temple. After the concert, he just wants to go back to TW soon, so he can spend the New Year holidays with his family.

At the concert, he had received 10 boxes of gifts from fans, and among the audiences, about 80% went there because of him. His eye infection is still bothering him, and the medication he is taking has affected his voice.

When asked about his money, he said that he had lent all his money to his friends. Although he has bought a bracelet to his mom which is worth more than NT 1 million, he didn't dare to buy a LV bag which he has checked out twice already. Furthermore, he's still driving the old Nissan. When he was young, he had dreamed of owning a Ferreri, but as he grows up, he doesn't think of that anymore, as he has become more realistic.

言承旭- 習慣兩個人 (Jerry Yan- Used to Us Being Together / Xi Guan Liang Ge Ren)

言承旭《我的秘密情人》精選集 2010 (My Secret Lover)

English lyrics by kym from

Like having a bad flu
Love appears, like struggle between hot and cold
I've sat down
The chit-chat and laughter
Smiling and yet in the blink of an eye we quarrel
As usual
spending the next few days raging acold war
To dissipate and change the mood
Sitting or standing, I feel uneasy
Why is this tougher than breaking up?

*You are my shoulder
You are my belief
And you are my warmth

At times I think to myself
Is staying by your side loving you?
Or do I just love keeping you company?

Used to us promising each other Be there or be square
Used to looking for the other when we open our eyes
But habits make us sluggish
No longer strong enough
To defend against loneliness

Used to the two of us sleeping in a single bed
Then we can sleep soundly till daybreak
If you leave
What can I do with my hands all tied up?*

Always busy for the sake of Love like as if nothing else is happening
Could we be pretending to be lenient and poise
Or was it just still bearing up with the emptiness of the room

We've always said that if the Time is up
We should end it as happily as we started
Sitting or standing, I feel uneasy
Sinking deep into Loves tug-of-war


Used to the Happily-after
How do I get used to having my other half empty again

Down with Love Pirated in Mainland Ella Calls to Watch TV

Thursday February 11, 2010 Taiwan

Translated by Cmiley
Source: UDN - Chinatimes
Please link or credit properly if this is posted elsewhere.

Jerry and Ella starring in CTV & GTV’s idol drama “Down with Love”, has been broadcasted hotly for 2 episodes, ratings and reviews have been good, of course others have heard the news, apparently there is actually already a pirated DVD situation! In the drama the famous kneeling main actress Ella, through her management company has pleaded, “The quality from watching online and the TV is absolutely not the same, I hope everyone will guard the TV and watch it at home!”

Internet Downloaders Hacked

From the complaints of “Down’s” audience, these few days a few sites from the mainland had given netizens information about downloading this drama, but once the netizens download to their computer, it appeared to have viruses. And there are some that have seen pirated DVD’s sold on the street. GTV has investigated, the piracy content is the trial version for the up coming broadcast in mainland, their feeling towards the piracy “heart broken”, and strongly condemned, but also find it difficult to explain with the lawful authority units.

GTV expressed on the 10th, they have already requested cooperation with the mainland’s Golden Series Film processing company to deal with it immediately, investigating where the sources were spread from, Golden’s General Manager Zhao Yi Fang said, the company is actively working on the investigation, and will see put legal action to those websites and people involved pirating. It is reported that China Radio and TV had been informed of the matter, and will focus more to solve the problem of illegal downloading.

An Hui TV Grabs Summer Slots

Zhao Yi Fang said, originally mainland An Hui TV was going to use this drama as the big opening for the New Year, expecting as soon as April to be aired, or grabbing the summer slots, but even though the broadcast won’t be affected, it will still cause some losses. GTV yesterday has also found some people in related forums illegally selling the pirated DVD, and posted the links to site, but the site seems to be overseas, the company has already conducted investigation, and has informed You Tube, if there are any illegal uploading of the contents, they must stop it immediately.

Jerry Yan @ Kangxi Concert

Happy Hearts Day

Been so busy with work and can't able to make MVs for Jerry. And unfortunately Youtube terminated my account. Good thing I've uploaded everything to

Meanwhile, Enjoy these 'precious' collection. All credits will go to Jerry Yan Philippines.

Reminisce' ... be in Love ...with Jerry Yan.

Channel [V]'s Top 20 Countdown (Week of Feb. 6, 2010):

Channel [V]'s Top 20 Countdown (Week of Feb. 6, 2010):
1. Da Mouth – French Kiss (↑)
2. Show Luo – I’ll Be Used to It (↓)
3. Jeremy Liu – Mr. Why (↓)
4. Rainie Yang – Anonymous Friend (New!)
5. Chase Chang – I Love You (↑)
6. Jerry Yan – Afraid of the Dark (↓)
7. Show Luo – Head Over Heels in Love (New!)
8. JJ Lin – Back to Back Hug (↓)
9. Cyndi Wang – Little Star (↑)
10. Harlem Yu – Third Wish (↑)
11. A-Lin – Need Practice Breaking Up (↑)
12. Show Luo & Rainie Yang – In Your Eyes (↓)
13. Magic Power – Who Am I? Who Am I? Who Am I? (↑)
14. Anson Hu – Never Regret (↑)
15. Rachel Liang & Wang Zhang Liang – Full (New!)
16. Tiger Huang – Not that Simple (↑)
17. Julia Peng – Henceforth (New!)
18. Genie Cho – At Your Side (↓)
19. F.I.R. – The Flower within the Thorns (↓)
20. Alien Huang - Screwed Up (↓)


[Down with Love] Be My Valentine

thanks to joyce@jerry-ilya

Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 4/4

Translation by Shyun_y@

CLIP 4/4
Date: 6/2/2010

Programme: Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 4/4

F = Zhang Fei aka Fei-ge

E = Ella

J = Jerry

G = Gao Zu Ning

< > = Words on Screen

Clip 4/4:

Credit: Uploader

F: Now, do we have any Japanese friends? (to Fan) Please this way... (to J) As Director, I will demonstrate once for you. So you will take charge of the board!

J: (in Jap to Fan) This… He will be acting as Jerry-san.

E: (echoes J, refers to F) Jerry-san… (Fan laughs, realizing F playing as J)

F: I am now acting as Jerry-san!

All laugh.

E: (reassures Fan) It’s alright, it’s alright… Please (carry on)… Please… (helps Fan) Mic…

J: Please take the mic…

F: (in dialect) Mo dian ah yo! (all laugh)

<> but sounds like “to take the mic” in Jap)

F: (in dialect) Has the mic run out of battery? We need to change if “mo dian”

E: (catches F’s joke, playfully taps the mic) No battery??

J: It means to “take”…

F: Oh, to take is “mo dian” ah?

E: Ah, and all of us thought it ran out of battery!

J: Ok, the… [DWL] – Ju-pai (Cantonese for pork chop) Scene!

All laugh and J clamped his finger with the board.


F: (laughs) What are you saying… You clamped your finger?! What language are you talking? You have to move your finger away~~

J: So painful!

F: I’ve to speak Japanese now…

J: Yes…

Fan: (to E) What happened?

E: (reassuringly) No problem, no problem…

F: (in Jap, to Fan) You are very pretty…

All laugh and cheer.

Fan: Thank you.

F: I… I like you very much.

All laugh.

E: (to F) Don’t you think I don’t understand you, you are wooing girls here!

F: No, no… I… I… His original lines are so hard… Let me use up all that I know…

E: She wants to shake your hand… (F shakes hand with Fan)

F: That………..

E: (teases F) He’s running out of words…

F: (to J) What should I say?

All laugh.

J: You wish to place an order.

F: (semi-Jap-semi-Taiwanese) Wa-ta-shi-wa “dian dong xi” (order food) ne~!

All laugh.


F: (in Jap) May I know your name, please?

Fan: Mizuko

F: Mizuko

J: Mizuko

F: Good… good…

All laugh at awkwardness.

E: (to F) Why do you feel so weird?

F: Exactly how come I ended up feeling like a lecher?

E: Right!

F: It doesn’t feel right. (to J) You better take over… Come… You’ve to speak the proper way…

E: (reassures Fan, who is probably nervous) It’s alright, no problem.

J: (in Jap) Ah… Pardon me… (all laugh at the awkward silence)…

F: Eh… Am I right? You face the same problem as me too, right?!

J: What is pork chop in Japanese?

E: No, it’s not pork chop, it’s beef steak!

F: Beef steak!

J: (in Jap) Oh yes… Steak, steak… Please give me a serving of steak…

Fan: (in Jap) What did you say?

J: (in Jap) What did I say? Can we take a rest now?

All laugh.

F: Weyyy~ I understand this statement!

E: Me too! It doesn’t sound right~

F: Why are you asking to rest? How did we end up going to rest suddenly?

J: (translates for Fan) She said she doesn’t understand Chinese.

F: All of us know that.

All laugh.

F: You have to ask her next what drinks or juice, right?

J: (in Jap) What fruit juice do you have?

Fan: (in Jap) Orange juice…

E: She must’ve sold that before… (all laugh)

J: (in Jap) Thank you…

All laugh.

F: There’s still thank you huh? Then what else, what juices does the restaurant serve?

J: She said orange juice.

F: Orange juice, tomato juice…

Fan: (in Jap) Mango juice…

F: Mango juice!

E: <> (all laugh) She is really very serious in promoting the juices. She is so adorable!

Fan: (in Jap) Apple juice.

E: Here’s one more for selection, apple juice.

F: So I see… Ask her how much does it cost?

J: (in Jap) How much does the apple juice cost?

Fan: (in Jap) $30

J: (in Jap) $30? Yasui~

FE: What does Yasui means?

J: She said it costs $30, which is very cheap.

F: Oh, very cheap. Yasui~ Then what about orange juice?

Fan: (in Jap) Orange juice is also $30.

E: (translate to Chinese) Orange juice is also $30.

Fan: (in Jap) Which would you like to order?

J: <>

All burst out laughing.

E: (to J) You are too much!

F: Man yue mei is really hard to say… If you haven’t learn it, you won’t know… (to Fan, in Jap) Do you know what is “man yue mei zhi”?

E: Cranberry…

F: Cranberry juice…

J: (in Jap to F) You are really good!

F: (in Jap) I am half-Japanese-half-Chinese…

J: (in Jap) Really?

F: Yes… (laughs) I have mixed parentage. “Zhong-Ri-Hun-Xue” (half-Japanese-half-Chinese)…

E: Oh… Really?

F: < “Zhong” Li mixed with “Ri” Yue Tan >

(Zhong Li and Ri Yue Tan are places in Taiwan)

All laugh and applause.

F: No lah! Alright, let’s give a round of applause to our friend from Japan. Thank you… Thank you…

Fan shakes hand with JE.

F: Alright, our acting will stop here for today. Let’s give a round of applause for our celebrities too. With this new serial going to air on our CTV, based on their chemistry during the show today and their approachability, I’m sure many would discover a new side to Jerry we never knew. Am I right?

Fans: Yes!

F: Everyone must stay tuned to watch this drama. And I wish that the ratings will soar all the way!

JE: Thank you!

F: Thank you to Jerry and Ella!!

~~ End of Translation 4/4 ~~

Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 3/4

Translation by Shyun_y@

CLIP 3/4
Date: 6/2/2010

Programme: Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 3/4

F = Zhang Fei aka Fei-ge

E = Ella

J = Jerry

< > = Words on Screen

Clip 3/4:
Credit: Uploader

F: The higher I go, the lonelier I get. Furthermore when playing mahjong, I especially like "Bai Ban".

E: Huh?

F: Recently, I'm really... <>

All laugh.

F: There goes all my luck in love!

G: Actually there will still be luck in love for you. You just have to pay more attention around to make them blossom.

F: So next time, when I play mahjong, I must specifically wait for "Hong Zhong" and "Fa Cai" instead!

G: Exactly!

F: Well said. Thank you very much for Teacher Gao Zu Ning! (to JE) So there are no other scheduled recording for the rest of today?

E: No. Should have no more for the rest of the day.

F: Then let's just stay for a little while more.

All laugh.

F: Test of Acting Skills. We are opening this up for all our fans!

All cheer.

F: But we have to draw the lucky fans as there is a limit to the numbers. Let's first take a look at a scene from this drama. Let's enjoy this, everyone.

~~ Restaurant Scene in DWL ~~

XYP: Miss...

YG: Ah, I'm sorry, I thought you need more time so I...

XYP: Can I start ordering?

YG: Of course, please do...

XYP: I want a grilled salmon and beef steak

YG: Grilled salmon and pork chop. Done.

XYP: Beef steak!

YG: I... What did I say?

XYP: Pork chop!

YG: I'm sorry, I'll have it changed immediately... Then may I know what would you like to drink?

XYP: Get me a cranberry juice.

YG: Err.. oh... how do I write cranberry (in Chinese)... Never mind. Alright, let me repeat your orders again. A grilled salmon. A pork chop and cranberry juice.

XYP: Beef steak!

~~ End of Restaurant Scene ~~

F: Just this scene only? I wish we could see more!

Fans: Yes!

F: Let's watch the re-enactment now! May we invite the two of you please... To re-enact the scene just now. (Let me have the board) Down With Love @ Big Brother Show - Pork Chop Scene. Camera.

J: (without mic) <>

F: Excuse me! The mic! Cut!

All laugh.

F: (to J who is laughing) Excuse me, big shot. I'm sorry, because our drama still requires you to hold onto the mic as you speak...

E: (teases J) You think you've fixed a mini-mic on you huh!

J: Sorry, sorry...

F: It's the fault of our production crew for missing out on the mini-mic... Please pardon us... Big shot, please forgive us...

J: (in Jap) I'm sorry

F: Pork Chop Scene Part 2.

J: (in Taiwan Mandarin) Miss~

F: <> Excuse me, what did he call you just now?

E: (in Taiwan Mandarin, mimics J) Miss~

F: How did he...

E: Accidentally his traditional accent came out!

F: Because with that, we would mistaken that <> You will be tired out before long and our audiences will be confused...

All laugh.

F: I'm so sorry, please bear with us. Our female lead, one more time ok.

E: (to J, teases him) Act properly! You are so strange? Your first time acting huh?

F: Pork Chop Bun... Ops... Pork Chop Scene Part 3... 4...

J: Miss... I want to place order for grilled beef steak...

E: Huh? <>

J: Cut!

F: Cut!

E: Why did you shout "Cut"?

F: (to E) Please, do you know how much we spend to hire him to film this?

E: (in adorable voice) I'm sorry, boss. Director, I'm sorry.

F: You've to make a real mistake. When he said "beef steak", you have to say "pork chop". You cannot say "beef steak" already then correct to "pork chop". That would mean you make a mistake on purpose.

E: Oh oh... I see, I see... So sorry...

F: Please...

E: My apologies, Director... (to J) Big Shot actor, my apologies...

F: Pork Chop Scene Part 5...

J: Miss, I wish to order a grilled beef steak, thank you.

E: Oh... Pork chop...

J: Miss...

E: Huh?

J: Just now I said grilled "n~i~u pai" (beef steak)!

All laugh.

E: What did I say just now?

J: Grilled beef steak lah!

E: No, I mean, what did I say just now? <>

All burst into laughter.

E: (teases J) Director, he didn't memories his lines. Director! (J and fans laughing away, while E pretends to be angry)

F: I'm so sorry... We spent a hefty sum to hire this [The Hospital] turning to [Down With Love] lead. Please. If you cannot hold your emotions, he will start to flare up soon. Ok.

E: He's from "Bai Se Ju Ta" (The Hospital), <>

All burst out laughing.

F: I'm so sorry... Please pardon us...

E: I am so angry... How many times are we filming this?

F: (to J) Her "Bai Se Dan Ta" (white egg tart) is not baked yet. It will turn golden yellow later after being baked. (lost) And what was the problem earlier?

J: Err... It's... (to fans behind) Sorry, I know...

All laugh.

E: (to fans) You guys are so playful!

F: The problem was...

J: She was asking me what she said earlier, but my reply was wrong...

E: Exactly!

F: So sorry, let's do another take.

E: This time, it will be a perfect take.

F: Pork Chop Scene Part 6!

J: Miss

E: Yes

J: I wish to order a grilled beef steak.

E: Ok, grilled pork chop.

J: Miss... I said grilled beef steak

E: What did I say?

J: Grilled pork chop

E: (gasps) Really?

J: (mimics E) <>

All laugh.

E: I'm so sorry. I'll have it corrected immediately! May I know what drinks would you like to have?

J: For the drink... Please get me an orange juice without ice, a freshly blended kiwi juice, then a red tea but not too concentrated... Then more soup...

E: <> (pretends to slam the menu on the table, J laughs)

F: My apologies, Big Shot Yan. Very seldom does anyone order <> at one go!

E: Exactly, what's up with you? Having invisible friends here?

F: We are unable to carry on filming with a table full of drinks! Big Shot Yan, please pardon us.

E: Director...

F: What should his rightful order be?

E: He's supposed to order Cranberry juice lah!

J: Orrrrhhh... Cranberry juice... (laughs) I'm so sorry...

F: The script wrote Cranberry juice?

E: Right, he has cleanly forgotten about it. You might as well forget me too~

All laugh.

F: (asks fans) It's really Cranberry juice? Even the fans remember it's Cranberry juice!

E: Right, Cranberry juice.

J: Sorry, sorry...

F: Alright, we have passed the Pork Chop part, now we will only start from the Cranberry juice part. Both your expressions have to be filled with suspense.

E: (to J) I'll continue from the pork chop part.... (acts) Sorry, I'll have it changed immediately... May I know what drinks would you like to have?

J: Errrr... What do you have to offer?

E: <> (throws the menu)

All laugh.

F: Eh... eh... (to E) This actress, sometimes, let's just allow him to add his own lines. It's alright. Just let him be. If he ask what you offer, just give him some answers, alright?

E: OK! So tough! (acts) May I know what drinks would you like to have?

J: Errrrrrrrr.... Give me a "man yue mei zhi" (Cranberry juice)...

E: <> Man~~ man~~

J: Miss, <>

E: No, my back is just a little sore. I'm sorry, am just doing some physio exercises... How do I write "man"... Oh nevermind...

J: M~ u~an, man lah!

E: Are you sure?

Fans, FE: (corrects J) M~a~n, man!

F: <>

All laugh and applause.

F: I'm sorry, big shot, but you are teaching my children the pin-yin wrongly. M~u~an, is there such a word?! Everyone, teach him how it should be!

All: M~a~n! Man!

E: Director, I am so tired, I want to rest.

F: Really?

E: <>

F: I'm so sorry...

E: I don't want to act...

F: (to J) Can we find another actress? Because our actress was driven mad by you. (to E) Ok, so you choose your substitute!

E: There is someone dressed as a maid in the studio!

Fans all cheer.

F: So you want to find that girl!

Fan: Sir, may I have your order please?

J: Errr... <>

All burst out laughing.

F: <> (to J) It is not your fault, not your fault... (to E) Ella, this is the fan you've handpicked.

E: Yes, because I thought she looked really suited for the waitress role in her maid costume today.

F: She's not suitable... Her expression is like... (exaggerates)... She is already so excited, how can she act?

E: (to fan, let her clarify) Explain yourself why are you dressed like this?

Fan: Because Ella has a scene whereby she dresses up as a maid in [DWL].

E: She's really very attentive to all the details.

F: I mistaken she would even go to school like this...

E: Really? (to fan) Then your friends would probably isolate you...

All laugh.

F: Come, camera!

Fan: Sir, may I take your order please?

J: Give me a grilled beef steak.

Fan: Oh, grilled pork chop.

J: Miss, I said beef steak...

Fan: Huh? What did I say?

J: You said pork chop...

Fan: (stares at J, pretends to say coolly) Did I?

J: (speechless)....

All burst into laughter.

E: (refers to fan, laughs) She's so haughty!

F: Brilliant! This scene is ok! Good work! Good work! She's better than Ella!

E: She is really cool! Very good!

F: Now, let's get a guy!

E: Let's get a guy to act as Jerry now!

F: Jerry shall pick the guy?

J: (to E) But didn't you wish to pick this... this guy?

E: This one should be ok... He's nearer to us...

F: Camera!

E: (in adorable voice) Sir, may I know your orders please?

Fan: (in adorable voice) May I have a grilled beef steak?

All burst out laughing, applausing and Ella threw the menu down. Fan laughs playfully.

E: I don't feel comfortable.

F: Uncomfortable.

E: We have our rights working here too! Why must you use such a voice to make me feel uncomfortable?

F: (to Fan) You have to imitate Jerry's sexy and mellow voice.

E: Be man!

F: Camera!

E: Sir, may I take your order please?

Fan: (<>) Give me a grilled beef steak.

All laugh.

E: His brows are really active!

F: What is "tan~ kao" (grilled)...

E: (mimics Fan) "Tan~ kao"...

F: He has an Australian accent.

E: (playfully) Australian accent.... (mimics) Alright... your order is "tan~ kao" pork chop... (all laugh)

Fan: I said (raise his brows again)... beef steak...

E: What did I say?

Fan: You said pork chop...

E: I'm sorry... I'll have it changed immediately... I'm so sorry... May I know what drinks you would like?

Fan: Hmmm... (forgot the full name)... "man yue~~ guo zhi"

All laugh.

Fan: Man yue mei zhi... I've not drank it for some time, so I can't recall the name...

J: (playfully) Which "man" is that?

E: (prompts) M~...

Fan: M~a~n~~ man...

F: <> (to Fan, teases J) Didn't you watch the front part? It's M~u~an! Man!


F: Alright! Let's give a round of applause to our Australian friend! Now, do we have any Japanese friends? (to Fan) Please this way... We'll let the director demonstrate once for you...

(to be continued...)

~~ End of Clip 3/4 ~~

Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 2/4

Translation by Shyun_y@

CLIP 2/4
Date: 6/2/2010

Programme: Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 2/4

F = Zhang Fei aka Fei-ge

E = Ella

J = Jerry

< > = Words on Screen

Clip 2/4:
Credit: Uploader

F: Jerry does not like being asked about his relationship with Lin Chiling? Yes or No?

E: (gasps, tried to catch a glimpse of J on the side) Ye-----ss??? (quickly turns to watch J)

J: No lah...

F: Why? From we understand, Lin's first rumoured boyfriend was actually Jerry. That is why everyone is very concerned about his feelings. In turn, many would then ask why haven't you taken the opportunity to treasure the relationship then? Or for what reasons did you both...

E: <>

All cheer and applause.

F: (acts innocent) Huh? But he's the one who extended the invitation to ask earlier.

J: No lah... Actually... She once said she prefers hairier man. (gestures to F)

F: For real? Aiyo~ So does that mean the end of your answer?

E: (quickly) Yes, it's done. Next question please.

F: In the end, it ended up I've been fired shut. Certain magazine stated that Zhang Fei (himself) is a very fussy person. (to crew) This question?

E: There's such a question?

F: Is it yes or no?

E: Of course...

JE: (together) NO!

F: Really? You both are really nice to me. Are you sure? Because this is only meant to be a leading question.

E: There's more?

F: Because the next question is... Is Jerry even fussier than Zhang Fei?

E: (laughs) I suspect this question is your own imagination!

F: (shows E his card) It's really there...

E: It's really here...

F: I thought you all would answer "Yes" for the 1st question... I never expected you both to be so supportive of me.

E: No, no, he's not...

J: (nods) No...

F: Meaning to say... For someone like Jerry... (to E) Unlike you, who is closer to many of us in the variety programmes, so for Jerry, we might not know his expectations for certain things. His expectations could be right.

E: I feel that even if he is "fussy", it is not to others around him, rather, just to himself only.

F: To himself?

J: Just like for instance, oh, I wish to also take the chance to say thank you to Ella. Because sometimes while filming, I would have my moods and I would speak up very directly. For many who wish to gossip by the side, they can easily categorise me as "fussy" or anything. But whereas Ella, she really understands me that I am really only hoping that I can do things better. She will be very understanding to me. Actually I really feel that I want to say a big thanks to her.

F: Ahhhhh~~~

All applause.

E: (playfully and starts twisting again) He is making his love confession again!!!!

All laugh.

J: I am really serious.

E: He is making his confession daily! So annoying~~

F: Eh, he is just saying that he shares a good relationship interacting with you, ok.

E: (comically) Oh it's not a love confession huh?

F: Can you not keep thinking it is a love confession?

E: Something's wrong with my mind!

F: <>

All burst out laughing.

F: But would we already have known the character of our male and female leads for [DWL]? Actually not... Perhaps all could be a facade, right?

Fans & E: Ehhhhh???? Orrrrrrrr?????

J: I really find Fei-ge very adorable today! (all laugh) Last time when I watched him on TV, it's like when you are up-close with another... eh... <> (all laugh) I mean to say being so close to Fei-ge, I really find him very adorable!

E: Fei-ge has always been a very humourous person.

F: When someone teases him like this, he would still say I'm adorable. Why do I feel that there are set-ups and traps all around?!

E: (to F) You are so bad!

J: (to F) <>

F: So now, we will invite someone who can really look into a person's character to do a psychological test for us. Then we can know how Jerry's inner thoughts and his real personality, shall we... Let us introduce our Teacher Gao Zu Ning.

G: Hello everybody. Our psychological test today is to look at their subconscious personalities in Love.

VO: The most accurate Love psychological test to look into your yearning for love. We'll return shortly after the break. <>. The usually quiet Jerry Yan will showcase his eloquence today. (Sneak preview of what's to come)

F: Here's our Teacher Gao Zu Ning.

G: Hello everybody.

F: (to JE) Do you all know how to play "Boy-Girl Pairing"? (fist guessing game)

E: Yes.

F: Ever played this when you were young?

J: Yes.

E: I love this game when I was young.

F: Really?

E: Yes. Because its the simplest (laughs)

F: Can they play this one then?

G: Of course.

F: And you can tell just by that?

G: Yes, and you have to do it seriously and we will be able to know what you are thinking of subconsciously.

F: Please hold your mic in your left hand.

JE plays the game.

F: She lost twice consecutively?

J: Once.

F: (to E) So you lost once. Another round.

JE plays game again. E cheers when J lose at the first guessing.

E: One all.

GF: One all.

F: You have to concentrate.

E: Ok.

JE plays game again.

E: I lost twice already!

G: Our test is to find out what are their subconscious personalities in Love. Ok, just now when watching them both. Jerry's first reaction was to turn his head towards the left. For this kind of persons, their inner heart is like that of a little rabbit.

E: (points to J, gleefully) Little rabbit! Really!

F: You mean he has ventured into the jungle by mistake?

G: Which means they are very adorable and childlike. Thus, when he meet someone he likes, it could be love at first sight. He would feel that "this type of feeling is just right" for the one he love, and he will follow his heart.

F: Aiyo~~ So you based that on his first reaction?

G: His first reaction.

F: So he turned left then.

G: Yes.

F: What about Ella just now? Did you catch hers?

G: We saw that too. She also instinctively turned to the left as well.

F: Aiya~ Another little rabbit!

G: So we have 2 little rabbits here!

E playfully and shyly leans against J's shoulder and everyone cheer.

G: Both of them are extremely adorable! For the rest, if you turned to the right first, the personality would be like a Peacock. It is very hard for this type to experience love at first sight because he would want others to fall for him first. Then he would slowly choose his pick from there. If one looked up first, this type of personality will be like the Goose. They would be the "Silly Goose" and luckily none of us chose that. Because they would have a tendency to express their feelings to the wrong persons.

F: What about those who instinctively looked down?

G: Those would be the "Cow". This category of persons would have the traits of a Cow. Because they are so packed and busy, they can only experience love at first sight when they are free.

E: See, we are all so busy, we have no time for romance. (pout)

G: Really.

F: Do you all know how to play mahjong? You play occasionally?

J: Occasionally.

F: If not, you can go online to play lately.

E: You are endorsing online right?

All laugh.

F: (excited) I must really give you both a good lesson. If you are just waiting for that last tile to game, and you have a choice of 3 tiles to "dan diao", which would you choose out of " Hong Zhong" (red), "Fa Cai" (green) or "Bai Ban" (blue)? Which would you choose, Ella, take your pick first.

E: Hong Zhong

F: Jerry?

J: What is "dan diao"?

All burst out laughing.

E: (teases J, playing with the sounds of the Chinese words) "Dan diao" can means sometimes your life is very lonely and boring...

F: No, no... He is really too much... When I asked if he plays mahjong, he said occasionally...

E: (playfully) Are you lying?

J: No, I really don't know the term "dan diao". I know how to play and arrange the tiles... I'm not sure...

E: (helps J) Let me explain to him then. "Dan diao" means you are ready to win with just lacking of that one tile to game. For instance, a set of mahjong has 4 pieces of "Hong Zhong" and 2 has been revealed, and you have 1 with you and you only need 1 more to win. So if you managed to get that tile yourself, it means "dan diao", your points will be higher and you can win more money. Do you catch it?

J: Right.

E: (to F) Am I right?

F: You tell him win lots of money, what if he gives up acting for it in future? We are doomed! (All laugh) He'll end up earning big money through mahjong instead.

J: I'm sorry... So next time I have to go online more often to play...

E: Right... (everyone cheer)

F: So which tile would you want to pick?

J: Errr....

F: (to the rest) All of you can't affect his decision! I even hear people speaking in Cantonese "Fa Cai, Fa Cai"...

J: Eh, I thought "Fa Cai" seems like a good tile.

G: Right, Fa, sounds just like earning big money and prosperity.

F: So your choice is "Fa Cai". (to Hong Kong fans) "Fa Cai" right? You all like? Even our Hong Kong fans love it. "Fa Cai"!

G: Right, "Fa Cai", "Fa Cai".

F: While Ella's choice is "Hong Zhong", Jerry's choice is "Fa Cai".

G: Right.

F: This question is really finding out about your luck in Love this year. Ella's choice...

G: "Hong Zhong". If viewers also choose "Hong Zhong", your luck in Love this year will be blossoming and very plentiful too! (all cheer) And for this type, not only it is luck blossoming in the right sense, but also be careful that you might end up attracting the ones with dubious motives too!

F: Aiyo~

E: For this part, I've always been well aware. Since young, I've been attracting both categories!

All laugh.

G: You would accidentally "leak" your electrifying charms to the wrong persons. You have to be a little careful to some people.

F: Very accurate.

G: Meanwhile for Jerry, "Fa Cai". For this type, the luck in Love will be even more in bloom. (fans cheer) Other than the good luck in Love, he would also experience the "yang tao hua" (good luck from overseas).

F: Do you mean "yang tao zhi" (starfuit juice) or "yang tao hua" (good luck from overseas)?

G: "Tang tao hua"

F: So you see, indeed, the fans from overseas. Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc... So teacher, I have to ask, I've been wanting to choose the "Bai Ban" just now.

G: Oh that...

F: So what will happen to those who choose "Bai Ban"?

G: So if audiences choose the same tile as Fei-ge, your luck is still ok.

F: Will we meet with the "Bai Hu" (White Tiger which means bad luck).

All laugh.

G: Actually this group, your luck in Love is ok. But once in a while, you would prefer to be alone, for instance, go fishing alone...

F: This is really accurate...

G: So when you are alone, the luck will be lost. Even the potential good luck in Love will wither.

J: Fei-ge, are you often alone?

F: I am often alone. See, even while riding my bike, I am alone on the road. When I go sailing, I am alone at sea. When I'm on the plane, I am alone in the air. The higher I go, the more lonely I get. Furthermore when playing mahjong, I especially like "Bai Ban".

(to be continued...)

~~ End of Clip 2/4 ~~

Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 1/4

Translation by Shyun_y@

CLIP 1/4
Date: 6/2/2010

Programme: Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 1/4

F = Zhang Fei aka Fei-ge

E = Ella

J = Jerry

< > = Words on Screen

Clip 1/4:
credits: Uploader

F: Hello, everyone! Our CTV is going to release a new serial - [Down With Love]. With this drama, it is a rare ocassion for our male and female leads to be in studio with us. As our male lead is tall... (fans cheer) Haha... And very suave (fans cheer)... Very handsome and charismatic (fans cheer)... As a result, he is highly unpredictable! (laughs) Never did we expect at this point in time, our female lead gave us a big help. (camera shows JE) Speaking of our female lead, in Asia's female pop group, the trio which includes her groupmates and her can be said to have the whole world under their feet. Especially the one who is here today, our female lead for the serial, (teases E, F laughs) she has been showing defiance to her group recently! Just what is she up to? Is it because of the remuneration that she accepts the acting assignment? Or is she smitten by the male lead? (E purposely leans on J, J laughs. Fans cheer) This can be said to be...

F: (to JE) Wei~~ (E laughs playfully) Let us welcome our superstar, Miss Ella!

E: (in Shantung dialect) Fellow folkmate!

F: (in Shantung dialect) Lady!

E: (in Shantung dialect) Fellow folkmate, it's been a while since I last see you!~~ I miss you ah~~

F: (in Shantung dialect) Lady~~

E: (in Shantung dialect) What's up?

F: (stifles laugh) It's strange... People say as a lady grows old, they tend to shrink. But why have you grown taller?

E: Because I am on "chicken-bone shoes" (heels) today!

F: Aiyo?! These are called "chicken-bone shoes"?!

E: Right, they are made from chicken bones, hence extremely narrow.

F: (took off his shoe to show his socks) Then you must see my "skinless shoes"! (all laugh) You've removed the bones, while I've removed the skin!

E: We are so matched for each other...

F: I will feel a little pressure now when I interview Ella.

E: Why?

F: Because it is no longer like the times I'm interviewing S.H.E

E: No, I've not changed. I am still your "fellow folkmate".

F: The change is not one which is detectable. Just like when I was introducing the male lead just now, I could feel the distant.

E: (quickly) No lah. After you've interacted with him later, you'll know he's not.

F: Because my programme has been on for 7 years, do you know I've been waiting for him since [The Hospital]?

E: (playfully) Aiyo~ He never turn up! He should not have done that! (J laughs)

F: He didn't give me face!

E: (teases J) He's so arrogant!

F: (gasped) Ah! This is arrogance?!

E: Yes, arrogant, very arrogant.

FE burst out laughing. J laughs tongue-in-cheek at FE's teasing.

F: We don't dare to call him "arrogant".

E: (cheekily) But I dare to.

F: You do?

E: Ah, I'm close to him, so don't bother about him. (sniggers as all laugh)

F: Really! You are indeed very gutsy! So today, you must really give me a hand.

E: I will, I will definitely..

F: As I've mentioned earlier, for taking on this acting project, are you doing it for money or for his good looks?

E: (sighs) Actually, I've been pondering about this at home for a long time.

F: Oh...

E: As I've (all burst out laughing including J) Eh?! I've said it wrongly...

F: You are not making sense already! This has been proven totally, just like this serial's title, you just want to "lai zhe" him (stick with him)!

All applause.

F: Am I right? This is it, right?

E: Aiyo~ Fine.

F: Or should he be the one who wishes to "lai zhe" you? (fans cheer)

E: Definitely he's the one who wants to stick with me! (laugh)

F: I am so happy that your new drama is going to meet everyone via CTV. It is your performance in another arena. Today we are very happy to also invite the male lead to our show.

E: Right.

F: Right. It's for real!

E: Really!

F: Let's welcome Jerry Yan! (all cheer and applause)

E: (to J, calling him by affectionate nick for hubby) Gong~ Come, come, quick meet our "fellow folkmate"!

J: Hello Fei-ge.

F: See, <>

E: (speaks up for J) No lah! No lah!

F: This is unfair! (to E) You have to pull my hand too, you know as men, we...

E: Ok, ok...

F: One more time...

E: Ok, one more time... (to J) You walk over here again...

F: (stunned as J listens to E) Huh?!

E: Ok, ready, come in...

F: Welcome, superstar Jerry Yan!

E pulls F's hand but he purposely refused to let go.

J: (reaches out) Hello, Fei-ge.

E: (to F) Don't be moody, come... (hugs F) Be good...

F: It is hard being a host today.

E: Why?

F: (in Jap) Japanese fans

E: A lot of Japanese fans.

F: (to J) So you've to greet your fans in Japanese, especially they came all the way here to Taiwan.

J: (in Jap) Hello everyone...

E: (in Jap) I love you... I love you...

F: We have fans from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore...

E: (in Thai) Sawadeekrap (for males to say)

F: (points to Thai fans) Sawadeekrap!

E: (in Malay) Terima kasih!

J: Sawadeekrap! Sawadeekrap!

F: See, all "3 bowls of pig trotters" are all in our studio (all laugh)
(in Minnan dialect = sawadeekrap sounds like "san wan di ka" which means 3 bowls of pig trotters)

FE: (in Korean) An-nyung-ha-se-yo!

E: (in Korean) Gahm-sah-hahm-ni-da!

Fans: Hong Kong...

E: (in Cantonese) Hong Kong fans... Friends from Hong Kong...

F: Speak in Cantonese...

J: (in Cantonese) Long time no see... Thank you. Thank you.

F: What exactly is this drama about? Let's reveal a little... [Down With Love]. The director's initial idea was the female character wanting to stick with the male character or vice versa?

JE: Actually it's...

E: The male who wish to stick with the female...

J: (playfully) Actually I thought it was for the female to be with the female...

E: (laughs) No lah~ Don't anyhow say!

F: Huh? It's such a drama?! Brokeback mountain category?!

E: No lah! I must do a proper introduction! (pretends to be agitated) Aiya~ Both of you are out of control already! (All laugh) Please allow me to give a proper introduction to the drama!... I'm stuttering already...

F: Ok!

E: In this serial, it is indeed more like the male wanting to stick with the female character. (gestures to herself and then J) Male sticking with female! (words of Male on E and Female on J)

All laugh.

F: Oh I see!

E: Exactly, exactly! So you have a clear idea now huh?

F: I'm clear.

E: In the drama, I am acting as a little rich girl who turned poor. And I've to work very hard to earn money. With a twist of fate, I ended up in his house to work as a nanny... leading to a series of interactions and stories between us.

F: Oh I see...

J: And I feel that she (E) is <>. It's... it's... (all cheer)... Because I am seldom in Taiwan, initially I do not know much about her. But since working wiht her, I discovered Taiwanese are really very fortunate to have such a good...

E: (shy at being praised, started to fidget playfully by turning left and right to divert attention) <> (All laugh and cheer)... Aiyo, he kept making his love confession, Fei-ge!!

J: I am really very serious... Because...

E: Furthermore, he really likes to keep making his confession... (J laughing) A few days ago, he told the reporters, when he was singing the theme song, he was singing it for me. But he never tell me that directly. And he kept making his love confession over the airwaves! I really feel so embarrassed.

F: But really, will the on-screen romance turned into a real one eventually? There could really be a possiblity.

E: No lah~ We are really good friends. Good buddies.

F: But when I saw Jerry just now... Jerry sounded very sincere just now.

J: She has high expectations... She prefers those like...

E: (warning tone, looks at J) What?!

Fans: (excited) Ehhhhhhh~~~~

E: (to J, pretends to be fierce) Don't anyhow say...

F: Aiya~~ (to J) Don't do the the love confession to her on my behalf?! (mimics E to twist and turn)

All burst out laughing.

E: Fei-ge is so adorable!

J: (teases E) <>

E: (pats F's hair) Exactly, hairy guys! So man!

J: Actually, Fei-ge, personally I've always wanted to say this to you. I am very envious of you.

F: Huh?

J: Really, really... Hmmm... I feel that you are very manly and charismatic!

E: Man! Very manly!

F: Actually there are many firms who want me to take up their advertisements, but I've rejected them. It's not...

E: Why?

F: Because you mentioned manly... You know those potency products... (E bursts out laughing)... So those potency tonics etc... (in dialect) Man must be strong, have to take this and that....

J: (jokes) This kind... Recently both of us are contemplating to take on such an advertisement!

E: We'll take one up then!

F: (laughs) Really, both of you are very humourous! I'm sure this drama will really be very interesting! But what our audience wish to know is that, Ella, we might know her very well, and feel less distant from her. We cannot deny that we know less of Jerry...

E: Less interaction with him hence do not know him as well.

F: Exactly, we are less familiar with him hence we would think of him as either the character in [The Hospital] or an <>, or even a <>...

E: "Light house" sounds so inauspicious.

F: No... I mean it just feels like he is like a superstar which one cannot get close to, always out of reach. Don't you feel that?

E: (speaks for J) Actually he likes to keep a low-profile.

F: Exactly.

E: And he is seldom involved in the scandalous news etc.

F: Hmm...

E: At most, it's just...

F: (teases E) Do you mean Lin Chiling's part?

E: (quickly) NO! NO! NO! I didn't say that!!!! (turns to J, quickly and frantically, exaggeratingly) I did not! I did not! I did not! (J pretends to walk away) Gong~~~

E to J to stop him from leaving: <>

All cheer.

F: Xu-ge, Xu-ge... Please let us (xu-wen) continue our question...

E: So naturally we returned to the centre of the studio again!

F: Let us continue our questions, right.

E: I am so nervous that my underarms are perspiring!

F: If we can "xu-bei" (top up our cup) while drinking coffee, we can "xu-wen" (continue to ask) when interviewing celebrities! But we are... Hosts like us, this is the first time in my life, I've been restricted on what questions to ask...

E: Really?

F: I feel so miserable, everybody!

J: Actually I feel that given Fei-ge's (status), you should ask.

F: Eh...

E: He's willing to speak.

F: Fei-ge is a real man in my heart.

Fans cheer.

F: (refers to his hand cards) <>

J: Therefore, I will leave you and Ella to the rest of the interview.

E: (holds onto J's hands) Where do you think you are going?

F: Xu-ge, Xu-ge... (J returns) Let's do it this way. Let's play this game of "Not Speaking the Heart's Will". When you feel that the answer is "yes", you have to say "yes" but your head must shake "no".

E: (gestures) Yes...... No....... (confused) Ehhh...

F: Ella is a girl? (turns head) Yes...

F: Alright... Jerry is a boy? Yes or no?

E: (shakes her head) Yes!

F: Now we are asking Mr Jerry Yan. (teases E by pronoucing hers wrongly) <>...

E: <>

F: Among S.H.E, Ella has the most number of romantic rumours? Yes or no?

J: (happily shakes his head) Yes!

E rolls her eyes.

F: See how fast he answered Yes, no conflict at all!

J: Yes.

F: (teases E) Wu Chun, Huang Zhi Wei (Jerry), Guo Yan Jun, Lan Zhen Long (Blue), Chen Chu He (Baron Chen), Chen Xi...

J: (helps E) No... This... I must...

E: (to F) You don't have to list all out!

J: I must help her clarify about this part lah.

F: You've to help...

J: Really...

F: How come our dear lady is like this?

E: (to J, worried laugh) Why do I feel that you are going to tease me further... Based on my understanding of you... (J laughs merrily, E pats his shoulder) You better do a good job!

J: Actually... relative to this, actually one can know just how charming she is, to have so many guys being rumoured romantically with her. (fans cheer) You see, just like us, we wanted to be in the selection but with no chance. <>

F: But maybe because you are already in the rumour-group but you have no inkling about it yet. Frankly speaking, this girl, when you wrap up filming and reach home in the evening, it is hard not to have flashback of her face in your mind.

J: (teases E) Definitely... <>

All laugh as E pretends to knock J with her mic.

E: Ahhhh!

F: Alright, I guess both of you must have a lot of cause-and-effect interactions while filming! Alright... Jerry does not like being asked about his relationship with lin Chiling? Yes or No?

(to be continued...)

~~ End of Clip 1/4 ~~

S.H.E'S ELLA CHEN: I'm terrible with children in real life

S.H.E'S ELLA CHEN: I'm terrible with children in real life
February 13, 2010,4136,230057,00.html

IT'S extremely rare for Taiwanese idol dramas to run a two-week long 'making-of' special prior to the actual series airing.

But when your two leads happen to be boy band F4's handsome frontman Jerry Yan and pop gal trio S.H.E's chirpy Ella Chen, it's not surprising that the producers decided to milk it for all it's worth.

Taiwanese fans were glued to the gogglebox as they waited with bated breath for the premiere of Down With Love, which is currently showing over Channel U.


Ella, 28, was confident that she's offering something new to television viewers.

In an interview with U-Weekly, she said: 'It's been two years since I last acted in an idol drama. This time round, the production process provided me with lots of new challenges.

'I hope audiences will love the character I play. It's very different from my previous roles.'

In Down With Love, Ella plays the love interest of Jerry's lawyer character.

Portrayed as a strong-willed, independent woman, she has to single-handedly look after Jerry's niece and nephew.

Jerry, 33, said he's 'a big kid at heart' and had no problems interacting with the energetic tots.

But Ella admitted that working with the two child actors gave her a 'massive headache' as she's 'terrible with kids' in real life.

'Kids that age (5 and 6) drive me mad,' she exclaimed.

'I am really terrible when it comes to looking after them.

'(Fellow S.H.E member) Selina is much better in this aspect. If it was her in my shoes, she would have done a wonderful job.'

Ella faced a different kind of challenge in one particularly difficult scene when she had to lift a 20kg refrigerator.

'I know I'm a tomboy, but physically, I am definitely still a girl,' she said with a laugh. 'The refrigerator was a prop, but gosh, even though it was fake, it was still so heavy.

'Plus, I had to walk a short distance with it on my back. After completing the scene, I was exhausted. But I felt immense satisfaction.

She added: 'At that moment, I felt I was Superwoman.'

As for Jerry, he had his own set of obstacles to overcome for the show.

In order to perfect his role as a lawyer, he had to memorise complicated legal jargon and brush up on his enunciation of certain words.

'I tend to speak very slowly, but in the show, there were many times when I had to speak super fast and still remain calm and emotionless,' he explained. His performance has received heaps of praise so far.

Ms Ke Yi-Chin, the producer of Down With Love, said: 'I promise you that you'd be utterly impressed with Jerry.

'With this role, he totally changes the perception most people have of him as an actor.'

This article was translated from the latest issue of U-Weekly.

For more news on Asian entertainment, get a copy of U-Weekly, out in news-stands today instead of Monday due to Chinese New Year. U-Weekly now gives you double the value. For only $2, you get your regular dose of celebrity news, as well as a free special pullout focusing on real life people and their stories.

Remember to ask for your special pullout when you buy the magazine.

Asia Pop Festival in Japan

The Asia Pop Festival, held in commemoration of the earthquake that occurred in Niigata five years ago, is set to bring together artists from different countries that have participated in relief efforts. Japanese singer GACKT and Taiwanese singers Jerry Yan and actor Peter Ho will also be present at the event this year.


Down with Love Episode 2

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MySoju (browse for parts)

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Yan Cheng Xu's Acting Won The Public Voting

February 9, 2010
TW Apple Daily

Voting On Taiwan Yahoo Supported By 50,000 People, Yan Cheng Xu's Acting Won The Public Voting

In Taiwan Yahoo's voting of The Best Actor Among Idols, 3 members of F4 "shared the world". In the process, Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry), Wu Jian Hao, and Zhou Yu Min(Zai Zai) led the voting periodically. At the end, Jerry won the champion with 53,154 votes, and Vanness and Zai Zai won the 2nd and 3rd place with 44544 and 25588 votes respectively.

Recently, Jerry and Wu Jian Hao are rivals in Sunday's idol dramas and the competition has been nervewracking. The CTV/GTV drama played Jerry, Down With Love, had the average rating of 3.37 by AC Nielsen (= 2.71 millions of audiences), which lost to Autumn's Concerto, the Sanli idol drama played by Wu Jian Hao, which had the average rating of 7.67(= 3.5 millions of audiences). However, in the voting held by Taiwan Yahoo, in return, Jerry beat Wu Jian Hao.

The voting of The Best Actor Among Idols was held by Taiwan Yahoo between February 2 and February 9, and there were totally 171,504 votes. Among them, Jerry received 30.8% of support, and Wu Jian Hao and Zai Zai had 26% and 14.9% of support respectively. Besides, the 4th and 5th places are Luo Zhi Xiang with 13531 votes (7.9%) and Ming Dao with 10056 votes (5.9%),

Jerry is in Japan at this time. Yesterday, after knowing the voting result, he said, "Thanks all who voted for me. Let's work hard together." Wu Jian Hao is happy that F4 is supported and said, "This is very big encouragement for me. I am happy." Zai Zai's agent, Zhi Xiang Li, said yesterday, "Thanks for everyone's support. We better focus on the dramas and show everyone good projects."

Ella Knelt To Have Climax

Wu Jian Hao showed his physique in Autumn's Concerto, and his performance was praised.

For Jerry's Down With Love, the time slot with the highest rating (4.66) was the scene when Ella knelt in front of him. Last Sunday, Ella knelt down to have good ratings again. When she broke Jerry's beloved sculpture, David, she knelt down in front of Jerry again, and it brought out the highest rating, 6.13, in the time slot of a minute. Through her agency, Ella indicated that she would donate NT100,000 to if the average rating is higher than 3. In the future, she will donate another NT100,000 if the average rating is up for another 2%. Ella said, "In the drama, I played a nanny, so I feel more that children really need a lot of care and love in order to grow up happily."

Ella’s Kneeling Scene Receives High Viewership Ratings, Netizens Look Forward to Her “Laying Egg”

Date: 9/2/2010


Ella’s Kneeling Scene Receives High Viewership Ratings, Netizens Look Forward to Her “Laying Egg”

With Jerry Yan and Ella as the male cast of CTV and GTV’s [Down With Love], the average viewership rating of the serial’s 2nd episode soared to 3.37. Ella’s 2nd kneeling scene actually yielded a high viewership rating of 6.13. According to the statistics, this would mean almost a 1,400,000-sized audience! Ella’s successful “kneeling” and Jerry’s good performance in the serial, in the recent Yahoo! online poll – for “Who is your favourite idol with good acting”, Jerry won (53154 votes) over Vanness (44544 votes) to become the Number 1 idol with good acting performance. Meanwhile fellow member of F4, Vic Zhou, was at 3rd place.

Debuts on GTV, Champion on Cabled Television

[DWL] has received good results for its viewership ratings. During CTV’s telecast on 7 Feb 2010, the average ratings rose to 3.37. During the 1st episode, when Ella and her elder sister, Xiao Xian knelt down, the ratings rose; and yesterday, when Ella knelt before Jerry once again to seek forgiveness for breaking his favourite sculpture, David, the rating for that minute actually exceeded 6. Even when GTV showed the repeat telecast of [DWL]’s 1st episode the evening before, its viewership rating of 1.69 clinched the champion spot for [Cabled Television] then. Hearing the news, Jerry and Ella were very happy. Currently in Japan, Jerry shared via his manager, “Thank you to everyone for their support.”

Viewership Ratings Exceeded 3, Happily Pledges Donation of NT$100,000 to Charity

Ella was busy at work yesterday. When she learnt of the viewership ratings has exceeded 3, she shared suavely via her record company that she will pledge a donation of NT$100,000 to The Child Welfare League Foundation. She also added she will “donate another NT$100,000 if the average ratings exceed 5, and pledge another NT$100,000 if the average ratings exceed 7.” In [DWL], Ella’s role is a nanny. She felt that young children need a lot of care and concern to grow up happily. She hopes that every adult can give their love and patience to create an environment for young children to grow up healthily.

Addicted to PING-GUO, Wishes for Reunion on [Here Comes KangXi]

Most of all many netizens were jokingly looking forward to Ella’s “promise” last week, “If the average viewership ratings exceed 10, I can even lay an egg!” A lot of netizens claimed, “Everyone has turned into Snow White, to be totally addicted to PING-GUO (Xiang Yu PING and Yang GUO, Jerry and Ella’s character names), and waiting for Lawyer Xiang to awake us with a kiss.” There are also many others who wish for the “Ping-Guo couple” to quickly reunite and go onto [Here Comes KangXi] for filming.

Dumped Jerry Yan On-Screen, Off-Screen Chen Zi Han Values Feelings More

Date: 8/1/2010



Dumped Jerry Yan On-Screen, Off-Screen Chen Zi Han Values Feelings More

Starring Ella and Jerry Yan, GTV and CTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] aired its 2nd episode yesterday. The average viewership ratings increased from the 1st episode of 2.63 to 3.37. In addition to female lead, Ella’s bubbly acting performance being well-received and liked by audiences; the China-born actress Chen Zi Han, who is acting as Jerry’s celebrity girlfriend – “Ding Huifan”, became a topic of discussion.

Earlier Chen has acted as Guo Fu in [Return of the Condor Heros] and Xiao Qing in [Legend of Madam White Snake] to rise to fame in China. Her most recent project was acting as Jerry Yan’s celebrity girlfriend in [Down With Love]. Her debut appearance in [DWL] has seen her breaking up and reuniting with Jerry one scene after another, resulting in Jerry’s character to feel dejection. This attracted many netizens to start to “scold” her. However Chen said, to give up love for one’s career is closer to her perspective to love in real life. When asked if she would consider the background and wealth of her prospective life partner, she said, “Everyone would want to find a Prince Charming. But in relation to riches, I would value feelings more.”

An actress with a lot of acting projects, other than the celebrity role in [DWL], Chen has also acted as a celebrity in 2007’s [Love Strategy], which is currently aired in Taiwan too. Chen expressed she is “not worried of comparison”. With a good figure with a bustline of 34E, Chen has recently done a series of photo shoots for a sexy pictorial book and her image in the book will be worlds apart from her innocent image in [DWL].


Jerry: Thank You for Support; Ella Donates to Charity

by shyun_y of

Date: 8/2/2010


Jerry: Thank You for Support; Ella Donates to Charity

CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] has clinched the champion spot for cable television ratings, and this has let male and female leads – Jerry and Ella to be very happy. As Jerry is currently in Japan, he shared via his manager, “Thank you to everyone for their support.” On the other hand, when Ella, the female lead who was busy at work, learnt that the viewership ratings has exceeded NT$100,000, she expressed via her record company that she will pledge a donation of NT$100,000 to The Child Welfare League Foundation and she will also, “Donate another NT$100,000 if the average ratings exceed 5, and pledge another NT$100,000 if the average ratings exceed 7.”

Ella said, “My role in the serial is as a nanny and I feel that young children need a lot of care and concern to grow up happily. I hope that every adult can also give their love and patience so that these young children can grow up healthily.”

In the debut episode of [DWL] last week, the scene where Ella and her elder sister Xiao Xian knelt down yielded good results. The day before, when Ella accidentally broke Jerry’s favourite sculpture, David and he realized something was amiss despite her attempts to disguise it. She knelt for forgiveness before Jerry again and the viewership ratings soared to 6.13. Jerry’s acting performance in the serial has won praises from the audience. Not only have netizens offered praises for his improvement, in a recent poll in Yahoo! for “Who is your favourite idol with good acting”, Jerry beat Vanness to clinch the top spot with 53154 votes compared to 44544 votes, to become the idol with the best acting performances in the hearts of audiences. In response to this, Jerry who is in Japan now said, “Thank you to those who have voted for me. Let us strive on to improve together.”