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Down with Love Pirated in Mainland Ella Calls to Watch TV

Thursday February 11, 2010 Taiwan

Translated by Cmiley
Source: UDN - Chinatimes
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Jerry and Ella starring in CTV & GTV’s idol drama “Down with Love”, has been broadcasted hotly for 2 episodes, ratings and reviews have been good, of course others have heard the news, apparently there is actually already a pirated DVD situation! In the drama the famous kneeling main actress Ella, through her management company has pleaded, “The quality from watching online and the TV is absolutely not the same, I hope everyone will guard the TV and watch it at home!”

Internet Downloaders Hacked

From the complaints of “Down’s” audience, these few days a few sites from the mainland had given netizens information about downloading this drama, but once the netizens download to their computer, it appeared to have viruses. And there are some that have seen pirated DVD’s sold on the street. GTV has investigated, the piracy content is the trial version for the up coming broadcast in mainland, their feeling towards the piracy “heart broken”, and strongly condemned, but also find it difficult to explain with the lawful authority units.

GTV expressed on the 10th, they have already requested cooperation with the mainland’s Golden Series Film processing company to deal with it immediately, investigating where the sources were spread from, Golden’s General Manager Zhao Yi Fang said, the company is actively working on the investigation, and will see put legal action to those websites and people involved pirating. It is reported that China Radio and TV had been informed of the matter, and will focus more to solve the problem of illegal downloading.

An Hui TV Grabs Summer Slots

Zhao Yi Fang said, originally mainland An Hui TV was going to use this drama as the big opening for the New Year, expecting as soon as April to be aired, or grabbing the summer slots, but even though the broadcast won’t be affected, it will still cause some losses. GTV yesterday has also found some people in related forums illegally selling the pirated DVD, and posted the links to site, but the site seems to be overseas, the company has already conducted investigation, and has informed You Tube, if there are any illegal uploading of the contents, they must stop it immediately.

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