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[Down With Love] Strives for Ratings, Jerry on His Knees After Ella’s Kneeling

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[DWL] strives for ratings with big scenes such as smashing up an office, explosion and abduction scenes in episode 3.

Ella has two kneeling scenes in the first two episodes of [Down With Love] which sent the viewership ratings to peak. In the upcoming episode 3, there will not only be bigger scenes such as Xiang Yu Ping’s law firm being smashed, explosion, abduction; but also the male lead, Jerry Yan will go down on his knees before Ella.

[DWL]’s production team has spent a hefty 6-figured sum to do up the male lead, Jerry Yan’s law firm. But for the sake of one particular scene, all the furnishings and glass within the “law firm” will be smashed to pieces. The extent of this particular scene has got Jerry and Xiao Xian shocked. When the glass shattered, Jerry even used his body to shield Xiao Xian and she said immediately to Jerry, “Please don’t do this. One’s look is an important asset in this industry.” She was worried that his handsome face would be injured by the shattered glass pieces. Meanwhile Ella has been waiting on the set since the early morning. Eventually her filming part only commenced in the afternoon, and the scene was only to shoot her back view. She joked and said she must have been “the biggest shot for an extra”. Nonetheless, Ella shared merrily, “But filming has always been like this!”

While filming the scene of smashing the office, everyone was worried that the big glass panel might not break “aesthetically”, hence just trying to plot the camera angles for everything to be taken in view took the team nearly an hour. When actual filming commenced, it took only one shot to film everything. Xiao Xian sighed and said, “I’ve never thought everything would be so perfect.” She even praised Jerry as being very “manly”. “My boss is very composed and does not look frightened at all.” Jerry also added, “The actual effect was better than expected. Initially we were worried the glass panel would only chip and not break into pieces.” Although Ella was not involved in filming this scene, she was waiting by the side to film another scene and witnessed the whole process of the office being smashed. She exclaimed, “The production team is very rich!” Meanwhile when the extras (background actors) were rehearsing their steps for the upcoming scene, Ella was excited and wanted to join in the fun. She put on the mask to disguise as one of the bad guys to enjoy “playing bad”. But the minute she was near the smashed glass, she immediately retreated and returned the mask and bat to the crew members.

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