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Pandamen to join Friday competition

“Pandamen”, which is to start broadcasting in Taiwan tomorrow on February 5th, will be up against TTV’s “Lucky Days,” FTV’s “K.O. 3an Guo,” and the singing contest show, “Million Star.” As reported earlier, “Pandamen” has been receiving many harsh criticisms just after its initial broadcast in the mainland, accompanied with low ratings. However, all hope is not lost for “Pandamen.” Jacky Wu comments, “Having criticism is a good thing! I’ve seen some fight scenes from the drama, and it is indeed quite lame, but which super hero movie isn’t lame? Superman’s storyline is super lame. This drama is much better.”

“Lucky Days,” which started out strong at 2.39% has been slowly losing its ratings (1.03% on 01/29). Many netizens have expressed their distaste in the drama as it heavily shadows the popular Japanese drama, “Proposal Daisakusen,” as well as their drama poster being extremely similar to yet another Japanese drama, “Last Friend.” Drama producer Wang Pei Hua explains that it is not plagiarism, but rather, “the drama was inspired by the Japanese drama. If you have regret in life, can it be start over? Actually, many dramas have similar stories. The main point is that our content and plot is completely different.” Regardless, sharp-eyed fans identified similarities such as the male lead being able to travel back in time to mend his love relationship in order to change their fate of being divorced.

The singing competition show, “Million Star,” has been getting steady average ratings in the range of 1.81~1.94%. Although the brand name show is no longer reaping in high numbers, it currently takes the throne in the Friday 10pm slot. With the upcoming episode featuring musical guests such as Ding Dang going head to head with the contestants, it could potentially steal some ratings.

“K.O. 3an Guo” continues to be the weakest in ratings Jerry Yan and Will Pan. CTS is also emphasizing that this will be the Jay Chou-edition of "Pandamen", as compared to the version that was edited to comply with the mainland broadcasting standards. It shouldn’t be a problem to sweep over the number one spot on its first week, but we will have to wait and see if it can sustain it.


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