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Updates on Japan Tour

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The above clip is about today's news that after the concert, Jerry rushed back to Tokyo, and visited some kids in daycare center. He also brought 40 Good Luck Charms from Longshan Temple. After the concert, he just wants to go back to TW soon, so he can spend the New Year holidays with his family.

At the concert, he had received 10 boxes of gifts from fans, and among the audiences, about 80% went there because of him. His eye infection is still bothering him, and the medication he is taking has affected his voice.

When asked about his money, he said that he had lent all his money to his friends. Although he has bought a bracelet to his mom which is worth more than NT 1 million, he didn't dare to buy a LV bag which he has checked out twice already. Furthermore, he's still driving the old Nissan. When he was young, he had dreamed of owning a Ferreri, but as he grows up, he doesn't think of that anymore, as he has become more realistic.

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