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Jerry's 9314 - Preview (5 Mins)

Jerry Yan appears as mysterious fan at S.H.E's album signing

Source: Tw Next Media, UDN
Translated by fufu@

S.H.E held a signing event at Ximending for their latest album “SHERO.” A mysterious man appeared with a hundred copies of their album for signing. It turned out that it was no other but Ella’s co-star from "Down With Love"...the handsome Jerry Yan! The moment he revealed himself, Ella’s manliness disappeared and she immediately turned into a shy girl leaning against Jerry’s chest and called him, “Honey.” Hebe and Selina also took the opportunity to snatch a hug from Jerry.

Ella and Jerry became good friends during the filming of “Down With Love.” Thus, Jerry promised to buy a hundred copies of S.H.E’s album, and he fulfilled it. Ella didn’t know that Jerry would appear as she was telling the media, “I did invite him, but he’s too busy.” Soon after, Jerry suddenly appeared, and Ella jumped up from her seat in shock.

Within 10 minutes after Jerry revealed himself, the crowd screamed in excitement non-stop. Ella acted sweetly to Jerry while hugging him, and she even introduced her “husband” to Selina and Hebe. Selina, who refused to back down, directly called Jerry, “Xu Xu.” Ella said in joy, “I’m really surprised. I never thought that he would come. I’m very happy to make such a great friend. I’ll be full of energy to sign all the albums in a bit.”

At the event, the fans stood on two sides of the hundred meter long red carpet to welcome the “Queen Goddesses of girl groups.” S.H.E’s latest album “SHERO” promotes female empowerment and Selina expressed, “Everything that we do right now is to make history in the music industry. Every step we take is recorded. The three of us cherishes all this greatly.”

Jerry showed up to support Ella and bought 100 SHE's albums

Today, SHE had an autograph session. Jerry showed up to support Ella and bought 100 SHE's albums as promised. Ella indicated that she had also preordered 100 of Jerry's 9314.

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Jerry Yan's dream car is wrapped around his mom's hand

Jerry Yan’s photo album 9314 Man & Boy doesn’t hit stores until March 30th, but Appledaily has a sneak peek of a boy vs man monologue featured in the book. Here is part one of the two-part excerpts:

Hi, have you had a dream before? Boy

How are you?

When I was a boy, I had many many dreams: Make life better for my family, be someone that my mom is proud, I think I even wanted a sports car. Ha! Because almost every boy at that age wants a sports car.

But I rarely talk to people about my dreams. Almost never, I don’t usually talk about it, not even to my very best friend. I don’t want people to think I’m a kid who didn’t know better.

I've had a few cars since then, but none were sports car.

1 year-old Jerry

Although many would think they are old cars, but I like them, they are very practical, and fulfill my needs at the moment: filming and resting, taking my family out.....For those demands, I don’t need to care how (the car) looks. As for the “grandpa car” that I disposed just recently, that was something my good friend and I – He was an adult in my eyes at the time. He sold the used car to me. It was the first car I've ever had. I think it had a special meaning. It wasn’t until the car wouldn’t run anymore, when I finally disposed it.

Ha! My current sports car might be on my mom's wrist!

It took me a ton of effort to fool my mom into going to a jade shop recommended by my friend. A female artist friend who knows a lot about jade, said wearing (jade) improves the health of seniors.

I brought my mom to the shop. She thought I was only taking her out for dinner. I said I have to get a gift for a friend, and needed to borrow her hand...Once the bracelet was put on her, I didn’t let her take it off.
My mom is very frugal. If she knew the bracelet cost 3 million, she would never have bought it.
But I like buying things for her. Every mom deserves to be treated well by her children.
Later on, I was really worried that she would do the same as what I did to her, happily telling everyone that the beautiful bracelet on her wrist only cost $3,000, and then give it to her friends as a gift, so I told her the real price.
I now joke with her once in awhile: Wa-Sai! Not bad! You are wearing a sports car on your hand!
So you can say I did fulfill my dream of having a sports car... ...
That was truly a happy time for me.
That kind of love and constraint, it is what I like, and (what I) also can’t resist.

The retro Jerry-car (Cefiro)

The fan-made Jerry-car

Jerry Yan talks about his girl woes and a broken nose

Apart from being a rebellious teenager who partook in gang activities when he was younger, Taiwanese actor-singer Jerry Yan unknowingly dated a gang leader's girlfriend and ended up with a broken nose.

Jerry came clean about his wild and rebellious past in his latest photo book, 9314 Man and Boy. The 33-year-old artiste described his high school years as a colourful one where he "had two different identities for school and after school." He was a class monitor and goody-two-shoes in school, and became the underling of a gang after classes ended.

The strapping tall actor reckoned that growing up in a single-parent family has instilled "a fear of isolation" within him, and he wanted to "find a sense of belonging" somewhere.

A popular figure in school, Jerry recalled that one of the school belles had feelings for him but the good-looking one "did not read too much into it as I was busy doing odd jobs." One evening, he met that girl at the school gate and thought that she was the girl mentioned in the rumours. He eventually fell for her and the pair began meeting one another on the sly.

Drama ensued when Jerry discovered that he was dating a two-timing girl who had a gang leader boyfriend. He later suffered a broken nose after receiving a bashing from the gang leader's underlings.

9314 Photo Book (Miscellaneous)

credits to Joyce of Jerry-ilya

Yan Cheng Xu Self Exposed To Love The Wrong Person

Mar 25, 2010 - TW Apple Daily

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Yan Cheng Xu Self Exposed To Love The Wrong Person
Dated "Older Brother's" Girl, Nose Was Broken

Although Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) is Asian's Heavenly King now, he once had the young and wild side. When he was in the secondary school, in order not to be isolated, he followed an "older brother" in a group, and mistakenly had a "love relationship". He never thought that, she had a gangster boyfriend, and his nose was hit to be broken by revenge. Afterward, he also found that, actually, who she liked was not him, the one who really liked him was her good friend, and that girl friend even commited suicide because of the incident. Luckily that girl was fine at the end.

In Jerry's newest photo album, 9314 Man And Boy, there is an article, 13 Year-Old Love's Killing Incident. In the article, it was written about his young and wild secondary school period. During the secondary school period, the single-parent and poor Jerry had 2 identities. He was the class monitor in school, but after school, he was an "older brother's" follower. He followed him to eat and play, and hoped to find the sense of belonging.

Young and Wild
Chased By A Watermelon Knife

Jerry was very popular at school. He was even liked by one of the most beautiful "8 Fairies" at school. At first, he didn't pay attention that he even said, "I only know 8 Generals". After school, he rushed to his part time job for making his living. One evening, he met a girl at the school entrance, he thought that she was the one who liked him, then they started to meet in private, and he thought that he was in love.

But later, Jerry foung that actually that girl had a gangster boyfriend, and the one of the "8 fairies" who liked him was the girl's girl friend, but not the girl. The girl's girl friend found that Jerry was dated by her friend, she even cut her wrist to commit suicide. Luckily, she was ok at the end. The gangster boyfriend knew that someone was dating his girlfriend, he called a group to give Jerry some punches. Therefore, Jerry ended up breaking his nose, with blood all over his white shirt.

During his secondary school period, Jerry was very loyal to his friends. Once he was called to a karaoke restaurant. He didn't know nothing and he went with his friend. When he got there, he saw his "older brother" and another friend, and the whole restaurant had only them, 4 people. Then his "older brother" started to break everything in the restaurant. He was so shocked that he was frozen. Shortly after, all of a sudden, a dozen of people came in with the watermelon knivies. At first, he thought that he would be dead. He thought of death in his mind. Luckily, they were ok at the end, as the one who went there with his "older brother" was a cop. However, when he came out to the street, he continued shaking, as he thought of the scene of his mom being very sad. After that incident, he started to reject some unnecessary invitations, as he didn't want his mom to be sad.

Jerry Yan and then out the photo Behind the Scenes open to the public

After a gap 8 years, again a photo album of Jerry Yan!

To be officially released until next week, but the figure has a very brightest futures, Jerry Yan in this photo focused on a collection of more than 200 photographs, filming the process, Jerry Yan often Sic, funny staff laugh, behind the scenes Snapshot Qiangxian Kan. Model for promotion idol drama a brother, Jerry Yan After a gap of eight years, photo albums, across the seas to South
Australia filming, Jerry first Bianshen trainer.

Artist Jerry Yan: "good as gold, good as gold, sit down sit down, it could see the meat and forgot about, ha ha, your a very awkward position." Behind the scenes because it is open to the public, Jerry Yan, "tease down to", a moment before the camera yawning, just grazing the Xiayi Miao! Malaysia photographed lying on the road, Well get it scared 啦, but it seems it becomes a bit stiff. However, the most difficult, I am afraid, or Su-Yen battle, in South Australia under the hot sun, sunscreen work, really big test, quickly hide in the sun somewhere absent father.

Jerry Yan: "You can tell us about it?" Police: "The Chinese do? Good, no problem." This is the 1840 to the present …. "Jerry Yan:" wow! English very well, he does! "So High, Jerry will have the first drink a few glasses of ah?

A record high price of books published in Taiwan's artists, 6 million production costs, whether or not to Jerry Yan from the big boys to become a manly, fans in the eyes, even if the Sic, idol charm remains undiminished.

Confirmed: Down with Love @ ABS-CBN

Starting April, more daytime and primetime shows will keep Pinoys in and out of the country glued to TV set. Koreanovelas like Down with Love starring Jerry Yan sets mornings in the mood for love and Autumn’s Concerto with Vaness Wu while Walt Disney’s Aladdin, The Adventures of Narnia and Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest are exciting treats to kiddie viewers.

Read the full version of the article here

Errrr, it's TW Soap. Gosh!

3/25 CTV News

Jerry Yan’s rags to riches past

The Taiwanese heartthrob expressed thanks to his mother’s upbringing and talked about the meager lifestyle he had as a child

23 March 2010

In an interview with NHK news a few days ago, Taiwanese actor-singer Jerry Yan poignantly touched on his growing-up years in a single-parent family.

Before Jerry shot to stardom from his breakout role in Meteor Garden back in 2001, the 33-year-old actor shared that he had an impoverished childhood growing up in a single-parent family. Jerry’s father passed away due to an illness when the actor was 12 years old, and his mother singlehandedly raised him and his sister up by doing tailoring work.

The suave and charming idol revealed that he started doing odd jobs when he was in Primary 5 to help with the household expenses. He said that the refrigerator at home "was so old that it started to leak electricity" and "cement would sometimes drip from the ceiling at home."

Referring his mother as “the most important woman in my life”, he shared that the deepest impression he had of her was “the view of her back.”

“Mom would always be sitting down for long periods of time while tailoring the clothes and my elder sister and I would be at one corner doing household chores,” he said.

Inspired to provide his mother with a better life, Jerry has no qualms working hard and spending his income on his mother. To shield her from the limelight, he will “reject all promotional events and advertorials that have requested for us to appear together.”

He is the first Chinese star to be interviewed on the NHK program and the episode will be aired in Japan on the 27th this month. He was introduced as one of the “Top Stars” in the Chinese pop culture scene.

Down With Love narrowly beat P.S. Man in the ratings

Source: Chinatimes, Liberty Times, NOWnews
Credit : PA @

There is still no clear ratings winner after four weeks of competition for the top two Sunday night idol dramas. Down With Love topped the ratings with 3.35%, while P.S. Man followed close behind with 3.31%. The two dramas were only separated by 0.04%, with each winning the ratings crown twice so far.

SETTV created some controversy last week with their widely criticized Xiao Xiao Bin incident -- The child star was asked by the network’s entertainment reporter to comment on the current ratings crisis. Their “stunt” sure made headlines, but it didn’t seem to help P.S. Man's ratings by much. Since the drama is still being filmed as it airs, it will be interesting to see if SETTV will rework the drama for a faster pace, or end it early as they (rumored to) have done before for Easy Fortune Happy Life, which also happens to star Blue Lan.

Over at CTS, they might finally have something to celebrate about after both of their idol dramas hit rock bottom two weeks ago. The ratings for Jay Chou’s Friday night drama Pandamen bounced back from 0.32% to last week’s 0.47%. Over on the Sunday night, Because of You slightly improved from 0.36% to 0.39% for the latest episode. CTS is probably wishing for their nightmare(s) to be over soon.

Taiwan star Jerry Yan opens up about his impoverished childhood

Posted: 23 March 2010 1401 hrs

TAIPEI : Taiwan superstar Jerry Yan revealed some intimate details of his impoverished childhood during a recent interview with Japanese television station NHK in Taiwan.

Yan said his father got sick and passed away when he was just 12 so his mother raised both him and his older sister by working as a seamstress. They were so impoverished that Yan could only afford to eat damaged fruit as a child, according to a report on Chinese website

Yan, a former member of the now defunct boyband F4, started working to supplement the household income when he was still in his fifth year of primary school.

He also went on to describe his early home as having a cement plaster ceiling that constantly flaked off and containing an old refrigerator that once gave his sister an electric shock.

The "Meteor Garden" star said the most important woman in his life is his mother, and that the most memorable thing about her was "the view of her back" as she sewed clothes.

"My mother sat at the sewing machine sewing clothes for long periods of time while my sister and I helped with the household chores," said Yan.

Yan, who had only recently released his new pictorial book "9314 Man and Boy", said his birthday wish this year is for his mother to remain healthy and lead a comfortable life. He even bought her two pet dogs on her birthday to keep her company when he was busy with work.

The 33-year-old singer-actor had also bought her numerous designer handbags and expensive jewellery without batting an eyelid.

For Yan, however, the most important thing is to protect her privacy and afford her a peaceful existence.

To that end, Yan has declined to attend all events that required him to appear with his mother. Only their old neighbours, friends and relatives know his mother's identity.

- CNA/ha

Jerry Yan Sleeps at Airport, Attracting Fans to Watch

Source: UDN

Translated by : Shyun_y@

For love, Jerry Yan actually spent a night sleeping over at the airport! CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love]’s storyline will enter into a 4-angled love relationship in this week’s episode. Jerry’s character – Lawyer Xiang will finally learn that Ella’s role is not a lesbian and the joyous man will rush all the way to Hangzhou to express his love for Yang Guo (Ella’s character). However as the flight was fully booked, the handsome lawyer had no choice but to be placed on the flight’s wait list and to spend the night at the airport in meantime.

While filming the scene at the airport, the moment Jerry appeared, he attracted the attention of many tourists. Many of the female fans present immediately “earned” the chance to not only watch their idol up close but also to observe the filming! In order to film this scene, Jerry has to sleep on the chairs of the waiting area. While doing so, he accidentally hit his head, causing many female fans to feel heartaches.

With the telecast of [DWL], the clothes, accessories and bags used by Jerry and Ella in the serial have become conversational topics and interests of many netizens and fans. Last week (14 March), when Jerry gave Ella the “Sweets of Love” and with the scene of the couple enjoying the sweets merrily, the merchant received many calls the following day to enquire on these sweets. There was a fan who even ordered 200 boxes at one go. Within a week, the accumulated sales orders for these sweets actually came up to 50,000 boxes. Even some bridal shops also called up to order these sweets specifically on behalf of their clients and currently, these sweets are already out of stock due to the craze.

Ella Teases that Jerry is No Sweet-Talker, Hence, Unable to Woo Girls

Source: China Times

Translated by : Shyun_y@

Ella’s luck in romance has always been blooming. She was once said to be dating musician Chen Xi, and speculated to be in past romances with Jerry Huang and Wu Chun respectively. Even Baron Chen, whom she has not collaborated with, was once rumoured to be her boyfriend by the media. However all these “romances” all died down eventually. Recently she has filmed CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] and her co-star, Jerry Yan, was the only male artiste whom she was not rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with, amongst her co-stars. In response to media probes, Ella said, she has learned now to enjoy her life by herself. As she is apprehensive of “troubles”, she would look for someone outside the entertainment circle if she is to fall in love again. She will definitely not lose her head when love strikes next time.

Ella shared that she would be like a “little woman” in romance. But having gone through a few heartbreaks, she has realized that “Girls would, firstly, need to love themselves and seek independence, before they would exude individual charms unique to them.” In the past, she used to like to spend a lot of time with her other half, with daily calls etc, but now she felt there is no need for such “stickiness”. “I will not die without love. Though, it is a nice-to-have.” She teased that Jerry is no sweet-talker and belong more to the “actions speak louder than words” kind of guys. But on the contrary, girls usually prefer to listen to the “sweet nothings”. “I can understand why his love life is still empty.”

Both artistes, Jerry and Ella, have been named “Ping-Guo Little Couple” by netizens and fans. Their costumes, accessories and bags used in the drama serial [Down With Love] have become conversational topics and interests of many. Last week, in [DWL], Jerry gave Ella some “Sweets of Love”. Immediately on the following day, the shop received phone enquiries from members of the public. Within a week, the sales orders for these sweets have accumulated to over 50,000 boxes. Not only have [DWL]’s characters brought business opportunities for the merchants, in this week’s episode whereby Jerry’s role will fly to Hangzhou, intending to profess his love for Ella’s character; during filming at the airport, many fans were attracted to the scene as if sight-seeing.

Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni/Down With Love - Photos

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Jerry pictorial book: 9314 - Photos

thanks to onlyf4

GTV Newsclip

Jerry Yan reminded of failed romance at Kaohsiung

The cast and crew of Taiwanese romantic-comedy drama series, Down With Love, which includes the likes of Jerry Yan, Ella Chen, Xiao Xiao Bin, Kelly Huang, and Michael Zhang, trooped down to Kaohsiung and spent a memorable White Valentine's Day with fans in the area. Although the weather was scorching hot last Sunday, there was a surprising turnout of more than a thousand fans.

33-year-old Jerry was reminded of his sad past in Kaohsiung when he was still a marine soldier many years ago. His girlfriend left him and Jerry confessed that he had "a very painful time" and even wanted to "jump into the sea and commit suicide." The dashing actor wanted to win his girlfriend over with a proposal but faced rejection from her.

Putting his unhappy past behind him, Jerry said, "Today is supposed to be a happy day. Let's not talk about unhappy matters."

In one of the chapters from Jerry's upcoming photobook, 9314 Man and Boy, the heartthrob briefly mentioned about "her" and felt that he was "too childish, too in love" and decided to part ways with "her" as he wanted her to have better options.

The "her" mentioned in Jerry's book is speculated to be Taiwanese super model-actress, Lin Chi-ling. Jerry refuted the speculations saying, "I have never said that it was her."

And does he intend to pursue her?

"This is not fair for her. Her happiness is the most important; she might have a pretty good catch. Constantly talking about her will create troubles for her."

Jerry Yan's pictorial book --- misses Lin Chi Ling?

Source: UDN
Translated by: Snow0512 @

Jerry Yan talks of his relationships for the first time in his pictorial book [9314 Man & Boy]; in the book, he alludes to his romance with top model Lin Chi Ling: "When I heard that she told others that I'm the person who treats her the best in the world, I only knew of overcoming my sadness by working hard to become a man. Letting her go was because I really loved her, knowing that she would meet a better man."

Not only did Jerry reveal more skin than before in this pictorial, but even his words reveal the matters deep in his heart. He frankly said that every romance he's been in exceeded 6 years; the reason he hasn't been in a relationship till now is because he's "afraid that if I fall again, I won't be able to stand up."

Jerry said that the way he loved his girlfriend in the past was too childish, only treating her well according to what was love in his own concept, and never thinking if the other party truly liked it. He also highly praised the perfection of the other person; as to whether this person is supermodel Lin Chi Ling, Jerry's manager Fenny neither admits nor denies it, merely saying: "Jerry is only sharing his feelings towards his past relationships, reviewing himself, and blessing those who had once been good to him."

Down With Love Celebrated For Good Performance

Mar 9, 2010

Down With Love Celebrated For Good Performance Ella: If Ratings Are Over 5, Will Donate NT 100,000 More

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CTV/GTV's idol drama, Down With Love, had a celebration dinner today. The female lead, Ella, said that she had already donated NT 100,000 to The Child Welfare League Foundation when the ratings reached 3. If the ratings reach 5, she will donate another NT 100,000, and the male lead, Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) indicated that he would follow Ella's lead as well.

After TTV/Sanli's Autumn's Concerto, which had ocuppied the champion seat for a while, had finished, Down With Love became the champion with the average rating of 3.27 during the Mar 7 broadcast. The production team had a celebration dinner at Tai He Dian today, and the cast who haven't seen each other for a while got together again, feeling extra warm. Especially, with Jerry and Ella's love development has excelerated in the drama, the two's interaction today was extra close. Jerry also put his arm around Ella's shoulder frequently.

Ella said straightly that she had missed Yan Cheng Xu all these times, but she didn't know whether Jerry had also thought of her. Jerry didn't answer the question directly, but only said, "Ella's so adorable in the drama."

S.H.E.'s newest album, SHERO, will be released soon, and a concert will be held on May 29. Jerry said that if his schedule allows, he will definitely go to the concert. When the media asked whether Ella will invite Jerry to be the special guest, Ella jokingly said, "My songs have filled all the numbers."

When Ella asked Jerry to buy 100 copies of her new album, Jerry promised immediately. In return, Ella stated that she would buy 100 copies of Jerry's upcoming photo album as well, but after knowing that the selling price of Jerry's photo album will be NT 499 and hers is going to be only NT 399, Ella plainly said, "Can't lose money", so she revised her promise to only buy 80 copies of Jerry's photo album.

In today's celebration dinner, another focus was Zhang Xun Jie, as he was exposed to check out department store's Furniture Department with another artiste, Xiang Ying, intimately, and he even touched her nose. Zhang Xun Jie firstly tried to change the topic by saying that it has been hard on the production team all these times. Then he explained that he touched her nose solely to get rid of the loose hair on her nose as she just had a haircut on that day. Hearing that, Jerry jokingly said, "How come you had never helped me get rid of my loose hair at filming?"

Zhang Xun Jie said that he's good friend with Xiang Ying, and at this time, he enjoys his life as a bachelor very much, so he hasn't thought of settling down yet.

Other than the celebration dinner, coincidently, it's Xiao Xian's birthday, and recently she just got the
Champion of Open Professional Ballroom Dance Championship Asian Tour Taipei Open. Therefore, today's celebration dinner celebrated 3 happy incidents at the same time.

As the pirated copies of Down With Love have filled the web, Jerry reminded the audiences that there would be a lot of surprises on the tv version. The executive producer, Ke Yi Qin, was very touched after knowing that a lot of fans deliberately do not watch the priated version, and she encouraged everyone to support the legal copies of Down With Love.

DWL Cast Dinner Celebration

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As DWL got the No. 1 in ratings this week, cast and crew got together today to have a celebration dinner.

Down With Love tops P.S. Man in idol drama ratings

Source : Chinatimes, Liberty Times, UDN, CNA
Credit : PA @

The new SETTV drama P.S. Man was off to a great start 2 weeks ago with the help of a short episode of Autumn’s Concerto. It returned to the ratings battle last Sunday on its own, and as expected, its ratings dropped further down to 3.23%. Jerry Yan and Ella Chen’s Down With Love took over the number one spot with 3.27% for the first time since it went on the air.

Interestingly, early news reports crowned P.S. Man as the ratings “winner”, because it won the demographic of viewers between the ages of 15 to 44 with 4.57%. CTV and GTV also announced that Down With Love won the “OL” (office lady) demographic with 5.4%. Although there is no clear winner at this point, the loser for sure is Because of You. Its average rating hit a new low at 0.28%.

Taking a quick look back at ratings over the past month, Autumn’s Concerto was averaging around 15% in the demographic of female viewers between 15-34. The numbers dropped to 8 from 9% when P.S. Man came on the air, while Down With Love stayed consistent at 4 to 5%. Approximately a third of the young woman viewers from Autumn’s Concerto were lost as they didn't continue to watch either one of the currently airing dramas.

P.S. Man will look for a boost in ratings when their second male lead James Wen makes his entrance on the next episode. The drama has been suffering from weak writing and some questionable acting by the two model-turned-actresses, especially in the case of Bianca Bai. It will be a tough climb for P.S. Man as Jerry Yan and Ella Chen will be back for more Down With Love promotions on White Day (March 14th) with a special event.

Down with Love NG [2010.03.06]

9314 Man And Boy Worldwide Preorder And Autograph Session

9314 Man And Boy Worldwide Preorder And Autograph Session

Date: Mar 13
Location: Taipei Xi Men Ding Red House

Function format:
1. Staff will arrive at 11am
2. The stage will be set up at 12pm
3. Number tickets will be given out at 1pm
4. Media time will start at 2:30pm
5. Autograph will officially start at 3pm

Please be aware:
1. The preorder gift will be a set of 2 9314 Man And Boy limited edition bookmarks. Autograph will be signed on the bookmark.
2. In order to make sure that all the "family members" who attend the session will get Jerry's autograph, each attendant can have 10 bookmarks autographed only, and each person can get on stage only once.

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Sony is going to release a collection of Jerry's 33 MVs on Mar 12

Sony is going to release a collection of Jerry's 33 MVs on Mar 12:
Boy-Man, Jerry (2 DVDs, 140 mins)


01. Afraid Of Darkness (new)
02. No Longer Being Loved (new)
03. Get Used To Us Being Together (new)
04. It Is No Way That I Can Leave You
05. You Are My Only Persistance
06. One Meter
07. Be A Good Lover
08. Memory Pieces
09. Decoration
10. Want To Love You
11. Gravity
12. I Want It Now
13. Guarantine
14. Forget One Self
15. Fantasy
16. Love's Area (F4)
17. Te Amo I Love You (F4)


01. Say I Love You At KTV
02. I Will Love You Very Much
03. Black Coffee Diary
04. Extra Freedom
05. Thank You
06. Only Me
07. I Really Really Love You
08. Must Have You
09. Wait For You Here (F4)
10. Experience (F4)
11. Absolutely Can't Lose You (F4)
12. Fireworks' Season (F4)
13. Ask for more(F4)
14. Can’t help falling in love(F4)
15. Meteor Rain (F4)
16. First Moment (F4)

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Down With Love Meet Session

GTV has posted some details of the 314 Kaohsiung DWL Meet Session

Down With Love Meet Session
Date and time: Mar 14, 13:30
Location: Kaohsiung True Love Pier (真愛碼頭)

Function format

1. It's open to the public.
2. 500 fans will be allowed to give "High Five" to all actors attended.
3. 500 number tickets will be given out starting at 11: 00, one ticket per person present in line
* For the ones who will queue for the number tickets, please self monitor the queuing situation, no jumping in line please
* It is prohibited for family members and fan club members to queue for others who are not present.
* GTV reserves the right to change the format and content of the function as needed

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Down with Love 就想賴著你 White Valentine Event Invitation

Play Magazine March 2010 Issue

credits to selina15

Jerry Yan spends S$300,000 to make new photobook

Jerry Yan recently traveled Down Under to shoot photographs for his new pictorial book. He spent a staggering NT$6 million (S$300,000) in production fees, making him the first celebrity in Taiwan to spend such an amount.

It could be money well spent. The last time Jerry released a photobook, Amphibian, eight years ago, 100,000 copies were sold, creating a new sales record.

Inspired by a farm he once saw in Melbourne, he chose to set the photo shoot for the next book titled 9314 Man and Boy in Northern Australia.

His entire entourage of experienced make-up artists, stylists, and helpers for the shoot which lasted eight days, cost him S$75,000.

The 33-year-old opted to sport a bare-faced look to let fans have a glimpse of the "real me." In order for ensure he had proper sun coverage and protection, a make-up artist was specially invited from Japan. "This is definitely the biggest challenge for me in make-up!" Aiko sighed.

Jerry brought along had seven suitcases of clothes, cameras and other bulky items to transport from Taiwan to Australia, spending an additional S$5,000 on baggage costs.

Jerry Yan's fans would like to see him in his underwear

Jerry Yan's fans would like to see him in his underwear
Source: CpopAccess

Jerry Yan traveled to Australia eight years ago for his photo album Amphibian, which went on to set a record for selling over a million copies. He went back to Southern Australia again to shoot his new photo album 9314 Man and Boy. The title refers to the distance of 9314 KM between Taiwan to Adelaide, Australia. Jerry broke away from his idol image by going in front of the camera without any make up. He said, “My body has always contained the conflicting roles of a boy and a man. I’m not an idol. The purpose of not putting on makeup is to let everyone see to real Jerry Yan.”

9314 Man and Boy took over 8 days to shoot in Australia. His crew included top photographer Liang Su, stylist Chen Sun-Hua and make up artist Aiko, who was only responsible for putting on sun screen. The manpower alone cost over 1.50 million (NTD), in addition to 7 suitcases of clothing that were worth over a million.

The photo album has been three years in the making, and 200 of the best photos were chosen out of 5000. It will be accompanied by a 40,000-word written monologue, along with the two singles “Men’s tears” and “Down with Love”. The photo album will be available in Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English. It also includes Jerry’s own critique on himself, and his gratitude to others.

In regards to rumors that the album contains pictures of him in briefs, his manger Fenny denied, “Jerry wore shorts in the pictures that were taken in the dessert, and (he was) covered with a lamb wool blanket.” The pre-order for his photo album will start on the 10th. Fans of Jerry can get their copy autographed on the 13th at the Ximending Red House with a pre-order receipt.

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Are idols lovers in real life?

Are idols lovers in real life?

By Joy Fang

DOWN With Love is the show that has triggered a massive transformation in Taiwanese actor and F4 member Jerry Yan.

Known for his role as Dao Ming Si in 2001 Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden, in which he became an overnight sensation among teenage girls, the poor chap has developed a reputation of being a difficult and aloof star.

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In truth, Yan, who does a lot of charity work, is just slow to show the softer side of his personality.

During a press conference for Down With Love in Hangzhou, Yan, 33, revealed that his co-star, Ella Chen of Taiwanese girl-group S.H.E., has had an influence on him, inspiring him to adopt a more cheery outlook and a more playful demeanour.

He has also been seen bantering with Chen during photo shoots, a far cry from his awkward former persona.

No surprise, since Chen, 28, is well known as a fun-loving energizer bunny.

The 25-episode romantic comedy is currently screening in Taiwan. Yan plays cold, ruthless lawyer Xiang Yuping, who hires Yang Guo (Chen's character) as a nanny to take care of his problematic nephew and niece after his brother died.

The pair, of course, fall in love as Yang eventually melts Xiang's heart.

This idol drama has been hailed as one of the top 10 Taiwanese series to watch this year.

While the show has started its run here on Channel U, you can also catch the drama on streaming website sugoideas, which will be updated constantly with new episodes as soon as they air in Taiwan.

Rest assured that you'll not be breaking any media laws - the website's disclaimer states that it does not host downloadable files, and that you're watching publicly accessible content via streaming.

Here's another tidbit for fans of Yan and Chen: Word has it that the two had hit it off and became, ahem, "very good friends" after filming the show.

Is there more than meets the eye to this idol pairing? Tune in, and watch for clues.

Jerry Yan Follows Ella to Distribute Sanitary Napkins on the Streets for the Sake of Love

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In this week’s episode of CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love], chemistry will spark between Jerry and Ella’s characters. For the sake of love, Jerry would follow Ella onto the streets to distribute sanitary napkins, and invite members of the public to fill up questionnaire. However the bold and forthright answers from the “obasans” such as “side leakages”, “heavy flow” etc, has got Jerry feeling shy and a little scared. While filming this scene, Ella transformed into a little teacher and even helped the director to teach the extras how to act, adding on to their lines etc, totally undaunted by the possibility of the extras overshadowing the main cast.

With effect from this evening’s episode, [Down With Love] will not only screen exciting behind-the-scenes NG footage before the commercial breaks; the TV stations – CTV and GTV, will also be conducting SMS (short-message system) lucky draws. So long as one stay tuned to [DWL]’s telecast to note down the passwords on the screen, and text them to the designated number, they will stand to win attractive [DWL] souvenirs. In addition, the lucky winners may also win the chance to be the VIP on the upcoming Meet-The-Fans session on 14 March 2010. Lucky winners will get a chance to spend a special White (Valentine’s) Day with Jerry and Ella. For more details, please visit the GTV [DWL] website.

Behind the Scenes -[NGs] Down with Love

CTV decided to include some NG clips before the commercials.

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9314 Man And Boy - Jerry's 2nd Photo Album

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Jerry has announced that the Worldwide 9314 Man And Boy Preorder And Autograph Session will be held on Mar 13, 3pm, at Xi Men Ding's Red House (紅樓廣場)

Why 9413? That's the flying distance between Taiwan and Australia. For Man And Boy, these are the 2 identities in Jerry that there are always conflicts. According to Jerry, he is still a little little boy most of the time. What interesting about this photo album is not just that he has a lot of old memories in Australia, as that's the location he went for his first photo album, The Amphibian. This time, actually, a lot of team members were the same as when The Amphibian were produced that it's interesting to see how they have changed in all these years. The breakthrough of this photo album is that it will review more private side of Jerry Yan that there are photos that he didn't have makeup on and shave cleanly, as he thinks that he's not an perfect idol anymore. In this photo album, there are more than 40,000 words in total, which is rare in photo albums. Jerry also thanked all the team members for fulfilling his dream for all these years. At last, Jerry asked all the friends from the world to join him at the preorder and autograph session on Mar 13, 3pm, at Xi Men Ding's Red House.

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