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9314 Man And Boy - Jerry's 2nd Photo Album

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Jerry has announced that the Worldwide 9314 Man And Boy Preorder And Autograph Session will be held on Mar 13, 3pm, at Xi Men Ding's Red House (紅樓廣場)

Why 9413? That's the flying distance between Taiwan and Australia. For Man And Boy, these are the 2 identities in Jerry that there are always conflicts. According to Jerry, he is still a little little boy most of the time. What interesting about this photo album is not just that he has a lot of old memories in Australia, as that's the location he went for his first photo album, The Amphibian. This time, actually, a lot of team members were the same as when The Amphibian were produced that it's interesting to see how they have changed in all these years. The breakthrough of this photo album is that it will review more private side of Jerry Yan that there are photos that he didn't have makeup on and shave cleanly, as he thinks that he's not an perfect idol anymore. In this photo album, there are more than 40,000 words in total, which is rare in photo albums. Jerry also thanked all the team members for fulfilling his dream for all these years. At last, Jerry asked all the friends from the world to join him at the preorder and autograph session on Mar 13, 3pm, at Xi Men Ding's Red House.

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