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Down With Love Celebrated For Good Performance

Mar 9, 2010

Down With Love Celebrated For Good Performance Ella: If Ratings Are Over 5, Will Donate NT 100,000 More

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CTV/GTV's idol drama, Down With Love, had a celebration dinner today. The female lead, Ella, said that she had already donated NT 100,000 to The Child Welfare League Foundation when the ratings reached 3. If the ratings reach 5, she will donate another NT 100,000, and the male lead, Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) indicated that he would follow Ella's lead as well.

After TTV/Sanli's Autumn's Concerto, which had ocuppied the champion seat for a while, had finished, Down With Love became the champion with the average rating of 3.27 during the Mar 7 broadcast. The production team had a celebration dinner at Tai He Dian today, and the cast who haven't seen each other for a while got together again, feeling extra warm. Especially, with Jerry and Ella's love development has excelerated in the drama, the two's interaction today was extra close. Jerry also put his arm around Ella's shoulder frequently.

Ella said straightly that she had missed Yan Cheng Xu all these times, but she didn't know whether Jerry had also thought of her. Jerry didn't answer the question directly, but only said, "Ella's so adorable in the drama."

S.H.E.'s newest album, SHERO, will be released soon, and a concert will be held on May 29. Jerry said that if his schedule allows, he will definitely go to the concert. When the media asked whether Ella will invite Jerry to be the special guest, Ella jokingly said, "My songs have filled all the numbers."

When Ella asked Jerry to buy 100 copies of her new album, Jerry promised immediately. In return, Ella stated that she would buy 100 copies of Jerry's upcoming photo album as well, but after knowing that the selling price of Jerry's photo album will be NT 499 and hers is going to be only NT 399, Ella plainly said, "Can't lose money", so she revised her promise to only buy 80 copies of Jerry's photo album.

In today's celebration dinner, another focus was Zhang Xun Jie, as he was exposed to check out department store's Furniture Department with another artiste, Xiang Ying, intimately, and he even touched her nose. Zhang Xun Jie firstly tried to change the topic by saying that it has been hard on the production team all these times. Then he explained that he touched her nose solely to get rid of the loose hair on her nose as she just had a haircut on that day. Hearing that, Jerry jokingly said, "How come you had never helped me get rid of my loose hair at filming?"

Zhang Xun Jie said that he's good friend with Xiang Ying, and at this time, he enjoys his life as a bachelor very much, so he hasn't thought of settling down yet.

Other than the celebration dinner, coincidently, it's Xiao Xian's birthday, and recently she just got the
Champion of Open Professional Ballroom Dance Championship Asian Tour Taipei Open. Therefore, today's celebration dinner celebrated 3 happy incidents at the same time.

As the pirated copies of Down With Love have filled the web, Jerry reminded the audiences that there would be a lot of surprises on the tv version. The executive producer, Ke Yi Qin, was very touched after knowing that a lot of fans deliberately do not watch the priated version, and she encouraged everyone to support the legal copies of Down With Love.

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  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I love the drama "Down with Love" and have watched it three times already. Will continue to watch till it ends.