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Rainie and Jerry hugs and become inseparable

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Tonight, Rainie Yang finally had 10 year dream come true, reaching the Taipei Arena for her own concert and also invited Jerry Yan as special guest. The good relationship of the two were playing hug hug on stage as if about to pretend to kiss. However, the two actually got stuck together, having the costume stylist to come up on stage to release the tangled two.

To open up the introverted Jerry, Rainie especially picked a Taiwanese duet "愛情限時批", which opened Jerry up a bit, the two were holding hands on the heart shaped stage singing happily together.

After the duet, both Rainie and Jerry kept praising each other. Jerry says, "Rainie is so cute it makes me very nervous." Rainie also shouted, "Jerry's hand feels very good to be holding" and her hand went directly towards Jerry's chest proving what she had previously told the media about taking advantage (tofu) of Jerry.

Jerry also changing his usual restrained character, shouted on the stage that he wanted to kiss Rainie. Fans below the stage acted up and all wanted them to kiss. Rainie gets shy and also being scared of Jerry's fans said will wait for future collaboration opportunities to kiss.

In the end, the two had a passionate hug but unexpectedly they became inseparable. Rainie called out to the staff on stage for help as the decorations on her chest got caught to Jerry's clothes. Jerry also screaming with fear that he was scared of touching Rainie's chest so resisted to untangle it. Rainie hadn't forgot to joke around and responded, "I'm scared you might not be able to find it (my chest)!" In the end, the stylist came on stage and successfully seperated the two.

TV airing schedule -

22 April
Jerry & Sammi guest at Kang Xi Lai Le (CTI - taiwan broadcast)

26 April
Jerry guest @ Guang Yu "Ye Guang Jia Zu" radio interview


Lin Chi-ling to Jerry Yan: Love cannot be recycled

Supermodel Lin Chi-ling responds to ex-lover Jerry Yan's love notes in his new photobook

For the first time, Jerry Yan candidly discussed his closely-guarded personal life in a new photobook, and reminisced about his romance with Lin Chi-ling in a moving piece.

Despite his outpouring display of affections, the supermodel has shut the door coldly in his face.

In an intelligent yet almost painful answer while appearing at an environment awareness event, she said, "Love cannot be recycled."

Before that, when asked if she would want Jerry back, Chi-ling had only said, "I will cherish all the good memories."

The two were exposed as lovers in 2002 when their infamous bathrobe photos were stolen from Chi-ling's mobile phone when it was sent for repair. It is not known why they split but singer-actor Jerry mentioned in a talkshow last year he had written a letter of repentance for Chi-ling but never sent it.

The opening chapter Love Fairytale of his new photobook 9314 Man & Boy is heart-wrenching, to say the least.

In it, the former F4 member talked about visiting a post-horseriding accident Chi-ling and how they both had cried, because "a princess' biggest wish is to see her prince".

Known for being reserved and emotional, Jerry also wrote that she is too perfect and deserves a better man.

"I let her go because I really love her. If you've really loved someone a lot, you should be able to understand," he penned.

Rainie Yang plans to bear-hug Jerry Yan at her concert

Rainie Yang will be debuting at Taipei Arena and will acknowledge idols Faye Wong and A-Mei by singing "Chess Piece" (Qi Zi) and "I Want Happiness" (Wo Yao Kuai Le). She revealed that at 13, she was acted as an extra in A-Mei's MV "Impulse" (Chong Dong), where she held a glowstick and waved it around but to her surprise, when the MV aired, all you could see was the glowstick, she didn't get to show her face at all, making her excited for nothing. Recently she bumped into A-Mei backstage and Rainie told her that she was going to sing this song, A-Mei also encouraged her saying, "It's your turn now!"

Special guest Jerry Yan sent an encouragement text which made Rainie laugh out loud, it read, "Do your best, don't feel too pressured! To FTV (pin yin: Dao Min Shi)." At the time she didn't understand the message, thinking to herself, "What am I going to FTV for!" Then she suddenly realised, "Dao Min Shi" was a reference to his character "Dao Ming Shi" in "Meteor Garden". This "Yan-style humour" caused non-stop laughter for her. Their act for the concert has been kept a secret, Rainie kept everyone in suspense saying, "You never know, there might be chest-stroking or a bear-hug, hope he doesn't mind!"

The concert day is fast approaching, Rainie has been working very hard on her dancing, once when rolling she accidentally hit her elbow. Rainie joked that dancing was like entering the world of a stuntman. As well as this, she's been experiencing coughing and lack of sleep, all she can do is drink lots of pear stewed in sugar to look after her throat.

Rainie's low-profile mother insisted on buying her own tickets and didn't even tell her daughter where she will be seated. Rainie's agent laughed, "Mother Yang is so cute, she has already planned on washing her hair and not wearing a hat that day because she's worried that wearing a hat would make her too conspicuous and she'll be noticed by the media."

Jerry Yan - Echoes of the Rainbow

Jerry will guest on Rainie's Concert (Confirmed)

Apr 14, 2010 -Lian He Bao

(Only distracted the part about Jerry)

Recently, Yang Cheng Lin received an encouraging sms from the special guest of her concert, Yan Cheng Xu, and this message gave her a big laugh. The message was like, "You have to work hard. Don't have too much pressure. Coming to FTV (FTV is tv station called Min Shi and the Chinese pronounciation of "Coming to FTV" is "Dao Min Shi")." At first, she didn't understand and she wondered why she needed to go to FTV. Then she realized that he actually refered "Dao Min Shi" as his character, DMS, in Meteor Garden. Yan style cold joke gave her a big laugh. The song they are going to sing together remains a secret. She refused to give much clue but only said, "May be there will be a section with caressing the chest or having big bear hug. Hope he won't mind."

BTS of 9314 Photobook

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Jerry Yan leads “F4” to battle with “Fahrenheit” on Big Party

Although it wasn’t the real deal but everyone must have wanted to see the top two Taiwanese boy/manbands go head-to-head. Jerry Yan took on the task of leading his “F4” against “Fahrenheit” in the battle of the best! He visited the popular variety show Big Party to promote his new photo album 9314 Man & Boy.

Jerry endures laugh-torture on Big Party...

Big Party recently made news with their vertically-challenged impersonation of Jerry Yan. Comedian Kuo Tze-Cheng played "Jerry" in the skit and conveyed the star’s “sensitive, fragile, vulnerable” gaze perfectly. When the two Jerry’s met in person, “Jerry Guo” praised the real Jerry for his height and hair, and said he is a really good-looking man. Jerry Yan led “F4” in the battle of the boybands with fellow members “Vic Chou” (played by Houderas), Ken Chu (Tai Zhi-Yuan) and Van Ness Wu (Jiu Kong).

Before the battle, Jerry confidently promised, “’Ken Chu is the best singer of our group.” The host mocked him saying, “It sounded like as if you were complimenting Lin Chi-Ling.” The studio was filled with laughter but Jerry was understandably a little embarrassed. His group “F4” performed their greatest hit “Meteor Shower”, but Jerry messed up his steps because he was busy worrying about the other members. The host questioned him, “You don’t seem to be very familiar with this song?”

Other "F4" members (from the left): "Van Ness", "Vic Chou", "Ken Chu"

After their music battle, the producers brought in Meteor Garden’s “Shan Cai” to test their acting skills. “Shan Cai” (played by Bai Yun) requested to have their scenes acted out in Taiwanese (dialect) because, “Although idol dramas are popular, local (prime-time) dramas are still in command.” “She” insisted that they should re-enact one of their romantic scenes from drama, but he responded, “’Shan Cai’, we used to act in ‘Meteor Bird-Garden’!” Jerry ended the torture show by carrying his bride “Shan Cai” off the ground.

This episode of Big Party will air on Friday at 9 pm on Cti.

This is not a corpse...

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes, UDN

Jerry holding girlfriend while in tears is an unforgettable moment

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Jerry Yan and Lin Chi Ling have never publicly confirmed any past relationships, but in his new photobook in the section titled "Love Fairytale", he reveals a litle clue. There is a mention of Jerry's then girlfriend getting sick that year, saying, "When the princess is sick, her prince is out fighting battles." Although it was hard for him to split up, he insisted on flying to his girlfriend's side. In the room, one can see a scene of two people hugging in tears, "Why do two people in love want to be together when they are in pain, but are more hurt when they are? They don't know when the last time they will be hugging and crying together." Although the text doesn't identify a name, Lin Chi Ling was injured during a horseback riding accident, and Jerry was in Taiwan filming "The Hospital", making it easy for readers to link Jerry's so called princess with her.

Earlier, Jerry attended a public charity event where he commented on that relationship as "once in a lifetime", even though he was unable to carry on the relationship to the end. To reports that is is a child born out of wedlock, Jerry didn't deny it, only saying that his birth wasn't important, because he would always love his hard-working single mother who brought him up.

Jerry Yan responds to rumours about being born out of wedlock

Posted: 05 April 2010 1232 hrs

TAIPEI: Taiwan superstar Jerry Yan responded for the first time to recent rumours he was born out of wedlock during a charity event on Sunday, said Taiwan media reports.

Expressing support for his mother, the 33-year-old said, "I don't really know [if the rumours are true], and I don't want to know. My mother worked very hard to bring me up.

"She is my role model. I will support her no matter what and I hope I can make her even more proud of me when I grow older."

The "Meteor Garden" star said he is actively preventing his mother from reading about the rumours to stop her from getting hurt.

Recounting his own poverty-stricken childhood, Yan also revealed that he had once been approached to be a gigolo when he was still in high school.

The former member of Taiwanese boyband F4 admitted that the lure of fast, easy money was hard to resist, as his friends who had accepted were all driving expensive cars, while he worked part-time without any holidays, just to make ends meet.

"In those days, I worked hard till 11pm every day. The temptation was great, but I remembered what my mother had taught me. A man can be poor but cannot give up his integrity. Whatever you do, you must be able to answer to yourself and to the people around you, so I replied that I was not interested," he said.

"If I really became a gigolo, my mother would kill me," Yan quipped.

- CNA/ha

Jerry is a wedlock child? Hopes mother isn't hurt by news

Source: Yahoo!
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Currently busy promotion his upcoming photobook, Jerry Yan has been hit with rumours that he is an illegitimate child. Originally known to have an older sister, he lost his dad at the age of 12, and he and his sister were then brought up by his seamstress mother. But rumours claim that Jerry once admitted in private to still have a brother, to which his PR company quietly responded, Jerry didn't have a choice in his birth, and only hopes not to hurt his mother.

After nearly 8 years, Jerry is finally releasing another photobook, where he discusses his inner thoughts and profoundly thanks his mother for raising him and his sister. However, there are rumours being circulated about Jerry actually being a child born of wedlock.

Previously only known to have an older sister after he lost his father at the age of 12, Jerry was brought up by his hardworking seamstress mother. Jerry grew up in a single parent household and was very mature at a young age, working part-time to help support his family. His biggest dream is to allow his family to live a comfortable and better life, leading to his competitive spirit. Rumours state that because he was born out of wedlock, he works harder than everyone else to create a name for himself.

Jerry has also revealed in the past that his happiest moment was in the lunar new year, where a man would treat his whole family to roast chicken. However, everyone knows that Jerry only has a sister, and no brother, while rumours say that Jerry once admitted in private to friends that the man who treated them to roast chicken is his real brother.

And to rumours that Jerry is an illegitimate child, his PR company only quietly responded that Jerry couldn't choose his own birth, but he is very filial, working hard to help his mom become proud of him. They plead with the outside world not to hurt his mother because of his idol status. Always protective of his family, Jerry has never allowed his mother to grace the pages of the media. Hit with this tumultuous rumour, Jerry is sure to be hurt and uncomfortable.