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Jerry Yan leads “F4” to battle with “Fahrenheit” on Big Party

Although it wasn’t the real deal but everyone must have wanted to see the top two Taiwanese boy/manbands go head-to-head. Jerry Yan took on the task of leading his “F4” against “Fahrenheit” in the battle of the best! He visited the popular variety show Big Party to promote his new photo album 9314 Man & Boy.

Jerry endures laugh-torture on Big Party...

Big Party recently made news with their vertically-challenged impersonation of Jerry Yan. Comedian Kuo Tze-Cheng played "Jerry" in the skit and conveyed the star’s “sensitive, fragile, vulnerable” gaze perfectly. When the two Jerry’s met in person, “Jerry Guo” praised the real Jerry for his height and hair, and said he is a really good-looking man. Jerry Yan led “F4” in the battle of the boybands with fellow members “Vic Chou” (played by Houderas), Ken Chu (Tai Zhi-Yuan) and Van Ness Wu (Jiu Kong).

Before the battle, Jerry confidently promised, “’Ken Chu is the best singer of our group.” The host mocked him saying, “It sounded like as if you were complimenting Lin Chi-Ling.” The studio was filled with laughter but Jerry was understandably a little embarrassed. His group “F4” performed their greatest hit “Meteor Shower”, but Jerry messed up his steps because he was busy worrying about the other members. The host questioned him, “You don’t seem to be very familiar with this song?”

Other "F4" members (from the left): "Van Ness", "Vic Chou", "Ken Chu"

After their music battle, the producers brought in Meteor Garden’s “Shan Cai” to test their acting skills. “Shan Cai” (played by Bai Yun) requested to have their scenes acted out in Taiwanese (dialect) because, “Although idol dramas are popular, local (prime-time) dramas are still in command.” “She” insisted that they should re-enact one of their romantic scenes from drama, but he responded, “’Shan Cai’, we used to act in ‘Meteor Bird-Garden’!” Jerry ended the torture show by carrying his bride “Shan Cai” off the ground.

This episode of Big Party will air on Friday at 9 pm on Cti.

This is not a corpse...

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes, UDN

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  1. whoosh..Jerry is really so cute, gorgeous, sexy and very handsome...I love you Jerry!!!