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Recently, Sina's MiniBlog is very popular among artistes and people in the show business.  Today, Jerry opened his miniblog and left 4 short messages.  He has earned over 20,000 fans in about 12 hours.  It was confirmed that the owner of this Miniblog is the real Jerry Yan (as some people opened other miniblogs using names implicating Jerry in the past).  Sisters found out from Hou Wen Yong's miniblog that he was the one who dragged Jerry into this miniblog business, when he was firstly introduced to it by Cai Kong Yong.  Some sisters said that Miniblog is just like the Chinese version of Twitter. 

Jerry's Miniblog

Jerry's upcoming schedule for the month of June:

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Jerry's upcoming schedule for the month of June:

June 5:  Promote the release of Starlit DVD (Japanese version).  Location:  Tokyo.  First session:  15:00.  Second session:  18:00
June 9:  Arrive at Beijing
June 10:  Press conference in Beijing for the release of 9314's Mainland China versions
June 11:  Start at 17:30, autograph and selling session in Beijing (800 tickets available for now, more numbers may be available, depending on the situation)
June 19:  Promote the release of 9314's Japanese version in Japan.  A "High Five" session with 5000 fans will be held in Tokyo.

There are preorder announcement regarding 9314 Photobooks and Starlit DVD (Japanese Version), For inquiries you may logon to Thanks!

i週刊 i weekly No.656 ~ 27 MAY 2010

文﹕楊麗玲 照片提供﹕{9314男人與男孩} TEXT : Yang Li Ling Photos : {9314 Man & Boy}

I seldom bother about fans’ requests. It’s because of my character as well as some previous not so pleasant experiences.

Yet on a certain day, Ms T who adores Jerry Yan sent me a short email. She was very polite and expressed that she wanted to send me a copy of Jerry Yan’s newly released pictorial ~ {9314 Man & Boy} as a gesture of thanks on behalf of her Idol.

When I sent an email to thank her, I unintentionally mentioned how I was having loads of trouble arranging for an interview. Ms T said that she could help out.

Within a few days, I received news unexpectedly. Everyone was in disbelief. Even when the TV Station and Record Company were not able to do anything, a fan easily did it. And there wasn’t any need to censor the questions as well.

Ms T emailed the details of the interview to Jerry out of kind consideration. Thus he had some idea before we started.

Perhaps because of this, Jerry felt at ease during the 40 minutes interview.

I’ve come across many types of fans but those who are rational and understanding to their Idol are few and far between.

對阿旭說﹐他的粉絲太奇特﹐笑他究竟如何“教育”。。。“其實我沒有誒﹐坦白講﹐我應該是比較被喜歡我的朋友教育吧。哈哈﹗很多時候她們會給我加油﹑支持 ﹐告訴我哪方面做得不好。我比較像個小孩子﹐她們不斷在旁邊糾正我﹑關心我。很多喜歡我的朋友都是大姐姐﹑也有一些媽媽﹐我反而像是她們的小孩子﹐她們不 斷給我很多力量﹐指引我走在對的路上。好像是反過來﹐我還覺得蠻不好意思的。”他說。
Told Jerry that his fans are really special and joked about how he actually “educated”them”… “I didn’t really. Frankly speaking, I am the one that is educated by those who like me. Ha ha ! Many a time they would encourage me, support me and even tell me areas that I could work on. I’m more like a kid and they are always by the side, correcting me and caring for me. Many of my friends are like big sisters to me and some are even mothers themselves. In fact, I’m more like their child, they kept giving me so much strength and directing me to the right path. It’s like the reverse actually. I do feel quite embarrassed by that. ”he said.

His luggage was over-weight from their gifts and yet he still lagged them from all over the world back to Taipei. Kept them stored in an empty house. In the An Hui Province of China, they set up “Jerry Yan Chun Rui School” out of their own pockets and maintained it all these years through their own efforts by doing charity for their Idol.

I recalled a few years back, he said to me, “When I grow old one day, the friends that like me will also be of age. I hope that everyone will at least remember that whilst supporting their Idol, they also did something good.”

他一直貫徹﹐也做到了。He’s always been a man of his words and he really did it.

Ms T gave me the sweets that Yu Ping/Jerry Yan gave to Yang Guo/Ella in the serial {Down With Love}. The gift though small but really full of thought.

Tens of thousands of fans maketh a Star. Yet a Star enlightening the fans really makes the world a much better place.


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May 20, 2010 - News Updates

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Liberty Times

It was reported that Ariel Lin has waited to film Skip Beat for more than one year, and the male lead has also changed from Yan Cheng Xu initially, then to Wu Zun, back to Yan Cheng Xu, and to the recent rumored 2 members of Super Junior. However, before the filming of Skip Beat, Ariel Lin will pair up with Yan Cheng Xu in another drama, Taipei Shop Of Coffee Prince, first, which is the TWese version of the Korean drama, 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince.


After 2 years without filming any idol dramas, Ariel Lin will take up 2 drama projects. The once on-hold Skip Beat will refume filming. The original male lead, Yan Cheng Xu, quitted the project as he was upset. The male leads will be changed to Super Junior's 2 members, and the director will still be Niu Cheng Ze. The other drama Ariel Lin will play is adapted from Korean drama, 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince. The main lead is still unknown.

More than one year ago, Yan Cheng Xu, Ariel Lin, and Dir. Niu Cheng Ze went to Japan for a press conference. YCX even went to Japan and helped selling the drama for free, but after he returned to TW, the news of stop filming was suddenly announced. Then it was rumored that the male lead would change to Wu Zun, and this made him frustrated and upset, so he just quitted.

(skipped the paragraph not concerning Jerry)

Lian He Bao

It was reported that LZL kissed with Kimura Takuya in their new drama, but LZL's ex-boyfriend, Yan Cheng Xu, didn't watch, as he was not good at computers.

However, in order to prepare for invading the Japanese market, recently, Yan Cheng Xu has hired private tutors for learning Japanese and English. His ambition to compete with LZL in the Japanese market is obvious. Other than having one-on-one lessons with a Japanese male tutor, he also self-studies Japanese cources/tapes. Including another private tutor for learning English, the fee is conservatively estimated to be more than NT100,000 each month.

For LZL's drama, Jerry hasn't watched yet, as he's not good at computers. Most of the time, he only uses the computer for searching information and downloading music. However, he still cares for LZL, his staff have already asked their Japanese friends to record the first few episodes onto DVD for Jerry.

At this time, Yan Cheng Xu rejects all the invitations temporarily. Other than accompanying his mom, he studies Japanese, English, and piano, working hard on invading the international markets.

As Down With Love's ratings are pretty good, invitations for new drama projects have knocked on his door. According to news, new drama, Taipei Shop Of Coffee Prince and Skip Beat, GTV's drama which will resume filming by the end of year, both want to pair him with Ariel Lin. Ariel Lin has confirmed to accept both projects. However, Yan Cheng Xu has rejected Skip Beat due to scheduling conflicts, and as for his other plans, they are still unconfirmed.

kkla: After reading 3 different articles from different newspapers, I agree with Selina15 that it is obvious that the original news article should be released by Ariel Lin's agency. We can confirm that Jerry rejected Skip Beat and the male lead for Taipei Shop Of Coffee Prince is still unknown, but it appears that the production team wants Jerry to join the project. Also agree with Rosie that after Jerry rejected Skip Beat, it's very likely that the Japanese invester withdrew the funding. As GTV alone can't handle the risk, it may want to attract Korean investers. That's why Super Junior's members were chosen as SB's male main leads.

Jerry's HK Schedule

Kamping updated the information again.
Date: July 24-26
Location: Discovery Park of Tsuen Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Event: DWL Promotion

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All information are subject to change. Just logon to for final event details.

9314 Man And Boy's Japanese version

9314 Man And Boy's Japanese version will be published on June 18, 2010. A DVD about 9314 Man And Boy (46 mins), and the MVs of Down With Love's theme song and 'Man's Tears' will be included. On June 19, Jerry will have a "Give Me Five" session with 5000 fans at Ginza District in Tokyo. The preorder will start on May 10 and each person who preorders will be given a number to participate the event on June 19. (Thanks for the translation)

Mother's Day Special Report: Jerry Yan gets 85% from mom; "Jerry tries too hard"

Source: China Times
Translation: casablanca-- @ Do not repost without credits!

Jerry Yan has become a super idol, but his mother only gave him 85/100, because she is pained that he doesn't love himself enough, and works too hard to make money. On the other hand, Jerry wishes his mother wouldn't be so frugal, because when he bought her a jade bracelet worth $3 million, she was too scared to wear it, and keeps it for appearances even now.

Hikes Yang Ming Shan for medicinal herbs, doesn't regret for eight years

Coming from a single parent family, Jerry had a hard childhood, and his other brought him and his sister up through her tailoring work. In the past, his mother's health was never very good, and refused to spend money to see the doctor, which caused many arguments between them. When he first debuted, he would hike up Yang Ming Shan to get a special herb that improved his mother's health, and eight years later, he still does, other than if he's very busy or is out of town, in which case he asks his brother in law to substitute for him.

One throws away, another treats it as a treasure; purposely never finishes the juice

His income lately has been quite extravagant, but his mother still acts frugally; to provide better for her, Jerry has had to resort to darker means. For example, before he returns home, he will tell his mother in advance of what vegetables he wants to eat, so that she will relent to buy it out of love for him. Also, everytime she squeezes fresh juice, he only drinks 1/3 of it, and uses her frugal attitude against her, knowing that she won't want to waste the remainder and will therefore drink the rest.

Last year, he brought his mother to a jewelry store on the premise that he needed her hand to try on a jade bracelet for a friend's present. After she tried it on, he didn't let her take it off, but once she heard the price was $3 million, she immediately took it off. Jerry bought it anyway and to this day, she is still too scared to wear it.

No criteria for daughter in law, never hurried Jerry to get married

Jerry said, "I really like buying things for my mom, every mom deserves good treatment from their kids." However, his mother feels that it's fine just living a regular life, and doesn't want to see her son work so hard. "Humans need to get used to a simple lifestyle, in order to not let troubles determine how they live."

His mother has a very traditional outlook on her son's marriage, as long as he's happy, then she's happy. She doesn't have a limit on what age he needs to be to get married, and has no criteria for her daughter in law either, only that her son loves her. This Mother's Day, she hopes that her hardworking son can be home for dinner, and Jerry has also cleared his work schedule so that he can be with his mother.

"The largest incentive for me to work so hard is to make my mother proud." A few years ago, he accompanied his mother to a relative's wedding, but the reception turned into an autograph session for him, and when he lifted his head, he would see his mother smile. In that short moment, he really felt that he had made his mother proud, "That was the happiest day of my life, happier than me earning $1 billion."

May 9, 2010 - China Times

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It was reported that Jerry's mom gave Jerry a score of 85, as he doesn't love himself enough that he works too hard. On the other hand, Jerry bought his mom a 3-million bracelet that his mom doesn't dare to wear it. In the past, his mom's health was not good. When his mom didn't want to spend the money for seeing a doctor, he always argued with her because of this. When his first became popular, he had picked a special herb on Yangming Shan for his mom for 8 years, because it appeared to work for his mom.

In order to make his mom eat and live better, he always uses some tricks. In order to make his mom eat more good food, before he goes home, he always tells his mom to prepare some good dishes, as those are what he likes, but actually, he knows that his mom won't eat anything good if it's just for herself. Another example, when he wants his mom to drink some orange juice, he will drink only 1/3 of it. When his mom sees that, she doesn't want to waste the juice, she will drink the rest.

Jerry said, "I like to buy things for my mom. Every mom is worth nicely treated by her kids.". However, his mom just wants a simple life, as she doesn't want to see her son work too hard.

Regarding Jerry's future marriage, she has no special requirements on the future daughter-in-law and how old he should get married. As long as Jerry likes the girl and he is happy, then she is fine with it.

This year, Jerry's mom wants the hardworking son to stay home for dinner on Mother's Day, and Jerry intentionally skips work today to accompany his mom.

Jerry said that bringing glory to his mom is much better than earning 10 millions of dollars.

DWL's ending song, Fallen In Love With You, by SHE (wtih Jerry's shots)

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Singapore's Zaobao 10 most popular artistes in the world

Singapore's Zaobao chose 10 most popular artistes in the world for the first 10 years of the 21st Century, and Jerry is one of the 10 chosen. One of the criterions was that the artiste needs to maintain popular for the whole 10 years.

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A Considerate Good Man, Ella helps Jerry Yan as Marriage Seeker ('jing fan')

credit translation to SweetyPie @
source : CNA news

CTV / GTV Idol drama (Down With Love) arrives at the supermarket for filming. Seeing how considerate his gestures are, leading lady Ella praises male lead Jerry; exclaiming he is a good man. Facing the camera, she expresses her desire to help him 'jing fan'. Having heard this, the timid Jerry was left to scratching his head.

With this scene, it was originally written such that Ella would be seated in the shopping cart with Jerry pushing. While filming, Ella got really excited and requested for a role reversal so that she be the one pushing the cart. Jerry immediately refuted by saying, "I don't want that; it's too dangerous!" With that, Ella responded "He's so considerate! A true gentleman." While continuing to face the camera, she playfully turned the discussion to match making; jokingly stating that she wants to be his 'jing fan'.

Flustered, Jerry scratched his head after hearing her... in the end, his words were no match for hers, thus he sat compliantly for her to push. The duo's collaboration was a breeze as it only required one take to complete.

Not only was Jerry considerate, in one scene, it speaks of Ella getting hit hard by the shopping cart. Jerry, who was concerned that she might actually get injured, purposely reduced his speed. But Ella was fearless and gave Jerry the green light to go full force.

May 2, 2010 - Lian He Bao and TW Apple Daily

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In a scene of DWL broadcasted this weekend, Xiang Yu Ping will join Yang Guo to participate in a supermarket shopping contest. When filming this scene, Jerry was curious about the products there, as he rarely goes to those kinds of big supermarkets. For instance, when he found a wonder mop, and asked Ella whether it's good. After Ella said that it's good, he excitingly said that he would buy one for his mom, but Ella teased him saying, "It's easier if you just hire a maid for her."

Liberty Times
According to Liberty Times' reporter, Jerry went to a pub, Primo, last night for its 2-year anniversary party. In the pub, he behaved intimately with 2 sexy girls, and he even smoked afterwards. His agency responded that Jerry went to the pub for commercial and social activity, and the girls were just regular friends. As for the smoking, his agent said that they had never seen Jerry smoke when working with him.

kkla: If I remember right, Primo is a pub opened by Vanness and his friends. From the newspaper scan provided on reply #20 (Per Selina15, reposting is prohibited for this scan), the reporter reported that Jerry noticed the reporter at 2:45 am and gave him a smile. Then according to the reporter's next picture, Jerry "behaved intimately with some girls" at 2:50 am. Well, the reporter could create whatever story he wanted, but the pictures showed totally otherwise. From the picture, it appeared that Jerry was forced to the corner by the girls. Regarding the smoking, we all know that Jerry doesn't smoke. Again, there is no picture taken although the reporter was able to take other people's. Regardless, in the pub with the amount of 2nd hand smoke, there is no difference whether Jerry lighted a cigarette or not. Anyway, I am glad that Jerry attended some social parties, but not just staying at home.

TVBS' news about Jerry's going to the pub

[Radio] FM933 DJ Chong Qing's Interview with Jerry

translated by kym @

DJ Chong Qing : I need to apologise to everyone. We had interview Jerry Yan at 11 am yet it is only now that we are broadcasting the interview. It's mainly because when I made the call to Taipei, it was his mobile phone. When we were on the call, there was a problem. He could only hear me a few seconds after I asked him a question. That is there was a 'lag'. I don't know how to say that in Chinese. Ha ha! So after about 3 seconds then Jerry could hear my question. So the entire interview seemed a little slow. But after editing, the overall effect is still very good. You can hear my questions
and Jerry's immediate answering very clearly. But for Jian Zhong (the technician I think), this interview was no piece of cake. So now through this 933 segment 'Zhou Gong is here!', let's hear Jerry's voice.

DJ : So Jerry Yan Cheng Xu is now on the line. We are doing this overseas call mainly because of his pictoria ~ 9314 Man & Boy. l want to ask Jerry, since 8 years ago, you've done a pictorial too. So what's different between this new pictorial and the pictorial from 8 years ago?

Jerry : Mainly it's about what has been happening in my life these few years. It also includes my emotional changes and how I've come to terms with them.

DJ : Actually its a pictorial about dreams and growing up. So these dreams are those from 8 years ago or are they your present dreams?

Jerry : Ha ha, actually my dreams have not changed very much from the past till now.

DJ : How about your growing up process? Since you've been in this line till now, do you really feel that you've grown up alot?

Jerry : Eh......h I should say that the changes are quite great.

DJ : In terms of changes, Jerry, do you feel that it's your personal character or something else?

Jerry : I would say these include all of them. Perhaps when I interact with others, I feel that I've become more attentive to others.

DJ : I see. So with this pictorial, there are actually 3 items - the pictorial, a book and a CD. Would Jerry like to introduce to us? Let's talk about the pictorial first. Which of the style in the pictures do you like the best?

Jerry : I like the most. Oh, the one where I had a moustache. I like that style.

DJ : Why?

Jerry : It's different from what I've done before.

DJ : Yes, in fact when we saw that we were . . . . . .

Jerry : Hello . . . . . .

DJ : Can you hear me?

Jerry : Hello, yes, I can.

DJ : I'm sorry I realised that the connection is a little slow. I realised that you could only hear me after I had asked the question for a short while. So sorry about that.

Jerry : No a problem at all. Are you Chong Qing?

DJ : Yes, I am.

Jerry : I heard that you won a prize, is that right? I want to congratulate you on that.

DJ : (Laughing heartily) Ha ha! Thanks Jerry, thank you. Ha ha!

Jerry : That was great! It really is!

DJ : Many years ago, I was hosting the show and you came to perform. At that time, we had a backstage crew and it happened to be his sister's birthday. He requested for your signature. But the security personnel had dragged you away but you asked them to stop for a moment. Then you turned around and signed for him. He was so touched by that. And I was also able to see how you really are.

Jerry : Ha ha, oh, you still remember. Thank you.

DJ : Let's talk about the book. Are you someone who is easily touched by words?

Jerry : Yes, I am. Rather easily so.

DJ : So when you have read something that describes you, what kind of description would make you very happy?

Jerry : I feel happy if the description is very close to the real me. In the media when I face a lot of cameras, I feel that it's rather different from who I truly am. I get nervous easily. So I feel that words can really express who Jerry Yan really is. I believe through reading the words, everyone
can get to know who Jerry Yan truly is.

DJ : In your leisure, do you have the habit of writing or doodling?

Jerry : Once in a while, when I'm on the mood. Like I did try to write lyrics before. At times I just write whatever comes to mind. But I'm not very good.

DJ : No matter what you do, I believe in Singapore or anywhere else where there are those who know you, they would support you greatly. This pictorial also includes a CD. There are 2 songs. Would you like to tell us about 'Man's Tears'?

Jerry : All right.

DJ : Was recording this song difficult?

Jerry : This song is very different from the songs that I've done in the past. In terms of the singing style and the overall feel, I feel that the process was rather interesting.

DJ : How was it different?

Jerry : We spent quite a lot of time in the studio doing the recording. Furthermore at times, when I heard the song I felt that it is quite alright but it was difficult when I sang it. But later on, I was rather happy with the end result when I heard it.

DJ : The lyrist of 'Man's Tears' is Teacher Yi Jia Yang. Do you feel that the lyrics can convey your feelings to a T?

Jerry : More or less it did.

DJ : When will you shed your 'Man's Tears'?

Jerry : Just like anyone else I would think. I mean we have our pressures from work, or when we have to face false reports, or some reporters are malicious in their critique. I feel that I would be sad when facing these.

DJ : The other song is 'Down with Love'. Would you like to talk about it?

Jerry : 'Down with Love' is kind-of-a-happy song when you hear it. It's sounds easy to the ears and it's like my childish side.

DJ : I'm very curious. The book title has the number - 9314, why these 4 numbers?

Jerry : This the distance by air between Taipei to Australia. It's like the distance between reality and a dream.

DJ : Do you like Australia very much?

Jerry : It's rather nice. Many years when I did my previous pictorial, I went there to shoot. I like the simple life there with its grasslands. And there are alot of animals too. It feels like heaven to me.

DJ : I wanted to ask you before you came to this line, did you have a country in mind that you really wanted to visit?

Jerry : A country which I really want to visit. Paris.

DJ : That's before you came into the line. But after you've entered this line, you've been to so many countries. Is there still a place that you've longed to go but still has yet been?

Jerry : Paris. Ha ha!

DJ : Ha ha!

Jerry : I've never been to Paris.

DJ : I think it would be very inconvenient for you if you go to Paris. There'll still be a lot of people who can recognise you.

Jerry : I think it should be fine. I want to go there for a feel of the culture and then I believe I'll learn something different.

DJ : I think wherever you go, you bring something surprising to everyone. So I hope that all the listeners when you've bought the book. And when you've brought it home, you will have a different kind of surprise. Like you can see Jerry with a moustache and very sexy. We can understand him even more through the words. So all of you and those who support Jerry can buy this pictorial. Thank you Jerry for the opportunity to interview you. Thank you.

Jerry : Alright, thanks Chong Qing. I want to congratulate you once again on your win. I hope that I can come to your show to be interviewed by you.

DJ : Thank you, Jerry. Bye bye.

Jerry : Alright, thanks.


BTS Down With Love

During the filming of behind-the-scene special, Ella encouraged Jerry Yan to sit in the shopping cart. He refused initially: "No, it's too dangerous." Ella praised him after hearing that: "What a good man!" She joked that she will help Jerry to find a partner. Rarely go to the store, Jerry played with the magic mop and asked Ella: "Is this useful? I should buy one home and it can help my mom to mop the floor. My mom is hardworking." Ella then said: "It would be better if you hire a maid."