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May 2, 2010 - Lian He Bao and TW Apple Daily

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In a scene of DWL broadcasted this weekend, Xiang Yu Ping will join Yang Guo to participate in a supermarket shopping contest. When filming this scene, Jerry was curious about the products there, as he rarely goes to those kinds of big supermarkets. For instance, when he found a wonder mop, and asked Ella whether it's good. After Ella said that it's good, he excitingly said that he would buy one for his mom, but Ella teased him saying, "It's easier if you just hire a maid for her."

Liberty Times
According to Liberty Times' reporter, Jerry went to a pub, Primo, last night for its 2-year anniversary party. In the pub, he behaved intimately with 2 sexy girls, and he even smoked afterwards. His agency responded that Jerry went to the pub for commercial and social activity, and the girls were just regular friends. As for the smoking, his agent said that they had never seen Jerry smoke when working with him.

kkla: If I remember right, Primo is a pub opened by Vanness and his friends. From the newspaper scan provided on reply #20 (Per Selina15, reposting is prohibited for this scan), the reporter reported that Jerry noticed the reporter at 2:45 am and gave him a smile. Then according to the reporter's next picture, Jerry "behaved intimately with some girls" at 2:50 am. Well, the reporter could create whatever story he wanted, but the pictures showed totally otherwise. From the picture, it appeared that Jerry was forced to the corner by the girls. Regarding the smoking, we all know that Jerry doesn't smoke. Again, there is no picture taken although the reporter was able to take other people's. Regardless, in the pub with the amount of 2nd hand smoke, there is no difference whether Jerry lighted a cigarette or not. Anyway, I am glad that Jerry attended some social parties, but not just staying at home.

TVBS' news about Jerry's going to the pub

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