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May 20, 2010 - News Updates

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Liberty Times

It was reported that Ariel Lin has waited to film Skip Beat for more than one year, and the male lead has also changed from Yan Cheng Xu initially, then to Wu Zun, back to Yan Cheng Xu, and to the recent rumored 2 members of Super Junior. However, before the filming of Skip Beat, Ariel Lin will pair up with Yan Cheng Xu in another drama, Taipei Shop Of Coffee Prince, first, which is the TWese version of the Korean drama, 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince.


After 2 years without filming any idol dramas, Ariel Lin will take up 2 drama projects. The once on-hold Skip Beat will refume filming. The original male lead, Yan Cheng Xu, quitted the project as he was upset. The male leads will be changed to Super Junior's 2 members, and the director will still be Niu Cheng Ze. The other drama Ariel Lin will play is adapted from Korean drama, 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince. The main lead is still unknown.

More than one year ago, Yan Cheng Xu, Ariel Lin, and Dir. Niu Cheng Ze went to Japan for a press conference. YCX even went to Japan and helped selling the drama for free, but after he returned to TW, the news of stop filming was suddenly announced. Then it was rumored that the male lead would change to Wu Zun, and this made him frustrated and upset, so he just quitted.

(skipped the paragraph not concerning Jerry)

Lian He Bao

It was reported that LZL kissed with Kimura Takuya in their new drama, but LZL's ex-boyfriend, Yan Cheng Xu, didn't watch, as he was not good at computers.

However, in order to prepare for invading the Japanese market, recently, Yan Cheng Xu has hired private tutors for learning Japanese and English. His ambition to compete with LZL in the Japanese market is obvious. Other than having one-on-one lessons with a Japanese male tutor, he also self-studies Japanese cources/tapes. Including another private tutor for learning English, the fee is conservatively estimated to be more than NT100,000 each month.

For LZL's drama, Jerry hasn't watched yet, as he's not good at computers. Most of the time, he only uses the computer for searching information and downloading music. However, he still cares for LZL, his staff have already asked their Japanese friends to record the first few episodes onto DVD for Jerry.

At this time, Yan Cheng Xu rejects all the invitations temporarily. Other than accompanying his mom, he studies Japanese, English, and piano, working hard on invading the international markets.

As Down With Love's ratings are pretty good, invitations for new drama projects have knocked on his door. According to news, new drama, Taipei Shop Of Coffee Prince and Skip Beat, GTV's drama which will resume filming by the end of year, both want to pair him with Ariel Lin. Ariel Lin has confirmed to accept both projects. However, Yan Cheng Xu has rejected Skip Beat due to scheduling conflicts, and as for his other plans, they are still unconfirmed.

kkla: After reading 3 different articles from different newspapers, I agree with Selina15 that it is obvious that the original news article should be released by Ariel Lin's agency. We can confirm that Jerry rejected Skip Beat and the male lead for Taipei Shop Of Coffee Prince is still unknown, but it appears that the production team wants Jerry to join the project. Also agree with Rosie that after Jerry rejected Skip Beat, it's very likely that the Japanese invester withdrew the funding. As GTV alone can't handle the risk, it may want to attract Korean investers. That's why Super Junior's members were chosen as SB's male main leads.

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  1. that was so UNFAIR! Is it because Korean people are much popular these days!
    I always waited for the Jerry and Ariel Lin's pair and what I just watch in youtube? They change almost of the cast!!!

    I'm more FAN of Ariel Lin!