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Jerry in Japan

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Thanks to tina's translation.
It's about Jerry's calling 3 participants in the session. In the clip, there were the 2nd and 3rd participants called by Jerry. For the 2nd participant, Jerry asked her what she was doing. She answered that she was attending Jerry's session. Then Jerry joked, "Oh, Jerry? He is famous." As for the 3rd participant, she didn't pick up the phone the first time, and Jerry was afraid that a wrong number was called, so he hung up and called again. When the 3rd participant picked up, Jerry joked with her and asked her to eat out with him. Tina also commented that Jerry's Japanese and pronounciation has improved quite a bit.

Other information from okarei who attended the session(s). In the sessions, Jerry has confirmed that he will film a drama next outside of Taiwan and not in Japan, he didn't specify whether it's a movie or tv drama. He did clarify that his stubble look does not concern with any future projects. He only felt that he wanted to look more mature as he has aged.

In the 2nd session, Jerry asked the participants which look they liked more, indicating by clapping hands. The applause for the clean look was much longer than the stubble look's.

In the 1st session, when the Assistant Chairman of Japan ALS Association accepted the donation from Jerry and sent him flowers, all the media came out to take pictures. Read that media was only invited for the 1st session. Besides, in the 1st session, there was a section introducing Jerry's daily life by showing pictures. Firstly, a picture of grass/fruit juice was shown and it's called Xiao Pang Pang. Actually, Xiao Pang Pang is a name of a store which sells healthy juices and sandwiches. Then, a picture of something in the kitchen was shown. At first, fans didn't realize what that was, but after it was introduced to squeeze out the juice, then they realized that it was a manual juicer. Lastly, a picture of electric juicer was shown. Jerry introduced it as something he carries with him wherever he goes. Fans were amazed how he could carry it with him, as it's big. Then Jerry clarified that he carries it every time when he works overseas.
Xiukou located Xiao Pang Pang's website
Address: No. 51, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhong Xiao East Rd., Da An District, Taipei
Phone: 02-87714390

Furthermore, when introducing Starlit in the first session, the scene of Cheng Yue's having the accident was shown. He said that he and Guan Ying did many takes for the scene. When the host asked Jerry whether he was afraid of getting hurt, Jerry answered that he was not afraid of him getting hurt, but he was afraid that GY might get hurt. In the 2nd session, the host asked him how was GY? Jerry said that GY performed naturally when she acted, and she has a nice personality, so she does good with everyone.

Okarei also mentioned that in the 1st session, clips of Jerry's previous dramas, such as The Hospital, Hot Shot, and Starlit. The host said that there were a lot of arguing scenes in Jerry's dramas, and Jerry was always the one who got lectured. Jerry answered yes, and said that that's why he wanted to play someone who scolds others next time, like the head of the gang. Then the host asked Jerry whether he's someone who is good at arguing in real life, and Jerry said that he's pretty good at that in real life, but he hasn't done it recently. Then, they talked about crying. Jerry said that the last time he cried was in a car. Jerry also mentioned that when he was young, he was very hot blooded that he was very loyal to his friends. Once as he helped his friend(s), he ended up being kicked out by his school.


June 5,2010 2nd round Starlit Event in Tokyo Jerry courted 3 fans on phone. :)

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