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Yan Cheng Xu Released Electricity 5000 Fans Paralyzed Ginza

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June 20, 2010
Liberty Times

Yan Cheng Xu Released Electricity 5000 Fans Paralyzed Ginza

Yesterday, Jerry Yan Cheng Xu held a High Five Session in Tokyo. 5000 passionate Sakura fans attended and paralyzed Ginza, and even police were requested to maintain the order. During interviews, it gave him headache when the media was too interested in the topics about his ex-love, LZL.

Questioned about his love life, Yan Cheng Xu asked for a break

In the interview before the session, when the media asked the sensitive questions about his love life, Jerry asked for a break quietly, "Is it ok not to ask too many questions?" When asked "LZL is also in Tokyo now for filming the Japanese drama, is there a chance to meet?", he reluctantly answered, "We haven't contacted for quite sometime already." The media asked again, "Will you send her a copy of your photobook?" and he answered, "Haven't thought about this." When asked "Have you watched LZL's Japanese drama?", Jerry indicated, "Have watched the drama on tv, but didn't wait for her appearance and I was called to work already." He seemed to avoid the topic intentionally.

Lastly, when he was asked "Do you want to court a Japanese girlfriend?", Jerry thought for a while and chose to answer without pleasing anyone "Well, let me think about it."

Japanese version of photobook
5x the price

Don't let LZL have all the glory, Yan Cheng Xu was labelled by Japanese media as "Lover In Asia", and he actively invades the Japanese market, promoting his newest photobook, Japanese version of 9314 Man And Boy. The photobook's price was set at NT$499 in Taiwan and its price has become 5x in Japan (6800 yen = NT$2400). Regardless, fans didn't hold back when supporting their idol. Some even bought three at one time.

Yesterday, Jerry went to Ginza for having close contact with fans who have bought the photobook. Jerry fans from all over Japan gathered at a bookstore in Ginza, crowding the whole pedestrian area in front. 5000 queued to get in having Hi Five and it lasted for 5 hours. As long as fans can have the chance to interact with idol, it doesn't matter how long they waited, they didn't feel tired. Instead, they felt satisfied and excited.

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