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  南澳,阿德莱德,一个梦开始的地方,八年前,有个男孩在这里打开了潘多拉的魔盒,他说自己仿佛触摸到了梦想。八年来。当痛苦、迷茫、徘徊在他身上 一一灵验时,他并没有选择放弃,因为支持他一直走下去的,就是那个“最初的梦想”。
South Australia, Adelaide, a dream place for starting, eight years ago, there was a boy in here opened a Pandora’s box, he said that he seemed to have touched a dream.  Over the past 8 years, when pain, confusion and lingering over him one by one to pray, he did not give up because the support he has been getting, is in that “original dream.”

     最近,言承旭就带着这本记录梦想的写真书——《9314男人与男孩》来到了北京,他要跟大家分享自己过去八年来的故事,写真书里言承旭是素颜出镜,他说希 望戏内还是戏外,化妆越少越好。做了这么多年的“偶像”、“万人迷”的他,现在一键归零,回到最真實的自己.
Recently, Jerry Yan came to Beijing, with this dream record album – “Man and Boy 9314”, he would like to share with you his past 8-year experience in this book, just like a story.  This photo book is a mirror of Jerry Yan, King of Idol for so many years, he said, “Whether I am playing roles in drama, or not, make-up, the fewer the better” for he wants to return to his true self,“now a key to zero, he added.

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傻子和梦想只有一线之隔 (A fool and a dream is only one step to cross)

This portrait is about Jerry’s dream in writing. The question is, being hurt and beaten in the show business for so many years, would his original passion still exist?

Jerry said: “this book is about to tell everybody that if you have a dream, you have to make your best effort to dream on it”.  It seems that, with a brilliant smile, our Doumyouji Tsukasa (道明寺) remained firm and unyielding.

Q: Your last album was released eight 8 years from now, and over these years, what have changed in your mind?

A:就是变老,(笑),不管外表还是内在都有很大的变化, 就像一个小男孩走到丛林里,在经历挫折痛苦之后,体会到了世间的艰辛。
A: I am getting older, (laughing), I did endure some changes, whether externally or internally, just like a little boy going through the jungle, suffering from setbacks experience, realizing the hardships in the world.

Q: Is it a painful process, being grown up?

A:我觉得是,但是痛苦是必要的养分 如果很多事做起来简单 那样人生就太无聊了吧,所以我觉得痛苦是人生很棒的经历。
A: Yes, I think so, but the pain is an essential nutrient for growing. Should everything undergo a simple way, life would be boring. My feeling is, working through painfully on hardships in your life would be great experience.

Q: In your album, it recorded that you wanted to be an adorable young kid,
do you really want to be one?

A:其实现在不这么想了,以前F4时代我看见仔仔的某种个性很讨喜啊,很容易跟人家聊天啊,那时候很容易羡慕别人的好吧,但现在想想,其实这就是每个人的 人生啊,不用模仿别人的路,我现在还是蛮享受自己放松工作的时候。
A: in fact, not now.  When we were grouped as F4, I always extended my admiration on Vic, whose character is, being so pleasant, warm-chatting, in a way, I started admiring other people’s nice personality.  Now, in fact, I think life-wise should have different characteristics, I will try not to imitate my life with others, I am enjoying my own while getting relaxed at work.

Q: you named your recent album “9314 the Man and the Boy” do you consider yourself now, a Boy OR a Man?

A: When comparing, I am still being naughty now, yet most of the time I try to act as a “big boy”, making great efforts to grow up..

Q: What do you consider characteristics of a matured man ?

A: 应该就是稳重吧,然后体贴啊,很多事情站在别人的角度去帮他设想,我觉得就是男人。
A: He should be read as stable, being considerate, as and when necessary, understanding other peoples’ point of view.  This is, in my mind, a Man.

Q: why do we say “A fool and a Dream is only one step to cross"?

A: 以前觉得自己是个很单纯的人,可是我不断的遇到打击和看到人性的不同角度的面向,你就会觉得这个世界越来越不是那么单纯,可是如果私底下保佑自己的天真, 是时候笨笨的时候比较好,只有你一直天真的相信自己会越来越好,才会有动力支持下去,如果我们太聪明或我们算计某些事情的时候,我们可能就会觉得这个很难 或者那个办不到,那样人就很容易放弃,我想只有傻瓜才可以不管别人的想法,不管别人怎么说,可是他就很专注的做自己觉得很重要的事,我觉得这样很重要!
A: Before, I considered myself a very simple man, yet I was constantly experiencing combat when contact different perspectives of the human-oriented, it makes you realize, more and more, the world is not so simple. But, if you ultimately try to bless/preserve your innocence, to better match wits timely, only you can, naively, believe you will be getting better and better, and can get more active support. If we were acting cleverly, or, calculating the value of certain things, we might think that it is difficult or even impossible to make tasks possible, then you would easily give up. I think only a fool can, regardless of other people think, or no matter what other people say, very dedicatedly finish what he thinks is very important to him.  I value this to be very important thinking.


期待和平凡天真的女孩子交往  (expectation : dating with an ordinary naive girl)

书中以一段美好而凄美的爱情故事开篇,讲述了男孩和女孩在理想和现实之间的挣扎,在爱情面前,一切“浪漫”都显得那么苍白无力,这个故事最后以悲剧结尾, 不禁让人浮想联翩,言承旭说述的“公主”难道就是一直被外界猜测的林志玲?然而对待这份“遗失的美好”他又是否已经释
To begin with, first chapter of this book recorded a love story, beautiful but sad, describing how a boy and a girl struggled through, idealistically and realistically, loving each other.  It was "romantic" when facing with love yet it faded so powerlessly ended up as tragedy, this made one puzzled to whom Jerry quoted as “The Princess”, would she be Chi-Ling Lin  (林志玲) – an assuming figure among the outsiders?? and would Jerry be released out of this piece - described as“lost but wonderful”?

Q: In this book, some emotional problems were mentioned. As an idol actor (actress), there are few people touching this subject. What was touched in your heart?

它跟每个人都有共同点,因为每个人在他梦想的那条路上都每个人都在坚持,可他在坚持的时候一定有挫折,可在挫折以后一定也会有成长,所以我想要跟大家分 享.
A: To me, I treat it as living experience really. When sharing with it, it might be a book, or even a story,  actually it is a documentary recording what had happened to me in the past 8 years.,
It might link up in common with each individual, because one should have a path to his dream, and on his dream path, one has to be firm and consistent and due to such consistency, one might encounter setback, but should have grown up a bit after all, this is exactly what I want to share with everyone.

这本书的重点不是让大家看到一些感情上的事情,而是想要激励更多人,如果你正从事自己喜欢的工作,那么就要像我一样坚持下去,我现在的心情就是把自己归 零,这也是为什么这次我的写真集会到同样一个地方去,想要自己回到原点,重新看看言承旭

The main purpose of writing this book is not focused on how I feel but to encourage more people in engaging themselves on tasks they immensely involved with, have it accomplished consistently, just like I did.  Now my feeling is quoted as “back to zero”, and this is why I went to the same place to shoot my second album, aiming to set my own self to the original, to read (recognize) Jerry Yan once more.

尽管像有些媒体写的不好,不管他是误会也好不管是真的也好,这就是成长嘛,就要看能不能面对以前的不好,期待自己的每一天一直在进步。我觉得那样对我来说 比较重要啦!

Regardless on what the media had reported, whether it was misinterpreted, misleading or true, I would rather treat it as a progress in growing, whether I could face up to these ill-interpretations previously made coupled with my expectations to improving myself, day by day, I think, is more important to me now. 

Q: In this book, descriptions of the love story are pretty vague and hidden.
Would you care if it should lead to speculations?
A:這種事情我倒覺得還好,我覺得這是每個人都談過的感情啊,每個人另一半都會有會有生病的時候啊,我覺得有些人要怎麼想我也沒有辦法,對我來說這就是個 很美好的故事,雖然它已經過去,但我永遠感激曾在我生命裡幫助過我的人,柴姐啊他們都是很棒的養分!
A: I would think this is fine with me. I think there were times one would have  love stories of his own , or his better half would have suffered from illness, and it is beyond my control if one would link up these episodes with his imagination.   As to me, it is a beautiful story though in the past, I would still be forever grateful to those who had extended helping hands in my life, and Sis. Chai (柴姐) is being one of those who supplied me with excellent nutrients.

Q: Should you be falling in love again, would you make it known to the public?

A: I haven't thought of that yet, but by that time positively
I would take into considerations if agreed upon by two of us.

Q: Would she be a figure working in the same field, ideally?

A: Actually it came to my mind, would it be very hard looking for lovers in this circle? Settling down with ordinary people would suit me fine, simply being two together would be beautiful.

Q: just like playing idol roles in TV series?

A:對啊,就是希望有機會可以認識女生啊,有時候跟朋友出去玩也沒有機會,可能就是因為做這行的工作吧,認識女生的機會那麼少,而且我也不太喜歡去舞廳之 類的地方啊,有很多工作要做功課就沒時間去,而且我也是個電腦白痴啊,很少上網。所以,真的希望能有機會認識,我來內地這邊,發現內地的女孩很單純很好 啊! (笑)
A: Right, hoping to have more opportunities meeting with female friends, probably due to nature of my work, I hardly could find chances even sometimes when hanging out with friends.  My chances are slim, reasons being firstly, I don't really like the idea of going out dancing in ball rooms or pubs, secondly, most of my time are spent to undertake lessons related to my work and I am really very busy concentrating in my homework.  Lastly, I am a dummy with computer work and I very seldom on websites. Thus, when I touched ground on Mainland, I found out ladies in here were simply ordinary people, hopefully I could have the opportunity in getting acquaintances with them. (in laughing !)

Part 4

Want to try more macho roles

All along, Jerry Yan is the "Idol Prince”- a stunner who acts on screen, though very popular for years, he would rather get rid of that icon so we can see him on a more authentic side.

Q: Your new album is very hot on the market, have you ever thought of that?

A: I would not think of its selling record, whether good or bad. In the past I was a low profile person, would not be so eloquent making conversation, now I would like to have more people to read and understand me.

Your album has an excellent market sale, making money yet relaxing, may it be these reasons that you are fond of making albums?

A:這本寫真距離我第一本有八年噯,很多男生都是一年就出一本寫真,言承旭跟別人不一樣的地方就是很多人都有不會有固定時間出唱片出書,我是F4裡面最後 一個出唱片的,很多人都說,那時候你最紅的時候不管出什麼都會賺錢嘛,但我我真的很想把它做好,而不是只為了賺錢,所以這也是我的產量比較少,曝光率比較 低的原因吧!
A: This second album was made 8 years after my first. Other actors would make their albums annually.  Or they would release their albums\ CDs\DVDs in a fix period of time whereas Jerry Yan acted differently.  Among F4, I was the last to release my DVD\CD. I was questioned why being the hottest, making money was so easy no matter what I have in mind, yet I was the last one.  It was because I really wanted to put my best effort in doing all my work and not just aiming at making money.  Therefore my exposure was relatively low and output was less when compared with others.

Q: After this second album, what kind of working arrangement do you have in mind?  Would you try to cooperate with different directors and cast members here in the Mainland?
A:之後會拍戲和電影都在談,當然希望可以出唱片,也希望有更多機會來這邊來內地宣傳,甚至來這邊演 內地蠻多優秀演員的,如果有很好的角色就希望能來演,就讓自己當做上課。
A: We are thinking of and planning to, making both movies and TV series after this. And, of course hopefully I can make CDs\DVDS too and getting more chances of coming over to publicize my work in press conferences is also in my hopes and I love the idea of shooting here because the casting members are excellent.  If I were offered a compelling role different from the past, I would take it as training.

Q: In your previous acting, you filmed in idol-dramas so many times, have you ever been thinking of trying something new?

A:當然在想啊,不知道以前的角色太深刻了我們也看過內地的一些角色,很多都是有些雷同,但是我很欣賞《集結號》裡張涵予的角色,我看了會覺得.. ....好棒啊!這就是一個藝人最想要做的事情, 這個角色給人會讓人感覺不一樣,很特別。
A: I’ve been thinking the same, of course.  I must have acted too profound a role in the past that we found similar acting here, they share more or less similarities among roles. But I do appreciate Chang- Han- I(張涵予) acting role in the “Assembly”
{集結號}.  I read it as “Terrific acting” ! This is what an artist would love to perform, this role has given a message and others would feel differently, very special… .

Q:  Would love to play more “man’s role”?

A:因為那個角色可以讓我改變啊,我可以穿的髒臟的,我可以脫上半身,也可以剃平頭,我還蠻期待的!而且我也想讓大家知道,言承旭一點也不貴啊!因為我知 道自己試個演員,我不會計較片酬,會很享受這個過程,爭取拿個機會,以前給人感覺遙不可及,很難找到啊,真的希望能來這邊工作!
A: It was because that role would allow me to change my style. I can wear dirty clothes, or undress my upper part, or be shaved flat-headed, and I am looking forward to acting this! And even more, I also would like to let everybody know that Jerry is not expensive! I know I am trying to be an on trial actor, I would not calculate money on my paycheck, I will be enjoying the process instead, it is the best way to get chances.  My former impressions would make people feel that I am far beyond reach, very remote, hard to find him, but in reality, I do anticipate a welcome to work here.

Part 5

Reporter's view

當天,言承旭已經接受了4.、5家的採訪,但卻絲毫沒有表現出疲態,情緒仍很高漲的和記者侃侃而談,但從他炙熱的眼神中,我也體會到這位“偶像王子”的辛 酸,在演藝圈中打打殺殺這麼多年,他早已傷痕累累。如今,他只想卸掉沉重的盔甲,做一個怀揣夢想、努力前行的男孩
That day, Jerry had been interviewed by 4-5 celebrities shows, but he did not show any signs of getting tired. In fact, he is still keen, with rising emotion when making conversations on his work with the journalists. But in his blazing eyes, I could realize this " Idol Prince " had went through all the bitterness, as if causing lives or deaths in the entertainment circle for so many years, he even had bruises all over.  But now, he just wanted to remove his heavy armors, like a young man carrying his dream making much effort to endeavor his trip.

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