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Jerry Yan: “Journey is a book”
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Jerry Yan: “Journey is a book”

趙乾坤來源:Qiankun Zhao, source:
Global Times • Global Tourism
2010-06-21 11:19

“Travelling is a Book”
Jerry, during an interview with our journalist repeatedly stressed this.

“Some people say I do agree with this. However, level in changes may vary due to each individual on different moods, attitudes, and incidents that occurred on the trip”.

“In my opinion, journey is more like a book, in this book, one might get excited to start with, enjoy the laziness on a return trip, have reverie in a clear late afternoon, or linger with loneliness on a rainy night. Journey like this, long or short, sometimes can be referred to a forever fresh and meaningful essay, sometimes a simple piece of poetry with philosophy.

“這些大大小小的文章拼拼湊湊,積累成書. 回憶可以從容地將書來回翻頁,每頁都載著一種風景、一份心情,而後記憶再將情景交融,便成了關乎生活的一種理念、一種態度”.
“These articles, large or small, putting up together pieces by pieces, can be rolled up into a book. You can casually turn memory pages in this book backward and forward, each page may contain a scene, convey some kind of mood, and with these memory scenes which are mixed and blended, can turn into a theory and a correct attitude in life”.

“最後這種理念和態度會激勵我並繼續伴我上路,令我不惜千里萬里地跋山涉水,儘管雲阻水隔,卻不踽踽獨行。這樣的旅途正是目前我所需要的” 言承旭如是說
“Finally, this theory and attitude can inspire and accompany me continuously on my way, encouraging me to go through thousand over thousand miles of high land, crossing pools of separated water even under hindered clouds, but I am not left alone. This kind of trip is exactly what I need now.” Jerry Yan firmly told us.

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